Comic Heroes Issue 9

Spider-Man catches us in his web this month, and we can't get enough of the wall-climbing wonder...

We all love Spider-Man . He's funny, he swings around the place like he owns it, and he's got a surprisingly cool costume considering he's styled after a many-legged beastie. This issue, we're paying homage to the web-slinging wonder by taking a stroll through the complete history of Spider-Man , reliving the classic stories , and looking ahead to his cinematic re-birth next year in .

It's not all Spidey-based this month though, oh no. We've also to discuss the future of the UK's finest anthology comic, spoken to , and compiled a bluffer's guide to Jack Kirby .

As if that wasn't enough, we collared comic scribe of renown

Paul Cornell to discuss DC's New 52 (which is also reviewed this issue), appreciated the wonderful art of Mark Buckingham, and , alongside the usual crop of reviews, news and opinion. Free gifts this month include a smashing .

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