Command & Conquer 3 trailer released

It's been over three years since EA closed down the real-time strategy factory Westwood Studios, known for creating the seminal Command & Conquer series of RTS games. Last week at E3, EA demonstrated that they've fully resuscitated the franchise by trotting out sentimental favorites like Mammoth Tanks, Orca Airships and Jumpjet Infantry in support of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, the next chapter in RTS history.

Further tugging at our heartstrings was the photo-realistic drenching the C&C world has received. Behind closed doors at E3, we were treated to a short gameplay demo of the new C&C, and get this:the trailer that you are about to see doesn't actually do justice to the game itself. How's that for a switch?

Trust us: as soon as the C&C team unleashes gameplay footage, new screens - anything - you'll be the first to know, but in the meantime, hit that Movies tab above and see what we've got so far. Command & Conquer nostalgia has gotten its sharp teeth sunken deep into our hearts - again - and we don't mind a single bit.

May 18 2006