One of the '80s most beloved fantasy films is getting a new comic adaptation

Art from Jim Henson's Labyrinth #1
(Image credit: BOOM! Studios)

We're two years out from the 40th anniversary of Jim Henson's all time classic Labyrinth. A magical mix of coming of age fairytale, awesome puppetry, and David Bowie looking incredible, the film holds a very special place in the hearts of many '80s kids - including this writer, who practically wore out the VHS tape watching it over and over again. Now it's coming back to comics. 

Jim Henson's Labyrinth is the first ever graphic adaptation of A.C.H. Smith's novelization of the film, though it's not the first Labyrinth comic (more on that in a moment). It's adapted by Demon in the Wood writer Kyla Vanderklugt and Alice Never After artist Giorgio Spalletta. Below you can see Miguel Mercado's main cover, plus variants by Veronica Fish and David Mack. A third cover by Elizabeth Torque is yet to be revealed.

"Labyrinth is such a unique fantasy that holds a special place in the hearts of so many," said Vanderklugt in a statement. "It was a privilege to adapt the film into graphic novel form, and Giorgio's art is perfect to bring the story to mesmerizing life. I can't wait for readers to fall in love with the world and characters all over again, just as I did."

"Labyrinth is one of the films that most frightened and most fascinated me as a child," added artist Giorgio Spalletta. "I am overjoyed to interpret that universe that has so influenced my imagination by getting to explore every corner of it."

As we noted above, there have been several previous Labyrinth comics. Marvel adapted the film in 1986 as a 68-page one-shot by writer Sid Jacobson and artist John Buscema which was also later reissued in three parts. BOOM! also have history with the Labyrinth license, having released several spin-off titles, like Labyrinth: Coronation, which explored the back story of David Bowie's goblin king Jareth. 

You can get lost in the maze once more when Jim Henson's Labyrinth #1 is published by BOOM! Studios on September 18.

David Bowie has featured in other comics, including this fairly recent adaptation of The Man Who Fell to Earth.

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