Chop Suey review

Bruce Weber has made videos for the Pet Shop Boys and documented the life of legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, but he's best known as a fashion photographer, specialising in portraits of chiselled, naked men. Remember those 1980s Calvin Klein underwear ads? That was Bruce. As the title suggests, this 2001 doc is a grab-bag of disparate ingredients, roughly chopped into a semi-autobiographical stew and seasoned with a staggering smorgasbord of buff naked dudes. Weber's approach is deliberately impressionistic, but the main impression it leaves is one of, well, mess. His recollections of his life as a photographer frequently take a back seat to baffling digressions about ju-jitsu champions, surfing dynasties and bisexual cabaret queens. It's intermittently fascinating, but liable to test the patience of all but the most fervent fans.

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