Classic graffiti-em-up Jet Set Radio is heading for PS Vita with added features. See the first screens here

Well, how about this news to get you in the mood for a sunny weekend? Jet Set Radio, already heading to Xbox Live and PSN this summer, is also being converted for PlayStation Vita. And there are even screenshots of it in action. So brush your teeth, boys and girls, DJ Professor K has put these screens together just for you. Are you sure you don't need to go to the bathroom first?

Above: Grind up the crane and tag the helicopter to bring it crashing down. Anarchy!

The game is going to feature everything that the forthcoming HD port has got, including the 'original soundtrack'. Here's hoping that's all of the original soudtrack. But that's not all - there are going to be Vita-specific enhancements too...

Above: All of the shinied-up HD graphics from the XBLA/PSN version will be present

Firstly, there's touch screen integration for inputting the graffiti commands. That's likely to be an optional input method as the Vita already has analogue sticks (one for the camera too, then), but we like the sound of touch screen graffiti.

Above: Drawing circles and half-circles using the touchscreen should actually be easier

Also promised is full use of the Vita's camera. The Dreamcast original even let you use jpegs from the internet to create your own tags, so we're hoping this means you can literally spray your own photos onto the walls (and policemen) of Tokyo-to.

Above: Don't you mean 'SKATE!!'? Either way, hop over the wall to tag those arrows

Sega tells us that the game will be playable at E3. That sounds like it's pretty near completion if you ask us. After all, a port's either running or it isn't. Fingers crossed this hits stores sooner rather than later. If this comes out before the inevitable (we hope) big waves of Vita games this year, JSR might just win over a massive fan base. Which it truly deserves.

For more on the content of the game, check out our recent Jet Set Radio preview of the Xbox 360 version.

Justin Towell

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