Check out the web-swinging intro to Insomniac's Spider-Man remade in Dreams

Spider-Man super-fan Tamir "TjGamer95" Williams has recreated the cinematic intro to Insomniac's web crawler adventure in Dreams. Part of the animated build made its way around Reddit and Twitter earlier this week where the amateur creator showed off several iterations of the opening cinematic.

Dreams, developed by Sony first part developer Media Molecule, lets players create their own levels with custom and pre-built assets. It's basically an entry-level engine that players can use to make actual games. It launched in early access on PS4 earlier this month, and you can still get into Dreams for $29.99

TjGamer95's accomplishment with his recreation of Spider-Man PS4 is especially impressive as Dreams only mitigates some of the challenges that come with game development. It's still difficult to make everything work properly within Media Molecule's creation. 

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Williams has been working on various tutorial videos to help other players build better creations in Dreams. He's planning on releasing it on April 27.

This is just one of the many impressive projects to come from Dreams since it released earlier this month. One user created a delightful Billiards room, while another player built their own homage to Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid with 'Solid Gears are Metal.' 

You can check out these creations for yourself if you have a copy of Dreams. Each game can be searched for with the creators name:

  • TjGamer95 for the Spider-Man animation
  • The_Arch1tect for Billiards
  • GBALX for Solid Gears are Metal

Interested in checking out more Dreams player-made games? Check out versions of both PT and Dead Space remade in Media Molecule's new engine-turned-game.

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