Clint Eastwood on for Hereafter

DreamWorks has pitched the job of directing Hereafter, written by Frost/Nixon scribe Peter Morgan to Clint Eastwood.

Steven Spielberg nabbed Morgan’s spec script back in March when DreamWorks and Paramount were happily married companies. Since the split, he’s held on to the rights.

And even since then, Spielberg has been camped out on Eastwood’s lawn, trying to get him to direct it.

The Sixth Sense

Variety reports that DreamWorks is refusing to divulge the plot, though it has apparently been described as something along the lines of The Sixth Sense.

But written by Peter Morgan and helmed by Clint Eastwood? It already sounds good.

This is clearly Eastwood trying to throw off allegations that he’s a slacker, what with only having made two films for the same Oscar season this year. Go for the triple in 2009, Clint!