Chip Zdarsky is writing the Hulk this fall - but is there more to it than that?

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Chip Zdarsky is writing the Hulk portion of Marvel Comics' upcoming Avengers/Hulk Free Comic Book Day one-shot - and that raises the next question; will he take over Marvel's Hulk title after Immortal Hulk?

Chip Zdarsky

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Avengers writer Jason Aaron, who is writing the Avengers portion of the FCBD Avengers/Hulk one-shot, announced that Zdarsky is writing the Hulk half in the latest edition of his 'Beard Missives' newsletter.  It isn't clear if Zdarsky is drawing it himself, or if another artist is coming in. Greg Smallwood was previously announced to be working on one of Marvel's two FCBD specials, but we haven't been able to nail down what yet.

But with Zdarsky writing a new Hulk story for a major one-shot out of the blue, it does raise questions. Does this mean Zdarsky is slated to launch a new Hulk series out of the story? That's not what we've heard, but stay tuned.

The current Immortal Hulk series by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett is expected to end with its fiftieth issue. Although the release date of that issue hasn't been announced, if it follows the currently monthly pattern that would mean Immortal Hulk #50 would arrive in September - just after Zdarsky's Hulk story in the Avengers/Hulk FCBD special.

(Image credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics))

Back in 2020, Newsarama asked Ewing about the legacy Immortal Hulk was building and what he hopes for who comes after him as the Green Goliath's scribe.

"I imagine it'll have the legacy it has - I can't really control that aspect of things, so I'm not thinking too hard about it," Ewing said. "One thing I do hope remains is Bruce Banner as an explicit system of alters. Dissociative Identity Disorder is often represented poorly in popular culture - I don't know how good a job we've done with it, but I do feel like Bruce is acting more like a system than he was previously."

"Each of the Hulks has their role and reason for being, and the ones that are fully present all have their job to do, and I think if there is a direction for the future leading out of this book, it's pointing that way," the writer continued. "I really would hate to see the dynamic revert to a simplistic Bruce vs. Hulk scenario. It's more complex than that."

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