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Christmas Crackers - Part Four

Part Four - Sexy cars, censored films and The Simpsons


47 Great Movie In-Jokes

Veiled jibes, running gags & pop puns...

21 Unforgettable Terminator Moments

Monster trucks & cyborg rucks. The best bits from 1, 2 and (yes) 3...

11 Movie Dream Sequences Explained

Total Film goes Total Freud on movie character dreams...

Interview: John Lasseter

The Pixar/Disney boss on Toy Story 3, Up, 3D and more...

Battle Royale: Movie Runners

Joggers vs. sprinters in this fast-paced face-off

25 Movie Lines You Must Never Quote

Annoying film phrases that aren't funny anymore...

The 50 Greatest Simpsons Movie References

Smart and funny riffs on classic cinema moments...

18 Twittered Typo Remakes

Our Twitter poll results revealed…

20 Mainstream Films Banned Around The World

Indy, Pirates, King Kong... Fine here, filth abroad.

The 17 Sexiest Movie Cars

Cinematic motors with throttle and thrust

Have your own favourites of the year? Let us know!

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