PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- TORIN'S PASSAGE WALKTHROUGH v1.0 by indicates it is a animation sequence, where you don't have to do any work. As you will notice, this is a more thorough walkthrough than my previous walkthrough for King's Quest VII. Another suggestion, I highly recommend playing this game, if you have an early version, via DOS, than in WIN 3.1 or WIN 95. Under DOS, it runs faster and smoother and you don't get those silly errors that you get under windows. If you have any questions/comments/mistakes found, please feel free to write to or to> IN THE LANDS ABOVE After the beginning video sequence, you start off on a road. At the bottom of the screen, there is a "scroll handle". Make sure it is on the far left of the screen. Behind Torin, there are a bunch of berries. Grab some berries (1). On the left side of the screen is Torin's home. Head towards there. Once there, you will notice an ax and a rope. Grab the ax (1) from the stump, and grab the rope (1) from the barn. Now, head inside the home. Inside the home, Boogle will automatically do a short transformation of the box in the back. Now, you will notice two sofa chairs. The uppermost one is Torin's dad's chair. Beside that chair is a table. Click on the table with the mouse. The screen will do a close-up of the table. You will notice some pipes and a tobacco pouch. Grab the tobacco pouch (2). Exit the close-up. Now, click on the basket. Inside the basket is an inch worm. With the mouse, try catching the inch worm by clicking on it. You will have to do it about few times until you actually catch the worm (3). Once you have the worm, leave the house. Head towards the road again. Now, at the road, use the "scroll handle" and move it towards the far right and click on the hut/house. Torin will auto go there. On the first visit, you will be standing amidst a lot of crystals. Click forward and you will be standing in front of the hut/house. Read the sign (3). And then, with your ax from your inventory, chop a piece of blue crystal nearest Torin (8). The guard, Herman, within will open the door and he and Torin will do some talking. The guard will in the end slam the door. Knock on his door. He will answer again, and then he will let you in (2). Once inside, talk to Herman. Boogle will regard a lantern and transform into it. He will tell you that he needs a feast before he will be able to let you be his replacement. The first thing he needs is berry juice. Grab the berries from your inventory and give it to the guard (5). In the end of his mumbo, you create a berry juice, and hand it to Herman. For Herman's main course, he asks you to get his main course, "Sluggetti and Peatballs," which he will tell you later, after a little coursing, that it is comprised of slugs and peat moss. Exit the hut/house and go back towards the road. At the road, move the "scroll handle" towards the river with the big tree. Besides the tree to the right, there is a path that heads northward. Take that path. Once there, you will be besides a peat moss bog. Climb to the top most branch. Once at the top, grab the rope from your inventory, and click it on yourself which will then have Torin tie a rope around him (3), and now click the rope on the tree branch which will have Torin tie a rope around the tree branch (3). Now jump from the branch. Bunging his way down, Torin will grab a peat moss (5), but then he lose his bag on the moss and can't climb anywhere. To the far right is a branch, click the mouse as close to the branch as possible, without having the mouse glowing. That will enable Torin to swing. Click as much as possible to get him swinging hard, and then click on the branch. Torin will then grab onto the branch (4). He will then take the rope off and discard it and then flip over to the other side. Boogle will then go to the peat moss bog, and grab the bag and return it to Torin (11). Leave the area. Now climb the tree on the river. Look at the snails that are sitting on a tree jut on the right side of the tree. You will get a close up on them. Talk to the snails as much as possible (4). They will tell you that they will exchange information on attaining the slugs for a leaf. Exit the scene and climb down the tree to the left side. Walk a bit towards the left, and there is a path to the north between two sharp trees. Take it. You will enter a scene with a lot of leaves. Take Inchie the worm from your inventory and place him on the leaf close to the upper right corner. He will tell you that this is the biggest leaf of all, and then, you will try to catch it, but kill Inchie by mistake (9). Boogle will then turn himself into an inch worm. Exit the scene. Go back to the snails on the tree. Give them the leaf (1). They will talk to you about slugs and moat scum and you offer to take them to the castle moat nearby, which they agree and they come with you (11). Climb down the tree to the left and walk towards where the berries are. In front of the berries is a path leading southward. Take it. From here, you will see a castle and a town. Go to it. You will arrive to a moat. Place the leaf with snails from your inventory onto the moat. The snails will thank you and tell the creature to hand you some moat scum (3). (One note: The guard for the drawbridge is useless) Leave the area back up to the road. Now walk over to the right and you will notice some slugs racing up a tree very quickly. Place the moat scum on the tree (5). They slugs will come down and eat. You try to catch them but they race back up. Now, click on Boogle. Click on the Boogle-box and put it over the scum (21). Make sure to move a bit far from the tree to the left, so that the slugs can come down. When you are far enough, the slugs will attempt to come down and eat the scum, Boogle will then capture them and hand them over to you (3). Go back to Herman at the hut/house. Hand him either the slugs or the peat moss (5). He will tell you to make his dinner and you do. Now, for his last meal, his dessert, Herman will tell you he wants root. Leave the place and go back onto the road. Just to the left of where you stop, there is a artsy tree that has 90 degrees branches and the like. Near the bottom on the left side of that tree, there is a squarish root on the tree. Use the ax to cut the root off (6). Grab the root (1). Go back to the hut/house. Hand the root to Herman (5). He will tell you to make it, which you do, and now he will show you the secret room behind the cabinet shelf. He will display some clear shards in his hand for you to pick. Just pick anyone of the clear shard (1). You will then be in the secret room. Herman will tell you he'll be leaving and bids you adieu with no clue as to what to do. At the top, off to the left side, there is a podium. Go to there. You will see a console with the following colors, respectively: red green blue white. You will need the clear shard for the console. [Note: When you place the crystal shard in the white color one, it shifts all the colors to the left.] Place the crystal shard as thus: white, white, white, blue, green, red, white, blue, green, blue, red. You will then have all four of the pillars down (20). Now head over to in front of the pillar with the bowl on the pole. Inside, there is sand. Take your tobacco pouch and fill it up with it (6). Now use the full pouch and click it on the huge blue gem, a phenocryst, in the back (4). You will stand where the pillars where and throw up some sand which lands on you and get sucked into the huge blue gem to reach Chapter 2 (1). Total Points from Chapter One: 158 Total Points Overall: 158 ESCARPA After the wonderful info from the video sequence, Torin appears in the land of Escarpa, one strata level lower than the previous. At the beginning, Torin will get zapped out from a huge blue gem and will fall on some tree, but will fall through the tree to come crashing down to a ledge, taking with him a piece of tile stuck on the mountain. Torin will take the 1st green tile. Go up the stairs. You will now notice that you have a "scroll handle" to the right side of the screen. That will become very useful. In this scene, you will see another green tile in the mountain on the left. Click the mouse on it. Torin will try to get it, but falls, making the tile fall as well. Take the 2nd green tile (2). Now, take the stairs to the left that leads to the door. You will then watch a video sequence like that of a TV Show with the Bitternuts Family. Wait until Ms. Bitternuts lets you in and finishes talking about you. Enter into the house (2). Boogle will look at two items and transform into them in the following order: a yo-yo and a fireplace shovel. Talk to Ms. Bitternuts as much as possible. She will talk about King Rupert, Queen Di, and Leenah, their daughter (6). You will notice a green tile on the table. You can't attain it until later. Exit their home. Now head down the stairs. You will notice an opening to the right of the stairs and a washing lady, who won't talk to you. Go through the opening. You will come to a bridge. Cross the bridge and you will enter into King Rupert's court, with Queen Di there, and automatically start talking to the King (2). Talk to the King as much as possible after that until the Queen gives you her locket (6). Now click on your locket in your inventory onto the "scanning platform" and click on the locket to open it up to reveal the pictures of the King and Queen (12). Overhead, you will notice some crystal shard collection with one hole missing. Click on it. The King will tell you he needs to finish his collection of crystal shards. Now, take the blue crystal from your inventory and place it over the hole (7). The King will thank you and hand you an invitation to the Royal Ball (1). Now look down at the green tiles on the floor (3). It will take you to a scene of Torin talking to the King, but the King won't let you have it. You cannot get the tile until later. Exit the scene. Go over to the table near the back left. Grab the leg of meat (2). Exit the court. Cross the bridge to the other side and you will come down to where the washing lady is. Go back to the Bitternuts home. Once inside, hand the invitation to Ms. Bitternuts, who will be most pleased with it (11). She will tell you to take anything from her home for your journey. Take the 3rd green tile from the table (2). Leave the home. Go back to washing lady area. There are stairs leading down. Take them. This will lead you to an entrance to a cave and a ramp/slide. Enter the cave. You will see a tile to the far left. Grab the 4th green tile (1). After you pull the tile, it will reveal a small hole with a bad stink behind it. Click on Boogle. Now, click on Boogle-worm over the hole, which will enable for Boogle to go to the other side (11). Once on the other side, it is very dark. Now, click on Boogle-lantern in the dark area to brighten up the place (11). Now, you can see a pile of dung. Now, click on Boogle-shovel to shovel up some of that dung (11). Now, click on Boogle-worm on the hole for Boogle to return with the dragon's dung in hand (4). Boogle will hand over to you the dragon's dung (11). Exit the cave. Once outside, take the stairs down. You will see a two-headed vulture in a nest and a stairway leading up. You cannot get to that stairway until you get rid of the vultures. Talk to the vultures as much as possible until one of the head mentions that the other head wants a flying dead meat before they would move (1). Go back up the stairs and then take the meat from the inventory and use it on the ramp (11). Torin will hail the vultures and slide the meat down the ramp which will fly through the air. The vultures will chase after the flying dead meat and leave the nest, leaving the stairways open to you. Now go back down the stairs to the nest, and take the stairs that is closest to the nest up. This will take you to two ledges with a gap between. Go across the gap to the other side. From here, you can go either into the hole or down the side of the mountain. Go down the side (4). This will take you to the balcony entrance of the foyer to the baths. Enter. Notice that there are "scroll handle"s at the bottom and to the right. Make sure the "scroll handle" is to the left. At the stand closest to the entrance, grab the 5th tile (1). Now move the scroll handle to where the pillows are and click on them to take you there. Take the feather fan (2). Take the soft light blue pillow on the floor (2). And take the red seraglio carpet on the floor (2). Now move the "scroll handle" to the very right. You will notice a rickety ladder and a sign. Take the sign (2). Leave the foyer and go back to the washing lady. Take the sign from your inventory and give it to her to wash. She will take it and hand you back your 6th green tile (9). There are some socks being dried near the front. There is an extra clothespin. Take it (1). Go back to the gap and cross it to the other side. Now, go up into the hole (2). Skunks will appear. Talk to them as much as possible, until they tell you that nothing he can do to make them move. Take the clothespin from your inventory and place it over your nose (8). And then, use the carpet and click it on the skunks...this will shield you from their gaseous stink fluid which they shoot you with (6). You return the stinky carpet back in your inventory (11). The skunks will now flee. Go through to the other side of the tunnel (2). You will head upward to Veder, an old man thinking. Talk to the guy a few times until you get his attention and he and you start talking. Keep talking until he talks about his derrierre (his butt). Hand him the soft pillow for his derriere (6). In exchange, he will hand you the 7th green tile (11). Go back down and out of the tunnel. Now go back down to the foyer entrance balcony. Move the "scroll handle" on the right side of the screen all the way down. Drop the stinky rug onto the balcony below yours (12). Now take the feather fan and use it on the rug (12). A foul odor will enter into the nose of all the women, whom will scream and run away. Now walk to the ladder. Click on Boogle. Take the Boogle-yo-yo and click it on the ladder (15). Boogle will go down as a yo-yo and transform back into himself. At the baths, click on the green tile. Torin will tell Boogle to grab the tile (8). Now exit Boogle through the opening to the north, where all the women went (2). Boogle will cause a commotion with the women and then return to you and hand you the 8th tile (5). Leave and go to the nest. Use the "scroll handle" and scroll it down all the way to the bottom. Take the dragon poo from your inventory and fertilize the small tree (12). The tree will grow big enough for you to go down on it. Now, climb the tree down (2). And go up the stairs into the tile room. Place each tile on the wall (1 point each, 8 points total). Don't worry about order until you get the last one. Now, exit and go back to the King's court. Click on the green tile on the floor again. This time, you give your reason as to why you need the tile, and the King lets you have it. Take the 9th tile from the floor (12). Go back down to the tile room and place the last tile onto the wall (1). Rearrange the tiles by changing places and rotating them until you create a face with four hairs for the bangs, two eyes, a drooping mouth and a chin line (20). When you have solved the tile placements, the tiles will merge to create a stone head that will speak to you. It will reveal the phenocryst behind it. Once the phenocryst is revealed, use the powder from the tobacco pouch on the phenocryst (4). You'll be transferred into it and onward to Chapter 3 (1). Total Points from Chapter Two: 300 Total Points Overall: 458 PERGOLA After the video sequence, Torin falls once again into Pergola. Once here, click in any direction and Torin will fall down even more and land on the ground unconscious. Once there, small little creatures, the Pergolians, will tie you up. Click on the small creatures (1). This will get Torin to wake up and struggle against the ropes that bind him. The leader will come up to you and talk to you and tell you that they have another captive on hand that will not cooperate and wants your help. The leader will leave to the east. On the bottom of the screen, there is a "scroll handle". Move it over to the right, and click on the woman who is tied there. Torin will move over to the girl and start talking to her. Talk to her as much as possible. When she has nothing more to say, show her the locket from your inventory (4). Yes, she is Leenah. She will ask you to cut her loose with her knife from her boot. Grab the knife from her boot (1). And, now, use the knife to cut the ropes that bind her (3). Leenah thanks you and she takes you to a river, where Torin starts falling for her in this cute video sequence. During this interval, Boogle will transform into a nurse hat and back again. The leader will interrupt your interlude to show you the way to the phenocryst to get out of Pergola. The first puzzle to get to the phenocryst is a pentagram star (without the circle) with little robed Pergolians, the Ostiaries, on a platform. To solve this puzzle, concentrate on the five lines within the star and the colors on each of the Ostiaries. Match the color of the Ostiaries in each of the five lines (i.e. one line being blue, one line that is purple, one line that is red, one line that is yellow, and one line that is green) (25). After you have solved the first puzzle, the platform you are on will rise and Leenah comes with you. It rises until you hit the second and last puzzle with the Ostiaries. In this puzzle, there are two groups of 5 Ostiaries. Get the female group on the left side and the male group on the right side (10). Once they are grouped correctly, now it is time to put them in singing note order. The women group are to be put in ascending order (low note to high note), and the men group are to be put in descending order (high note to low note). As well, a conductor's stand will also appear with a conductor's rod. Clicking the rod on the male or female group will get them all to sing in their order (from left to right). Now to put them in proper order. Make sure you do not have the conductor's rod as a mouse pointer when getting each of the Ostiaries to sing their note. When each Ostiaries sing their notes, two others within their group will exchange places. So keep watch on who will move. The following is the order for both the female and male groups in their singing order (from left to right) by the color of their robes or such: FEMALE MALE 1) yellow scarf, blue sleeves 1) green hood, blue sleeves 2) red sash, blue sleeves 2) green hood, purple robe 3) yellow scarf, purple robe 3) green hood, yellow scarf 4) red sash, purple robe 4) green hood, red sash 5) yellow scarf, red sash 5) purple robe, blue sleeves Solving the female group will reveal the phenocryst which leads back up to Escarpa (15). Solving the male group will reveal the phenocryst which leads down to Asthenia (15). From here, Leenah and Torin will say their good-byes and Torin will throw the powder in the air for both him and her, which takes them into the phenocryst (4). This achieves Torin for Chapter 4 (1). Total Points from Chapter Three: 79 Total Points Overall: 537 ASTHENIA After the video sequence, you land someplace surrounded by lava pools. At the front, there is a plaque with a small door underneath it. Open the door (2). This reveals a closed bottle. Grab the closed bottle (4). Now, click on the closed bottle in your inventory and put it on the scanning platform. When the hologram appears, click at the top of the bottle to open it up (7). This will reveal ammonia wipes. Look at the plaque. It's dirty. Now, click on the ammonia wipes on the dirty plaque to wipe it off (3). Read it. On the left side of the plaque, there is a small button, press it (5). This will reveal a doorway out of the cavern. Exit the cavern. Once outside, you get a far distant view of Asthenia, where Torin is on a small island. Click just to the right of Torin and left of the hut. This will take you to regard something on the ground: a picture of a balanced beam. Exit the scene and go east to the hut. Look at the hut and the is tilted. Exit and go to the other side of the island on the left side to the funhouse like site. Once there, click on the grey box near Torin (3). This will operate the machine where a ball will start rolling through the whole apparatus. During the interval where the ball starts moving, click on the ground just to the right of Torin, to prepare Torin to catch the ball (6). When the ball comes out, Torin will catch the stone cannonball. Do this three more times until you have a total of four balls. Go back to the seesaw. There are two tubs on each end of the seesaw. Place all four of the cannonballs in the tub that is down (4). Now, enter into the other tub (the one that is in the air) (2). You will now balance the beam (14). As well, you have revealed a catapult where the hieroglyphic sign used to be (11). Get out of the seesaw and go back to the funhouse. Get one more ball. Now, go to the catapult (formerly sign on ground). Crank the lever on the catapult (2). Enter the catapult. Grab the knife from your inventory and cut the rope. With the weight of the stone cannonball, this will help you hit the spit of land directly across exactly (20). From here, you will be in a multitude of spit lands. On the bottom of the screen, move "scroll handle" to the right. There you will notice your destination near the top. Below that destination, there is a huge mound of land. To the west of that mound, is a glint. You will have to go there first. (Hint: To move Torin, just click the piece of land for Torin to move. There are no direction arrows. Your mouse is gonna have a lot of use in this one) Head right, and take the path of land that heads toward the glint. Once you have reach the glint, take the wrench from the sand (5). Now, head back to where you started and then head left and find the path to your destination, until you are there (8). Once there, you will see a water spray mechanism. Click on it to get a close up view. Take the wrench and use it on the bolt to screw it tighter (12). This will allow Torin to use the water sprayer to spray on the lave to create a temporary track of land to cross the lava. Torin and Boogle crosses the track of land just in time to the other side. Now you will enter into a maze of paths. At the bottom of the screen, move your "scroll handle" to the left side. You will notice a tunnel entrance, and below that a path leading down and off to the left. That is your destination. Now move back to Torin and then head up the first path and take a right, and from there, keep moving until you reach the destination. It may take awhile, but be patient. It's easier than you think. Complete the path maze (20). Once you have finished and are through, you will enter into a entrance to a body of lava. Move the "scroll handle" up, you will notice there is a bridge to a cave entrance. Move back down. There is a gem on a pole. Touch the gem (2). Rock stumps will appear in the lava. On the right side of the screen, move the "scroll handle" up. You will notice there are a lot of these rock stumps and the bridge is missing. The point is to jump on all stumps to get the bridge back in place. You will have to start at the shore, just south of the 3 stump from the left and do the following jump order: n (the first stump you will be on), e, n, w, w, s, w, n, n, e, e, e, n, w, w, w, n, nw, nw, ne, ne, se, s, ne, s, ne, se, ne, ne, nw, nw, sw, nw, n. You will now have jumped on all the stumps and cross to the other side (14). And as well, the bridge is back in place (11). Now go into the cavern (2). This is where the phenocryst is, but there is a metal blocking the phenocryst. Near the entrance, there is a bunch of crystal. Look at it (2). It's another puzzle. There are seven crystals with symbols in each one. The symbols within them represent the reflection of light they cast. The object is to get all seven crystals in the right place so that the light will shine from the left side into the right side. There are two obtuse angled symbol crystals, three right angle crystals (two of which look like a backward seven, and one that looks like a seven), and two acute angles (one that looks like a one, and one that looks like a backward one). Starting with the left one, place a obtuse angle crystal. One column to the right, at the top, place a backward seven right angle crystal; at the bottom, place a one acute angle crystal. In the middle, place a backward seven right angle crystal. One column to the right, at the top, place a backward one acute angle crystal; at the bottom, place a seven right angle crystal. On the right side, place a obtuse angle crystal. You have solved the crystal puzzle (7). This will open the metal to reveal the phenocryst to Tenebrous (11). Now, use the powder on the phenocryst (4). This will take you to Chapter 5 (1). Total Points from Chapter Four: 185 Total Points Overall: 722 TENEBROUS After the video sequence, Torin will be thrown from the phenocryst into a metal pole and land unconscious. Turn Boogle into a nurse (2). Boogle will try to wake up Torin and then take the ammonia wipe from Torin's inventory to wake him up (11). With Torin awake, have Torin climb up the boxes. Now, click on the knife from your inventory and use it on the air conditioner grate (2). Torin will open it up with the knife. Torin and Boogle will start in the conduit. Just keep clicking on the left directional arrow. When the conduit is at the top of the screen, click on the left directional arrow. Torin and Boogle will move left; Torin will hit the game menu and tell you to click it off. Click it off. He will continue and then fall; same goes for Boogle. Torin lands on grass as Boogle lands on him as a safe. A long sequence of animation involves Torin getting captured by police, jailed, Boogle gets kidnapped by Dreep, and Torin gets a warning from the judge. Torin then gets booted by the police back to the same spot he landed at. Go to the huge sunflower, and talk to her, and keep talking to her until she talks about the archivist, in the amphitheater, and getting rid of silkworms. Click on the spot under the sunflower. You will enter a scene of four silkworms eating a leaf of their own. You can't catch them now. Exit the scene. To the left of the screen is a dawburry plant. One of them is weak. Grab a dawburry blossom (2). Go left and you will come to a sappy tree who will tell you his tales of woes, after you click on it (2). Keep talking to the tree until you can talk no more and when it has cried a tear of sap onto its bark. Use the dawburry blossom to grab the sap (11). Go back to the silkworms, and with the sap on the dawburry, place a sap on each of the four leaves (1 point per leaf, 4 points total). This will trap the silkworms so you can catch them. Once they are all stuck on the sap, grab all of them (2 points per silkworm, 8 points total). Talk to the sunflower after you have achieved your goal. She will tell you that the silkworms can create a duplicate of anything into silk. Go back to where the sappy tree is. Now, after having done the job for the sunflower, the grassy slope will let you pass. Move the mouse cursor over areas of the grassy slope until you hear the words: "yes", "okay", "uh-huh". The first one is about two inches to the right of Torin's feet. Keep searching until Torin moves across the grassy slope (5). Once past the slopes, Torin steps on a flower and heads towards the amphitheater's backstage. Enter. Once inside, a catepillar will give up his top hat and cane on a table near the door. Grab the top hat (2). Grab the cane (2). At the bottom of the screen, move the "scroll handle", and you'll notice the scene will do a wrap around. This comes in real handy. After you grab the cane, talk to the rabbit with the apple on its head. The rabbit will tell the archer he quits, and the archer will tell the rabbit he quits as well, leaving his bow. Grab the bow (2). Talk to the rabbit as much as possible until he tells you his name and that he is looking for a new profession. Show him the top hat (3). The rabbit will enter into the hat (11). Now, go right and grab the poster from the wall (4). Talk to Zippee, the blind magician, as much as possible until he tells you he is looking for a new trick. Show him the rabbit in the hat (5). The magician can't do a magic trick without his magic wand and asks you to get one for him. This time, you will see a aerobatics couple doing aerobatics. They will have drop a resin, which you cannot get until later. Over to the right of the magician is a shelf. Grab the bagpipes from the shelf (5). Move right to the archivist, on the crystal piano. Talk to the archivist as much as possible until he talks about Lycentia, null void, recordings, and acquiring Torin's voice on crystal. Archivist will in return give you Lycentia's voice on crystal and a crystal player (4). Click on the player and place it on the scanning platform. Click on the play button (1). Now, place the Lycentia voice crystal in the top part of the player (5). Make sure the player is off. Remove the player from the scanning platform. Move the "scroll handle" until you see the carpenter. Go over to the carpenter and talk to him as much as possible. You'll notice a saw. After the carpenter, go to the stage manager, and talk to her as much as possible. After talking to the stage manager, move the "scroll handle" a bit so that the carpenter is not in view and back again. This time, the carpenter should be gone. Grab the saw (2). Now, click on the saw and move it over the cane. This will make the cane into a magic wand (15). Go to the magician. Hand him the magic wand (5). Zippee will tell you he needs a kerchief to complete the magic. Grab the silkworm in your inventory and put it over the poster which will produce a silk kerchief (15). Hand the kerchief to Zippee (5). In return for the favor, the magician will hand you his magic book (17). Move the "scroll handle" to the right until the aerobatics couple is gone from view and back again. They should be gone. Grab the resin from the floor (4). Click on the resin and move it over the bow in your inventory (11). This will slicken your bow. The stage manager will tell you it's your time to get on stage. Exit through the side of the curtain nearest the stage manager, and go on stage (4). Click the saw on Torin (1). Torin will start playing the saw with the bow, and sing really badly. A police will come arrest Torin for impersonating a singer. Torin will be judged and sent to the null void as sentence. Police pushes Torin against a wall, smashing the Lycentia crystal to pieces and then pushes Torin into the null void. Once in null void, place the player on the scanning platform. You will notice that the crystal is in pieces. Play the player and take out pieces of crystal that are not necessary. The ones that should be left on the top should make out the words, "Dreep, come here." (25) Keep the player on, and then throw it into the null void (20). You need something to move you. Use the bagpipes and click it over Torin (6). Now, you'll notice the bagpipes will allow you to move in six directions: north, east, south, west, away, close. Now, notice the "scroll handles" on the bottom and on the right. Move the bottom to the right, and right to the bottom, and you'll see a door. That's your destination. The longer you click on the arrow is how hard you will breath and move in that direction. Heads toward the door and reach it (5). You will be upside down and on a doorstep. Ring the doorbell (2). Move Torin to the other side of the doorstep, such that Torin is now standing upside right (5). Dreep will come out and leave toward the player sound (7). Enter into the door. Torin will keep walking until he notices Lycentia, who is not paying attention at this moment. Use the magic book on her (5). This will create an event until Lycentia falls to the floor because of her neck restraint. Touch Lycentia's neck brace (11). This will release her from her neck brace and wake her up as to whom Torin is. The bad dude will come in and battle with Lycentia. Get Torin to go up on a ledge below the crystal, situated in the middle of the screen, and he will seem to be about to fall. Use the magicbook on the bad dude (18). You will switch places. The rest is a video sequence up to the final ending. Total Points from Chapter Five: 274 Total Points Overall: 996</p>