“When I first got involved there was just an outline and Cloverfield was the title. To us it was always Cloverfield, but there’s all kinds of crazy speculation about the titles and poster. That’s been part of the adventure of making this movie. What we wanted to do was create a lot of fake titles to disguise the real movie. It meant we could go around shooting on location without people working out what was really going on. There were crazy titles like Cheese and Chocolate Outrage that the crew came up with. Slusho was a title that would mean something to Alias fans ( it’s the name of a soft drink in the show) who can follow that very arcane knowledge. As the film came under the microscope of people on the internet, we had to keep changing the title as the fervour began to build. People kept finding out what the titles referred to so we had to keep changing them! So we started coming up with inane titles like Cheese!”

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