Chickens ride axolotl dinosaurs into battle in new Warhammer 40K reveal

A Kroot alien rides an axolotl dinosaur in Warhammer 40K
(Image credit: Games Workshop)

The Kroot are quickly becoming one of my favorite Warhammer 40K armies, mostly because they consistently pump out weird little guys that don't make a lot of sense.

Gorilla lizards? Sure. Flesh-eating chicken shamans? OK. And now, we're adding axolotl dinosaur things to the Warhammer 40K mix, which was already one of the best board games and is now quantifiably 100% better. Considering how Warhammer 40K fans are losing it over the new Kroot army already, I imagine this will get a similar response.

Called the 'Lone-spears,' these cavalry units ride what can only be described as bizarre axolotl horse dinos called Kalamandras. Thanks to antenna coming from its head and chin, it looks like a spikier, grizzlier version of the water-dwelling salamanders we know and love. The Kroot (affectionately known as 'chickens' by fans) riding it wields an explosive-tipped javelin that can be hurled at tanks in a swift hit-and-run attack.

Not that they have to kick it medieval style, of course. These warriors can opt for a sniper rifle instead, giving players options. 

Either way, they make use of a special rule called 'Advanced Scouting' that helps out fellow Kroot in a match of Warhammer 40K. If a Lone-spear hits a target, other models can re-roll Hit rolls against the same model for the rest of the turn.

There's no firm release date yet, but apparently the Lone-spears and Kalamandras will arrive in the second wave of Tau releases. (The first was revealed during the Las Vegas Open 2024 and comprises an army box with a special edition of the new Tau Codex.) 

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