VIRTUA FIGHTER 3tb MINI-FAQ for Sega Dreamcast By Chris Murdock Version 1.3 February 24th, 1999 Virtua Fighter 3tb is copyright 1998 Sega. Hey, I don't mind you using this FAQ, but if you use it for anything else that isn't personal use, please give credit to the author. This is a Mini-FAQ for Virtua Fighter 3tb ("tb" stands for Team Battle) for the Dreamcast. This is NOT a move list. There are a buttload of movelists out there so I don't need to add another one. This will go over the aspects and give you some help on the Dreamcast version of this game. 1. MENU 2. MEMORY CARD SETUP AND HELP 3. NOTES YOU CAN RESET THE GAME AT ANY TIME BY HOLDING DOWN A, B, X, AND Y, AND THEN PRESSING START! 1. MENU Most everything in this game is in English, but here is an overview for people who may not have played this game before. When you press START on the title screen, you have these MENU options: TEAM BATTLE MODE: This is the standard mode. You pick three characters (any three, you can even have three of the same character), and battle three computer opponents. It is kind of like King of Fighters, except, you cannot change the order of fighters at the beginning of every round (so if you pick Jacky, Sarah and Kage, that's the order in which they will always be in). NORMAL MODE: This is traditional one on one fighting. TRAINING MODE: Practice on a computer controlled character. Press B to change the level of the CPU opponent (from 1 to 8), and press A to exit Training mode. VS RECORDS: this is where you can SAVE AND LOAD your game (check Memory Card Setup and Help). HISTORY: This is where you have a movie of the "History" of Virtua Fighter. When you beat the game the first time (you don't even have to beat Dural), an Ending Movie will appear. OPTIONS: MATCH POINT: set how many fights it takes to go to the next match from 2 to 5 (default is 3). DIFFICULTY: how tough the computer is, from EASY to HARDEST (default is NORMAL). TIME LIMIT: from 10 seconds to INFINITE time (default is 30 seconds). ENERGY MAX: how much energy (shown in a numerical battle) the character starts out with. The higher the number, the more punishment you can take, the lower the number, moves do lots more damage. This can be set for both 1st player and 2nd player (default on both players is 200). STAGE SELECT: In NORMAL mode, the challenging player can have the option of choosing the next stage the fight will be in. This can be turned off (default is Challenger). ENERGY RECOVERY: In Team Battle mode, this setting is how much energy the character gets back after a fight. There are three settings, NO, where you get no energy back, VARIABLE, where energy is given back based on performance, or FULL, all energy is restored (default is Variable). RANKING MODE: In Normal Mode, this is whether or not the computer gives you a ranking based on your performance. This is based more on technique and fighting skill rather than score. You can clear the game with a ranking of five, but you can be defeated on the second person and get first rank. This can be turned ON or OFF (default is ON) KEY ASSIGN: set up the buttons on the controller: Default controls: A = Guard B = Escape X = Punch Y = Kick Left Trigger = View Change Right Trigger = View Change (View Change allows you to change your viewpoint in the game at any time, from normal view, to 1st person, to overhead) You can also edit your Buttons on the controller. SOUND TEST: Listen to music and sound effects from the game. A plays the sound/music, B stops it. Press A when EXIT is highlighted to leave. EXIT: Exit option mode. 2. MEMORY CARD SETUP AND HELP First, you must have a Dreamcast "Virtual Memory" card. Once you've set the time (careful, Dreamcast is on 24-hour mode, so 1:00 is 1 AM. If you want 1:00 PM, you must set it to 13:00), set the year, month, and date (in that order), you can plug the memory card in port ONE in the controller (the TOP port), and go to VS. RECORDS to save your game data. If you already have Virtua Fighter 3tb game data already in it, press A to overwrite the information or press B to cancel. Virtua Fighter 3tb takes up 12 blocks on the memory card (FYI, the Dreamcast memory cards hold 200 blocks of information). If you don't have a game CD in your Dreamcast, you can copy or erase information, and synchronize the memory card time with that in the Dreamcast's memory. 3. NOTES You can set the Dreamcast's BIOS screen into English by pressing the A button at the lip icon, and changing the text into English. This isn't very useful for playing Virtua Fighter 3tb, but it may make trodding through the BIOS screen easier. Entering your initials: Hold Guard and press LEFT OR RIGHT to change the letter, then punch (or kick) the "alphabet person" to enter that letter. Changing Outfits: Press any button to choose the standard outfit. HOLD START and press any button to be in the alternate outfit. Fighting DURAL: When you go through eight matches, you will go to a bonus round where you fight Dural. This is technically the end of the game, as you cannot continue the game if you lose to Dural. I don't know if you get anything special for beating Dural, I've beaten her, and lost to her, and nothing happens. Playing as Dural: You can only play as Dural in Training Mode. Go into Training Mode: To play as silver Dural, at the character selection screen, press START+A+Y together. To play as gold Dural, press START+A+X together. Playing as "Alphabet Person": Go into Normal Mode: On the character selection screen, go to Akira and press START, then go to Lion and press START, then go to Pai and press START. Now select any character. To play AGAINST alphabet man, substitute Lau for Lion in the code. ----- Well, that's it. E-mail me at and send any comments, complaints, suggestions, whatever!</p>