Choose your 100 greatest Xbox 360 games

To celebrate the upcoming relaunch of Official Xbox Magazine, the staff is asking the readers to tell us their favourite Xbox 360 games - the results will appear with the redesigned new issue.

Making your votes count is easy - just head over to the poll and pick your favourite ten games from the longlist of 200 contenders. You don't need to rank them, just pick the ones you feel deserve the love - we'll tot up all the results and come up with a definitive list.

Speaking as the authorial voice of Official Xbox Magazine, I'd say this is a brilliant list and may the best game win. But speaking as member of staff, Joe Skrebels (who I am), I'd say that if Binary Domain doesn't win, my revenge will be cruel and longform.

Need some inspiration? Check out GamesRadar's list of the best Xbox 360 games of all time.

OXM Staff

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