Check out all the Overwatch Christmas skins, ranked naughty to nice

Christmas has come early to the Overwatch fandom. Right now, not only can players face off in Mei’s Snowball Offensive - a special 6v6 mode where heroes lob super-powered snowballs at each other - they can also open up special Winter Loot Boxes to receive holiday-themed skins for 12 of the game's heroes.

Twitter account Overwatch Feed has posted the new skins for everyone to see, and in keeping with the spirit of the season, we've gone ahead and ranked them, from naughtiest to nicest.

First up…

Andes Lucio. It's cute, but it's also basically just Lucio in a turquoise Santa hat. Next?

Frosted Zarya. Again, certainly not ugly by any stretch, but also not particularly festive. Where's your jolly spirit, Z?

Next up we have Jingle Tracer. I'm relatively sure it's intentional, but seeing someone clad in all green with "-ingle" in their name just makes me think of a certain Zelda character.

The Mei-rry Mei costume gets bonus points for being a pun and for the cute little bow on her robot's head.

Damn, take a look at Shiver Reaper here. That's a pretty cool look buddy. But you know what's cooler than being cool?

Ice cold! And that's precisely what Frostbite Pharah is.

Santaclad Torbjorn doesn't look thrilled to have bells dangling from his beard. But really, it's the twin trees atop his shoulders that sell this look.

Look into the cold, unfeeling eyes of Nutcracker Zenyatta and know inner peace (before he blows you up).

Sombra may be new to the game, but she's already got the hang of this holiday skin thing. Meet Peppermint Sombra.

Nobody takes the holidays off when they're working for Scrooge McCree.

Yeti Winston looks grumpy. Maybe he wasn't invited to the office Christmas party?

And closing out the list, Rudolph Roadhog is what happens when Christmas gets hardcore. But he's also the Most Nicest. Wookit his widdle light-up belly button!

Consider this a warning: People adore Overwatch's characters already, and dressing them up in special costumes only intensifies those feelings; you're about to see a lot of fan art start cropping up.

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