Cinematic showdowns

If you thought you had it rough in school, be thankful your teachers (and fellow students) weren't lobbing razor-sharp needles through your guts or chopping you in half with a five-foot sword. As we tore through Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, these uber-violent moments of ninja-awesomeness consistently slapped our jaws to the floor. We've compiled six of the coolest moments in ourexclusive video, or you can read on for the play-by-play details.

Up first is Neji Hyuga, a student who's well on his way to mastering the Byakugan technique. Having this skill has made his eyes stark white and visibly deformed, but he's able to see the intricate movements of people in great detail. Even better, he can spot chakra points that flow through people's bodies (think exaggerated pressure points) and hit 'em where it really hurts.