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Chris Weitz officially on New Moon

It’s been rumoured for days, but now the official announcement has been made: Chris Weitz will direct Twilight sequel New Moon.

Weitz has been the leading contender ever since Catherine Hardwicke failed to renegotiate her contract/got booted for the sequel movie.

In a statement, Weitz says, “I am honoured to have been entrusted with shepherding New Moon from the page to the screen," said Weitz. "The extraordinary world that Stephenie has created has millions of fans, and it will be my duty to protect on their behalf the characters, themes and story they love. This is not a task to be taken lightly, and I will put every effort into realizing a beautiful film to stand alongside a beautiful book."

Werewolves of Washington

New Moon continues Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart)’s story as she faces new challenges and a contender for her heart in the shape of Native American Jacob. Thing is, Jacob and his clan turn into werewolves, so it’s not like he’s the easy choice.

Meanwhile, Weitz (and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg) will have to deal with the fact that Edward (Robert Pattinson) vanishes off to Italy for chunks of the plot.

We predict the new director will have second thoughts, quite the project, and then come back to it afresh. Wait, this is the sequel to The Golden Compass, right?