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COD4 dev put its "best coders" on PS3

Nov 21, 2007

"We had our best programmers on the PS3 [version of Call of Duty] and it shows," Infinity Ward studio head Vince Zampella has bellowed.He's been explaining why Sony's edition has a bigger online capacity (24 max players vs 360's 18) and, according to those with cyborg-eyes, improved visuals.

"We had two separate teams working on both versions from the start," Zampella says, "Most developers only focus on a single platform, then quickly port the game over to another one. You don't get very good results that way".

Zampella was speaking to PSM3 magazine as part of a feature examining PS3 game delays. His words should give Sony fanboys some much-needed ammo. Grab a copy of the Christmas edition of PSM3, issue #95, on sale from tomorrow, for the full exploro-feature.