Cloverfield - Escape From New York prequel?

By now you'll have probably seen the leaked production notes making their way around the 'net. But seeing as they're full of spoilers, we thought we'd pluck one of the nicer non-revealing details for those of you who prefer to wait 'til you've seen the film before you know the plot.

In the notes, JJ Abrams talks about how John Carpenter's Escape From New York influenced one of the trailer's most memorable moments, the Statue of Liberty head take-down: “I loved that movie as a kid, but one of the things that drove me crazy is the poster had this picture of the head of the Statue of Liberty sitting in the middle of a New York street – but it was never in the movie, and I always felt that was such a crazy, scary image, that it had to be in our movie.”

So, when Cloverfield comes to DVD, you can do a double-bill, pretending that New York City was so devastated by the attack of the Cloverfield monster it was turned into a high-security prison by the Government. In 1997. Wait, maybe this alternate timeline thing doesn't work after all...

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