Boss1 - King Dedede Get fire and hold the flame while next to him. Too easy Boss2 - Flowery Mole Get fire and hit her when she pops up. She throws random objects that do different things, so dodge them. When she jumps up, look for a shadow and move away from it to have her get bashed and open for an easy hit. Boss3 - Shock Cloud Get tornado and hit him when he moves side to side. Jump when he swipes under you. When you get him "dead" he gets a new health bar,a nd he gets hard. He constantly changes the floor, and shoots lightning. Tornado still works well Boss4 - Insect Chaser Get tornado again. Keep running to the right while you dodge the falling rocks. The way to kill him is to tornado back into him and stay on him to do some damage. Then pull out and start running again. He will suddenly start to go rapidly and launch tiles at you. Continue killing him so he loses one arm and stops going fast. Continue killing him so he loses the other arm. He shoots simple blasts at you now. Destroy his mouth so hes nearly helpless, then kill him. Boss5 - Flame Bird Get Hijump. His attacks are: Firedrop - dodge fires. Sometimes he goes back or does a loop to the other side Lunge- This is hard. He calls out then flies at you.jump or side - jump to hit him - must do mid-lunge for this to work Swoop - Just stay off the middle platform Boss6 - Squeak Leader Get tornado AGAIN. Attacks are as follows- Teleport - He teleports across screen, so avoid him. Ice Blast - He raises his wand and it sparkles, then shoots a blast. Avoid it by quickly going up or down so he misaims. Star Blast - Shoots 3 bouncing stars, so just move away. You can suck them in for shooting. Bombs - Avoid, but if you don't have a power, swallow one to get bomb. Boss7 - Meta Knight Most efficient powers work on him, but sword dominates. He leaps around swinging his sword, but does powerful elemental attacks sometimes. His stars are as you might call them "special"-they give you sword. His mask falls off at the end and he looks'll see Boss 8 - Dark Squeak Leader/Dark Star Hes pretty much the exact same but with more powerful attacks, so kill him the same way. His bombs now make a column of fire but still give bomb power. When he dies get the wand and move right. The star stays ahead so just get the food and eat if necessary, but save everything else. Dodge the boulders as you go up. You'll be in a crystal room. The star multiplies,grows an eye,and gets solid. He changes between 3 colors. All shoot stars and something else- Green - Shoots 4 diagonal bolts of lightning that electrify the edges of the screen. Blue - Shoots an ice beam across the screen but leaves the 2 ends safe. Red - Shoots a big, slow fireball down that makes an explosion of fire up a big column in the middle of the screen and across the floor</p>