Cliffy B wants to 'fix' Resident Evil. Capcom says 'bring pizza'

Cliff Bleszinski, famous father of the Gears of War series, has been making quite a commotion since he left Epic games a couple of weeks ago. First he was cosying up with Naughty Dog (opens in new tab) (of Uncharted fame) and now he's boasting he can 'fix' the Resident Evil series. Look at this Twitter post:

Capcom took a little while to reply (at least publicly - who knows what was said in private?), but responded in good humour with the following:

Bleszinski later admitted in a further tweet to Capcom that 'last night's comment was a bit cocky'. But cockiness aside, perhaps someone with Bleszinski's resume and current situation is exactly what the ailing Resident Evil series needs. Our Resident Evil 6 review (opens in new tab) awarded a 'solid' 3.5/5 stars to Capcom's latest effort - hardly the sort of score the series' numbered instalments used to achieve.

Would Clifford be a good choice to take the series forward in a new direction? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Twitter (opens in new tab)

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