EVIL DEAD: FIST FULL OF BOOMSTICK byTHQ Faq and walkthrough by Ashbolea Contact me @ Email: Ashbolea@cox.net or through Aol Instant Messenger: Ashbolea All info other than the controls are written by Ashbolea Controls taken from the Evil Dead: Fist full of Boomstick Manual written by THQ Copyright: Ashbolea 2003 Do not use with out Permission. If I find you've posted this without my permission I will prosectute to the fullest extent of the law. Please email me and get this permission. If you have any suggestions/corrections or if I missed anything, feel free to email or IM me the subject and I will give you credit. Final ------------- V.1: I will be adding more as I progress further into the game. V.2: Played through more of them game and added Level 2,3 and one boss fight - added new weapons and spells V.3: Worked on Coloniel Deadborn, updated weapons and spells. Corrected some spelling mistakes. V.4: Added Level 5 and a boss fight. Updated Weapons and spells. Corrected more Spelling errors. Added correction, Credit given. Final: Added level 6 and the last boss fight. Updated Weapons and spells. Corrected even more spelling errors. Added a hint and gave credit. Added a beastry. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing Fancy here, just good Ol' Information. Table of Contents: ---------------- BACKSTORY! A. Controls and game explination B. Spells and weapons C. Beastry D.Tips 1.A Level 1 Dearborn Outskirts 1.B level 2 Downtown Dearborn 1.C Level 3 Museum 1.D Boss Fight 2.A Level 4 Coloniel Dearborn 2.B level 5 Civil War Dear Born 2.c Boss Fight 3.A Level 6 Evil Dearborn 3.B Last Boss 4.0 Thanks BackSTORY! _________________ here is a quick summary of The movies and first video game. Our Hero's name Ashley, but we'll call him Ash. The Evil Dead (Book of the Dead) 1981: Ash and his friends (and sister) go to a cabin in the woods to get away and have a good time. A night of fun and games quickly goes sour when the group finds a tape recorder of Dr. Knowby's translation of the Necronomican or roughly translated "The book of the dead". Ash and company soon begin to experiance weird occurances, and begin to die off. Our cowardly hero soon begins to have to kill his undead friends who one by one have been mauled and taken over by demons called "Deadites". Ash survives, only to relive the horror in Evil Dead II. Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn 1987: (a reworked remake of The Evil Dead) Ash and his girlfriend Linda go to the same cabin (that Ash is a weird one) from the first movie, and during a romantic evening, and a listening to the good ol' tape recorder, Linda is taken by the Deadites. Ash seeks his love only to find she is a horrible walking deadite. Some blood and sanity loss later, Ash is met by Prof. Knowby's daughter and her colege and two locals who were acting as their guides. Some fun and horror ensues and Ash is forced to destroy the sorce of the evil, only to be thrown back in time to fulfill the prophecy. Army of Darkness 1993: Continuing on from Evil Dead II, Ash finds himself in an Medeval time, where he is taken as a POW, and enslaved. After an amazing feet of strength and Deadite stomping power, he gains the trust of the people of the time and is labeled as the Chosen one. A quest to find the Necronomican follows, and Ash (by not pronouncing the right words) raises the Army of Darkness, only to have an evil version of himself (who he so kindly dispatched with one of the most bad ass shotgun blasts in history) rise from the dead and lead the Army. Ash then (after losing his local love to the deadites) trains the villagers of the town to fight, and leads them into a war with The Deadites. Ash prevails, comes back home, and destroys some deadite scum at home because of a ever so slight detail in his return Evil Dead: Hail to the King (Ps1, Dreamcast, and PC) 2000: I don't want to ruin the game if you haven't played it. So, I will leave it at this... It starts off at the same ol' cabin but you go back in time (again but not to the same place) to take care of some primative Deadite scum! A. Controls and game explination _____________ Directional Buttons: Show/Hide HUD/Scroll through Inventory Left Analog: Control Ash/ Scroll through left hand weapons and inventory Right Analog: Control Camera/Rotate items in inventory/scroll through right hand weapons X button: Right hand attack O button: Block Triangle button: Use button (gets info when "?" is above Ash's head)/Talks to characters/Delivers one liners Square button: Left hand attack/Shakes Ash free of Deadites hold L1 button: Targets closest Deadite L2 button: Selects Left hand weapon R1 button: Use the spell book/Discard possessed Deadite Body R1 button Held + various button combos: Cast Spell R2 button: Select right hand weapon/Enlarge highlighted Items in Inventory R3 button: Center the camera Start Button: Pause game Select button: Open inventory To Do list ____________ Helps you keep track of your game progress. Automatically updates as you progress. Combat _____________ Basic Attack: X button for an attack with Ash's Right hand Square for an attack with Ash's left hand Lock on: _____________ L1 locks on the nearest enemy until it is killed and is auto-switched to closest monster. Chainsaw impale ___________________ Once you have found the chainsaw you will be able to impale enemies with it. To do so press the X button twice and on the second time hold it. Release after about a second to impale a near by deadite. You can then combo your attack with a press of the square button while holding an impaled Deadite in the air. This is only nessecary if you need to save some time cause the Impale will kill most Deadites. Backhand Slash _______________ Press the x button 3 times then hold x for a second or so. When you release X ash will spin around hitting all Deadites surrounding him and knock them back. Spells ________________ As you progress you will find spells. Hold R1 to hold your spellbook, and then press the correct buttons to activate the spell. Saving _________________ You will find Save disks as you progress through ED:FFOB. Use these to save the game at any time. The game also offers a save after you clear a level. Arcade Mode __________________ A seperate mode which allows you to run through any level you've beaten Killing every deadite with a certain list of weapons. You are ranked on your gaming. Now on to the Good stuff, blood, brains and boomsticks. B. Spells, Weapons, and Items --------------------------------- Spells: 1. Extra Strength: Give yourself the strength of ten men, hold R1, O,X - Ash grows 2x in size and has the strength of 10 men. 2. Lightning: Electric vengance shall clear thy path of evil, Hold R1, square, square, X (Lightning attacks all deadites within range which is close) 3. Possess Deadite: take control of a deadite human for a limited amount of time, hold R1, Triangle x 3 4. Possess Dog: Take control of a hellhound for a limited amount of time, Hold R1, triangle, triangle, X 5. Stun: Daze the enemy and escape to saftey, Hold R1, O x2 6. Summon: Summon a faithful dog to help your cause, Hold R1, Triangle, Square, square 7. Rain of Fire: Rain down hot lava upon the heads of enemies, Hold R1, triangle, square, O, X 8. Possess Gaurdian: Take Control of a deadite Guardian for a limited amount of time, Hold R1, Triangle X2, O 9. Possess Slavelord: Take Control of a deadite Slavelord for a limited amount of time, Hold R1, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square 10. Seismic Wave: The power of an earthquake will destroy your enemies, Hold R1, Triangle, square, triangle, X 11. Possess Warrior: Take control of a deadite Warrior for a limited amount of time, Hold R1, Triangle, square, triangle x2 12. Dispel Runic Lock: Dispel Runic locks from enchanted doors, Hold R1, X x5 WEAPONS: 1. Shotgun (boomstick): Class: Firearm Range: Long Attack Rate: Slow Damage: Moderate Other Ammos: Shrapnel - High damage explosive - high damage 2. Shovel: Class: Melee Range: Hand to hand Attack Rate: Fast Damage: Low 3. Pistol: Class: Firearm Range: Medium Attack rate: Fast Damage: Low (headshots are more frequent) Other Ammos: Armor Piercing - Low Damage Incendiary Rounds - High Damage 4. Dynamite: Class: Projectile Range: short - Meduim Attack Rate: Slow Damage: Very high 5. Chainsaw: Class: Melee Range: Hand to hand Attack Rate: Slow Damage: Low 6. Spraypump: Class: Spray Range: Short Attack Rate: Contiunous Ammo: Gasoline Damage: Low-moderate 7. Molotov Cocktail: Class: Projectile Range: Short/medium Attack rate: Medium Damage: High 8. Sickle: Class: Melee Range: hand to hand Attack rate: Fast Damage: Low/moderate 9. Hand Cannon: Class: Firearm Range: Long Attack Rate: Slow Ammo: Standard Damage: Moderate/High other Ammo: Grape Shot- HIgh Damage 10. Spraypump becomes Flamethrower: Class: Spray Range: Short Attack Rate: Continous Ammo: Gasoline Damage: High 11. Shotgun becomes Upgraded Shotgun: Class: Firearm Range: Long Attack Rate: Medium Ammo: See shotgun Damage: Moderate 12. Sword (replaces sickle) Class: Melee Range: Hand to Hand Attack Rate: Fast Damage: Low-Moderate 13. Gatling gun Class: Firearm Range: Long Attack Rate: Very Fast Ammo: Standard Damage: Low Other Ammo: Armor Piercing - Moderate Damage Incendiary - High Damage 14. Diamond Chainsaw replaces Chainsaw Class: Melee Range: Hand to hand Attack Rate: Slow Damage Moderate 15. Leecher Class: Melee Range: Hand to Hand Attack rate: continuous Damage Moderate 16. Exsanguinator replaces Leecher though keeps same ability Class: Melee/Spray Range: Short Attack Rate: Moderate Ammo: Deadite Blood Damage: Moderate C. Beastry 1. Deadite Humans: Very weak... your run of the mill deadite. They come in many different types of clothing. Their level of difficulty is random (example: sometimes the strippers will take 3 shotgun blast and sometimes they'll take 1) 2. Zombies: Green or white, very easy to kill. One impalement or a few shotgun blasts will take these out. 3. Warriors: Stronger than Deadite Humans. Bald Deadite Demons with Blades protruding from their wrists. Take one Impalement to die. 4. Gaurdians: Very Strong. There are two types of gaurdians. One is a flesh colored and naked, the other is pale and dressed in bondage clothing. They take two Impalements to die. 5. Slavelords: Very Strong. Large Deadite Demons with Large claws attached to their hands. These guys take two Impalements to die. 6. Sabertoothed Tigers: Only appear in the museum. Very weak and take one or two shotgun blasts to die. 7. Hell hound: Very weak. One shot with the shot gun will kill these puppies See walkthrough for bosses and strategies. D. Tips ------------ First off, Please remember to save. I'm not going to remind you to do this, but just do it! You will have to replay anything you may have completed up to the point of your death, and you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SKIP CUT SCENES! SO save, save, save, but not too much :) Don't forget to BLOCK! O button does it. It's easy to forget about it, but it will save you a butt load of pain! ------------------------------- **** If you are confused by any of my directions, please use BillyBonez's Maps as a refference! 1.A Level One: Dearborn Out Skirts --------------------------------------------------------- After a lovely opening Cut scene you find yourself outside the bar. With your now updated List, it's time to start the killing! List Update: --------------------- Get inside the TV station Find more weapons Walk up the street and you'll notice some people standing around. As you approach a cut scene will take over. After the mini cut scene, talk to the Cop by hitting Triangle when next to him. (Im only telling you how to do that once!). You'll find he's not very helpfull. Well, follow your buddy (the cop) and another small cut scene will follow. Bet he tasted good! Well anyway, snot the Deadite and talk to the Lumber worker whos standing in front of you. Another list update. List Update: ------------------------- Find the lumber yard boss Turn around and walk straight towards a little alley (outcove whatever you wanna call it, whatever it's called its the direct opposite of the Lumber yard) Tucked in the right hand corner of this alley is a Save token. Grab it and head to your left (your right if your facing the lumber yard). As you walk past the road block, a shovel lies in your path. Grab it, and now you have your new left hand melee weapon. Throw it on if you'd like to save your bullets. Contiune to follow the road until it ends, if you look to your left theres a broken fence thats been boarded up. For now go to your right. As you make your way down the street, some Deadites attack you. Take them out and then talk to the cop thats standing between the roadblock directly to the right of the Strip club. After some schmoozing you'll find you need to get yourself a police ID. LIST UPDATE! List Update: -------------------- Find A Police ID After you speak to the Cop, head to your right and follow the street until it's end. Deadites will attack you along the way, usually 2-4. When you reach the end of the street, there will be a large Lumber truck blocking the road. In front stand Three Deadite cops, eating a fallen Lumber yard boss. Take out the Deadcops and pick up the Police badge from one of them. Once the cops have fallen, the lumber yard boss rises from his concrete grave and attacks. Kill him and earn the Lumber Yard Key. Notice the boarded up fence to the left of the truck. List Update: ------------------------ Completed Find Police ID Completed Find Lumber Yard Boss .Check out Lumber Yard Head back to the Lumber yard, and open her up. Dispatch any Deadites along the way (Shouldn't be any). Once you open the Yard, head straight foward, and you'll find a Medi-pack kit against the fence in the back. Head to your left after grabbing the pack and into the Lumber yard shop. You'll notice a bunch of dead workers and a guy with his head off. OUCH! Anyways go all the way into the end of the shop to claim your chain saw! After you pick up your favorite pal, head out of the shop. Those dead workers get up as you exit, so dispatch them with your toothed toy. Impalement was never so much fun! More Deadites will attack when you get into the Yard, take em out. Well, now head back to the cop at the Strip Club. You can cut through the boarded up fence that I pointed out earlier with your chainsaw (The one at the Lumber Yard). At this point you can go back to the Lumber Truck and cut through the boarded Fence to find a Save token and your first Spell... Extra Strength. Be sure to do this. List Update: ---------------------- Completed Check out the Lumber Yard Competed Find more weapons The cop let's you through the baracade after you speak to him. Follow the road straight ahead, taking out Deadites along the way. After a right and a left, you'll be standing in front of the TV station. Talk to the Worker who stands infront of the Main gate. She'll give you a key, and tell you where the guy who has the key to the front door is. List Update: --------------------------- Find the Security Gaurd at the Kitten Club (strip Club from earlier) Keep following the road to the left, and right after you make your left hand turn at the movie theater, get on the left side of the street. There is a save disc floating behind a bench. Keep on going in the direction your going. You'll notice a Hardware store that's all boarded up. To the right of the store is a small outcove with a save token in it. Watch for the Deadites and grab it. Then return to the street and keep going in that same direction. after a left hand turn, you'll notice a large number of Bikers running down the street, but one is in distress. Clear out all the deadites and then speak to the remaining Biker. He'll give you a cheap Tin ring. After you collect the ring, head into the truck yard and go behind the furthest truck. A save token waits. Grab it and keep going down that same ol' street. Head back to the strip club cop and give him a talkin' to. List Update: ------------------- Kill all the deadites in the Kitten Club Well, trying to get into the Kitten Club wont do you any good so head back the way you just came. Head that way till you come across your first Telephone booth (should be on your left) Theres an alley behind it, go down that alley. Keep going down the alley, kill the Deadites, and grab the Shotgun bullets that rest in the middle of a left hand turn. Go all the way down to the end of the alley to find the Park key, and the back door to the Kitty Club. It's locked so don't bother. Instead turn around and go to the park entrance (It's in the beginning part of the alley), and open her up! Immeadiately to your right after entering is a Medi-pack kit. Grab it and begin to slaughter the dozen or so Deadites that rise from the park grass. Once you slay them all, one of them drops a Stick of Dynamite. Actually they drop a few, but anyway pick it up. Then go around the park picking up the 2 boxes of Shotty bullets and one save token. More deadites on the way. Kill em all and leave the park through the unopen gate. Head back to the Strip club and talk to the Cop about getting in if you haven't already, and afterwards huck a stick of dynamite into the back of the club. BOOM! Hope you haven't forgoten about the alley with the locked door to the strip club in it, well if you have :P and if not, go back there cause the door is gone. As you enter the alley, prepare for Deadites galore. Hack your way through the melee, and into the club. The security gaurd is in there, and he's gotten real ugly! Kill him, and grab the Security Id he drops. That's your key to getting into the tv station. Also grab the Save token and the Lightning spell before you leave. Well, to the TV station it is! List Update: ------------------ Completed Kill the deadites in the kitten club lot completed Find the Security Guard at the kitten Club Once you get back to the TV station use the Key on the front gate. Whoops, it's gonna take a super human to get that gate open! Well, looks like we should bust out the ol' super human spell. Extra strength is your ticket here folks. Hold down R1 and press O, X in that order. Or if you wanna see some funny stuff put in the wrong code. Either way, once you got the spell working, you grow twice your size. Now use the key on the gate and presto, you're in. To your left is a save token, grab it, then kill any deadites that come running at you. After your killing is overwith, use your security keycard on the keypad to the left of the glass doors. Wallah! Open, go on in. Kill all Deadites, and go further into the Station. You'll wind up in the lot of the Occult show you were drinking to earlier. You two favortie world enders are cowaring in the corner, save them, then go give em a chatting to... List updated and Level 1 complete! List Update: ------------------- Completed Get inside Tv station Level 2 Dowtown Dearborn --------------------------------- Once I walk you to a location IE: the Church, I will only refference to it later on. For example, say you have to return to the church, Im going to leave it up to you to find your way back. List update: ----------------------------- Find Proffessor Knowby's notes Welcome to Downtown on a wonderful rainy evening. Be prepared to let the blood fly. Directly to your left in the tv station parking lot is a Jeep, behind it lies a magic mana upgrade, grab it and then head to your left. As you walk down this street and make a left at the auto store, there will be a hardware shop on your right. Theres a save disc there. Grab it and continue on. Remember this truck that has collided with this small car, I will be reffering to it later. After making the right turn after the Meat King truck there will be a Red bottle on the right hand side of the street, this is a Maximum health pick up, grab it! and continue until the end of the street. You should see a cop standing there. Go speak to him. LIST UPDATE! List Update: ----------------- Find Knowby's personal Effects at the Police Station After the cut scene, follow the cop to the Police station. Once you've reached your destination there will be a cut scene. After the cut scene, DO NOT GO INTO THE POLICE STATION! Instead, turn around and go back to where you met the cop. Once reaching that area, you will see a church in a fenced yard. Head that way. Once you make it to the front of the Church, another cut scene takes over. Kill all them nasty little Deadites (Using your Extra strength spell may be a good idea). After taking out them stink rots, go behind the church start on the left side. Theres a save disk (this is on the left side) and a medipack (this is behind the church) waiting there for you. Then make your way inside to talk to the Priest to get the latest LIST UPDATE! and the chruch key! List Update: -------------- Close all the VOrtexes in town After the Priest gives you the key, go right on the road in front of the church, before you turn right there is an alley to your left with a Medi-pack in it. There is also a save token behind the RV on the sidewalk. There should be a biker (dead or alive) around here somewhere. He's usually in the alley, but you need to find him and save/kill him to get two pieces of silver so we can close those pesty Vortexes. Once you find him and get the silver, immediately close the vortex in front of the church. Once that's done, follow the street signs to the museum (if your in the church yard look out from the door, head down that street and make a left,) There's another vortex there. Close it, then grab the Save token and the Medikit in the area. Once the Museum vortex is closed. Head to the University (you can follow the street signs) Just turn around and instead of going back to the church, take the other path. There will be a save token on the far left side of the front university wall. Talk to the Cop that stands in front of the line of officers. They have their hands full, so keep on walking past them. There should be a biker over here somewhere, kill/save him and get one piece of silver. Then you can head down the alley on the right side of the University to pick up a medikit. Then back track a few steps and head down the alley that's adjacent to the Police, this will take you out by the church (its the same alley :) ) This time keep on going past the RV. Once you turn left there will be a line of cop cars, over there is a medikit, grab it and then keep traveling down the road. Once you get to a left right spilt, take the left road and head towards the dougnut shop, theres a biker there and hes got more silver! Once you save him go down the alley behind the Dougnut shop and grab the save token and Medikit. Contiune down the alley and you'll see your way into the University! Cut up that boarded fence and go kill that vortex! Once the vortex is downed, the cop will come up to you and give you a new weapon. The handgun! WOOT! Once the cut scene ends head on into the University. You'll find the Prof. your looking for is being sought after by some X-students. Don't let him die. Kill all the deadites, talk to the Prof. He'll go inside to get the notes for you, and 6 Deadites will attack, take em out and The Prof. will come out and give you the notes and a LIST UPDATE! List Update: ---------------- Completed Find Professor Knowby's notes Find Knowby's cipher key Find Knowby's watch for professor At this point you should go to the Park. The park is located to the left of where you started this level (The tv station) There is a save token inside in the far left corner. And on the far right corner is a medikit floating in the back gate. Across the street from the park is an alley with a biker in it who will give you a new magic spell "Posses Deadite" and tell you that he stashed some silver at the TV station. There is also a save token in this alley. Go pick it up! And close the vortex in the alley behind the park. List Update! List update: ---------------- Completed close all Vortexes in town In case you can't find the Silver in the Tv parking lot, its behind the car on the left hand side. To the police station parking lot. Once you get there dont go inside, but stand to where you can see the Deadite cops standing around. Now use your newly aquired "Posses deadite" spell and take one of the guys. Now controlling the deadite, run to the back of the parking lot and grab the sealed evenlope and the chiper key. List Update! List update: --------------- Completed Find Knowby's Personal Effects at the Police Station completed Find Knowbys Chiper key Now remember that truck I told you to remember? well go there, becuase just down the street from that truck is an AUTO SHOP with a man standing in front. Go to him and give him the Envelope. He gives you some explosive shotgun shells. Head over to the church now, and go talk to the Priest... whoops he's dead. List update! List update: ------------- Find Trisha and Eldridge Leave the church and you'll notice a police officer standing outside the church gates, talk to him and he'll tell you to go to the park. Well that seems obvious enough. Once you get there you notice the gate is padlocked shut, so go to the other entrance and use your gate key (from first level) to open her up! Don't let Trisha or Eldridge die. Kill all the deadites and close the Vortex with your silver Amulet. Give Eldridge a talking to and we get a list update! List Update: ----------------- Completed Find Trisha and Eldridge Close all Vortexes in town OK, now go back to the truck that I told you to remember. There is a biker hiding inbetween the car and the truck. Save him to get 3 items. Knowby's gold watch, a silver spoon, and the "Stun" Spell. If you do not save the biker, you dont recieve the Stun spell. List Update! List Update: -------------- completed Find knowby's watch for professor With Silver spoon in hand run over to the Police station and close the vortex. Another List update! List Update: --------------- completed close all vortexes in town Get into the Museum and find Trisha and Eldridge Ok, back to the University to give the watch to the Prof. Give him the watch and he gives you the key to the Museum. Once you get it, head to the Museum and Congrats, to level 3! 1.C Level 3 The Museum ------------------------- List Update: --------------- Find Trisha and Eldridge Find the Kandarian Summoning Stone Ok first things first. Head straight foward and down the stairs. You'll be attacked by some sabertoothed tigers. Kill em and continue. At the foot of the stairs, take a left and grab the Vase thats sitting there. Continue onward, until you come across a Deadite cop feasting on a not so deadite cop. Kill him and grab the Staff pass card and Lighter from the corpse. Go back up the steps and open the gate with your new card. Once your out hang a right and enter the closest room to you, go towards the back and open the gate with your card. Go on down the hall and theres your newest baby, the spraypump! In the far right hand corner of this room is a health upgrade. Grab it and head to the left side of the room where a security gaurd awaits you. Talk to him and get the security pass. List update! List Update: -------------- Find the Entrance to Payne's temple Ok, back to the basement. Once down there, head to your right, go as far as you can until you have to turn, in this room is a spell "Possess dog" Groovy! head into the room right by the spell and grab the dynamite and locker key. Hmmmm, somebody has been busy on their lunch break... lets head back into the main basement room. Once inside immediately go right and get the other Vase and save token inside a room. Go back the way you came and make a right, when you reach the opening go inside and grab the dynamite on the other side of the boxes in the middle of the room. then head left and notice that the door shuts when you approach it. Use your "possess dog" spell and take control of the hellhound thats inside the closed room (The door will open when your a spector). Once inside hit R1 to explode out of the dog and grab the dynamite, and fuel. Now you see the big box with the red light on top? Throw a stick of dynamite at it and watch it blow. Now go back up stairs, and visit your buddy the cop one more time. Whoops, too late. Well, kill him quick and grab the Incinerary Pistol rounds to his side. Now go and find the locker with a picture of a girl on it, to it's left is a locker you need to use the locker key on. Now you have the West wing Security pass. But first lets go back to the Main Museum room. TO the right of the entrance to the basement is a gallery. Go inside and grabe the save token and head to the biggest picture in there with the two mantles to each side. USe a vase on either and and grab the Supernatural Divining Device. Now head upstairs to the east wing. Before you run up the stairs make sure to grab the Medikit hiding behind the Couches at the foot of the stairs. Go upstairs. There is a save token as you make your way into the Egypt section of the east wing, grab it and continue. At the end of the hall is Eldridge. Talk to him and he'll tell you about the crystals. Go to the back of the room Trish and Eldridge are in and at the end of the path you'll notice a wall with a huge crack in it. Throw some dynamite at it and grab the parchment piece that lies behind it. Leave the room and Chuck a stick of dynamite at the wall adjacent to the doorway you just left. It will blow open and you can grab a Yellow Crystal and a save token. Grab em and head back downstairs. List Update: --------------- Completed Find Trish and Eldridge Head into the Colonial area (where your buddy the cop was) and huck a stick of dynamite at the Door with the big white sticker on it (Right next to the door you enter through) Your Divining Device will beep to tell you your close. Grab the Crystal and go Upstairs to the west wing. Once upstairs, huck a stick of dynamite at the area of wall underneath the Roaring Bear. Grab the crystal and head into the Volcanic area. When your in there, throw a stick o' dynamite in the center of the Earth's core display. Grab that crystal and continue on. In this new room, lies a Spell "Summon" which summons a hell hound that helps you attack, and a mana upgrade, grab em and go back to the "eldridge and Trish" Room. Once in the room, place the crystals in the door in this order. Red, yellow, blue, green. And WALLAH! Go on in! Once inside, make a right at the main rooms door and grab a save token, then head on in. Keep on going, make sure to grab the save token in the middle of the giant room with staircases on both sides, asend the stair cases (being sure to grab the medipack on top, inbetween both staircases) and head in the room. 1.D BOSS FIGHT ---------------- Nathaniel Payne This boss fight is quite easy. He has two types of attacks. One he throws a smoldering rock at you. Two he fires a small ball of energy, which can be easily dodged. Well, I'm sure you've noticed you have your shovel in hand. Good thing, cause I don't think you'd be able to knock a rock back at a demon with a shotgun. Hold Square to ready your shovel and release it when he fires a rock off to hit him in the face with it. Then avoid the Energy he shoots while waiting to repeat the process. You should finish him off in 5-6 hits with a rock. COngrats, you move on to 2.A Level 4 Coloniel Dearborn ------------------------- ****After falling from the heavens, and a beautiful landing, you find yourself standing in fron of Eldridge and a horde of demons. Whoops, time to kill some deadites. Hack away as you see fit, but eventually take off to your right. As you go up the path grab the Medikit and continue forth. Once you reach an area with many tree stumps in it, grab the shotgunshells that are in there and make your way to exit you didnt come in through, there should be a right or left hand turn, go left grab the medikit that's over there and turn around and head that way. There should be a house that's on fire. Make your way past the house and somewhere down the road there will be an outcove with a Medikit, a save token, and a box of shotgun shells... oh yeah and a whole slew of Deadites. Take em out, and claim your prizes and continue down the road. You'll notice that you've come full circle and your back at the place you started. Only difference is now there are three men standing there. Talk to the one in the middle and you'll see he seems to know you. Well looks like you got a relative. List Update! ****The opening part of this level can be completed faster by just killing all the deadites taht come rushing at you. AFter you kill them all, three men will appear on the left side of the level, you can conitune from there. Credit to alkaholick247@msn.com for the info. List Update: ------------- Find Eldridge Get back into Town Head back to that burning house we were at a moment ago. There should be a man standing in front of it now. Save him and he'll give you his ring (silver). You can then give him your bikers tin ring in return, which he appreciates and he then gives you his own moonshine. Since Ash isn't thirsty he'll just use it as Molotov Cocktails. Go back to where you started this level, and head the way you were facing when you first landed. There should be a vortex there and now you have it's death in your hands. Use the ring on it and head into town. Once through the vortex, take a left and grab the save token and medikit that are over by the first two houses. Make a right where the moutain ends and there will be a bunch of houses. Behind the far house to your left is a Sickle. Stick to the mountain that should be on your left and you'll wind up behind the farthest house to your north, behind it is some shot gun shells. Once out from behind those houses you should see a barn. To the left of the barn is a boarded up fence, cut through it and grab the Mana upgrade that's hiding back there. Then head up the hill that you should be facing upon your exit. Once up the hill grab the medikit thats right in front of you and head to your left and make a quick right. Make another right and go grab the shotgun shells behind that group of people that are just standing around (Its at the streets end). Head back the way you came and make a right. Theres a man standing by a house over there, talk to him and keep following the road. YOu should notice a large mansion at this point, go to its far right side and check out the hedges, there is a Deadite with knives for hands back there, kill him and claim the piece of spell scroll. Now head across the way and go talk to the preist in the church. List Update! List update: --------------- Completed Get back into Town get into the Graveyard Once your out of the churcn make a right and once you reach a line of houses, go to your left and you'll see a smith anvil. Head in there and you'll meet your distant relative. Go talk to him. He gives you a Hand cannon and a List update! List Update: -------------- Find weapon parts for the Blacksmith. Well, remember the barn? Well head back there. There is a Deadite standing in front of it who gives you a billy jar. Get it and bring it back to the Smithy. Once you get back, the Smithy blows the head off some deadite. It drops another Spell scroll piece. He takes your Billy Jar and your shotty and makes you an auto shotty. 8 rounds, no reload. and He gives you the bolt cutters and a flame thrower! WOOT! While your at the Smithy's place, go grab the save token that's on the left side of the house. The head back out and to your left. Once you reach the end of the road, make a right and a quick left. Down a ways are a bunch of people standing around and another Medikit. Grab it and slaughter the Deadites that appear. Once thats taken care of, head back to the Church and talk to the Preist. He gives you another piece of the spell scroll. Now head back to the barn and cut the padlock with your boltcutters. There's some different types of shotgun shells, and a piece of scrap metal. Back to the Smithy. He's not there but there is a stone floating, grab it and notice your List Update! List Update: ------------- Completed Find weapon parts for the Blacksmith Find the Blacksmith Ok, with stone in hand, head to the graveyard that's located behind the church and cut the padlock with your boltcutters (Theres a save token to the right of the gate behind a tombstone outside of the graveyard). Head in and head to your right. Inside the hedges are some shotgun shells. grab em and go left. Once the open space ends make a right and you'll see a very large set of tombstones. Go up to the biggest one and you'll get a "?" "A true soul must embrace death if he is to travel beyond the grave". Hmmmm, wonder what that means... Give up? Ok, "posses deadite" may come in handy here. Go find yourself a Deadite, take control of him and walk on through the Grave. Follow the road and make your only right you can make. You'll be confronted by a Deadite with Knives for hands. Kill it and claim the 4th spell scroll piece. Then the horde of deadites surrounding you attack. I used my lighting spell and killed them all as soon as they got close. Once they're all dead, head to the Mine and cut your way in. There's some shotgun shells and a medikit in there. Grab em and go back the way you came, but make a right. Go to the end and grab the Save token and medikit that are there, but beware the Deadites that attack. Once you got all that, go back to the graveyard and make a left to the second set of large tombstones (There will be a save token to your right tucked in the corner of some hedges). Use your stone you got from the Smithys house in the hole and make your way in. Once you open it, there is a spell scroll right in front of you. Get it and it gives you the "Reign of Fire" Spell. Head on down the path, there will be a medikit in a large opening on your way, grab it and press on. Hey, Look it's Eldridge! Say hi to him. List Update! List Update: ------------- Completed find Eldridge completed Find Blacksmith Find the Five spell pieces for Eldridge Now head back to the Graveyard. There will be a Deadite with Knive hands, waiting by the exit of the graveyard, kill him and get the 5th piece. Back to Eldridge. List Update! List update: -------------- Completed find the five spell pieces for Eldridge Im warning you right now, After Eldridge hops into the vortex DO NOT MOVE FORWARD. YOU WILL DIE INSTANTLY!!!!!! Instead turn around and kill the Knived Deadite that comes at you and grab the "Possess Gaurdian" spell from him. Use the spell, take control of the Gaurdian and kill the other, then burst out of the possessed one and talk to the Smithy. You'll give him your Scrap metal and then hop into the Vortex. Congrats!!! Level 5 for you. 2.B Level 5 Civil War Dearborn ------------------------- Since this Dearborn is so similar to the other, Im not going to go into to much detail as to how to get to the Landmarks (IE. the Church) After another A+ landing, Ash finds himself infront of a Large fort. Once you gain control of Ash, go talk to the union soldier thats standing near the forts door. List Update! List Update: ------------------ Get Inside Fort Find an Army To the right and left of the Fort are the Items listed below. To the right (in the field) are a Mana and health upgrade along with a sword which replaces your sickle. There's also a box of explosive shotgun shells hidden behind the tower. To the left a molotov cocktail, a medipak, and handcannon grape shot are behind the left tower. Grab all that stuff and then head into the forrest using the path that you landed on as you dropped from the heavens. You'll walk up on a barricade. Use either your dynamite or molotov cocktail to blow it to hell, and then make your way through. A funny cut scene with the some southern soldiers happens as you cross. After the cut scene head over to the blacksmiths house (to your right) and grab the save token thats hiding behind it. Then make your way to the church and talk to the Priest. List Update! List Update: -------------- Return survivors to the church Leave the church and make a right, then another right when you can, and then another right. Down at the end of this street are three survivors. Escort them to the church, slaughtering the deadites on the way. Bring them back to the church and you get a piece of parchment. This gives you the "Possess Slavelord" spell. Leave the church and make a left, then a left, then another left. When you get to the end of the street there are two southern soldiers standing gaurd, talk to them and you learn that you need to show them Identification. Well, show them where you work with your S-Mart name badge and they'll let you through. Once you go through, go and talk to the General (He's the older one in the center). Once your done talking to him, go behind the Largest tent in the back and grab a save token. When you spoke to the General, he asked you for proof now your gonna give it to him. List Update! List Update: ------------- completed Find an Army Completed Return Survivors to the church Take a Deadite to the Confederate Camp. Well do just like it says, go get a deadite to chase you all the way into the camp. Then speak to the General (There's a Deadite right out of the camp boundries). List Update! List Update: ------------- Completed Take a Deadite to the Confederate Camp Convince the Unionists to fight. Head to where the barn is, that is the Union camp. To the left of the barn is that boarded up fence again, so go ahead and chop through it and grab the many bullets boxes that are back there (8 I think). Also grab the Ammo boxes that are inside the barn itself. Then go and speak to the General of the Union Army (He's standing by a flagpoll), who bears a striking resemblance to you. He tells you that your buddy the blacksmith has left you a gift. List Update! List Update: ------------- Find the Blacksmiths gift Well, head to the Blacksmiths house and in the same place the save token was, lies the Gatling gun! Grab it and go talk to the Union Army General again. List update! List Update: ------------- Completed Find the Blacksmiths gift. Close all the Vortexs in town Head over to the graveyard behind the church and go to the right most large tombstone area (The exit of level 4) There will be 4 bricks of silver lying there. Now let's close those pesky Vortexes. First one is by the entrance of the graveyard, in the hedged area (Theres also a save token in there). Close it and head right after you get out of the church yard. Then make two more rights and close that Vortex. Then go back to the church but keep walking past it. Once your past the church, make two lefts and close that portal (This one is by the COnfederat base). You should be able to see the last Vortex in the sky. Go and close it. It's on your way to the Union Army base. Once it's close go talk to the Union General. List Update! List Update: ------------- Completed close all the Vortexes in town. Completed Convice Unionists to fight Now go storm the Fort. Don't bother with the Deadites unless they are in your way, just go straight for the fort doors.(You may have to take out the SlaveLords) Oh look it's Eldridge. List Update! List Update: ------------- Kill Eldridge Once Eldridge takes off, Kill any Deadites in the fort and grab the Bar of Silver that's laying in the far left corner of the fort. Then use it on the Vortex thats blocking the door on the right. Once through, kill any deadites that are in this area of the fort, and then head up the ramp to your right. Pick up the 4 boxes of gatling rounds that are on the path and keep on trucking. Once through the doorway make a quick left and grab the bar of silver thats laying by a cannon. Then head back into the last area of Fort and get rid of that Vortex that's blocking the door. Go in and it's the next BOSS FIGHT! 2.C BOSS FIGHT Eldridge ------------------- This is also a fairly easy fight. He has three types of attacks. One is a blue fire ball which is easily avoided. Second, is a tail swing if he gets to close. Thrid, is a charge attack that can be avoided easily at a distance. Just run around while keeping your distance, and shoot a barrel that Eldridge gets close to. When it explodes (theres a 1 second delay) it will knock him over and leaves him open to attack. Shoot a barrel, hope it knocks him over and then lay into him. I used the gatling gun to shoot him when he was flipped. Worked well for me. After he takes some damage, he will begin to charge you. As long as you have your distance, it is easily avoidable. If he misses a charge and hits a wall, he flips and you can shoot him. Repeat the normal process and Eldridge will fall. When he does, jump into the Vortex and your on level 6! **** You may also use your chainsaw to do a large amount of damage to Eldridge while he's on his back. Run up to him, swing once, and run away. Repeat. This will save you Ammo. Thanks to Andrew Bado @ for this info. Congrats. 3.A Level 6 Evil Dearborn ---------------------- Ash once again falls from the sky, and lands back in lovely Ol' Dearborn. List Update! List Update: ------------- Find Trish Find any survivors Hey, wait a minute everythings destroyed! Ah crap, more Deadites. Just when you thought it was over right? Oh well, head to the left side of the church and grab the save token thats up by the elevated street. Then turn around and head down the street that's adjacent to the church. Make a right at the end and talk to the group of people that are hiding in a busted up house. List Update! List Update: ------------- Completed Find any Survivors Free the Prisoners Find the Weapons Cache The survivors give you a new spell "Seismic wave". Once your done there, head back to where you first landed and hang a left. Go into the tunnel and dispatch any and all Deadites (You need the Mana) and head to the only doorway in the place. A cut scene will take over showing a Slavelord exiting out of a door. The type of door that he came out of can only be opened by Slavelords, so you can probably guess what we're gonna do. Kill some more Warriors if you must to get enough mana, and then possess that Slavelord (try to do it sort of close to the door). Once he's possessed bring him to the door and it will open, but before you leave his body, run to your right all the way to a door thats similar to the one you just opened. Once that's open kill the Slavelords that are inside this room and get the cell key that the 2nd Slavelord drops. Once that's done, go back in the first door you opened and free the prisoners. List Update! Liste Update: -------------- Completed Free the prisoners Find the Deadite Queen Once the Prisoners are free, talk to the "Red Neck" prisoner and he'll give you a wrench. Then check inside one of the cells to find a save token and The Leecher. Once that is done, use the Wrench on the gate controls to open the gate, and go straight ahead towards the tunnel entrance. Open up the gate with your wrench and kill all the dogs that come at you. Once you kill the dogs, there is a Slavelord waiting behind a giant pillar. Possess him and open the door to your right (it was by the fire pit to the far right side of the room. Once that doors open head up the path and open a second door that will be on the left wall. Bust out of the Slavelord and grab the "Dispel Runic lock" spell. Then go back and go in the other door you opened. You found the weapons Cache. Kill all the Gaurdians and then collect all of the Bullets and the Diamond blade chainsaw. Now leave the weapons cache and head to the fenced area thats on the ramp that led you into this room. You can now cut it open with your new chainsaw. So do that and watch the cut scene that happens as you walk through. Now head into that room, dispatch all the Warriors ,Grab the Weird Occult thing and get out. Head to your left go through the doorway that has an orange glow to it, and head left up the pathway. Go all the way down out of the orange room (this large room has many fenced areas you can cut through to get some ammo, save tokens and medikits) and into a bluish/green room where there is a fence you can cut on the left hand side. Inside that fence is your "Possess Warrior" Spell. **** at this point if you'd like to: head back the way you came. There is a door with large spikes above it at the top of the pathway that you just came up. That tells you that you need a warrior to open these doors. Possess one and go in there to grab some ammo, a save token and a medikit. This isnt required but if you need the stuff go get it. Beware of the two slave lords inside. If don't want this stuff, just continue on. Grab it and to your left should be another sewer path. Open the gate with the wrench and possess a warrior to get in the door. Kill all the warriors and grab the 2nd Weird Occult thing and head out and to your left. Once through the doorway, you'll notice these weird totem things with a hole in it. That's where youll be putting the weird Occult things, if you want to, Drop off the green one in the first hole, and the blue one in the last hole. once thats done, head through the exit and possess a warrior. Then head to the left side of the room which has a door that holds the 3rd Occult thing. Before we go running to the Totems, lets get you a new weapon. Once your out of the weird occult things room head to your left. Theres a save token behind a pillar, then leave out of the door thats near you. Find a warrior to possess and take a quick right after you get out of the doorway. Theres a spiked door to open and inside it lies the Exsanguinator (replaces your leecher) Theres also a save token in here. Now go back to the Totem room and place the red occult thing in the middle totem. Once the bridge lowers, stand on the emblem in the middle of the bridge and use the "Dispel Runic Lock" Spell and the door will open. Grab the save token and enter the doorway. Prepare for the last boss. 3.B Last Boss Thrisha -------------- Come on, you had to have seen it coming. Anyway, This is a very easy fight. She has two types of attacks. One is a green burp that is easily avoided (just keep moving) and one is a sesmic wave that kncks you down. Lock on and just run around her until she opens her mouth (theres a certain animation where she lifts her head and makes a noise) and throw a stick of dynamite in her mouth. Repeat this 5 times and she's done. Congrats, you've finished the game. Enjoy the ending and look for my Arcade mode FAQ coming soon! 4.0 Thanks ----------- Thank you to everyone who emailed me for permission or compliments. It is much appreciated and I enjoyed writing this for you very much so. I look foward to writing the Arcade Mode FAQ. Thanks again.</p>