POPOROGUE UPDATED Version 1.5 UPDATED!! By Bodi Anderson RPG SCEI 11/26/98 Memory card: 1 block Dual shock compatible Pocket station: 6 blocks !!WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! When I tried to play Poporogue on my chip modified PSX I wasn't able to. I think that Sony has developed a new technology for stopping would-be import players. Unlike most games this game boots up initially and then after the SCEI logo freezes with a giant red hand on the screen. When I tried the game on a real Japanese playstaion everything went fine. It may just be that my chip-mod PSX is old, but I think that Sony really ahs developed some new technology. Oh well if they really have I'm sure it'll be all over the web by the time I finished with this FAQ . In fact I recently read somewhere that many copies of Poporogue were recalled because of this problem. It seems as if Sony tried to make an import stopping technology but failed. As a result the game may not always load (you have to try to load it a few times which can be very annoying) on older model Japanese playstations. In any case this is something to consider before purchasing the game. WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! UPDATE INFORMATION! For version 1.5 The following has been added to this FAQ since its first run. 1. More information on the after game and how to get extra characters. 2. The optional characters list has been completed. 3. How to get Zennon and Musashi fixed. 4. Added a useful world map. 5. Finished location for all the stamps. 6. "How Boss is Boss?" section added. 7. Secrets and Sub-plots heavily Modified (Locations of trophies given) 8. COMING SOON: POPOLOCROIS THE FULL STORY IN DEPTH WALKTHROUGH!!!!!!!!!!! TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) Introduction 2) Story 3) Game mechanics and menu translations 4) Battle system 5) Characters (Playable, Sub-characters, and Non-playable) 6) Walkthrough 7) Secrets and sub-plots 8) World Map 9) Pocket Station 10) How Boss is Boss? 11) Thanks 1) INTRODUCTION: Poporogue is the sequel to SCEI's 1996 hit in Japan Popolocrois (also called Popolocrois monogatari). I really enjoyed Popolocrois (and suggest playing it as a precursor to this), so I thought I'd write a walkthrough for the sequel. The graphics in Poporogue, as with its predecessor are set in the 3/4 view semi-3d looking mode. Not as showy as FFVII, but then again the spells aren't accompanied by half an hour of "cool the first few times, then a pain in the ass" graphics. Poporogue has a number of cute innovations as well as some lame things, which I suggest you take into consideration before buying the game. First the bad stuff, namely the inability to control any character but the main character in battle for the first third of the game. In battle you only can give direct orders to Pietoro, the protagonist. All other characters are controlled by general battle orders like "Fight full strength" or "Don't use magic". This is a major pain in the ass and whoever thought it up never really played that many RPGs before. Still, it adds a bit of challenge to the game (something definitely lacking in FFVII) since you have to base your tactics around the computer's AI. Luckily the AI is pretty good, and you eventually get control of the characters so really it's not too bad (But, it still sucks). On the other hand there are many cool things about Poporogue which balance this out and make it an all around cool game. Firstly the battles are not random, you can see the monsters on the screen and avoid them. What's more is that if you choose to escape from a battle, the monsters you ran from will chase you around the dungeon. Also when you encounter monsters which you easily beat they run away from you on the screen so you can avoid battles in previously explored areas. Another cool innovation is the "Mugen Field" (AKA the "Random field"). In which every time you enter a dungeon the pathways in the dungeon are randomly generated, though the landmarks remain in the same areas. This is to say that a certain staircase or treasure will always be in the same place, but how you get there will be different each time you enter a dungeon. For this reason my walkthrough will focus on the plot and leave the dungeon exploring to you since it's hard to give good directions. Finally Poporogue uses the "Mercenary System", in which all characters except the main are mercenaries and are hired out. What's cool is that those not in your current party can be sent out on missions to get gold and experience. Troops in your squad can also get too stressed out and need to be given tranquilizers or vacation time. Poporogue also introduces a really cool thing, which I think is my favorite thing about the game, this is the "Sub-Character System". Your party consists of Pietoro and two other mercenary characters. A little bit into the game you gain access to a choice of 4th characters. Each of these characters will not directly participate in battle (Though they run away if wounded), but instead offer cool services. One character, a merchant, allows you to buy, sell or identify items at anytime when he's in your party (Which is super useful since you can only carry 9 of any given item). All in all I like the game, mainly because it's challenging, and I think you will to. I do however strongly recommend that you have the ability to READ, though not necessarily understand katakana and hiragana (Kanji is of course mochiron useful) if you want to play the game my FAQ/ walkthrough covers much of the game but doesn't translate every nitpicky thing. I'm also sorry about all the grammar and spelling mistakes in this, but I'm mainly typing it up between classes on a funky Japanese computer while teaching at a Japanese High school. Oh well enjoy your game. Sorry if the plot description trails off during the second half of the walkthrough. I was getting more into playing the game and figured I'd translate the nitty gritty plot intricacies later, making use of the Pietoro's diary option. But when I started playing Xenogears somehow all the other files on my memory card got erased, including my Poporogue files (sniffle, sniffle). 2) STORY: It has been two years since Pietoro and company have defeated the evil Ice demon and his cronies, Pietoro has grown bored with every day life (Especially studying!), so he decides to escape from the castle.(For those of you who really care Poporogue takes place after the animation series. Thus the story can be followed by playing Popolocrois, watching all the anime, and then playing Poporogue. Whether you do this or not makes no difference as far as the story is concerned. Still the game is cooler if you've played Popolocrois before.) He sneaks out of the castle and explores the town, finally ending up dozing off in nearby grasslands. Everything is all La De Da until. A giant cloud covers Popolocrois and sucks half the continent into the sky!! (Note that the opening movie may not be skipped past until you have Poporogue save data on your memory card) 3) GAME MECHANICS & MENU TRANSLATIONS 3.1) Basic Controls: CIRCLE= Action X= Cancel TRIANGLE= Options menu SQUARE= Pietoro's Notebook 3.2) Menu Translation: The options are listed in the following order. 1. Magic: Magic which can be used during non-combat times (i.e. healing spells) 2. Items: On the top there are ordering icons. If you "use" a spell (Scrolls) or technique (Blue Books) on a character they will learn that particular ability. Note that not all characters can use all abilities or spells. 3. Equip Weapons: Also shows status screen 4. Status: Press CIRCLE once to view magic and again for special techniques Also see status menu translation below 5. Formation: select from one of six variations 6. Tactics: Very important! See tactics translation below 3.3) Pietoro's Notebook: Choose from the following options. Not all are available at the beginning of the game (Those marked with a "*") 1. Status: Basically the same as the menu option. 2. Monster Diary: All the info about your favorite foes. 3. *Item List: Info on all items encountered (Appears after talking to fishing boy in Tonku) 4. *Stamp Card: Collect Bingo one, two or five times for various prizes (Appears after talking to Stamp man in Tonku). Also see Secrets and sub-plots section. 5. Diary: A day by day account of what's happened (Very useful if you're writing a walkthrough) 6. *Magical Map: Press CIRCLE to alternate between locations and paths (Appears after talking with Guilda) 7. *Mugen Field: Shows how much of each dungeon you've explored (Appears after talking to fishing boy in Tonku) 8. Configuration: goes as follows. 1) Message speed (All at once, fast, normal) 2)Sound (Mono, Stereo) 3) Map (Picture or scroll) 4)Controller (Analog or normal) 5) Window color 3.4) Status Screen Translation: Looks something like this. HP MP TP Attack Strength Experience Defense Strength Experience to Next Level Magic Strength Fire # Ice # Wind # Magic Defense Thunder # Dark # Holy # Luck Earth # ??? # Status change(?) # Speed ??? # Move (In squares) Sorry about the "???" but the screen is hard to read 3.5)Battle Menu Translation: The following is a translation of the battle menu options for controllable characters. Characters are moved in battle by using the d-pad. If you select attack the computer will factor in moving. Press left or right on the d-pad to choose between enemies. It is often better to move the characters yourself in confined spaces so you can make sure everyone is able to get in a shot. 1. Attack: 2. Magic: you may not move and use magic in the same turn 3. Special Techniques: you may not move and use some techniques in the same turn. 4. Items: 5. Defend: This also recovers a few TP. 3.6) Tactics Translation: Note that the first option is initially only available to Pietoro. Also if a character can not perform certain actions they will not appear on the screen. For example; Zappa can't use magic so the commands "No magic", and "Help others" won't appear on his list of tactics options (If he learns healing magic he'll have access to both commands ). True magic users (Those who can only equip staves never have the "Vanguard" command). Commands always appear in the same order simply remove commands not available form the options list of whatever character you are dealing with. This is one point in the game where kanji recognition is helpful. 1. Player Control 2. Do what you like: Characters will act according to what they think is best factoring in their personality. Usually I keep characters on this mode since the AI is pretty balanced here. 3. Full Strength: For when you're in over your head or want your mercenaries to practice their magic. 4. Attack Enemies weak points: This also has good AI, and will usually give you a clue as to which monsters to attack with what attacks. 5. Preserve Strength: Don't use too many Spells or Techniques, stay out of harms way if possible. 6. No Techniques: Save TP 7. Vanguard: Rush up to the front lines and stop monsters from getting at weaker characters. 8. Help Others: Use healing or status boosting magic. 9. No Magic: Save MP 10.Use New Things: Try and repeat new techniques and spells. 11. Do Nothing: Drool. If your mercenaries try and do this it's a good idea to give them a tranquilizer. 3.7) Inn translation: save and rest 1. Rest (Recover hp/tp) 2. Save 3. Quit 3.8) Shop Menu Translation: Use this at shops. 1. Buy 2. Sell 3. Identify: For 5 gold per try, you can identify items with a "?" in their name. Doesn't always work on the first try. 4. Quit 3.9) Mercenary Guild Translation: Note that the last command only appears after you have six or more total troops. 1. Medical Remedy: Bring back seriously wounded troops for a hefty price. 2. Employ: There are two fees, a guarantee fee and one for wages. 3. Dismiss: You'll get some gold back. 4. Presents: Give mercenaries spells or techniques. The guidebook says this is important to keep your troops happy. But you can also do this anytime with your current troops. Good for troops whom you only send to explore, but are rarely in your party. 5. Search: First choose who, then where (Depending on what your present location is), and finally what (Basically the more expensive the command the more stuff you'll get back, except for command #4 which is "Relax". What exactly "Relax" does I'm not sure , but it's probably good to do if you're sending the same troops out again and again. It takes about ten minuets real time for your troops to return. Go to the counter to check and get any gold and items they collected. Next go into the barracks and talk to the troops who went out and they'll tell you what happened (This isn't necessary, but you don't want to hurt their feeling, right? ). 4) BATTLE SYSTEM: I'm sure you've all played many an RPG so I won't waste my time or yours explaining lame details of the battle system. Still, there are a few things worthy of note. First off as I mentioned before all the monsters appear on the screen and will actively chase or run away from you (Except for the mushrooms which can't move). Furthermore, if you run from a monster it will chase you all over whatever screen you're on. On the other hand if a monster runs away from your party, you can chase it and when you encounter it, it will retain any previous wounds it suffered. Cool, huh. In the middle of battle press the X button to bring up the Tactics menu. It will appear before your next character's turn, so don't keep pressing it if there's no initial response. Here you can change the tactics of troop mid-battle. After making any changes select the top option to continue the battle. The bottom choice is run away. Occasionally in the middle of battle your troops might request to change their tactics. Unless you can read the kanji fast enough it's probably good to say no (X button). Press the CIRCLE button to agree with their suggestion. I don't know if anything bad happens if you continually refuse the same character's request. If they request to "Do nothing" you may want to give them a tranquilizer (Zappa on the other hand frequently does this not because of stress, but laziness). In general it's a good idea to give you troops tranquilizers if they've been with you for a long time. Tranquilizers can be bought in Cormuck. Still, I try and accept most of the suggestions then change them the next chance I get just in case. I don't think that you'll receive any new suggestions after you get the option of manual control. Watch out for your optional characters in battle, if their HP becomes to low hey will flee the battle and you'll have to trek all the way back to where ever you found them to get them to join again. You can also never control the optional characters, even if you have the item that allows you to control your other characters. There are also some important facts you should know about the dungeons as well. There are four types of doors in each dungeon. The first and most common type are the kind you simply press the CIRCLE button to open. The second type are color-coded and require you to find a dragon statue with the same color and switch it on. For example you need a red switch to open a red door. Switches can be turned on and off, so always try a switch and see what happens. (On a side note some dragon statues that look like switches will turn in to traps or treasure chests). The third type of door is a "Monster door". These are gray with a monster face on them. To open a Monster Door you must kill all the monsters on the current screen (all the red blips). The final type of door are pink colored barriers which require some special action to open them. Usually after you complete a certain event or gain a certain character they will open. Unfortunately all the hints for opening them are in Japanese and there are far to many of them for me to translate each one so try and make a point of returning to dungeons occasionally to see if any new doors are open. On the other hand some pink doors are opened by means of a switch. These switches look different from the ones for the colored doors. They will always be glowing red, and after they're activates they'll send a red orb off. See the "Sub-plots and Secrets" section for tips on opening the most common types of pink doors. A final point about dungeon exploring is that you should frequently check the various billboards around the world and read all new information (Highlighted in yellow). You need not understand the Japanese here simply reading them will open new paths in the dungeons. The first of these billboards is found due south of the Castle Town. Make it a point to read these regularly, it's important! 5) CHARACTERS Playable Characters (In order of appearance) PIETORO (The kid with the green clothes and the brown pony-tail) The young prince of Popolocrois and protagonist of the story, who just recently turned 12. DAISON (The axe wielding blond barbarian) You meet him in Takinen. He lost his way and is trying to look for good work. MERU (The kitty-cat witch) A lover of animals. Always trying to help others. ROBIN (The elf looking guy with the bow, but no hood) Good hearted and a good shot. LEOPARD (The white tiger with the spear) Boasts that he's stronger than Misha. MISHA (The Chinese Monkey) Boasts that he's stronger than Leopard. DOGMA (The snaggle-toothed old guy) He's just a dirty old man (As well as a kick-ass spell caster) ZAPPA (The barrel shaped dragon man) Clumsy, sleepy, and strong (All the 7 dwarves rolled into one dragon). Not related to Frank or Moon-unit (I think). MILT (The fairy in Blue) He's a prankster and jokester. KULT (The Fairy in Pink) Much like Milt, she uses more healing magic though. VORIS (The man in the blue turban) Mysterious and an all around well balanced character. Uses powerful thunder magic. One of my personal favorites. LAURA (The sexy blond thief) A sexy blond thief. Her stealing ability (after she reaches level 27) comes in handy a lot! YUKI (The kimono clad cutie) She's after one thing. Musashi. A well balanced healer/fighter and a good member for any party. ZENON (The Robot) Part Xevious and part Galaxian. Can't use any magic, but has cool robot powers (Go! Go! Zenon arms!). MUSASHI (The punk samurai) Stranded in the dream world far away from his homeland, he's looking to return home, and hopefully elude the grasp of the love crazed-Yuki. PAULO (The guy who looks like Pietoro but isn't Pietoro) Pietoro's Father at a much younger age. DON (The blue soldier) Inseparable from Gon (Yes, they are the Vicks and Wedge of Popolocrois). GON (The green soldier) Inseparable from Don (Yes, they are the Vicks and Wedge of Popolocrois). TAMOTAMO (The shaman) Really cool can equip all magic. Only found in the after game. OPTIONAL CHARACTERS IMUJI (The hooded item selling fellow in Coromock) You can choose from the following options (Acessed by using the magic command outside of battle). 1. Identify Items, 2. Sell Items, 3. Buy Items. It costs 1 TP every time you select "Buy" what you can buy goes up as Imuji's level increases. Great, but makes the game much less challenging.(Abilities level up at levels 5,28, and 39) NORZ (The Blond Inn-keeper in Coromock) Has healing abilities, accessed under the magic option. (Abilities level up at levels 18,28, and 35) ZINNIE (The dancer in Tonku) Performs various dances during battle, also has a healing ability. (Abilities level up at levels 18 and 20) MIMI (A gray Cat in Popolocrois village) Has the power to fully restore Pietoro's HP, MP, and TP and nothing else. (Powers never level up.) WATSUN (Found in the item shop at Gabath) Increases the amount of treasure you get from monsters. Also randomly steals items from monsters in battle. (Abilities level up at levels 20, 28, 39 and 50) VOLUGU (In front of the entrance of the "Maze of Gold & Death") Will occasionally give you "presents" when you sleep at inns. Keep him in your party long enough and he'll give you cool items (Dependant on Pietoro's level). Also slightly increases the money you get after battle (Abilities level up at levels 18, 28, 39 and 50) IMELDA (The lady doing laundry in Takinen) She will give you discounts when buying items and develops an attack at level 20. (Abilities level up at levels 20, 28, 39, and 50) TOMO (A brown cat in Tonku) A mascot for your party. Changes the way your save data looks. (Powers never level up.) NEL (A Brown dog in Popolocrois village) Attacks the enemy in battle. (Abilities level up at levels 20, 39, and 50) MARCO (A kid with a blue hat in Popolocrois village) Has powers (?) similar to Tomo I think. Pretty much there strictly for cute value. NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS PAULO (The King of Popolocrois) Pietoro's dad. Once a great warrior, now a cute old guy. SANIRA (The queen of Popolocrois) Pietoro's mom is actually a dragon in human form. This is why Pietoro is so cool. (For more information play Popolocrois Monogatari) GUILDA (The old witch) Narcia's loud-mouth older sister. Very critical of others but useful in a tight spot. NIGHTMARE (The strange guy who visits you in your dreams) What is he up to? Is he related to Jack? STAMP MAN (A real weirdo, always changing his costume) A man driven by one goal. to collect as many stamps as he can! IDO (Mysterious fellow) ?????????????????? 6) WALKTHROUGH 1.The game begins with the king ordering the minister of state, "Momu", and some soldiers (including comedy duo Gon and Don) to investigate what exactly happened to the kingdom. Well you can see how the investigation goes. When you finally get control of Pietoro go to the meeting room (up the stairs in the throne room). Here you'll have a conference when suddenly Narcia appears and explains to you that the village of Takinen as well as Narcia and Guilda's house were also transported into this strange new world. Narcia says that in this new world her magic doesn't work since she's a forest witch. She asks for Pietoro to come help her but to watch out since the path from Popolocrois castle to her tree house has become strange (I.e. the Mugen Field). With her last ounce of magical strength she pleads for Pietoro's help. The King responds to this by saying the Pietoro is to young to go and suggests sending Gon and Don. The Queen, on the other hand brings up the fact that Pietoro saved the world two years ago so he'll probably be up to doing this. 2. Explore the castle and pick up a few chests, do not, however open the chest in the room behind Pietoro's room unless you happen to have a saved game of "Popolocrois" on your memory card. If you do however, have a saved game on hand open the chest. All the previous "Omiyage " (lit."gifts", in this case means keepsakes of your adventures) you earned in Popolocrois will show up in your trophy room. Not necessarily useful, but cool nonetheless. After looking around the castle go to Popolocrois Castle Town. Here you can shop and go to the inn and save. Next leave the village and go to the upper right hand corner of the screen to enter your first dungeon. "The Labyrinthine Forest". 3. Good luck on your first dungeon, but the monsters are pretty easy. Here's a good chance to get familiar with the battle system before you have to worry about other troops. A good tip is to attack you enemies that are far away, but still within attacking range. Here you'll have a chance of pulling off a "charge" maneuver, different from a critical, but equally as effective. Be sure to get and equip the spell "Holy Map", just to the left of the exit. This super useful spell will provide you with a map of whatever current dungeon you're in, including locations of monsters (red), treasures (green), signs/switches/doors (white), and exits (dark blue= you haven't been there yet, light blue= previously visited locations, yellow= dungeon exit/entrance). You can not survive in the game without this spell. Get it, equip it, use it, love it! 5. You finally exit the dungeon in the town of Takinen. Do the usual, collect treasure, explore and buy. Go to the second floor of the bread shop to rest/save. You'll also have a event where you meet Daison. He can't join your party yet so don't worry about it. Head east of the village to Guilda's houses (The big tree). Here Guilda and Narcia will explain that they found someone from the exploration group (The bed-ridden wizard). Guilda says that she is unsure, but she thinks that you've been sucked into another world somehow. She's not quite sure who is responsible so she wants Pietoro to find out. Guilda suggests that Pietoro goes to the Cave of Kings, and get the fabled dragon statues, as they might provide some clue as to what's going on. She also mentions Guilda and Narcia will also express their concern since they can't help Pietoro in his adventures this time. She also makes a crack about the budding romance between Pietoro and Narcia (A re-occurring theme in the game). Gulida then gives you a Magical Map (Accessed on the Pietoro's notebook screen). Use this to find where you are in the world. Next exit north out of the village and go to the Cave of Kings. 6. Don't forget to get the "Holy Light " spell on the first floor.Use this spell to light your way in the dungeon. You'll eventually run into a Pink light door, find a switch to open it. Go to the bottomget the goods, and split. Guilda meets you at the exit and takes partof the statue explaining that it can be used like a telportation device. Head back to the Castle. You meet Meru on the way back, she's a little to enthused about trying to find things to heal. In any case,head back to the castle and set up the dragon statue. The wizardteleports back and you have talk with your parents.Your dad asks how everything went. You say that Guilda said something about the strange clouds weakening the magic in the world and causing the strange roads. Pietoro wants to explore further to find out what's going on, but the king simply wont stand for it. You end up grounded! The king sneaks off to try and save the kingdom. Everyone is in a panic because they don't know what happened to the king so low and behold Pietoro goes off to find his father. 7. After this long mess go out to the Castle town and see Meru and Daison. You can now go to the mercenary guild and hire them (See above menu translation). Next leave the castle town and go to the southwest corner of the map and enter the West Mountain Pass. If you want, before going to the West Mountain Pass, travel back to Guilda's tree to ask what happened to your father. Guilda says that she doesn't know. Narcia consoles you and there's a potential romantic scene which is interrupted by a whack from Guilda. I believe this scene is optional. This dungeon is pretty simple. You must find a switch in a basement that clears the path up top. You'll also run into a blue healing ball that restores all HP/MP. There's a monster door here, clear it to get a new axe for Daison. Exit the dungeon to go to the "New Gami Gami Castle" 8. Outside of the New Gami Gami Castle you'll meet Robin, who's chasing a boar. After this little encounter Robin can be accessed anytime by going to the mercenary guild (As with all other playable characters you meet from here on). Go into the Gami Gami Castle and search all around and talk to everyone. You'll find a lost soldier (Part of the original exploration party) on the far right hand side of the base talk to him, and use the dragon statue to send him home. Be sure to buy a full supply of "Gami Gami drink G" from the shop as these will revive dead characters! Go up to the top floor and meet Gami Gami Devil. The first thing he does is ask where Narica is, but when he finds out that she's not around he gets annoyed. He also says that he knows where your father is, but that he doubts that you alone have the ability to track him down. So, in order to see if Pietoro is really a man or not he challenges you to try. the "Gami Gami Dungeon"! 9.When you finally reach the bottom of the Gami Gami Dungeon, get ready to fight your first boss, the giant Gami Gami robot. Boing! Putter! Pop! After that's through you accuse the Gami Gami devil of being up to no good again since your dad really wasn't at the bottom of the dungeon. You threaten to come and get him. The Gami Gami Devil gets offended at your hasty accusations and assures you that he is doing everything he can to help you find your dear old dad. He tells you to go south of the Castle Village because you might find your dad there. Gami Gami Devil used his robots to clear away the large boulder blocking the passage so the way to the south is now open. Don't worry about all the pink light doors on the way up Come back when Zenon is in your party to get his special techniques here. 10. Go back through the West Mountain Pass. There is now a shortcut via a basement, which will cut your commute time in half. Watch out though, there are two new basements in the West Mountain pass, one is a shortcut and the other is filled with tough monsters which are better fought when you're level 16 or above. Stop in Popolocrois Castle Town and pick up robin as a member of your team if you want and head south. The Popolo Plains dungeon isn't so tough. There's also a basement here that is better explored when you reach a higher level. After you go through the Poporo Grasslands once there's a warp on the first screen of each entrance. Use these to save time. 11.The Popolo Grasslands dungeon isn't so tough. There's also a basement here that is better explored when you reach a higher level. Finally you'll reach the city of Tonku. Tonku is one of the bigger video game cities to date with many many things to do, so get ready! First off you'll meet your dad who quickly rushes off when he catches sight of you. Go to the inn and you'll see him again, He promises to return home and apologizes for running away. You sleep at the inn and wake up the next day to find him gone. His feels his duty is to save the kingdom as he did when he was younger. Sleep again at the inn and see your first "Nightmare" in which the character bearing the same name appears and says that Tonku is the entrance to dreams. What does this mean? Hmm. in any case wake up and get ready for lots of stuff, which can really be done in any order. Talk to the little boy fishing in the upper right hand of the city to gain access to the "Mugen field" and "Items" command in Pietoro's diary. Talk to the man in the stamp shop to get a bingo card and the "Stamp Card " option in Pietoro's diary. Whenever you see a stamp counter go up to it and get a stamp. You get prizes at one, two, and five Bingo. Once the card is full take it back for another one. See the Secrets and Sub-Plots section for the location of the stamps. Go into a house in the center of town to meet Leopard and Misha, who are then available as members of your party. Talk to the man in the back of this house for a strange boat ride. Go to the bar and talk to people to see a live song (If you're Into annoying J-Pop songs). Go to the basement to find Dogma oogling the young ladies. After being thrown out for his lecherous behavior he'll be available as a member of your party. Talk to a man in a hut who has a broken robot. He needs robot parts to fix his broken robot. The robot says, "My name is Zeno. Ze." Hmm. Who could this be? There is a lot of cool stuff to buy so really search the town. There are also more than a few items around, so do a good search before you start buying things that can be found. There is also a cool sub-plot you can do to get some nifty items. See the Secrets and Sub-Plots section for this. Also remember that the "Explore" option will now appear at the mercenary guild, use it! Finally leave through the top right exit of the city as your search for your father continues. 12.On the way there you'll meet the ever-wacky "Stamp Man", who is obsessed with seeking stamps and giving you weird advice. After this enter "The Strange Cave", yet another dungeon. Exit onto the "Grand Cross" save and heal and talk to the guy, but items, etc. head south into "The Sun Baked Cave " since the bridge going north is broken. You can optionally go to your right as well, through the "Maze of Paved Stone", a rather easy dungeon that, for the time being, has too many secrets too really explore. Exit from here and search the lost village if it pleases you. There's also another nightmare event here, wherein Nightmare tells you to "Get lost"! (I.e. come back later on into the game) In any case you should go south through the " Sun Baked Cave", meeting Milt along the way (Note Milt won't be available in your party quite yet). Be sure to get the Robot parts in the cave on the B2F (I think). Exit the cave into Coromock. 13. In Coromock you'll meet Zappa, after which he'll become a playable character. Go into the large basement complex till you meet a man with an eye patch in an arena room. He'll talk to you and suggest that your father may be at the pyramid. He also asks that you bring him back some of the Pharaoh's water for him. He says that you can't get the Pharaoh's water without help, and suggests that you look around the village. Next go outside and talk to an old guy (Not the hooded type) standing somewhere by the second of the two large skeletons. He introduces himself as Soshimu. Soshimu says he can help you find the Pharaoh's water and joins your party. Now head off to the Pyramid via the Kara Kara Desert. Oh yeah, there's a lost soldier somewhere around Cormuck. Talk to him, and send him home. 14. The desert and pyramid are pretty easy dungeons. Somewhere in the desert you've got to hit a switch and come back to a previously closed door. In any case go all the way to the 7F of the pyramid and then run down the stairs into the basement. Here you must fight an easy boss by the name of Minos and get the Pharaoh's water in the room behind him. After defeating Minos Guilda appears and explains that your father was sucked into the Dream world and that you must find a way of entering it by collecting four dreams. You get the "hatred dream" from Minos. You'll also have both Milt and Kult as playable characters. After collecting the Pharaoh's water take the instant warp back to Coromock. 15. Upon returning to Coromock you'll have access to two new things. Firstly you can now add a fourth character to your party. I suggest getting Imuji (He's by far the best in the game since you can buy and identify items with him). To dismiss a fourth member simply select the command listed under their tactics assignment during non- combat times. You will also have access to the bank at the Mercenary guild. When your total deposit reaches certain limits you get presents. Go find the eye-patch fellow and give him the water. He pours it down the well and presto, the desert is saved. He gives you the bottle and tells you that you can trap monsters inside of it. Select it during battle (it's called "Bin" under the bag items) to try and capture monsters. You can get up to two or three at a time. These monsters can later be turned into food at the gourmet palace in Gabath. There is also a new dungeon, called the "Submarine Gallery" which has opened in the basement next to the inn. It links Cormuck and the Gami Gami Castle. It is for the most part un-exploreable for now (I think you have to enter it from the Gami Gami side). There are more of those important robot parts located in this dungeon (As well as some of Zenon's special abilities, which can be accessed if he's in you party). There's also a guy on the B1F who'll tell you about your character's personalities, probably not much fun unless you read Japanese well. Next go back to the crossroads via the "Sun Baked cave" 16. Any time from this point on you'll have the option of getting Voris in your party. Simply head to Popolocrois castle town and go into the room with all the cats. I highly suggest it since Voris kicks ass both as a fighter and spellcaster. His "shock wave" spell is the best in the game (except for Pietoro's "Dragon Fire"). In any case rush into the Great Iced Cave and plunge down into the B4F to kill a minor boss and get. TA DA!!! The best item in the whole game! The item, which lets you, control other characters in battle!!! After obtaining this item you'll notice that characters now have the manual control option in their tactics command list. Take some time to enjoy your newfound control and exit the Great Iced Cave to go to Gabath. 17. In Gabath you'll meet Laura who steals Pietoro's diary. She now becomes a playable character. Once inside the tower you'll meet Musashi and Yuki. Yuki has captured Musashi and plans to do who knows what with him. Go to sleep outside and wake up in the middle of the night and run into Musashi who escaped. He claims that he's trying to find his way back to his home since he and Yuki were somehow trapped in this dream world. He complains that the love crazed Yuki is always chasing him around instead of focusing on going back home. There are two more lost soldiers to save (well one is a wizard). The wizard is on the 4th floor playing a slot machine. The soldier is on the roof. After saving the soldier you can do a sub- plot event (again, see the section below). Now you should have saved all 5 lost members of the Popolocrois expedition. This will open up many previously un-openable pink doors in the various dungeons. You can also find Watsun in the item shop on the 4th floor. The gourmet palace is on the 5th floor. Go to the left rear room on the 4th floor and meet all the Demios worshipers and see the all mighty (at least until you fight him) Demios. Follow him out the back when you are ready and go into the"Dead Gallery". 18. The Dead Gallery is simple. If you come to a point where it looks like you're doing the same screens over and over again take the center path and you'll find the exit. Once you exit the graveyard dungeon you'll find a save/heal point right before the "Haunted Castle" dungeon. The Haunted Castle has a few tricks that are worthy of mention. First do not light the blue switch on the first floor! (Or, light it collect all the treasures and turn it back off.) It's also a good idea to have Laura steal the "Magic snatcher" spell from the ghost hats around the dungeon. On the 4F you'll encounter a room with many switches. Turn them on one at a time. First turn on the blue switch and go into the new room and light the green switch. Now go back and light the other switches to get the other treasures (Make sure you turn off the blue switch). I think you have to light both the red and turquoise switches at the same time in order for a new path (and exit) to appear to the south. On the 10F you'll fight Demios and get the Horror dream from him. Also a new dungeon, the "Great Tree Dungeon" has opened up between the road leading up to the Haunted castle and the village of Takinen. There are doors here, which can only be opened if Laura or Voirs are in your party. The entrance on the Takinen side is to the east of the village. 18. Next exit down past the item shop in the 4th floor of the Gabath tower. Down here you'll run into the pocket station robot that isn't worth talking to unless you have a pocket station. Go out the bottom and into the "Queer Swamp" (No I'm not homophobic that's just how it translates) here take the first exit screen to your right and then exit one screen up and meet Yuki who you can now add to your party. In any case exit the dungeon to a save/heal point and go into the next dungeon, which is called "The Maze of Gold and Death". Here make sure you collect the final Zenon parts on the B4F. Fight the dragon boss, get the Greed dream and high tail it out of there! 19. Your next stop on this little tour de' dungeon without much plot bit is back in Coromock. Here you'll find that a giant beanstalk has grown out of the ground. Go up the Pea Plant dungeon to find a goofy candy castle in the sky (Holy hybrid fairy tales Batman!). The Air Castle dungeon involves using a number of frustrating warps to reach the end of it. Be patient and you'll make it out eventually! At the top you'll meet a giant cat boss (Yes that is a cat, look at the graphics carefully), kill it to get the dream of Gluttony and collect the trophy in the room behind it. 20. Next head to the Lost Town (via the Sun baked cave to the crossroads. Then exit to the top right through the Maze of Paved Stone dungeon.). At the lost town go to the inn and place all 4 of the dreams on the bedposts of the lower left bed. Before doing this you may want to talk to the stamp man just outside the inn and collect a trophy from him. In any case after placing the dreams on the bed choose to rest. You wake up in a strange dream world in a town called Moon Star. When everyone first sees you they think that you are a ghost and freak out. The townspeople also talk about Ido, the king of the dream world a lot. Collect various goods in the Moon Star town and exit into the Dream Popolo Grasslands. You may notice that all the monsters are tiny here. Cute, huh. In any case you'll end up in the Dream Popolcrois town where everyone keeps on referring to you as Paroum (Your father's name). You are brought in front of the king (Your grandpa) and he yells at you for not getting the Crown of Wisdom as he asked. This goes on for a bit and nobody can figure out that you're really not your father. Explore a bit if you wish and then head to Takinen (Or at least where Takinen is supposed to be). 21. In pre-Takinen Takinen you'll run into a kid who looks awfully familiar (At least if you played Popolocrois Monogatari). Go to the Cave of Kings where you meet your dad who's nervously contemplating what to do about fetching the crown. He finally decides that you can help him get the crown. Go through the super easy dungeon. Be sure and collect the slug with angel wings and the giant slug monster I your bin, as they will boost your statistics a lot at the gourmet palace. In any case you reach the bottom, after which your dad gives you a key to open the basement door that'll work in the real world. You will also find a weird box, which your dad said he was told not to touch. but you end up opening it any ways and let out Ido to wreak havoc on the world. Oops! 22. After you wake up head to Guilda's Tree and explain what happened. She suggests that you go to the King's cave to collect a mirror that will allow you to enter the lair of Ido, "The Phantom Castle". So. go to the bottom of the King's Cave dungeon and get the mirror and return to Guilda's tree house. She needs a while to fix the mirror so it might be a good time to explore the rest of the lost forest since all the doors are open there now (This is of course optional). Sleep at the inn (again, on the 2nd story of the bread shop) in Takinen and meet Narcia the next day. She tells you to take care and gives you the mirror. She also tells you the location of Ido's lair. It is in the lake by Tonku. 23. To get to the lake go to the same house you found Misha and Leopard in. In the back is a guy who offers you a boat ride. Take the boat and enter the final few dungeons. This is the last chance you'll have to collect things and characters in the main world so be prepared! Since the end dungeons require little explanation I'll leave the exploring to you. It would be wise to bring Imuji along though, since he can identify all of the "?" items you'll find. Needless to say when I beat the game my party consisted of Pietoro Level 45, Yuki Level 46, and Voris Level 50. I found the boss a little to easy to beat (I think he's level 40), so if you want a challenging final fight try not to have your levels to high (The last challenging final boss battle I remember is from FF 2, or 4 or whatever.). 24. In order to end the game for real simply talk to your father in the palace and agree with him twice. The ending is a bit of a let down, but maybe they're looking for a sequel so. But fret not! The game still goes on! (See the secrets and sub-plots section). Well take time to enjoy your virtual victory and thanks for using my walkthrough! END OF WALKTHROUGH 7) SECRETS AND SUB-PLOTS 1.The End??: After beating the game you'll have the option of continuing in a new mysterious world. You'll also be given a new option at the title screen. This world consists of Popolocrois castle and town and one big dungeon that looks like the King's cave. This dungeon is where you can get Gon, Don and Tamotamo as playable characters. Legend states that it goes as far as the B49th floor. Whether or not this is true is up to you to find out. Perhaps you may even uncover another ending! 2. Romeo and Juliet: This is a little sub-plot that can be done in Takinen at any time. Go to the basement of the Tiger department store and receive a package from a guy (Ryan), who's in love with the daughter of the owner of the Dragon department store (Meg). Next go to a mansion in the center of town and go upstairs and deliver the package to Meg. Downstairs you let it slip that there is something going on between Meg and Ryan (Ha ha ha, In case you didn't get it by now). And Meg's mom makes you go find them. They're hiding in the top of the blue lookout tower in the south of town. Go back to the mansion and the families argue until Guilda shows up to yell at you for getting sidetracked on your quest. You explain the situation to Guilda who clears things up because they think she's a death goddess. You get a nifty sword and a meteo bomb spell in return for your good deeds. 3. STAMP MANIA: After clearing the first card you can gain a second card from the stamp shop in Tonku. The prizes for the second are only trophies for your room, so unless you're bored don't bother. The following gives the locations of all the stamps. To help keep the game fun I'll only give you the general locations for most of the stamps (except for the "pain in the butt" ones) #1 At the Great Iced Cave #2 At Cormuck #3 Behind the bread shop in Takinen. #4 Between the great ice cave and Gabbath (Not in the dungeon, I think..) #5 Grand Cross #6 Pea Plant #7 Dead Gallery #8 Tonku #9 Cave of Kings B2 #10 Lost Town #11 Popolocrois Castle (Main entrance room, hidden under left staircase) #12 To the right of Guilda's tree, covered by foliage #13 Gabath #14 Queer MaMarsh#15 Kara Kara desert/plains (B1F)#16 West Mountains (B1F) #17 The Sunbaked Cave B3F (Between Coromock and Grand Cross) #18 Hidden in trees, exit straight out the left gate in Popolocroistown. #19 Phantom Maze (in the 4 part Phantom Castle dungeon, 4F) #20 New Gami Gami Castle#21 Poporo Grasslands (B1F) #22 The Maze of Stone Pavement 4F (Between Lost City and Grand Cross) #23 The Strange Cave B1F (Between Tonku and Grand Cross) #24 The Sun baked Cave B2F (Between Coromock and Grand Cross) #25 Gami Gami Dungeon (1F)#26 Submarine Gallery (B1F, on the Coromock side) #27 Grand Tree (B1F)#28 The Strange Cave (B2F) #29 Maze Of Stone Pavement (By entrance to Grand Cross) #30 In the Labyrinthine Forest, towards the north 4.Save Luis in Gabath: This can be done anytime after arriving in Gabath, but before defeating Demios. First off talk to the lost soldier on the balcony, he'll give you a pass. Now go up to the top floor and save the casino owner from Demios. After saving him he'll give you a ring. Next go to the basement, and using your pass, go to the bottom floor. Here talk to Luis on the treadmill (Top right, I think) and agree to give him the ring. Now watch the events unfold and go back to the top and get the gold armor set from Luis. 5.Hans the blacksmith: Firstly go to the blacksmith shop in Tonku and see Hans leave (He's a blond guy with no shirt). Next go to Gabath, now go back to the blacksmith shop and get a bird by talking to the blacksmith in the smithing room (Or maybe just get the bird on the 3rd floor). Now go back to Gabath on the 3rd floor you'll run into Hans and give him the bird. Now go back to Tonku and talk to the blacksmiths. They will tell you about mysterious weapons and metal which, if you bring to them they can upgrade for you. Go to the Strange Cave Dungeon and find a sword behind a previously unopenable door. Bring the sword back to the blacksmiths and they will upgrade it for a price . Now whenever you find this metal you can bring the sword(or other weapons) back to the smiths, and eventually make it the best weapon in the game. There are also other weapons that can be modified that are found in scattered dungeons around the world, as well as upgrade stones. The best thing to do is to send all 5 lost soldiers home and play out the Hans event and then re-explore all the dungeons since these two events open many new doors. After beating the game once you can buy the upgrade stones at the shop outside the castle for a hefty 15,000 gold each!! 6.Gourmet palace: The gourmet palace is located on the 5F of Gabath. After collecting monsters in your "bin" go here to turn them into food. Each monster will modify temporary and/or permanent statistics. You must choose from one of three chefs, each cooking certain monsters with different results. There are 210 monsters in Poporogue and 3 chefs so I don't really feel like typing out the list. If you really really want the list e-mail me and I'll send it to you. The best thing to do is to buy the guidebook since it lists everything and has complete maps for all the dungeons. But given the time it takes to upgrade your characters via the gourmet method, it's probably better to go out and gain levels by fighting monsters instead. 7.How to get Musashi: First you must get Yuki (see the walkthrough above). Next go to the Graveyard dungeon (AKA "The Dead Gallery"), and you'll discover a new exit(remember that the exits are marked with a yellow arrow on the map) half-way through. Go out here and meet Musashi. After he leaves collect the chest. Next go to the Ice cave find a new exit and do the same thing as before. After this go to the Subaked cave and in the lowest basement find another exit and again talk and collect. Finally after you've collected the 4 dreams go to the Paved maze and find a new exit. Here Musashi will finally join you. Important Note: You can not have Yuki in your party at any of the times you meet Musashi, or he will not appear. 8.Get Zenon: First be sure to talk to the guy in Tonku who has the broken robot. After collecting all the parts (Sun baked cave B2F, Submarine Gallery B5F, and Maze of Gold and Death B4F) go to the small shack in Tonku where you met the guy with the robot, close to the place where you met Leopard and Misha, and deliver him the parts. Walla, Zenon is yours to control. 9. Gon, Don, and Tamotamo: These three characters can be found in the dungeon after you complete the game. Gon and Don can be found on the first 5 floors and Tamotamo on the 20th. Both Gon and Don can equip all weapons and use most special techniques. TamoTamo can use all spells and generally kicks but. All the above mentioned characters start at level 1. Thanks to Eugene Chow for the information about Tamotamo. 10. Hey, where's my last trophy!?! For all you completeists who are wondering, there is a trophy in the game that is impossible to get. It's the second from the bottom on the list (#27). This trophy is a portrait of Pietoro ("nikaoe" in Japanese). The only way to get this trophy is by buying the Popolocrois fan book or a Japanese Magazine that has a Popolocrois preview disc. The disc lets you download the missing trophy. Trophy #28 (Robot Doll) can only be gotten by means of thepocket station. Trophies #13-26 are found in Poporogue's Prequel, Popolocrois Monogatari. The other trophies can be found at the followinglocations. NUMBER TROPHY LOCATION 1 Gami Gami Robo Gami Gami's room in his castle 2 Cat Ghost Balloon Warp point outside of AirCastle 3 Slot Machine Gabath (Only obtained during the Musashi and Yuki bit in the middle of the night. I'm not sure exactly where it is.) 4 White Guitar Maze of Gold and Death. 5 Clock of Remembrance Lost Town (In the house you fall asleep in.) 6 Blind Man's Glasses Lost town from the Stamp man. 7 Tapestry Moon Star in the house you wakeup in. 8 Sovereign Book Cave of Kings in the dreamworld B3F 9 Tonku Bicycle After finishing part of the 2nd stamp card 10 Cute Cactus After finishing part of the 2nd stamp card 11 Ornamental Treasure Box After finishing part of the 2nd stamp card 12 Nightmare Doll After defeating Ido 8) WORLD MAP: Here is a rough world map showing kinda where everything is in case you get confused and can't find things. The names of places may be a little different than in the walkthrough for reasons to annoying to change but they should be easy to figure out. The key goes as follows. Numbers indicate towns, letters indicate dungeons, a two unit figure indicates a mugen field between the locations. My map was made based off of the picture of the one on the map screen so cross reference it with that for easiest use. 1. Popolocrois Castle A. Cave of Kings 2. Popolocrois Village B. Gami Gami Dungeon 3. Takinen Town C. Pyramid 4. Guilda's House D. Haunted Castle 5. New Gamigami Castle E. Maze of Gold and Death 6. Tonku F. Air Castle 7. Grand Cross G. Phantom Palace 8. Coromock 9. Gabbath 10. The Lost Town 1-3. Labyrinthine Forest 5-C. Submarine Gallery 1-5. West Mountains 7-9. Great Iced Cave 1-6. Popolo Grasslands 9-D. The Dead Gallery 6-7. Strange Cave 9-E. Queer Marsh 7-8. Sunbaked Cave 8-F. Pea Plant 8-C. Karakara Desert 3-D Grand Tree 7-10. the Maze of Stone Pavement 6-G. The Phantom cave THE MAP (Roughly) TOP A B (1-3) 3 4 5 (1-5) 1 2 (3-D) (1-6) (5-C) D E G (6-G) 6 (9-D) (9-E) (6-7) (7-9) 9 F 7 C (8-C) (8-F) (7-8) 8 (7-10) 10 BOTTOM 9) POCKET STATION Err. sorry I have yet to purchase a pocket station so I'll do this later. All I know is that the Pocket Station game revolves around a little robot collecting items. If you can submit anything here I'd be grateful. 10) HOW BOSS IS BOSS? This section lists the levels of respective bosses. I thought about listing all their stats, But who really pays attention to that during a battle. The main reason for doing this is so that you can gauge your level to that of a particular boss's in order to make the game more (or less for you wimps), of a challenge. Granted that if you track down all the secrets in the game your final level will make the last boss a sinch. But hey, why not have a few grueling battles with some of the lesser bosses it makes for a better game. In Popolocrois Monogatari the hardest boss in the whole game was the monkey king. A boss met in the first quarter of the game. Even if the boss fights are all easy the nice thing about Poporogue is that you can explore places way above your level early in the game (something lacking in recent Final Fantasy Titles). Well enough of my rambling on here's the goods. Boss Name Location Level Comments Minos Pyramid 18 Killer eye beam! Orekkus Maze of Gold & Death 30 Fire Breath! Deimos Haunted Castle 26 Status changing attacks Argos Air Castle 32 Heals, Cake attack! Lil' Argos Air Castle 26 Cute Cat Heads. Nightmare Phantom Castle 34 More like a daydream. Ido Phantom Castle 38 Ido and easy kinda rhyme Ido Catastrophe Phantom Castle 40 ooh scary! Ido's Hands Phantom Castle 38 Left and right! 11) THANKS. First off a disgruntled "Better hope you don't meet me in a dark alley"(Not that Japan has many) to whoever invented the new import stopping technology. Also to whomever thought it would be a good idea to make the battle system such, that you can't control the characters for the first third of the game. Thanks to Sugar and Rockets for making a cool sequel. Thanks to whoever wrote the Poporogue guide book. Thanks to whomever designed the quirky characters. Thanks to Michelle Gun Elephant, UA, Freebo, the Beach Boys, and Hideki Kadji for helping me out when video game music got to be too much for me (which is quite often). Thanks to Donna for hanging out with me while I played video games. Thanks to my girlfriend for the occasional quick kanji translations and for letting me play with the playstation instead of her. Thanks to the guy who wrote the Popolocrois FAQ. And most of all thanks to my kanji dictionary! Also thanks to you for reading my probably meaningless to you thanks list and using my walkthrough. Also, an added super "thank you" to Eugene Chow who helped contribute information about the after game dungeon. I am also greatly indebted to Daniel Park for e-mailing me my FAQ after my computer crashed. Without him the update would have never been put up. If you really went crazy for Poporogue there's a number of Popolocrois and Poporogue products available like an art book and interactive data disk which allows you to upload all the trophies from Popolocrois Monogatari as well as get cool pocket station items. Also there are Popolocrois anime video's and collectors cards available. Also Popolocrois was voted the most popular RPG amongst female players in Japan (Just thought I'd throw that in cause I read it in both a video game mag. And an issue of Non No). Poporogue and Popolocrois are copyrighted by Sugar & Rockets, as well as S.C.E.I. as well as all the names and images of the characters therein. PLEASE feel more than free to copy and distribute this FAQ to anyone as long as you don't charge them anything. Also, be kind, and give me credit for writing it. Since I slaved my but off writing this, I want the credit. Those of you who do not follow the above instructions will feel the wrath of my Bombast!- This is my happening and it freaks me out! PLEASE e-mail me with any comments, questions or complaints you have about either Popolocrois or Poporogue. I'll give due credit to anyone who helps me out! You can reach me at: pietoro@email.com And remember; you're not wasting your time playing video games, you're practicing your Japanese!</p>