$$$ S$ S SIMEOLEONS THIS GUIDE IS NOT COMPLETED ---------------------- Mom's place | ---------------------- -Theme: Place you grew up in -Goals: 5 Interaction: nAG aBOUT hOUSE Malcolm: He takes your scooter! -Empty your bladder How to complete: Go use the toilet in the bathroom. Reward: Maid on phone -Eat enough to fill your stomach How to complete: Read a cookbook or wait until your mom makes some food and eat it. Reward: Money -Do fun stuff to fill your fun meter How to complete: Watch some TV or Dance Reward: Money -Read a Newspaper to get a LIFE! lol to get a JOB! How to complete: read the newspaper! Mimi, or Dudley come and give you your scooter from MALCOLM -MOVE OUT! To DUDLEY'S OR MIMI'S Reward:Mimi's Place or Dudley's Place -Double Speed Reward: Money ---------------------- Dudley's Trailer --------------------- Theme: Stinky messed up trailer!!!! Interaction: Dudley (Pull my finger) Malcolm: Takes Dudley's Video Game thingy, and also takes away the Hockey puck table! -Clean up the place How to complete: Well for this one since you get your mood all to green try to buy another trash compactor. Reward: Toxic Barrel -Go to Mimi's and get her to pull your finger: Well first you need Dudley to be a Family Friend. Hop in your vehicle and go to Mimi's place! -Get to Boot Polisher in the: Paramilitary Career How to complete: Finish your first promo for the Paramilitary career and you will earn your reward Reward: THE VIDEO GAME THINGY!!!!! -Get to Drill Instructer in the Paramilitary Career How to complete: After you pass the Boot Polisher you will be a Drill Instructer and you will earn your reward! Reward: (Not Completed) THAT'S TWO PROMOTIONS, MOVE OUT ALREADY WHAT'CHA WAITING FOR? -Move out Peace Dirt BAG! Toane's Gym Move or-Visit ----------------------- Mimi's Place ---------------------------- HOLY ***** YOU, MIMI ALL YOU DO IS SPEND SPEND, SPEND WHY DONT YOU EVER FREAKING SAVE SAVE SAVE????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALRIGHT I'LL JUST TAKE TAKE, AND ONCE MORE? TAKE!!! Theme: Not Cool anymore. Interaction: (Not Completed) Malcolm: Well I can't tell until you get two promo's over here -Fix all Broken Things How to complete: Well since it has FIX you need your Mech skill probaly up to a four that's the fastest way Reward: Call the Repairman -Go to Dudley's place and use sign language on him! Reward: Skull bush How to Complete: Well it has DUDLEY in it, also you need Mimi to be a Family Friend -Get to Leaflet Distributer How to Complete: Pass the first Promo Reward: Gourmet Stove LUXURY CAR!!! -Get to Basket Weaver How to Complete: Pass the second Promo Reward:Studio 8 Wall Lamp -That's TWO PROMO'S GET OUTTA HERE! OHH WAIT THANK YOU, HERE'S YOUR SIMEOLEONS!!! LOOK DOWN FOR DUDLEY'S \/ -Dudley's Place -Invite your mom How to complete: Call your mom Reward: Nag About House -Get to Shoplifter in the Gangster Career How to Complete: pass the first promo Reward: The secret door -Get to Burglar in the Gangster Career How to Complete: Pass the second Promo Reward: Serendade Toane's place Move or-Visit -Get to Ball Collector in the Jock Career How to Complete: complete the first Promo Reward: What the Puck Hockey table Dude Buggy -Get to Rookie in the Jock Career How to Complete: (YOU SHOULD KNOW!) Reward: Neon Flamingo Sign Toane's Gym Move or -Visit -Get to Potion Tester in the MAD Scientist Career Reward:Shiny Things Lab Vist Wall Torch -Get to Pyro in the MAD Scientist Career Reward: Shiny Things Lab Visit Experimental Lamp, and Goth Manor Move or -Visit</p>