Here are the specials of some of the characters; their power is measured A,B,C,D,and E: Naruto: Izumaki Barrage: Clones himeself and hits enemy hard. Damage: D Sasuke: Lions Barrage: Kicks foe into air, hitting him/her with many more kicks before slamming him/her onto the ground. Damage: C Sakura: Inner Sakura: Her inner self appears, hitting the opponent several times before Sakura kicks them away making the L for Loser sign as they fall. Damage: C Kakashi and Kakashi with Sharingun: Lightning Blade (hold X to charge): Charges power in hand before lunging at opponent; his hand leaving a trail of electricity. Damgage: D-A (depends on charge) Lee: Primary Lotus: Kicks opponent into air, Wraps them in bandages and drives them into the ground headfirst. Damage: B Inner Gates Lee (activated by pressing down X twice): Hidden lotus: Disappears, hitting opponent in air incredibly fast before slamming them down to the ground, only to be pulled back up like a yo-yo and hit again. Damgage: A Shikamaru: Shadow Possesion Jutsu: takes control of opponent and makes them slam their head into a conveniently placed wall. Damage: C Ino: Mind Transfer Jutsu: Posseses opponent's body, returning to her own just in time to dodge "Human Boulder." Damage: C Hinata: Gentle Fist: Hits opponent's weak points with powerful blows before hitting them with a blast of energy. Damage: B Kiba: Fang over Fang: Akamaru turnes into a clone of Kiba and they both spin around hitting you like drills. Damage: C Gaara: Sand Burial: covers opponent in sand and then suffocates them. Damgage: C Iruka: Lightning Bolt Attack: Knocks opponent into air before slamming them back down; throws shurikens to hold opponent in place before slamming into them whhile spinning. Damage: B Negi: 64 Palm: Hits 64 pressure points all over opponents body: Damage: B Kankuro: Puppet Master Jutsu: Tortures enemy with Crow, the puppet. Damage: C Haku: Crystal Ice Mirrors: Disappears into mirrors and Throws Senbon from all mirrors at once. Damage: B Zabuza: Silent Killing Technique: Disappears into Mist and Slices enemy with sword. Damage: B Guy: Embrace of Youth: Punches enemy to ground and then hugs them until their back breaks. Damage: B Nine-Tailed Naruto: Demon's Rage: Slices you with claws several times before blowing you away with demon energy. Damage: B</p>