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Chris Pratt talks Star-Lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Chris Pratt has been talking about his role in Marvel’s forthcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy , and has revealed that he signed on for the project without having read a script.

“Just the fact that he was part of the Marvel brand was really exciting,” says Pratt when asked what appealed about the character of Star-Lord.

“I was signed up to do the movie before I was even allowed to read a script, so it wasn't like something about this particular character got me to do it. The fact that it was a Marvel movie is what got me to do it.”

That said, now he has read the script, Pratt feels that he and Star-Lord are rather a nice fit after all…

“Once I did read it there were so many things about the character that I love, and one thing is that he's very much a kid at heart. He's like a man-child, and I like the idea that he's got a false sense of bravado.

“Deep down inside he's lonely and desperate, but on the outside he walks around like he's big and tough, and I don't think he does a great job of convincing everybody that he's not just a scared little child.”

Directed by James Gunn and co-starring Benecio Del Toro, Glenn Close and Zoe Saldana, Guardians Of The Galaxy will open in the UK on 1 August 2014.

George Wales
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