|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Pen Pen Tri-Icileon FAQ | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| By Son_Goku (pokezone@hotmail.com) This FAQ was made for us American players, who don't really understand a thing in the game. Well Pen Pen Tri-Icileon is a lot like Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing, though the game is a bit stranger. It features a bunch of animals that can be found in the sea and ice, such as a shark and a giant hippo. Q: How do I race? A: There are actually 3 types of racing. Walking, sliding, and swimming. To do the walking, just simple push the analog stick forward and head on. While walking you will need to jump so push A when you need to do so and when you just feel like nailing the person in front of you, push B. For the sliding, you must continually hold down A. Hold it for about 2 seconds and then let go and hold down for 2 seconds, swimming is the exact same thing. Q: What are the characters' names? A: Boy Penguin - Sparky Shark - Jaw Girl Penguin - Tina Walrus - Back Ocotpus - Sneak Dog - Mr. Bow Hippo - Ballery Q: What are those circular flames in the race? A: Those flames are used to speed up! Just slide, swim, or walk into them, and you will move faster for a short period of time. Q: When I select a course, there are 3 different types. What's that mean? A: Well there is a little difference between them. The first is a Beginner's Course where it tells you to push down the A at the bottom of the screen. The second is a more Intermediate Course. This time they don't have the A at the bottom and certain objects come flying out at times, trying to knock you off course. The third is the Advanced Course. Now the course is longer, opponents catch up faster, and the objects still will knock you off course. Q: 3 Courses? There's 5 when I beat the 3. A: The fourth one is an Advanced Course with all the characters looking like the character you picked. The fifth one is an Advanced Course against Q: What suprises can I expect in the courses? A: Below is your answer. 1st Course: Windmills. To pass this, simply keep on pressing B and you will soon reach the front. 2nd Course: Spinning wheel. To pass this, keep on jumping until you reach or the wheel stops by the door. Use a small character to make it easier. 3rd Course: Boucning platforms. Simply bounce off them. 4th Course: Flying books, hands, and ghosts. The books just fly at you, to dodge them, press B to slide under them. The hands are a thing you have to time to get past. The ghost, you cannot run away from, these guys slow you down big time. Q: What do I get if I win? A: You will get a certain piece of clothing or equipment. They really don't do much I think, but I will make a list when I get all of them. To get all, you must win every race. Alright, final update will be when I get all the Items. This game isn't THAT long anyway. Pen Pen Tri-Icileon is a copyright of all of its respective owners. Please do not copy anything from this FAQ, unless given permission by me.</p>