David Bowie stars in a comic adaptation of his cult classic sci-fi film The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Man Who Fell to Earth pages
(Image credit: Titan Comics)

David Bowie's cult classic film The Man Who Fell to Earth will receive a comic book adaptation through Titan Comics, from writer Dan Watters, known for his work on Titan's Cowboy Bebop comics, with art by Dev Pramanik of Titan's Dune: House Atreides comic.

(Image credit: Titan Comics)

The adaptation of the film, which is itself adapted from Walter Tevis' novel The Man Who Fell to Earth, is officially licensed by the film's original producers Studiocanal and features David Bowie's likeness in the depiction of the story's main character Thomas Jerome Newton, played by Bowie in the 1976 film directed by Nicolas Roeg.

In The Man Who Fell to Earth, Newton is an alien who comes to Earth from a world without water. He uses his advanced knowledge to attempt to rehydrate his homeworld with water from Earth. However, his efforts are complicated by his increasing fame, which puts him under threat from the US government.

"The Man Who Fell to Earth is a masterpiece of a film with an awful lot to say; about men, about the Earth, and lots of things in between," states Dan Watters, writer of the comic adaptation, in Titan's announcement. 

Here's a gallery of unlettered interior pages from series artist Dev Pravamik, who also provides the cover:

"There are ideas in the film, about climate crises and corporate greed, that are more relevant now than they were when Nicolas Roeg set out to make it," Watters continues. "And now here we are. I think it's high time to look at the world through Thomas Newton's mismatched eyes all over again. Perhaps he'll see something we've been missing."

The Man Who Fell to Earth is due out in the fall, though no specific release date has been announced.

There's no better place to get a copy of The Man Who Fell to Earth when it's out this fall than at your local comic shop.

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