Co-op for Killzone 2? 'Course there is

Aug 30, 2007

Halo 3's got it, Haze has got it, hell - even our moms have got it. And so will pretty much every other shooter due over the next 12 months. But will the PS3's flagship shooter Killzone 2 sport the new team multiplayer mode? Guerilla may have dropped us a hint...

"Co-op we're not talking about at the moment," Killzone 2's secretive Dutch director Mathijs De Jonge toldus last week. Notice how he said "at the moment."

"We will have extensive multiplayer features," he reassured us. "We're saving that for later."

If there isn't, we reckon there'll be hell to pay. Remember all that fuss over Halo 3 not having it, but then it turned out it did, so everything was okay again? Got a little scary for a moment...

Anyway, we got our first hands-on time with the mega-hyped PS3 sequel at Games Convention last week, where it was looking every bit as gorgeous as Sony's PR viper squad promised.

Look out for our chat with De Jonge shortly.