Civilization goes to Rome

Controlling all of human existence? Yeah, we've done that. But this summer, 2K Games will publish CivCity: Rome, an intriguing sounding spin-off from Sid Meier's popular Civilization series of games. This time, you'll focus on just one city, but what a city it will be.

When you're building something as important as Rome, you have to start somewhere; it will apparently be as a small city. Grow it with schools, theaters, forts and that legendary venue for "sporting combat," the Circus Maximus. Expect all the micro- and macro-management that make city-building games so darned fun.

The game is in development under the watchful eyes of both Firefly Studios (the folks who did the medieval castle strategy game Stronghold ) and Firaxis Games (Sid Meier's personal imprint). The game will be on display at E3 in May and should hit stores this summer.