The Witcher’s Ciri actor teases character’s post-season 3 future

The Witcher
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While The Witcher's Ciri is worlds away from the green-as-grass Lion Cub of Cintra that Geralt scooped up into his care during the Netflix series' first season, actor Freya Allan admitted she was keen to get more involved in the stunt and action work in The Witcher season 3 – with an eye to the character's future.

"In the original script, I didn’t have as much action," Allan told SFX magazine in the new issue, which features The Witcher on the cover. 

"There was a lot of me standing around, waiting to get saved by Geralt and
Yennefer. I just thought at this point, two seasons in and she spent the last season training, that could still be there," Allan recalls.

Changes were made to help bridge the gap between the new season and a fourth season involving an adaptation of a story that features Ciri joining a scrappy band of thieves called The Rats.

"If we are not seeing her do anything yet, and then in season four she is going and joining a gang of killing Rats, it’s not really going to add up," Allan said. "I wanted it to feel like she started to use that training and put that into real life, although she’s not killing anyone yet, or shouldn’t be."

The first volume of The Witcher season 3 is released on Netflix on June 29. Volume 2 arrives on July 27.

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