Check Mii Out Channel hits US first

Nov 8, 2007

The new 'Check Mii Out' channel, which allows Wii owners to compare and rate each other's Mii creations online, will go live this Sunday, November 11 in US. UK will have a wait a while longer.

"The Check Mii Out Channel lets people show off their Mii creations and vote on those created by others," explains Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications, George Harrison.

Nintendo details how it'll all work: "In the Posting Plaza, users can submit, exchange or just browse Miis posted by others in their region or worldwide. The channel offers the ability to look at a random selection of 1,000 Miis or to see just the current or all-time favourites.

"Players have a variety of ways to search for specific Miis, including by the name of its creator or by a number specific to each Mii. Once users have found that "special Mii," they can even tag their favourites or import them to their own Wii systems."

As well as that, Nintendo will set challenges to the Wii community, having Wii owners competing to make the best Mii "to represent a specific person, character or theme".

As Nintendo explains: "These could include historical figures (Abraham Lincoln or Vincent Van Gogh), fictional characters (the Tooth Fairy or the New Year's Baby) or descriptive themes ("the biggest bully ever" or "the overbearing boss"). Users can then vote on Miis submitted by others to determine the Mii that best fits the challenge".

"Each contest will generally last two weeks: one for creating and submitting Miis, and the second week for people to vote on the results," Nintendo adds.

Unfortunately, Nintendo UK has confirmed that this announcement only applies to the US, so UK Wii-goers will have wait for an undisclosed while longer to get their ticket to the Mii-making party.

But anyway, it'll be all about Super Mario Galaxy from next Friday. Nothing else matters.

Courtesy of CVG