Classic adventure game Gobliiins making a comebaaack on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple's App Store is fast becoming a retirement home for classic point-and-click games, and now Hooter, Dwayne and Bobo are boarding the mobile gaming gravy train in the return ofSierra's cult-hit adventure game Gobliiins on the iPad, iPhone and iPhone Touch.

Published for iOS devices by Bulkypix, Gobliiins is a faithful port of Sierra/Coktel's early 90s adventure game which tasks players with utilizing the aforementioned goblins and their unique abilities to solve puzzles across the Kingdom of King Angoulafre (think Lost Vikings meets Gremlins with a splash of Monkey Island's humor).

The game comes with 22 levels, a hint system and a choice of using either the classic or iPhone control scheme, depending on one's point-and-clicking preference.

Granted, Gobliiins may not be one of most memorable titles to come out of Sierra's library, but it was good enough to spawn three sequels and, best of all, it's available now for a coollaunch price of $0.99.Fans hoping to see more i-loving for the long-lost franchise future would do well to speak with their virtual wallets.

Nov 8, 2010

[Source: Pocket Gamer]

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