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Club Nintendo closes its doors tomorrow, last call for free games

Like a bank foreclosure on Scrooge McDuck's vaults, Nintendo is going to take away all of your Club Nintendo coins - if you don't spend them by 11:59 PM Pacific tomorrow, June 30, that is. The service is shutting down, meaning you have just a little more than 24 hours to log in (opens in new tab) and grab whatever goodies you can afford with all the digital currency you've been hoarding.

For years, Club Nintendo offered fans a way to earn free games and swag from The House That Mario Built; through this loyalty program, players would register their games to receive virtual coins, which could in turn be used to purchase more games. Sadly, the company announced Club Nintendo's closing (opens in new tab) in January, which brings us to today's friendly reminder.

Nintendo has yet to reveal Club Nintendo's successor, but we have a list of features (opens in new tab) we'd like to keep when it rolls around. Art books and bonus swag - are you listening, Nintendo?

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