New Netflix video highlights all the Cobra Kai season 3 Easter eggs you (probably) missed

Cobra Kai season 3 was filled to the brim with Easter eggs and callbacks to the Karate Kid franchise – but did you catch them all? If not, Netflix has shown mercy by releasing a new video that recaps every blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment from the recent season.

Ranging from cardboard cut-outs to episode titles, the sheer amount of Cobra Kai Easter eggs tucked away in the third season is staggering. Even a gi-wearing Karate Kid mega-fan would be hard pressed to have spotted some of these references.

Amazingly, even the short-lived Karate Kid animated series gets a shoutout in the background of one scene, while the Next Karate Kid – which we don’t like to talk about around here – features in a serious deep cut.

All in all, there are 23 Cobra Kai season 3 Easter eggs, and you can watch the full rundown above. If nothing else, it’ll make your next Cobra Kai rewatch (this weekend, why not?) an even richer one now you know where to look for all the nods and winks to Karate Kid past.

But it’s the future, not the past, that the Cobra Kai creators are focused on. Speaking to GamesRadar+, creator Jon Hurwitz revealed that filming for Cobra Kai season 4 will begin imminently.

“We hope to be shooting the show in the coming months,” Hurwitz said. “We’re still figuring out some of the specifics, but the intent is for early [2021], to get back on set, with all the COVID protocols in place.”

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