Iconic '80s toy franchise Sectaurs has been reinvented for comics as "Game of Thrones with bugs instead of dragons!"

Cover art from Sectaurs #1
(Image credit: Oni Press)

'80s kids everywhere will remember the classic Sectaurs toy franchise, where humanoid warriors did battle with gigantic spiders, insects, and other enlarged creepy crawlies. Marvel published a tie-in comic in 1985, and the toys also inspired an animated series. Now Sectaurs is returning to comics at Oni Press.

The new three-issue limited series is the next stage of the publisher's burgeoning NacelleVerse. Written by Dennis Culver and drawn by Ramon Bachs, the new series takes readers to the world of Symbion, where a "genetic experiment failed, and evolution took a strange turn." On this planet gigantic insects roam and the telepathic humanoid inhabitants, who have developed aspects of insects themselves must "unite with their insect companions in the ultimate fight for survival!"

We have an exclusive look at the covers for the first issue in the gallery below. They are by, from left to right: Dustin Weaver, Adam Pollina, Francis Portela, Ramon Bachs, and A.J. Jothikumar.

"I'm beyond thrilled to help Nacelle and Oni reinvent Sectaurs for the 21st Century!" said Dennis Culver in a statement about the new comic. "The Warriors of Symbion are like nothing you've ever seen before in comics. It's Game of Thrones, but with Bugs instead of dragons!"

"Of the many beloved properties in the NacelleVerse, Sectaurs holds a special place of reverence for anyone who was first introduced to these characters in the pages of their original Marvel Comics series by legendary creators Bill Mantlo and Mark Texeira," added Oni Press's president, Hunter Gorinson. "It's a huge joy to see them return to life in spectacularly raucous and rousing fashion at the hands of Dennis Culver and Ramon Bachs – two creators with a penchant for fusing sci-fi, fantasy, and high-flying heroics into pure comic book spectacle."

Finally, Nacelle Founder and CEO, Brian Volk-Weiss described the new Sectaurs as "an important piece of the overall NacelleVerse story and we're thrilled to finally be able to kick off that exhilarating tale with our friends at Oni Press. We want to honor the rich history of Sectaurs, and issue #1 is a major first step in that direction."

Sectaurs #1 is published by Oni Press on October 23. 

We recently spoke with Oni Press president Hunter Gorinson about the NacelleVerse in an in-depth interview. Check it out here.

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