Her is the list of cards in everybody's deck. a. Alexis/Tenjoin Asuka Deck type: Fairy Beatdown, complete with Sanctuary in the Sky The first character in this FAQ happens to be one of the few females in this game. To duel her, your rank must be higher than Apprentice Duelist. To get her mail address, visit the front of the Girl's Dorm at night. Be prepared for three consecutive duels! Spell ----- Big Bang Shot Cestus of Dagla Mage Power Polymerization Sanctuary in the Sky Shinato's Ark United We Stand Trap ---- Enchanted Javelin Numinous Healer x3 Solar Ray Monsters 1-4 ------------ Absorbing Kid From The Sky Agido Dunames Dark Witch x3 Hysteric Fairy x3 Kelbek Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands Mudora Outstanding Dog Marron (.....) The Forgiving Maiden Warrior of Zera Zolga Monsters 5-6 ------------ Marie the Fallen One Soul of Purity and Light x3 Monsters 7+ ----------- Archlord Zerato Guardian Angel Joan Shinato, Ruler Of A Higher Plane Fusion Deck ----------- St. Joan Missing: 4 or so (I suspect it is a Magic Jammer, two Seven Tools of the Bandit, and a Trap Hole) ***** b. Banner/Daitoukuji Deck type: The first packs. . . His Deck is strange. . .but he's soooo cool. . . Spell ----- Axe of Despair Black Pendant x2 Polymerization x3 Trap ---- Magic Jammer Negate Attack x3 Seven Tools of the Bandit Monster 1-4 ----------- Aqua Madoor (.....) Battle Ox Blackland Fire Dragon Hane-Hane x2 Fairy Dragon Magician of Faith x2 Man-Eater Bug x2 Penguin Soldier x2 Monster 5-6 ----------- Curse of Dragon Monster 7+ ---------- Gaia the Fierce Knight Fusion Deck ----------- Gaia the Dragon Champion Rabid Horseman (?) Missing: 2 or so (most likely Mystic Horseman and Trap Hole) Note: That additional Magic Jammer and Seven Tools of the Bandit means that he's got three of each in his deck. ***** c. Bastion/Misawa Daichi Deck type: Look ma, I'm gonna be a geologist! (Rocks, in both type and name) The computer geek of the series uses a most bewildering deck. Shame on him. Being the ultra-geek, he just HAD to have a little girl in his deck (note to readers: No offense to geeks or fans of Bastian and/or Pikeru). . . Spell ----- Dark Factory of Mass Production Mystical Space Typhoon Swords of Revealing Light Trap ---- Backup Soldier Negate Attack Ring of Destruction (Trap Hole x3) Monster 1-4 ----------- Alpha the Magnet Warrior x3 Beta the Magnet Warrior x3 Gamma the Magnet Warrior x3 (Hane-Hane) Needle Worm x2 Penguin Soldier x2 Sangan (Sapphire Dragon) Vorse Raider x2 (Vorse Raider) White Magician Pikeru (.....) Witch of the Black Forest, if possible Monster 5-6 ----------- Emerald Dragon x2 Monster 7+ ---------- Hyozanryu x2 Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior Missing: As complete as I can get it Note: I do believe the cards in parethesis are dorm-dependent. . .still testing this theory. Expect to see three of them (either the Trap Holes or everything else) ***** d. Beaugard/Ohara Deck type: Pure Goblin Beatdown After getting a better look at Brier (Kohara)'s deck, I think these two have similar, not identical decks. Sorry. Spell ----- Banner of Courage x2 Big Bang Shot x2 Fairy Meteor Crush x2 Gaia Power x2 Goblin Thief x2 Goblin's Secret Remedy Upstart Goblin x2 Trap ---- (Magic Jammer) (Seven Tools of the Bandit) Monsters 1-4 ------------ Battle Ox x3 D.D. Trainer x3 Dancing Fairy (.....) Giant Orc x3 Goblin Attack Force x3 Goblin Elite Attack Force x3 Goblin Calligrapher x3 Mad Sword Beast x2 Man-Thro' Tro' x2 Witch of the Black Forest, if possible Monsters 5-6 ------------ Granmarg the Rock Monarch Missing: Complete Note: Beaugard wins third place for Most Random Card (those Fairies DO give life back. . .unlike Zane's Dragon's Mirror, which serve NO purpose whatsoever) ***** e. Blair/Rei Deck type: It's a ROMANTIC GIRLY theme. I don't consider Toon World and four Toon monsters to be a Toon theme. To get her to show up, stay in Slifer Red, until she does. Her deck theme *almost* works. I guess she didn't read the flavor text of Ancient Elf. . . Trap ---- Shadow of Eyes Skull Dice x2 Stray Lambs x2 Spell ----- Malevolent Nuzzler Toon World Monsters 1-4 ------------ Ancient Elf Dancing Fairy Dark Elf Dunames Dark Witch x2 Ebon Magician Curran Gemini Elf x2 Maiden of the Aqua Harpie Girl x2 The Unhappy Maiden Toon Gemini Elf x2 Toon Mermaid Water Magician White Magician Pikeru Monsters 5-6 ------------ Cyber Dragon (I guess it beats a Cyber- Stein) Dark Magician Girl Toon Dark Magician Girl Monsters 7+ ----------- Cosmo Queen Missing: 1, and I'm almost positive it's a Harpie Girl. ***** f. Brier/Kohara Deck type: BEATDOWN, with some Hand/Deck destruction. To "unlock" him, be in Ra Yellow, and look for a question mark for a portrait. You'll get him fairly quickly. All this dude is missing is a Don Zaloog. Trap ---- Coffin Seller x2 Minor Goblin Official Negate Attack Robbin' Goblin x2 Robbin' Zombie x2 Monster 1-4 ----------- D.D. Trainer x3 Giant Orc x2 Goblin Attack Force x3 Goblin Elite Attack Force x3 Goblin Calligrapher x3 (.....) Great Angus x3 Mad Sword Beast x2 Needle Worm x2 Witch of the Black Forest, if possible Monster 5-6 ----------- Mefist the Infernal General x2 Penumberal Soldier Lady Missing: Completely done. Stupid kid. ***** g. Chazz/Manjoume (Manjyome) Jun Before I begin, the name after the slash is the "official" spelling of his name. The name in parenthesis is how I prefer to spell his name (it doesn't look quite as. . .wimpy). Deck type: Zombies, more or less Chazz will duel you once your rank is above Apprentice Duelist. He'll give you his address once he rejoins Duel Academy. Lastly, you'll want to be out of Obelisk Blue if you'd like him to leave. . .it will happen, eventually. . . MANJYOME THUNDER! Seems I screwed up my explanation. I'll let LazerWulf explain it. 'While, technically, "Manjoume-san da" does mean "I am Manjoume," you're forgetting the context of how he uses it. When someone calls him just "Manjoume" without the "-san" honorific, he gets mad and says "Manjoume-san da!" meaning, basically, "That's Manjoume- SAN, to you!" Basically, he doesn't like it when people don't use his honorific. This also explains why he uses '-san' when refering to himself. This first happened in episode 2, in Manjoume and Judai's first duel, and used intermittently throughout the first 24 episodes. It's not until episode 25 that he officially gets the name "Sanda", although it was probably first misinterpreted by the North School as "Sanda" in 24 when he first said his now-famous "Ichi! (1) Jyuu! (10) Hyaku! (100) Sen! (1000) Manjoume-san da! (Man= 10000)"' This explains the reason why the audience says "The Thunder!" during your interschool duel with Chazz. (anyone that dares to mention that awful cheer by the dubbed version will be forced to duel with a deck composed of nothing but Bite Shoes) Spell ----- Dark Factory of Mass Production x2 Mystic Plasma Zone x2 Mystical Space Typhoon Swords of Revealing Light Trap ---- Hidden Soldier x2 Magic Jammer Robbin' Zombie x2 Seven Tools of the Bandit Trap Hole Monsters 1-4 ------------ Blood Sucker Clown Zombie x2 Decayed Commander Master Kyonshee x3 Newdoria x2 Zombie Tiger Monsters 5-6 ------------ Giga Gagagigo x2 (.....) Mefist the Infernal General x2 Legendary Fiend (!!) Shadow Ghoul x2 Missing: Complete Note: Notice the extra Magic Jammer and Seven Tools of the Bandit? These are in addition to the "generic" cards. Do the math. ***** h. Chumley/Hayato Deck type: Australian beatdown! His father owns a SAKE (the alcohol, not the fish) company. . .and I suspect he likes musubi (rice wrapped in dried seaweed. . .it's really good) Spell ----- Beast Fangs Dian Keto the Cure Master (.....) Fusion Gate Fusion Sage Gaia Power Poison Fangs x2 Polymerization Monster 1-4 ----------- Des Kangaroo x3 Des Koala x3 Des Wombat x3 Frenzied Panda x2 Gyaku-Gire Panda x2 Hyena x3 Kangaroo Champ x3 Maji-Gire Panda x2 Nimble Momonga x3 Monsters 7+ ----------- Big Koala x3 Fusion Deck ----------- Master of Oz (yes, he brought it out against me) Missing: Complete. . .whew. . . ***** i. Crowler/Chronos Deck type: Ancient machines and other gadgets To duel this. . .professor, your rank must be above Apprentice Duelist. This guy is in serious competition for "Ugliest Duelist" award. Spell ----- Limiter Removal Mystical Space Typhoon Power Bond x2 Trap ---- Bottomless Shifting Sand x3 Fairy Box (.....) Magic Jammer Red Gadget - Stronghold x2 Seven Tools of the Bandit Monster 1-4 ----------- Ancient Gear Soldier x3 Goblin Elite Attack Force x2 Green Gadget Gyroid Insect Knight x3 Mighty Guard Red Gadget Robotic Knight Steamroid Yellow Gadget Monster 5-6 ----------- Ancient Gear Beast Machine King Monsters 7+ ----------- Ancient Gear Golem Missing: 4. I hate you, Crowler. Note: That extra Magic Jammer and Seven Tools of the Bandit means that Sir Ugly has three of each in his deck. ***** j. Damon/Taizan Deck type: Hand advantage To duel him, get yourself in Obelisk Blue, and look for a mystery portrait. He does not take long to unlock. All I know is that you'll need Zane around before you can unlock his story event (is it just me, or is Kaiser-sama butting into too many people's lives?). This is the dude that likes to draw many, many cards. Spell ----- Polymerization x2 Upstart Goblin (x2, if possible) Trap ---- Jar of Greed x3 Reckless Greed Solemn Wishes x2 Monster 1-4 ----------- Goblin Calligrapher x3 Muka Muka x3 Opticlops x2 Poison Draw Frog x3 Red Archery Girl x3 Sangan Skelengel x2 The Snake Hair (.....) Warrior Dai Grephyr x2 White Magical Hat Monster 5-6 ----------- Enraged Muka Muka x2 Airknight Parshath x2 Fusion Deck ----------- Sanwitch, perhaps? Missing: Complete ***** k. Dmitri/Kagurazawa Deck type: Mostly Joey/Jounouchi, with a bit of Yugi thrown in there for the fangirls To unlock him, be in Ra Yellow, and look for unknown people. One of them should be him. To unlock his story event, you must have unlocked Zane. Anyone that has played past Yu-Gi-Oh! games will know what his Deck theme should be. I kinda wish I could see this guy's name in kanji. . .I have a hunch on what it means, and it's kinda weird. . . Trap ---- Fairy Box x2 Ring of Destruction Skull Dice x3 Spell ----- Graceful Dice x2 Mystical Space Typhoon Polymerization x3 Scapegoat x2 Monster 1-4 ----------- Alligator's Sword Axe Raider Baby Dragon x3 Battle Ox Battle Warrior Copycat x2 Gearfried the Iron Knight x2 Lady Ninja Yae Mystical Elf Obnoxious Celtic Guardian Red Eyes Black Chick Vorse Raider (.....) Monsters 5-6 ------------ Summoned Skull x2 Monsters 7+ ----------- Gaia the Fierce Knight Red Eyes Black Dragon x2 Red Eyes Darkness Dragon Fusion Deck ----------- Alligator's Sword Dragon x2 Black Skull Dragon x2 Missing: Nothing, though this dude really could use a Time Wizard. . . ***** l. Fontaine/Ayukawa Deck type: I'm Mai! Harpie complete!! Her deck is fun to play against. . .if one has a Wind deck, that is. Spell ----- Cyber Shield x2 Elegant Egotist x3 Harpie's Hunting Ground x3 Trap ---- Negate Attack x2 Monster 1-4 ----------- Birdface x2 Eagle Eye x2 Garuda the Wind Spirit Harpie Lady #1 Harpie Lady #2 Harpie Lady #3 Harpie Girl x3 Sonic Duck x2 Takuhee x3 Monsters 5-6 ------------ Harpie Lady Sisters x2 Roc from the Valley of Haze Monsters 7+ ----------- Harpie's Pet Dragon Missing: 2 (most likely a Seven Tools and a Trap Hole) ***** m. Gerard/Kunisaki Deck type: Mostly-normal monsters To unlock him, stay in Slifer Red until you get that mystery portrait (you should get him by March, if you don't switch dorms from the beginning of the game). It's him, I promise. This reporter dude has the least amount of Effect Monsters I've seen. Spell ----- Contract with the Abyss Hamburger Recipe Mooyan Curry (.....) Polymerization x2 Resurrection of Chakra Trap ---- Eatgaboon House of Adhesive Tape Widespread Ruin Monster 1-4 ----------- Ancient Brain Armaill Behegon Mech-Mole Zombie M-Warrior #1 M-Warrior #2 Niwatori Rhaimundos of the Red Sword Sea Kamen Tongyo Tyhone Wasteland Amazon Wings of Wicked Flame Monsters 5-6 ------------ Bottom Dweller Garoozis Hungry Burger Lava Battleguard Ocubeam Swamp Battleguard Monsters 7+ ----------- Chakra Fusion Deck ----------- Karbonala Warrior Deepsea Shark Missing: At most, 1. ***** n. Jaden/Judai Yuki Deck type: Elemental Hero/Dragon In the classic naming mix-up, Jaden Yuki should be Yuki Judai (that is, his first name is Yuki, and his last name is Judai). Spell ----- Dragon's Mirror (.....) Fusion Weapon x2 Mage Power Miracle Fusion Monster Reincarnation Polymerization Skyscraper Transcedent Wings United We Stand Trap ---- A Hero Emerges Hero Signal Negate Attack Monsters 1-4 ------------ Cyber Jar Elemental Hero Avian x2 Elemental Hero Bubbleman x2 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix x2 Elemental Hero Clayman x2 Elemental Hero Sparkman x2 Sapphire Dragon x2 Spear Dragon x3 Winged Kuriboh Monsters 5-6 ------------ Cyber-Tech Alligator Emerald Dragon x2 Kaiser Glider Fusion ------ Elemental Hero Flame Wingman Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman F.G.D. (Jaden. . .I hate you) Missing: A few (most likely a Seven Tools of the Bandit) Two people e-mailed me about Jaden's Fusion cards. Thanks to both of you! ***** o. Jasmine/Junko Deck type: Unresolved issues with moth--, I mean, Warriors (female, of course) If I said what she says whenever I dueled someone, I'd probably irritate everyone. Spell ----- Banner of Courage x2 Legendary Sword x2 Lightning Blade x3 Reinforcements of the Army x2 Sogen x3 The Warrior Returning Alive x2 Trap ---- Chain Burst x3 Thunder of Ruler Monster 1-4 ----------- Amazon Archer x2 Amazoness Fighter x2 Amazoness Paladin x2 Amazoness Swords Woman x3 Beautiful Headhuntress x2 Hibikime x2 Lady Ninja Yae Maurading Captain (.....) Princess of Tsurugi Queen's Double Queen's Knight x3 The Unfriendly Amazon x2 Wasteland Amazon x3 Monsters 5-6 ------------ Penumbral Soldier Lady x2 Missing: As much as I'd like to say 1. . .it's complete. Junko, you suck for having only one Maurading Captain. ***** p. Mindy/Momoe Deck Type: Well, I wanted a bunch of good-looking guys, but, like, there weren't that many, and Konami knew that someone would try to do a deck list, so, like, I wound up with half my monsters being random. This deck list is strange. . . Part 1: Fixed Cards Spell ----- Dark Magic Curtain Knight's Title Monster 1-4 ----------- Dimension Warrior Getsu Fuhma (hey, she got it right!) Harpie's Brother Neo the Magic Swordsman Obnoxious Celtic Guardian Sand Gambler Sealmaster Meisei Tactical Espionage Expert Monsters 5-6 ------------ Fairy King Truesdale Monsters 7+ ----------- Dark Magician Dark Magician Knight Part 2: Everything Else (.....) These cards have appeared in her deck at some time or another. They all fit in the Monster 1-4 category. All of them are Normal Monsters. None of them are particularly scary (except for the high- defense monsters, perhaps). Armaill Bone Mouse Enchanting Mermaid Fire Eye Flame Manipulator Flying Fish Frenzied Panda Mystical Elf Oppressed People Petit Dragon People Running About Red Archery Girl Ryu-Kishin Snakeyashi Sonic Duck Souleater Spherous Lady Trakadon United Resistance Wings of Wickid Flame Missing: Er. . .that's kinda hard to answer. . . Note: Momoe can't have a deck of good- looking guys without Silpheed!! ***** q. Pharoah (the cat) Deck type: Furry! But why does a cat have dogs in its deck? This is a special event involving Pharoah, Banner's cat. For details on how to get this event, check the Special Event FAQ. This event is repeatable. Spell ----- Beast Fangs Horn Of The Unicorn Poison Fangs The Big March Of Animals Monster 1-4 ----------- Bone Mouse Chu-Ske The Mouse Fighter Giant Rat Giga-Tech Wolf Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu Mad Dog of Darkness Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands (.....) Mecha-Dog Marron Mystical Sheep #2 Outstanding Dog Marron Panther Warrior Pitch-Black Warwolf Silver Fang Skull Dog Marron Soul Tiger The All-Seeing White Tiger Wolf Axewielder Zombie Tiger Monster 5-6 ----------- Ancient Gear Beast Mechanical Hound Missing: Nothing. ***** r. Satyr/Kabayama Deck type: Yeah, I'd like to know that, too. To duel him, you must be in Ra Yellow. He'll show up almost immediately as a question mark. I have no idea what kind of deck this is supposed to be. . . His Event deck is exactly the same as his normal deck. Spell ----- Cyclon Laser x2 Monsters 1-4 ------------ A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit x2 Getsu Fuhma x2 (.....) Gradius x3 Gradius' Option x3 Moai Interceptor Cannons x2 Penguin Soldier x3 Soitsu x3 Space Mambo x3 Tainted Wisdom x2 Monsters 5-6 ------------ Aitsu x3 Missing: Complete ***** s. Syrus/Marufuji Shou Deck type: Cutesy, living Machines Despite his adorable looks, glasses, cyan hair, and odd deck choice, he is darned good for a computer duelist. You have been warned. Spell ----- Black Pendant x3 Fusion Gate x2 Fusion Sage Fusion Weapon Limiter Removal x2 Polymerization Shield Crash Trap ---- Negate Attack Monster 1-4 ----------- A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit Bokoichi the Freightening Car x3 Dekoichi the Battlechained Locotmotive x3 Drilloid Cycroid Gyroid x2 Harpie Girl (.....) Patroid Steamroid x2 Monster 5-6 ----------- Big Core UFOroid x2 Fusion Deck ----------- Steam Gyroid Missing: Complete Note: Shou gets the "Most Random Card" award for his Harpie Girl. I wonder if his brother really DID give that to him. . .(perhaps this explains why Bastian is always on the computer. . .) Note 2: Did I mention that the only thing puberty hasn't hit is Shou's height? ***** t. Torrey/Taketara Deck type: Ooh. . .occult and whatnot To unlock this duelist, you must be in Obelisk Blue. Check the question mark portraits, and eventually, you'll see him (it IS a guy, right?) This deck has got to be one of the most inefficient decks I've ever seen. . . Spell ----- The Dark Door The Shallow Grave x2 Trap ---- Magic Jammer Seven Tools of the Bandit Trap Hole x2 Monsters 1-4 ------------ Aswan Apparition x2 Dokuroyaiba Earthbound Spirit x2 Headless Knight x2 Master Kyonshee x3 Mystical Elf (.....) Phantom Ghost Souls of the Forgotten x2 Spirit Caller The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams x2 The Portrait's Secret The Wandering Doomed x2 Theban Nightmare x2 Monsters 5-6 ------------ Magical Marionette x2 The Earl of Demise x2 Missing: Complete Note: The extra Magic Jammer and Seven Tools of the Bandit means that he's got three of each in his deck. ***** u. Yugi Deck type: Must I explain this? This is Yugi's deck, NOT Yugi himself. This is the event where Dmitri duels you using Yugi's deck. Good luck finding my missing cards. This deck list does NOT utilize the "generic" cards!! Spell ----- Dark Magic Attack x2 Dark Magician's Tome x2 Dedication Through Light And Darkness Polymerization Sage's Stone Swords of Revealing Light x2 Thousand Knives Tricky's 4 Trap ---- Magic Cylinder x3 Magic Jammer Seven Tools Of The Bandit x2 Monster 1-4 ----------- Berformet x2 King's Knight x3 Kuriboh x2 Queen's Knight x3 Monsters 5-6 ------------ Dark Magician Girl Jack's Knight x3 Tricky (.....) Monsters 7+ ----------- Black Luster Soldier - Envoy Of The Beginning Buster Blader x2 Dark Magician x3 Dark Magician of Chaos (NOT the ritual) Fusion Deck ----------- Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast Dark Paladin Missing: 5 or so (my guess is Gazelle x2, Magic Jammer, Swords of Revealing Light, and perhaps a Fusion Gate) ***** v. Zane/Marufuji Ryo Deck type: Machine BEATDOWN (which usually backfires) To unlock him, you'll have to continually chase Syrus down on a Saturday morning AFTER you get an e-mail that says something about Syrus acting weird (despite rumor, DORM COLOR DOES NOT MATTER. I "coerced" Syrus while I was in Obelisk Blue). Eventually, you'll wind up in a duel you can't refuse. Finish that duel, then SAVE, then wait until night. You'll only be allowed to go to one area. Go, and get your Magic Cylinder ready. It took many, many restarts before I got enough of a list to call it a deck list. Note to duelists: Do NOT use Ring of Destruction on a 1900 monster when you are down to 50 Life Points. Spell ----- Black Luster Ritual Dragon's Mirror x2 (.....) Fusion Gate Limiter Removal x3 Mystical Space Typhoon Power Bond x3 Swords Of Revealing Light Trap ---- Fairy Box Ring Of Destruction Monster 1-4 ----------- Battle Footballer x3 Cyber Jar Cyber-Stein Gyroid Mataza the Zapper Mechanicalchaser x3 Reflect Bounder Steamroid Zombyra The Dark Monster 5-6 ----------- Blowback Dragon Cyber Dragon x3 Machine King UFOroid Monsters 7+ ----------- Barrel Dragon Black Luster Soldier (ritual) Black Luster Soldier - Envoy Of The Beginning OR Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End (it wouldn't surprise me) Fusion Deck ----------- Cyber End Dragon Cyber Twin Dragon Gatling Dragon (?) Steam Gyroid (?) Missing: Complete (pain-in-the-rear) Note: Ryo is runner-up for "Most Random Card" award (too bad his younger brother had something even stranger in his deck) ***** w. The Shadow Duelist (Titan) To "unlock" him, stay in Slifer Red, and continually kick Chazz and Alexis around. Crowler will eventually get upset. . .save, just in case your deck decides to be stubborn. I put him in because he IS a duelist, one who I'll never, ever see again. He's also all the way at the bottom, because I don't like him. Monsters 1-4 ------------ Archfiend Soldier Yep. . .that's all I remember. . . ***** x. Test Proctor Deck type: Life-gain beatdown, or Tea reincarnate I plan on passing my tests, so this deck will take me the longest. Spell ----- Big Bang Shot x3 Shinato's Ark x2 Sword of the Deep-Seated x2 Trap ---- Enchanted Javelin x3 Numinous Healer x3 Monster 1-4 ----------- Fire Princess x3 Granadora x3 Kiseitai x3 Nimble Momonga x3 Monster 5-6 ----------- Marie the Fallen One x2 Monster 7+ ---------- Guardian Angel Joan x2 Shinato, King of a Higher Plane x2 Missing: I've gotta see if I memorized this correctly. . . ***** y. Sheppard/Ibiki Deck type: I'd like to say Kaiba-ish, but. . . The first time you duel him, it's to make your "King of Games" rank "official". Any subsequent time you duel and win, you get to change your name. Unfortunately, this has no bearing on the Obelisk Blue dorms; according to the game, Maria is a boy's name (this is NOT my real name). I would have LOVED to be the only girl in the boy's dorm, if I were about seven years younger than I am now. . . OMG IT'S TEH BSOD GLITCH!! Of course, he never uses it. . . (I will NOT answer any e-mails with the words "Burst Stream of Destruction" in them, unless it's part of someone's deck, and I missed it) Spell ----- Burst Stream of Destruction x2 Dragon Treasure x2 (.....) Dragon's Mirror x2 Megamorph x2 Sebek's Blessing x3 Trap ---- Burst Breath Dragon's Rage Ring of Destruction Monsters 1-4 ------------ Cyber-Stein x3 La Jinn the Mystical Genie x3 Spear Dragon x2 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave x3 Vorse Raider x3 Monsters 5-6 ------------ Emerald Dragon x2 Monsters 7+ ----------- Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3 Fusion Deck ----------- Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x3 (just a guess) Missing: Complete, unless this guy's got a F.G.D., too.</p>