Cobra Kai season 5 points out a confusing Karate Kid 2 plot hole

Cobra Kai
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Cobra Kai has been no stranger to revisiting characters and key moments from Karate Kid’s past. One scene in season 5’s penultimate episode, however, pokes fun at one of Karate Kid Part 2’s most confusing and widely-mocked scenes (H/T Decider).

In the Karate Kid sequel, Daniel’s one-time nemesis Chozen is seemingly scamming the local villagers out of their produce. Chozen is paying them for their vegetables, but it’s revealed that the weights he uses are fake and way lighter than they should be. This, in turn, leads to Chozen’s honor being insulted, which eventually leads to a fight to the death with Daniel. A pretty normal day for LaRusso, all told.

"Wait, if the weight was fake, wouldn’t that mean you were scamming yourself out of money and not the villagers?" Carmen asks during a nightclub bonding session between her, Johnny, Amanda, Daniel and Chozen in Cobra Kai.

She’s got a point. Fans have often pointed to Chozen’s master plan making no sense. If he’s paying them for carrots and goosing the weights, that means he’s paying over the odds for fewer vegetables. What gives?

"Not one of my smarter plans," Chozen admits, wiping away decades of discourse and covering up a pretty significant plot hole in a single stroke. 

Chozen isn’t the only familiar face who has a significant presence in Cobra Kai season 5. Karate bad boy Mike Barnes is back from Karate Kid Part 3 as, too, is Jessica Andrews. For more on each, read our explainers for Mike in Cobra Kai and Jessica in Cobra Kai. Plus, if you’ve finished the season, check out our guide to the Cobra Kai season 5 ending.

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