City of Heroes wants you back

To help make a big fuss over Issue 9, the latest update for the City of MMORPGs, all former Heroes and Villains accounts in good standing are being temporarily reactivated. That means that all of you retired superheroes and villains can dust off your old capes and quantum bands, log back on andface off with old nemeses with the new update, for free until late Sunday night (8:59 pmPST/ 11:59 pmEST).

Issue 9 will add new content to several high-level adventures and enhance the "city" aspect of the game with a new crafting system and auction houses. That means that if you're not feeling particularly super, you can still spend time buying, selling and creating items in the game- even super-people need hobbies.

If you really want to dig into each andevery tiny little official detail of what will be added in the patch you can go the official site here or you can read our super fun, mostly informative report on Issue 9here.

May 4, 2007