Roderick and the City of Morhil is a super-cute RPG-inspired fantasy adventure about a frog postman

Art from Roderick and the City of Morhil #1
(Image credit: ComiXology Originals)

The latest release from ComiXology Originals has been a long time in the works. Created by writer/artist Eduardo Medeiros, Roderick and the City of Morhil is an RPG-inspired fantasy adventure series about a frog postman - a character that Medeiros says he first dreamed up several decades ago.

"Roderick has been with me since I started playing RPGs in the 90s," said Medeiros in a statement about the new five-issue series, which sees Roderick on a quest to retrieve a lost package. "It's incredible to finally share his origin story, decades later. I'm proud of this comic book and so happy to see my friend come to life. Roll your dice and join us on this adventure!"

Here's the cover for the first issue by Medeiros and Rafael Albuquerque.

Art from Roderick and the City of Morhil #1

(Image credit: ComiXology Originals)

The series is part of an ongoing collaboration between ComiXology Originals and Stout Club Entertainment - a group put together by Medeiros, Mateus Santolouco, Rafael Albuquerque, and Rafael Scavone. Stout Club also recently announced Sliced, a new graphic novel by Scavone and Guilherme Grandizolli about two rival pizzaiolos that will be published later this year. 

Roderick and the City of Morhil #1 is written and drawn by Eduardo Medeiros, with colors by Bruno Freire, and letters by Deyvison Maines. Here's an exclusive six-page preview of the first issue.

ComiXology's official synopsis for the new series reads:

"Roderick is a dedicated, new postman from the countryside about to make his first delivery in Morhil, the biggest city on the entire continent. Roderick's commitment will be put to the test when the package he is about to deliver is stolen. As the story unfolds Roderick must face the dangers that only a metropolis like Morhil can provide as he finds himself the main suspect of the disappearance of a famous influencer."

Roderick and the City of Morhil #1 debuts digitally by ComiXology Originals on June 18.

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