T'Challa is a blood-sucking vampire and that's only the start of his problems in Black Panther: Blood Hunt #2

Art from Black Panther: Blood Hunt #2
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel's Blood Hunt event is currently wreaking havoc across the whole of Earth-616 with the Darkforce Dimension corrupting heroes into vampires. One of the most important to fall is T'Challa, the Black Panther himself, who was bitten by Blade - who has become a major villain - when the Bloodcoven attacked the Avengers. Now working against his will for the coven, while still desperately trying to hold onto his humanity, T'Challa is in search of a secret temple that holds the key to Blade's plans.

In an exclusive first look preview at Black Panther: Blood Hunt #2, however, T'Challa will have to survive an attack from an actual black panther as well as an encounter with the goddess Bast, all while fighting his growing desire for human blood.

Black Panther: Blood Hunt #2 is written by Cheryl Lynn Eaton and drawn by Farid Karami. It's the middle chapter in a three-issue limited series that's part of the much, MUCH larger Blood Hunt tapestry

Here's Andrea Sorrentino's main cover for the issue, followed by a Davi Go variant.

"MYTHOLOGY, MONSTERS AND MANKIND CLASH!" reads Marvel's official synopsis for the new issue. "T'Challa has been transformed into a vampire! While on a mission as an agent (or perhaps double agent?) of the vampire leader, T'Challa is warned by Bast herself about the true nature of his enemy, the wrath of the Gods and the danger of bringing his bloodlust to Wakanda… PLUS: T'Challa reignites a feud with a familiar foe!"

Black Panther: Blood Hunt #2 is published by Marvel Comics on June 19.

Meanwhile, in another universe entirely, the recently launched Ultimate Black Panther is an excellent starting point in comics for fans of the MCU T'Challa.

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