Come out and play

IfRockstar didn't exist, would you even know where your PSP is? The publisher's generous offerings of extra GTA content in Liberty and Vice City Stories are, for some gamers, the only thing keeping the non-Nintendo portable system out of the space between their couch cushions.

With the just announced release of The Warriors on PSP for this holiday season, Rockstar might have come to the rescue again. And if you're at all familiar with the 1979 cult film, you should expect that rescue to feature baseball bats, leather vests, creepy ass clowns and a whole mess of afros.

For those not so familiar, the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game were sprawling old-fashioned brawlers with some movie-inspired minigames (graffiti tagging, jacking car stereos) and bosses (did we mention the clowns?) tossed in.

It's unclear at this point, however, if The Warriors on PSP is a direct port from these earlier consoles, a completely new game or something in between. Based on the screens - hit the Images tab above to see them all - we'd guess port, but we'll continue to keep Rockstar in a totally macho headlock until we get the full story.

October 25, 2006