PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- Subject: Last version (really this time..) of my MM6 faq From: "George" Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 16:36:55 -0500 Newsgroups: Might and Magic 6 Faq (complete) by (another) George - -Sections- Character Creation Beggining Tips Traveling tips Lists Spoilers Bugs Thanks, contact and misc info Character Creation- Your party must fill many roles and unfortunetly you have only 4 people to do this with. In the beggining I'd have.. someone for melee damage someone for magic damage someone who heals someone who repairs items someone who identifies items someone who can pick traps someone with the 'merchant' skill This is a bare minimum. Later on you'll want to develop more skills but these will atleast fill out the basic roles. You shouldn't pick all of these in char creation but buy them from guilds as early as possible. Here are my thoughts on the classes followed by what characters in my party I used to fill which roles. Knight- No magic but this can be a help as this will allow him to have plenty of time to develop some of the skills your magic using characters will be too busy to advance. (pick locks,repair,etc) My knight doesn't do a tremendous amount of damage but he has a lot of HP. This can help as usually atleast he is alive and he can retreat with all my money instead of having to ressurect back in New Sorpigal Paladin- a little bit of clerical magic and almost as much HP as the Knight and does as much damage. Fairly useful, and since his SP depends on personality it might be a wise idea to give him the "Merchant" skill. I've noticed most people seem to pick one so this might be a wise choice. Archer- I didn't pick one but from what I've heard on usenet they seem a mixed bag. Since my mage didn't do a lot of damage till he got quite a few points in the various magic skills it wouldn't seem too useful to have someone dabble in elemental magic. Most people seem to be using them as Melee fighters anyway so it might be wiser to go with a straight mage or a knight. Druid- Once again, I didn't pick this one but from what I've heard from the usenet they seem fairly useful. Propably would be pretty weak in the beggining but late in the game using both magic disciples would make them a very powerful class. NOTE: A Druid (or a Paladin or Archer for that matter) can't learn the very powerful Light and Dark magics so make sure you have atleast a cleric or mage in your party. Cleric- Their magic isn't as powerful as the mage's but you'll use the healing spells a lot. They also become pretty good in melee combat later on. Right now my cleric even hits more often then my fighters, though they do more damage. They can also learn Light or Dark magic. Sorceror- (out of habit I call him a Mage sometimes but this is who I mean) elemental magic is very powerful, especially the Air and Water spheres. My sorceror has propably been the single most useful member of my party. I don't think any party should be without one. Once I got him to expert dagger he also did a fair amount of damage. Though low on HP (as is the cleric) he can learn the Light and Dark magics, which are very powerful. My party consisted of a Knight, Paladin, Cleric, and a Sorceror. My Sorceror started off with all the magic skills and used his points only on them. Later on he learned Meditation which boosted his Sp but besides that he's just been concentrating on magic. Its better to master Water or Air magic before fire or earth. I gave him Dark Magic later in the game. My cleric spent most of his time on magic, though I did decide to give him the Item Identification skill as well. I also made him start with all his magic skills. Spirit or Body magic is better to work on before Mind. My Paladin concentrated mostly on melee damage but also worked on the merchant skill. (I believe he started with it in fact) He can be used as a back-up healer but I usually leave that to my Cleric. My knight took the rest of the misc skills (as well as working up a few weapon skills) of Disarm Trap, Repair Item, and Perception. Though I've found perception to be nearly useless so I haven't developed it much. Beggining Tips: Your first goal should be to get armor skills for all your people (little use to getting them at creation) and hopefully buy some armor. The guild offering to sell the leather armor skill is located in the building behind the armor/weapon shops. Getting the bow skills and bows for your party is a good idea as well but I think you have to wait till Ironfist. The merchant skill will help a *lot* so you might want to start putting points in that. You can pick up some money by talking to one of the people inside the INN. He will also give you a quest. After that you should head to the Town Hall and take the quests offered there. You can also find two more quests from townspeople that have to do with the abandoned temple NW of town. (they are a find person quest and kill the spider queen) After that you might want to head to the Goblin Watch tower as I think its a little easier. Make sure you take the first right inside and check the walls before doing the puzzle to the north. Kill the groups of monsters just hanging around New Sorpigal by running up and kill a few then running back and healing. You can also try to lure a few away from the main group. Traveling Tips: Read the manual or try right clicking on the item/whatever before asking for help for the problem. Horshoes found around stables and occasionally just randomly in the world can be used to give extra skills points by right clicking them on a character. They do respawn so it might be a wise idea to check stables every once in a while. (I'm not sure of the respawn rate, if someone knows please email me) Spells can be bought in (so far for me): Elemental Magic and Clerical Magic, low level - New Sorp. Elemental Magic, except earth, low-mid level - Mist Clerical Magic, low-mid level - Ironfist Earth Magic, All- Silver Cove Elemental Magic and Clerical Magic, low-high level - Free Haven Light - Blackshire Dark - Blackshire, Whitecap Remember, quest destinations aren't always in the area where the quest is given. If you're ever lost in a dungeon try clicking on the walls, often dungeons use hidden switches or doors to conceal the objective. The Meditation and Body Building skills are very useful but they are only dependant on your total HP/Sp and skill level. Its not by your character level, so don't worry about them early on. Wait till lvl 15 or 20 and master them quickly and watch your HP and SP shoot up. An easy way to gain money is to boost your Merchant skill to master (has to be there to turn a profit) and get your Water magic skill to expert atleast and goto shops and purchase items, then enchant them with the "Enchant Item" spell, then sell them right back to the shop. Items must be above 450 value to be enchanted and can't have previous enchantments. If you are trying to find an Expert Air teacher you can find one in Free Haven or you can go to the back of the New Sorpigal Bank and click untill you find a flight scroll. Use it and fly to the second floor of the bank and inside is an expert air teacher. (must have 4 points in air to advance) You can also find an expert water teacher on an island NE of New Sorpigal. You can "swim" by getting as far as you can into water by walking then jumping forward. This will damage your party on every step so heal quickly. There is a seer in the Ironfist region which will tell you which shrine is activated this month. The learning skill can be initially learned in Mist in one of the elemental magic temples. The magic skills can be learned in their various magic temples and the rest of the skills can be learned in the guilds scattered around. Sometime after completing the coucil quests you can get permission to use the "royal yacht" from Castle Ironfist. The Light Magic Master is behind the INN on the souther island on the Eel Infested Water region. Not on the island with Castle Alamos. Lists: Trainers Spirit- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Ironfist Body- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Silver Cove Mind- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Silver Cove Earth-(Expert) Free Haven, (Master) Silver Cove Fire-(Expert) Free Haven, (Master) Mist Water- (Expert) Free Haven, (Master) Mist Air- (Expert) Free Haven, (Master) Mist Light- (Expert) Kriegspire, (Expert) Silver Cove? (Master) Almos Dark- (Expert) Blackshire, (Master) Paradise Valley Staff- (Expert) Mist, (Master) Silver Cove Sword- (Expert) Free Haven, (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Blackshire Dagger-(Expert) Free Haven, (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Castle Stone Axe- (Expert) Ironfist, (Expert) Darkmoor, (Master) Darkmoor Spears- (Expert) Mist, (Master) Darkmoor Bow- (Expert) Ironfist, (Expert) White Cap (Master) Kriegspire Mace- (Expert) Darkmoor, (Master) Blackshire Leather- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Castle Stone Chain-(Expert) Ironfist, (Expert) Bootleg Bay,(Master) Darkmoor Plate- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Free Haven Shield- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Blackshire Identify- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Free Haven Merchant- (Expert) Free Haven, (Master) Silver Cove Repair- (Expert) Mist, (Master) Castle Stone Body Building- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Free Haven Meditation- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Mist Perception- (Expert) New Sorpigal , (Master) Darkmoor Diplomacy- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) White Cap Disarm Trap- (Expert) Ironfist, (Master) Castle Stone Learning- (Expert) New Sorpigal, (Master) Silver Cove Weapon skills need 8 points, magic skills need 12 points and misc skill needs 7 points. The skill needed for armor varies. Some of the skills have other requirements but its usually a stat req which can be easily gotten by a few rings of the required attribute. A few others require a certain promotion like Arch Mage or Cavalier. If you have any thing to add to this, please email me. Potion List number, type of potion, ingredients, effect First Generation 1 magic blue PhRt +10 spell points 2 energy yellow Popy +10 primary statistics (t) 3 cure wounds red WdoW +10 hit points Second Generation 4 resistance green 1+2 +10 all resistances (t) 5 cure poison purple 1+3 cures poison condition 6 protection orange 2+3 +10 armor class (t) Third Generation 7 super resistance white 1+4 +20 all resistances (t) 8 bless white 1+5 blessed for 6 hours 9 stone skin white 1+6 stone skined for 6 hours 10 haste white 2+4 hastened for 6 hours 11 extreme energy white 2+6 +20 primary statistics (t) 12 heroism white 3+6 heroismed for 6 hours 13 restoration white 4+5 cures all conditions but stoned and dead 14 supreme protection white 4+6 +20 armor class (t) Fourth Generation 15 essence of intellect black 1+9 +15 intellect, -5 might (p) 16 essence of personality black 1+13 +15 personality, -5 speed (p) 17 essence of accuracy black 2+8 +15 accuracy, -5 luck (p) 18 essence of endurance black 2+14 +15 endurance, -1 all others (p) 19 essence of speed black 3+10 +15 speed, -5 personality (p) 20 essence of might black 3+12 +15 might, -5 intellect (p) 21 divine magic black 4+7 +100 spell points, +1 year age (t) 22 rejuvenation black 4+11 removes magic aging, -1 all seven stats (p) 23 essence of luck black 5+7 +15 luck, -5 accuracy 24 divine power black 5+11 +20 level, +1 age (t) 25 divine cure black 13+6 Cures everything (t) is temporary, (p) is permanent. All age effects are magical aging. Types are only used in mixing: you can't mix like type with like type. There are 216 possible combinations, so obviously most combinations just blow up. Damage is proportional to the power of the reactants. If you explode a third and fourth generation potion, your character is ERADICATED! Potion pairs 15 and 20, 16 and 19, and 17 and 23 are complimentary. If you feed the same character both, he'll get +10 to each stat. Shrine List Visit the seer (north/west of castle ironfist, up a hill. Good place to lay down a beacon btw) each month and get a pilgrimage assignment to visit a shrine and get +10 to your stats or resistances. Subsequent visits next year will give you +3 more. Jan - Might - Bootleg Bay NW corner. Feb - Intellect - Mist March -Personality - Silver Cove NW corner April -Endurance - Castle WhiteCap May - Accuracy - FreeHaven (just west of town) June -Speed - Mire of the Damned (center west) July - Luck - New Sorpigal off the East coast of town August -Fire - Kriegspire down near castle in mountain September - Electricity - center west in Castle Ironfist October - Cold - Kriegspire north half center along mountains November - Poison - Eel-infested waters/Alamos December - Magic - Blackshire visible just northeast of town Spoilers- *spoiler space* I'm gonna try to do this is in "order" but since the game is non-linear something else might get spoiled. Continue at your own risk! Misc/Early Spoilers and Secret doors info The Goblinwatch code is NILBOG (sknom backward eht fo ysetruoc), but I think there are more combinations. Grab the code sheet from the cabinets to the right when you first enter the keep. You can find the missing child in the abandoned temple by doubling back from the main tunnel when you're in the cavern area. (its a ways down) The Shadow guild is north west of Ironfist. You must find several secret doors inside so click on all the walls. It can be a little rough for sub lvl 10 parties so you might wanna wait to go in. The Temple of Baa quest that is given in New Sorpigal is refering to the Temple also south of Ironfist, not the abandoned one in New Sorpigal. If you're stuck in the Temple of Baa there is a hidden area behind the altar where you fought all the undead. To unlock it you must first open the center area in the first room with the 4 panals. The oppening order is North, East,West, South I *think*, but the zap is gives you is pretty low so it shouldn't take long to figure it out. Inside is a chest where after opening it you are again attacked by undead. Use the key on one of the side doors, inside that room you'll find another chest where after opening you'll again be attacked by undead and you'll find another key. Use that key on another side door and continue using the keys on side doors till you're left with the key for the area behind the altar. There are two long corridors, down one is where the chime is and a key for another area. Down the other is several thousand dollars hidden on a wall (near the end) and a secret door that is oppened with the other key to a vault with a lot more money. In the first Dragoon hideout south of Ironfist you don't have to enter the area with the slimes, so if you can't hurt them at this stage of the game don't worry about it. Backtrack and continue on through the dungeon. (magic hurts them btw) To open the door in the Dwarven caves in Ironfist (to complete the Dwarf's quest in the Darkmoor tavern) you must obtain a key from Snergle's Mines in Darkmoor. Deep inside that mine is the key, I don't remember the directions exactly so you'll propably just have to map the dungeon. If you lost Prince Nicolai he can be found at where ever the circus is. Ask around the various towns to see when the circus will be returning to that city. (December for Bootleg Bay, August for Mire of the Damned, and April for Blackshire) There are two fountains that give permanent intelligence and personality bonuses that can be reached by walking on water off of the coast of Bootleg bay. (you can also find the destination for a rescue quest in Free Haven and one of the Cleric quests from Castle Stone near here) There is a secret door in the Temple of the Snake in the Blackshire region. Its near where the main altar of the Medusa's. After pushing down the walls you must kill the fearsome "q" who aparently has thousands of hp and constantly casts "death". Inside are two chests, one filled with normal spells and the other is filled with wands of death, sharpnel, and such. Killing "q" gets you an artifact that displays the exact numerical amount of hp left in an enemy. Example: 422 hp left in addition to the bar. (btw, the npc you must find in here is in a cage near the altar/main room) The Obelisks are for a treasure in Dragon Sand. You must visit all of them before it will be activated. Obelisks are numbered from 1-15. There are fifteen map squares in the land of Enroth. One obelisk per square. They start numbering from the NW corner. Some are a little hard to find, (like the Blackshire one is to the S/W in a small desert region) but the reward is worth it. (see Bugs section on a bug dealing with this quest) (btw, while you're in the dragonsands area might as well hit the Shrine of the Gods, its on an island shaped like the NWC symbol. There is an uninspiring secret area that can be reached by clicking on a wall inside that faces the "hilt" of the logo. To quickly reach the shrine you can teleport by clicking on the roof of the Buccanear's Guild in New Sorpigal) An artifact sword, a decent one, can be found near Castle Alamos stuck in a stone. Its Excalibur and takes over 200 might to lift. (use a beacon and warp to fountains and back to get over 200 if you need to) That strange room in the Free Haven sewer is a teleporter to the Supreme Temple of Baa, you have to activate the other end first before you can use it. Its a quite trip to Hermits Island if you dont want to waste a Beacon space after you have finished the temple. The Divine Intervention is actually a very useful spell later on, after you find the Fountain of Youth (which is in the middle of Hermits Isle) There is a secret room in the Castle Stone Shadow guild that I couldn't get to work but heres the info in case anyone wants to try. Be sure you've finished the rest of the level, as this puzzle will teleport you to the leader's room when you complete it (that's how you know you're done). There are two types of tiles: trapped and untrapped. The untrapped look more decorative, and are in the first part of the room where you enter, on the far side of the room, and in bands along the sides. The trapped tiles look blank, and fill much of the central areas of the room. Allow me to call any contiguous area of untrapped tiles a "collection". The object of the puzzle is to step on every collection once, without setting off the trapped tiles (the trap seems to reset the puzzle). You can jump with the X key, but it will take some practice. You may have to walk over several tiles in each collection before it is considered stepped on. I would sometimes go around the room (jumping, of course) several times before I would be teleported. Also, I always seemed to teleport from the back of the room, so head there if you think you're done. Above all, don't trigger the traps. You can find the class advancment quests in: Sorceror- Mist Paladin- Ironfist Knight- Free Haven Druid- Silver Cove Archer- White Cap Cleric- Castle Stone The fountain of magic (for the first sorceror quest) is east of the city in the Bootleg Bay region. The Crystal of Terrax for the second Sorceror quest is in Ironfist, South of the city, in Corlagon's Estate. The solution for the Cavalier quest is to talk to the old Cavalier who's staying in an Inn north of Free Haven. The solution for the Champion quest is in Silver Cove. You must find the "Warlord's Castle" and retrieve an item to show the Lord you have entered the castle. Inside a chest north of the first main cross roads room is a scroll detailing the "Warlord's" failure at becoming a knight. Take this back to the Lord of Free Haven for your Knight's promotion. The "Damsel in distress" is in the Silver Helm Outpost in Mist. In a door on the right in the main room you will come upon a cell area. Inside one you will find an npc who tells you of noises then runs off, searching around that area will uncover a secret door that leads to a switch guarded with warriors. Using the switch will put out some odd stairs that you must run up and each step will appear right before you step on it. At the top is another secret door that holds the damsel. The dragon you must slay for the second Paladin quest is in the Mire of the Damned, north of the main city. The dragon was fairly easy for my 35 lvl characters but I imagine with a little planning anyone over lvl 20 could beat him. Not much treasure inside but return to the Castle Ironfist with the dragon's claw for your second Paladin promotion. To solve the first Cleric quest simply find a carpenter and stone cutter and bring them to the temple. (you'll have to let go all your other npcs) They can both be found in houses not far from the temple in Free Haven. The second Cleric quest requires you to raid an old church north of the city in Bootleg Bay. To reach it you must fly or walk on water. Inside you'll find some master monks and inside one of the rooms is a chalice you must use in the Free Haven temple. There is also a secret door that leads to some treasure. However, inside is a Minotaur which can be hard for early to mid lvl parties. Druid's can find the altar of the sun in silver cove, in an island a ways form the mainland. There is also a good sword stuck in a stone a little ways away from it. The Druid's second quest can be found near Free Haven in a dungeon. You must click on the Altar around midnight. The keys for the dragon towers for the Archer's quests are hidden in a secret room that can be found by clicking on the thrones in the throne room inside the dungeon. Might want to go ahead and travel to all of the cities with dragon towers and use the keys (town portal npc is useful) so when you go back to the Lord of White Cap you can advance twice. Council Quests- Silver Cove's quest to get counsel permission can be done easily with a town portal npc. The cities are New Sorpigal, Ironfist, Mire of the Damned, Free Haven (two), Blackshire, Kriegspire, White Cap, and Silver Cove. The Devil's Outpost is near Kriegspire, it is quite hard. All you have to do to complete the quest is take the scroll one of the demons drop when they die to the Lord of Free Haven. The quest to stop winter for the Lord of White Cap can be solved by going to the hermit in the Kriegspire region. He is sort of North/west of the city and his hut can only be reached by flying. Lord Kilburn's Shield can be found north of Blackshire in a chest. It is guarded by some Werewolves. The Prince of Thieves is found in the sewers beneath Free Haven underneath a bed. Just click on the bed. Gharik's Forge is N/E of New Sorpigal on an island, inside is the quest item for the Lord Newton quest. You need a key from the Silver Helm Outpost in Mist to complete the dungeon. The key is in a secret door in a room off the left hand side of the main room. (btw, the "bridge" puzzle in this dungeon can be solved by just a little trial and error with the switches on the bridges. Theres not much to it) Once you complete the Ironfist quest Lord Humphrey's representative won't vote for you. You must return to Castle Ironfist where Humphrey will give you a Baa Robe and send you off on a quest. Head to the Superior Temple in Kriegspire and charge around the dungeon till you find the scroll evidence of his representative being a traitor. Take it back to humphrey then to the council. Then when you have all the other quests completed you can enter the oracle. Make sure you turn the oracle chamber on. The "light switch" is right at the entrance. Oracle Quests- Not sure if its a bug but Crystal "Epsilon" Is actually found in Castle Kriegspire. (they tell you and your quest menu shows epsilon in Alamos) It is behind the locked gate near the mountain entrance. (not the well entrance) To open the gate you must push a button on the second floor of the "arena". To find the Delta Crystal in Darkmoor Castle you must first lower a wall by pulling a lever then clicking on the ,now, big red square. (its a different color first.. I can't remember what. If someone can please email me) A wall will open to the north, walk through it to a large corridor. Eventually you'll find another large cube. Near it is the next memory crystal. The easiest way to get to the crystal is to circle around the large enclosure you'll find past the wall you lowered with the first cube, eventually you'll noticed a stone ramp leading to a door. The door opens to a passage that runs above a large room filled with liches. Inside you'll see the big cube. What I did was simply to jump down, run like mad towards the crystal, turn left, grab the memory crystal and town gate out of there. Though I suppose there is a better way. To the find the Beta Crystal (the one that is sopposed to be in Kriegspire) head to Castle Alamos in the Eel Infested Waters region. (a "Princess Bride" reference?) This is a large castle and its hard to say where you need to go. You'll most likely simply have to map the entire structure. Though you'll know you're on the right track when you come to two long hallways filled with female warriors. At the end of one is a large room with sorcerors. This room has two exits. One leads to some platemail and a scroll where Archibald is telling the people at Alamos to research the crystal. The other exit leads to a elevator which leads accross some cages to a room guarded by a password. (password: jbard) Inside there is the beta crystal. The final crystal (in the order I did them, you can do them in any order), the Alpha Crystal, lies in the extremely hard region of Hermit's Isle. In that region is the Supreme Temple of Baa. (if you take the yacht from Ironfist it puts you right in front of the temple) This dungeon is *much* easier then Kriegspire, Darkmoor, or Alamos. Mostly you'll see the variants on the Baa Priests. A few demon spawn/workers are around but they're a cake walk at this point. Its a long boring dungeon, just follow the buzzing in your head. Eventually I found a hall where at the end past a chasm was some demons and the crystal. I just used the Air spell "Jump" to jump accross and nab the crystal then town portal out. There were just a few priests and demons around it but my guys were a little beat up. NOTE: The only time so far in the game but this dungeon has some nasty slowdown. I couldn't turn worth a damn so the bridges accross chasms in this one were a lot harder. Make sure you save a lot in here in case you make a lagged wrong decision. After that go plug them into the Oracle under the High council and get a *ton* of exp. Once again you'll be sent on a quest for another widget. The temple of varn is where the 'widget' resides. (its the control cube) Work your way to the Flame door (first finding the flame key) and go through it. Inside is a horde of guardians. After killing them start combing the passages behind it for the water temple key and officer codes and scrolls. (keep the scrolls!) Eventually after going through these areas and the temple of water you'll have 6 scrolls and the key of varn. (don't forget the chest you couldn't open eariler, the key for that is in the temple of water, two key scrolls are around the chest as well in the walls) Go to the pools in the room right after the flame door. Find the well that looks different (the well of varn) then step in the well right after that one (so going clockwise you end up at the well of varn at the end, and you have to have all scrolls and keys on one char) type in the password, then head to the next scroll till you come back to the well of varn. It'll open let you into a central hi-tech area where the control key is inside a chest. Once you've got it head back to the Oracle to be sent on another quest (hints for this quest are in the manual in the "Letters from Roland" section) and you're let in to the hi tech center of the oracle. Inside you can find blasters. (and the blasters skill, find it on a wall panal/monitor) From there head to Castle Ironfist, talk to Nicolai, then go to the back of the castle and pick up the 3rd eye from the well. Take it back to him then head up to the library on the second floor of the castle. Release Archibald, take the scroll, then head to Sweet Water and enter the Hive. Its on top of a big mountain. (you won't get a quest for this, but don't worry) Charge around in there (its not that hard) untill you find Fozil, then thats it. The End (untill Might and Magic 7 atleast but unfortunetly I don't think we can bring our characters over. Arg! 4 guys with blasters would have been a bit easy... but fun!) Bugs- (AFAIK, all fixed in the new patch, including some other problems) Doing the Temple of the Moon quest before taking the Temple of the Sun quest might prevent you from advancing your druid. You can get unlimited exp by talking to the giant head in the Lord of Fire dungeon over and over again after completing the quest. I was told that you can't get any more exp once you exit the dialogue screen. For unlimited gold, do the obelisk quest, and then click on the rock (the location of the cache of the captain).. you will notice you get 250000 gold and a nice chest of stuff (nothing new here), but whenever you proceed to click on the rock after that you still get the 250000 gold. So you can just keep opening the rock as many times as you want for as much money as you want. You can cast spells in real time mode even if you char isn't ready. (light isn't on yet) You can do this by selecting one of your other chars, then selecting them again and going into their inventory. Now select your char who isn't ready. Now exit the inventory screen, the not ready char is still highlighted and can cast a spell. This isn't that useful for combat but it is useful if you want to quickly cast a few cure spells or cast day of power then day of the gods. (note: this does not work if you have a spell bound to quick cast, you have to open the spell book) -update, okay, I've finished off the game. Its done... I could reword the spoilers/walkthrough better but I don't have the time. I think it works better more as an 'overview' then telling you *everything* you have to do anyway. Well I think this is the last version. I started this just the weekend after the release of the game to help people on the ng and to cut down on repeat questions. (the ng was filled with goblin watch password requests for a week after the release :) I've noticed some others have started to do some very complete work (especially the stuff posted on David Pott's web page) and I haven't had time to finish up the game yet, much less work on the faq. I think its pretty good right now and covers most of the game atleast, though not in the greatest amount of detail in all areas. I may do a quick release of the answers to the last few quests when I actually finish the game. Well I hope this helped a few people with one of the better rpgs released since the ol' glory days of crpgs. Thanks to: (original) George for reminders :) "Cat" for a better magic list Kent Arnold for some more trainer locations. David Potts for converting the faq to html and posting it on his page Scott A. Hutchens for additions to the spoiler and bugs section Jeremy Boyd for additions to the spoiler and bugs section Ron McPherson for the potion and shrine lists. Rich Batton for help with the obelisks Donovan Hawkins for info on the Stone Shadow guild secret. and to everyone in CSIPGR for additions and helping me with the game. Thats all, (Another) George</p>