Close up with Command & Conquer 3

Tuesday 6 June 2006
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is set to regenerate the classic real-time strategy series next year, boosting both the scale and the visuals of the futuristic warzone. Take a look at this new shot we've helpfully marked up for your attention.

  1. This otherworldly and incredibly potent crystal, Tiberium, has ravaged Earth
  2. C&C3's AI opponents will be highly adaptive, reacting to your tactics for an evolving challenge
  3. The locations you'll fight over will display the scars of Tiberium's infection
  4. Heavy-weapons equipped vehicles, like this Orca, can smash the game's deformable terrain to pieces
  5. Squint and you'll see what looks like mini-jet packs on these futuristic power-suited GDI soldiers
  6. The NOD and GDI armies use Tiberium's power for construction. Protecting your Harvester is crucial