Azurik FAQ/Walkthrough by Sean Yule -The Story. -Parathia, an ancient world where elemental forces are harnessed. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life, Death. Mystical disks from ancient Diluvian technology are keys to the realms that harbor these violent forces. We are lore guardians, protectors of the elemental disks. Sworn to a life of honor. Mastering the elements in the ways of the ancient diluvians. Generations ago the death disk was hidden and the elemental balance of the world was lost. The prophecy foretells that two men shall battle over control over the disks. One with selfish ambition, the other with a pure heart. ----Thatís the intro to the game. As you start your game, you will begin in the training arena. Do everything it asks you and wait for the movie. Now, Balthazar walks in, has a little duel with Azurik, gets mad, finds the death disk, steals it, becomes the bad guy, gets possessed, breaks the other element disks, and sets your game into motion. Time to recover the disk fragments. Remember, that is always your main purpose in this game. WALKTHROUGH You begin your game in the central water realm. Grab all the Gems and stay left. Climb on the rocks and to the platforms you can jump across. (Note, check underwater here too, lots of stuff.) Jump across them and into the geyser. You are now in the [Other Shore]. Turn to your right and dry off. (Note the gems in the water too). The oracle tells you to put out the ring of fire to get the first water power. Use the save point. Go through the passageway right next to it. (Water has presents). Go up the stairs. At this intersection you see an uphill slope to your right and a disk fragment to your left. Neither of them are accessible as of this moment. Keep going up. A little movie plays showing you the area. Pointless if you ask me. Use the save point. Go past all the little dudes to a bridge. To your left is the fire ring; to your right is a waterfall. Keep going. (Note the steam block cannot be broken yet.) Find the vines on the right wall and climb!! At the top you will see a dark cavern in front of you. To your right is a bridge. Cross it. Donít forget the jump. Hit X next to the switch. Go back across the bridge into the dark Cavern. If you go in and make a left, youíll come to an ice block. Ignore it. Go straight instead. You come out by a river near a waterfall. Jump!! Follow the path to the water sprayer. Hit X next to it to start spraying. Put out the WHOLE ring before moving on. Hit X to return to normal. Now jump into the water and climb out next to the oracle and save point. There is a small path that goes up. Take it to the fire ring (now put out). Claim Your New Power. ((lvl-1 W)). Head back across the bridge. You can go down to the firewall below it and grab some goodies, or keep going into the darkness beyond the bridges end to find a firewall that leads back to the central water realm. (Note-if you run out of element power, use the save code, then restart the game. It refills all of them a bit.) (If it ever gets to dark, use the light code.) [Central Water Realm] Past the save point is a gold teleporter. Stand on it. Ohh, pretty diamond. Grab grab grab!! ;) Swim back to shore to where you started the game, way up on the beach. Go past the oracle and the save point to the firewall. Use your new power to put out the flame. (To use a power, hold left trigger, push the element power you want to use, then let go of the trigger. this works with combinations too.) [If you need help figuring out which level of power you have for any given element, there are 3 circles next to each element bar. 1 big and 2 little. Each one is 1 level of power. All 3 is the highest you can get.] [Town] You are now in town. Cross the bridge and explore some houses and the temple at the top for a while. Have fun. Ok now, the bridge to the earth realm is the one where you can see a firewall at the far side. Take it and go. [Central Earth Realm] To your left is a silver teleport; to your right is an oracle. After using both of them, go into the building. Climb the wall al the end. Go forward to the save point. Big long canyon here. Kill the enemies and grab the gems. Ill meet you at the other side. Ok, were at a firewall. You know what to do. Now were in a foggy ice cavern. Cant get either items you see in this room, donít worry. Keep going to the end and to through the doorway. Now, lots of stuff here. To your immediate left is an electric wall. Canít get here till WAY later in the game. Go past the gear, past the golem, into the building. The platform will rise to take you down. Ride it. You are now at the top of the [Spiral Path of the Earth Realm]. Go down all the way, ignoring all the paths off to the left. Activate the teleporter by the waterfall. Go through the passageway a little ways behind the waterfall. In this circular room, there is a tree in the middle that does nothing. Go down the Ice path. (Just look around). As you land in the water, turn to you immediate right. Climb onto the Ice and go up the ladder and get the ((1st key)). To get back down, either go back down the ladder, or keep going across the path. It leads back to the icy slide. Get onto the middle Platform in the water by going up one of the holes in it. Really easy. Walk around the platform until you come to the path that leads to the firewall. Put it out and go on in. Go inside past the firewall and grab the ((2nd key)). Put out the firewall in here and go in the little cave. Make a right and go up the slope. Then slide down and claim the ((lvl-1 F)). Now you can combine your water and fire powers to make steam. This will melt any ice blocks with one dot on them. (2 dots = lvl 2 steam, 3=lvl 3 steam, etc.). Now melt the ice blocks. Donít worry about the keys yet, just go right. Go past the firewall to more ice blocks. Melt them and enjoy the ride. At the very end you will find an ice block. Melt it to get the ((W-Disk-1)). Head down the path, past the save point, up the path, into the dark area by the ring of fire bridge, into the fire wall, past another save point, across the bridge, returning to central water realm. Use the teleporter; go back to the beach, then into town. Return to the Earth Realm (bridge with fire will on other side). Use the teleporter to your left to warp to the big open area of the earth realm. Head back behind the waterfall, down the ice path, and onto the platform. Use both keys here. (Hit x). Head up the path and past the firewall. Get onto the lift. (Note- the game freezes randomly throughout your game-play on these cinemas. Be sure your game CD is clean or you might get a bad time.) As your ride goes along, you notice passing a key.... Hop into the river and plot down into the area with a tower in the middle. You are now under the earth tower. Run inside the tower and grab the ((1st E-Tower Key)). Go outside, find the keyhole around the machine and plug it in. Go back in the tower and ride the platform up a ways. To the right of the waterfall is a purple wall. There is a platform at the bottom. Ride it up to the top of the Spiral Path. Cross the bridge to the top of the tower. Climb up the ladder and plug in that first key. Go back down to the top of the spiral path. Continue down till you come to the 2nd Pulley. (The first is the first left, the second is a ways down.) Ride it down. I call this the ìkey areaî. Kill all the enemies to unlock the keys, and then grab all 6 of them. (Note- all enemies must be dead here to get all the keys. Enjoy!! After you have 6, Use all 3 drills in this area. One of them has the ((L-Disk-1)). One of them has an elemental power-up (not accessible yet). And the other is a large chasm. Head back up the pulley. Go back to the waterfall and use the teleporter. Exit the area and return to the town, then to the central water realm. (Take the bridge in town to the left of the waterfall). Go on the rock, across the platforms, and to the oracle next to the ice block. Melt this sucker and jump onto the coral reef (the big rock that goes all the way left and right). (Be sure to activate the teleporter on the platform b4 this.) Swim way out to the right. BE CAREFULL. The whirlpool has a strong current. Donít get sucked in. Swim towards the large arch way out in the distance. Keep going till you get there. Go through it and youíll end up in the [Stormy Waters]. Surface and head to the immediate right. Get on the platform. Past a few rocks, an oracle, a few gems, and a few enemies. You could listen to the oracles advice, but I think mine is better. ;) Save, and to across the ramp and up the rising platform at the end. Go down this path until you get to the room. Make a right (the only way to go) and go down this path to the platform. Ride it down. Turn right and wait on this flower. If youíre lucky, the flower platforms past the 1st flower will be up, if not, wait 5 minutes and they will rise. Cross all of them till you get to the small room. It has a switch. Activate it. Go back across them to the platform that rises. (If you fall in the water, just go slightly left to get on the solid platform then go to the rising platform. Ride it up. Go across the path, make a left, cross the path, go down the platform. Donít jump on the flower; jump on the path at the bottom. Go wait by the closed pods next to the save point. When they open, have fun getting across. If you fall off, get on one of the petals and it will throw you up. Get to the room and activate the switch. Come back to the platform next to the pods. Go on the 2 flowers. Now wait for the BIG platform to rise. Take it to the end and claim the ((lvl-1 A)). Jump past the power and activate the switch. Make your way across the flowers that have green gems all the way to the other side. Learn to use your air power to do it. Ride up the platform. Go all the way across and ride the other platform down. Wait by these pods for them to open, then jump to the end to claim the ((E-Disk-1)). (Note-The colored flashing rocks can be destroyed by combining the element of its colors and hitting it with them.) (Note-Try combining every combination of elements for maximum fun in the game.) Look for the big arch and exit this area. A little ways to your right are two very small platforms. One is a save point, the other is a teleporter. Activate them. Now turn around and look at the arch. There is a landmass just to the right of it. It is the dock. Go there. Be careful here. Kill the enemy, then GET OFF THE DOCK. A torpedo will kill you if you donít. Grab the key, and then head straight out to Para scope. Dive!! At the base of this building, look around. Youíll see a pips going into 2 rocks. Right under the pipe is a little cave. Dive in it. You surface to find an electric wall (lvl 1). Use your lvl 1 electric shield to get past. (Air + Fire). Put the key in the socket. Go up to the Para scope and use it. Turn it left till you hear the beeping at its fastest. It will be lined up with a rock pillar. Hit X. BOOM!! Youíre done here now. Surface. Now go back to the dock, climb on the rocks, and go in the newly opened area. Go across the paths and into the cave. Claim the ((W-Disk-2)). Go back in, jump in the water, and swim back to the beach. Go back to town and then to the lava fall. Go across the bridge to the right of it. Use the air power to get across. Jump across the gap inside while not getting hit by steaming lava. Cross over into the [Fire Tower Area] There is a save point and an oracle here. Next to the ruby by the oracle is a path you can jump to. What are you waiting for? Jump!! Go in the doorway. Now starts a very looooong maze. Stay with me or you will be lost for a while. Drop down each platform where the green emeralds are until you reach the bottom. Make a right. There is a firewall here. On the other side you can either go left or right. Go right. There is a small room where you will find the ((1st F-Tower Key)). Go back out, but donít go through the firewall. Just pivot around the statue. Now two firewalls. Go either way. They both lead to a multi colored globe. From this globe, go right. As soon as you go in this place, turn left. Go through the opening and you are now in the lower area of the fire tower. Only one way to go from here. Go past all the enemies into the other hole in the wall. You will go just a little ways before finding that you can go either left or right. Go right. Pass the fire wall, and go straight till you get to the bridge that has the ((2nd F-Tower Key)). Past the key is a bridge that goes left or right, with an entrance below in front of you. (Use the light code in here because it REALLY helps.) Drop off the bridge and go left into the cave. You will come to a path that goes up to another one. Go up it. You will exit on the 2nd level of the fire tower. Go to the other bridge on the fire tower and into the cave. Fight your way to the other side, then up the path to the other side again. Stay to your right and to through the first opening. (The only one, I think.) Cross the little bridge and go into the next cave. The ((3rd F-Tower Key)) is right there. Go out onto the path and make a left to go down. The key holders are right there. Use all of them now. Go into the little building and turn the valve. Now the final door is open. Time to make our way up there. Go into the opening right to the left of the machine. When you get to the opening in here, drop off the bridge and go directly underneath of where you just came from. Back up the path, around the fire tower, and into the big cavern again. Go up the path in the cavern again and go out the right door again. Cross this path again and go into the doorway again. Past where they key was, there is this high pathway you are now standing on. This time, donít jump off. Continue on past. Go around the fire tower, this time one level higher. There is an elevator that takes to another disk fragment, but you cant get it yet, so just keep going past the tower. (Always be sure to grab the gems if you see them). Past the tower you come to an earthlike surrounding. Keep going and youíll come to the [Electric Forest]. Avoid being killed by electricity by using the electric shield. (Air + Fire). To the right of the trees is a path. Take it. When you get to one electric tree, to the left of it is a teleporter pad. Activate it. Turn around; now go past the electric tree. Go right, but not through the stone square arch. Go left when you get to that. Lots of lava here. Save point is helpful. In the doorway, wait for the platforms and make your way across. On the other side, there is a lava pit in front of you. To your right is a huge doorway. Go in. There are 2 paths, one goes up, and one goes down. Go down. You will get the ((1st Key)). Go back and take the upper path now. Jump across the platform onto the ledge. Follow the path of diamond till you find a lava put to your left and a electric tree to your right. A foot away from the tree is a pit, which has a platform that goes up and down real quick. Get on it when you can. Jump off by the trees. Go past them. Jump across this gap and grab all the gems. Stay left. At the very end is a steam geyser. Ride it up. Face the wall and go left. There is a small tunnel here. Go in it. Past all of the trees and next to a torch is the ((2nd Key)). Go back to the single tree, and go past it. Donít fall off. Stay to the left and go through the opening in the wall. The first key slot is here. Use it and move forward. The moment you get into the big area, turn sharp right. There are platforms that will lead you to the ((3rd Key)). Use air power to get it. Go back onto the mainland. Now you see a tree and a moving platform. Jump on it. It takes you a little higher. Follow the path. You will eventually come to the 2nd key slot. Use it!! Now jump off to the left and go to that save point. Go in the doorway, and jump on the platform. When on the third one, wait until it goes to the top, and then jump off on the right side. Activate the switch. Now get back on the platform and go to the door right across from you that is now opened. When in the door, stay to the left. The path goes for a while. You come to a torch and the final key holder. Use it. Jump down now to the doorway. Take the upper path again, but this time the platform will take you up. Follow the path and grab a multi-colored globe. At the bottom of the path, go left. Climb up the small hill and claim the ((lvl-1 E)). (Note- Try experimenting with ALL combinations of elements.) Now go to the pillars and ride the platform in the middle of them down a ways. This part is tricky. Wait for the spinning platforms to almost stop, and then start jumping. (Always use the air power to help you.) All you have to do is get across. Easy. : P Now down through a long corridor until you emerge to a waterfall. A nice sight I say. Go down the path to the geyser. Ride it up, and walk to the other side of this path. Climb the vines to the top. Now go down the only way to go, jump across the rocks to the zip line and save point. Stand under the zip line and jump. Enjoy the ride, and then do it again! Go in the tube and exit at a HUGE structure that looks as if from outer space. Turn on both switches. Climb onto the platform and ride up. When it stops, jump off and wait for the platform above that to come down and take you up. Repeat this until you get to the top. Look around the top for the disk fragment. Air jump to it to get the ((E-Disk-2)). Jump off onto the ground and activate the teleporter. Take it. We are back in the electric forest. Were going to get another fragment. Go the way away from the single tree, down the path. Stay Left. Go in the door, past the save point, and left of the oracle. Were now back in the fire tower. Run to the side of the tower and take the elevator up. Cross the bridge and you will come to a purple wall. Use (Earth + Fire + Wind) and smash it to pass. Go across the walkway to claim the ((W-Disk-3)). Go back across the path down the elevator back into the forest. Go past the save point, down the path, and take the teleporter back to the place you got the earth element. Now that you teleported, look around for a green circle on a stone. Approach it. Give it a good whack with acid. (Water + Earth) should do it. Jump in the water, and sink. Take the pipe back to the stormy water area of the water realm. Find the arch and return to central water realm. [WATER GAURDIAN] The moment you leave the stormy water area, sink into the hole right below you. Just go to the middle of the weird circle and youíre in. You are now facing the water guardian. She is easily killed. The only way to hurt water is a sudden change of temperature to one extreme. Since neither of these seems to work, try going from one extreme to the other. The way to kill her is to freeze her tentacles and then melt then with steam while frozen. After that, she will die. (Note- earth+water+wind=ICE --water+fire= STEAM) You can now get the ((W-Disk-4)). The water disk is now complete. --Movie-- You are now at the temple. Go down to the bottom. Go to the water realm. (Left of the waterfall from town). Go past the spot where the whirlpool was out to the icebergs. Swim to the building in the distance to get the [Iceberg Area] Surface quickly. There is an island right in front you. Go around it on the left side, until you see the bridge above you. Follow it to the central island and get on the island. An oracle is just to your left on this island. Stand next to the oracle and face the pillar in the middle of this island. Now go right and take that bridge. (There are only 2 bridges on this island.) Melt the steam blocks (Fire + Water) and activate the switch. This shoots out water from somewhere. Now go back to the main island and take the other bridge. Melt the ice block and wait for the Ice platforms to take you to the spiral island. Go to the top of this island and activate the switch. Now go across the bridge here. Use (Earth+FireWind) and hit the shield to claim the ((lvl-2 W)) Keep going past the save point all the way to the next island. Hit the switch at the end to freeze the water. Cross this new ice bridge. Activate the switch on this bridge now. You cant cross it now, so just leave it. Your done in this area now. Find the huge icebergs in the water and swim past them back to the central water realm. Return to the shore, then to town, then to the earth realm. ---Movie-- Now fight Balthazarís 3 demons and then take the teleporter to appear by the waterfall. Start going up the spiral path and take a right where you see a pulley. Take it down to the area with 3 drills, and the 6 keys you got earlier. Now, one of the holes that the drills dug leads to a firewall. You can put it out with your water now, since its level 2. Go into the room past it and claim the ((lvl-2 F)). Back into the main chamber. Go into the cave now that has very narrow paths in it to the end. You will find a giant crystal. Now, I donít know if the requirements change, but you have to hit the crystal with the power that is on the posts near it. For me, this one was Fire. (Earth+fire) Hit it with that power. You have now activated ((crystal #1)). Back to the main chamber. (Note- Kill all the colored rocks. Lots of useful gems. Match the colors and bash away!). Exit by using the lift. Keep going up the spiral path to the second pulley. Ride it down to the [Desert Area]. (Note- you should have 3 drill keys left.) As you enter, Use the light code. Otherwise this level gets REAL complicated to explain. When you start, approach the oracle. Donít go past it. Instead, go either left or right. Both lead to drills. Activate both of them, and then go in the hold that the one on the right dug. Fall down the hole and follow the same example I told for the first crystal. Now, I donít know if the requirements change, but you have to hit the crystal with the power that is on the posts near it. For me this one is ìsmashî, which is (earth+fire+air). I believe it is the same every game, but be sure to match the power correctly. Hit it. ((Crystal #2)) is now activated. Go back up the path but not down the other one. Go out into the open area past the oracle. Stand over by the ledge and wait for a crane and jump on it! (((Note- if you fall down into the canyon, run one way [if you come to a dead end, go the other way] until you come to a conveyer belt that goes into the wall. Climb over the blocks and go into the wall on the belt and climb the ladder at the end. Go past the machine to the very end of the path. Wait for the crane, but donít fall down this time.))) Now this part is a real trick. The moment the crane is over the long stretch over belt, jump off onto it. This may take several tries and may get frustrating. Donít give up and always use air power. Follow the non-moving rocks into the cave the turns left. Go to the part of this walkway that has 2 weird looking things on both sides. These are smashers. Jump on the rock between them. Look left. Notice anything? Grab the ((1st Key)). Go back out to the long part of the belt and drop down on the ground. (Might hurt a little, but itís the fastest way.) Donít go the way that faces the big grinder in the ground, go the other way. Down a bunch of stairs. Stay to the left and go up the curved slope. Stop when you see 2 posts to your right. (This one took me forever to figure out.) Walk up the hill between the two posts. You can go right up. Use air jump to help. You can do it. To your left you will find the ((2nd Key)). Drop back to the ground and make a left. Go onto the belts down there and into the wall, up the ladder and onto the machine. Now you see two key holders. Hmm. You have two keys that fit the slots. What to do what to do.... I know! Use them! Hello conveyer belts. Drop off the machine now and take the path into the wall. You will come to a colored object that looks like the lower half of an ìHî. Jump on it using air power. Jump on the ledge and go in the cave. (You canít get past the shield past the overpass yet). Down the stairs and past the firewall is a teleport pad. And a save point. SAVE your game. Trust me. This part is a real bugger to do and escape from. (Note-remember, if you run out of element power, save code and restart.) Jump in the cavern. To your right is a hole on the wall at the end of the belt. Go to the other side of the belt and get close to the base of the hole. Move back, get a running start, and jump for it, using an air jump after the jump for a little boost. If you do it right, which is extremely difficult, you will get in the hole. Go to the end and you will find a crystal. This one was tornado for me. (Air+earth). Match the power and hit it. You have now activated (crystal #3)). Head back out the hole and jump to your left. Line up with the middle crack and jump for it. (This one took me an hour to do the first time, but the jump is possible.) You will make it up in the crack; use the air power again quickly before you fall off. Now youíre back on the ledge. Save please. One last thing in this area for now. Go back the path you came from, past the firewall and up the stairs. Jump off the overpass to the right; drop off the ledge next to the big machine now. Go left all the way to the end. Down the stairs and to the teleport pad. Stand on it and warp back up. (Just making sure its activated.). Go across the path past the firewall and up the stairs (again). Jump off the overpass to the left and go to the cliff but this time wait for a crane. Ride one. Make the same jump onto the long belt part. Now when you land on it, the electric stuff carries you. Donít get smashed, (climb on a rock if you want) and let it take you clear to the end of this belt. Hover at the end until a crane comes along. Hover over onto it when it stops. Get ready to jump off. This ride is very short. Canít break the green block yet. Jump down. Go in the entrance and exit the area via the crane. (Note-if you went out through the gear, this complicates things by leaving the pulley down. Donít be stupid and do that, just leave via the pulley.) Go to the very bottom of the spiral path now and ride the small platform up. Use the final key and let the drill go!! Go in the new hole. Cross the river, and go on the ramp to your left. This leads to the ((2nd E-Tower Key)). Grab it, return off the ramp. Go left to the end. Ride the (now working) conveyer belt to a ladder. Donít miss the jump. Climb up and get on the clear pipe. Walk across. Get onto the other platform on the other side, climb down and claim the (3rd E-Tower Key)). Hit the switch and climb down. Now get off the ramp and go up river to the exit. Now go to the top of the spiral path and across the ramp that goes to the earth tower. Up the ladder and plug in the 2 keys. Now all 3 keys are in and both gears start functioning properly. Back down the ladder across the ramp, but donít go down the spiral path. Instead, go out the opening and up the platform. Go through the small corridor and up the vines. Now jump into the gear and have a fun ride. Hey what do you know! Another crystal. For me, this one was electricity. (Air+fire+water). Use the power on the poles and hit it. You have now activated ((crystal #4)). Go back to the spiral path down to the bottom. The left turnoff right before you get to the drill on the spiral path leads to a gear. Hmm. Jump in it and you will enter the [Great Tree Area]. Go up the path until you see a turnoff to your right. Face the hugest crystal. Hit it in this order. . (1) = (Air + Fire + Earth) (2)= (Water + Fire + Air) (3) = (Fire + Earth) (4) = (Air + Earth) (5) = (Water + Fire + Air) (6) = (Earth + Fire + Air) (7) = (Fire + Earth) this will open the way to the air realm. Donít go there yet. This is just opening it for later. [GREAT TREE LIGHT PUZZLE] {Jump into the water. There is a rock with light shining in it, climb up the vines where the light is. (This part is underwater.) Jump to the far side of the rock and melt the acid block. Jump all the way to the top using air power and climbing a lot. Here is the first light beam. Aim this to the red sphere. You will know when it hit because the little dots will appear in the glass beside you. Aim well. . Make your way to the firewall and cross the lava pit. At the end you will see a firewall ahead of you and a weird platform to your right. Go into the firewall. Ride the geyser up the this new light. Aim this one at a red globe. *Globe 2 finished* Drop off the ledge in front of you and onto the weird circle. This will shoot you to a zip line, which will take you to the cave where the acid block was. Turn around and jump on the log. Get back on to the main path. Walk around the tree until you get to a path that is broken. Use the air power to get across. Stay to the right and climb up the vines. Follow the path to the next light. Aim this one to the red light. This will activate the ìweird platformî to get you up. (Note- those were not the correct final positions, this was just to get up to the next level). Climb down the vines again and ride the red light up!! When at the top, facing the tree in the middle of the level, go right. Here is a light, use it!! Aim this one to the left globe. *Globe 1 Finished. *. Turn back to the red light, but this time you must go past it. You will pass a few trees, and eventually come to a fork in the road. Left is a geyser, go right. Right again, to the light. Aim this light to the globe on the right. (Note- 2 lights may be touching the same globe. For nowÖ donít worry). *Globe 2 finished* Turn around and take the right path, past the save point, past the red light, past a jump, and to the next light. Aim this at the light on the left. (Be sure that it hits, you can tell because the light will stop shining *behind* the globe). *Globe 3 finished*. Turn around and go back to the save point. Turn left and slide down the hill. Use the light. Re-aim this light to the blue globe on the left. *Globe 4 done*. Drop down and jump on the zip line switch again. Go into the cave and up to the top, again.... Aim this light to the right. *Globe 5 finished*. Go past the firewall, past the lava pit, and down to the main tree area. Return to the path that is broken and jump across it, climb the vine, and aim the light at the blue globe. *Globe 6 finished*. A Blue Beam appears. Time to get to it. Climb back down the vine and go to the red light. (There are two, this one is NOT across the broken path; it is past a whole path.) Facing the middle tree, go right. (After rising in the red light.) Go past the save point to the geyser. Jump in and enjoy the blue ride to the ((E-Disk-3)). Your ride ends on the earth tower. Take a breather. That was a real pain to get through. It was one of the 3 hardest puzzles in the game. Another one is coming up, so take a few hours of break, cause youíll need a LOT of patience for the next part. Head back down the pulley at the top of the spiral path and go down the left tunnel into...[The Volcano] As you enter, make a left and activate the teleporter. Now go forward and turn *valve #1*. Up the ladder we go. Left or right, left or right? Simon says left. Youíll come to a tube. Jump down onto the platforms and turn the *valve #2*. Now jump on one of the ^jumping^ platforms and make your way across. Go in the doorway next to that diamond. (Near the geyser if you already picked up the gem: P) Jump across to the switch and activate it. Drop down; go around the side, into the door. Turn right at the end and go to the geyser. Wow. Back where we started. Go back in this doorway and to the switch again. Face the room with a parallel path to the one youíre on and make a leap of faith to it. You can do it!! Go right. Keep right and jump in the hole. Youíll land on a weird platform. (A circle). Jump into the big hole below you. Enjoy the ride; youíll end up on the ledge above where the hole that you jumped in was. Go up the path and save at the save point. Go in the doorway. Jump around the area to the other doorway. Emerge by the geysers. Go up the side path and ride each geyser to the end. This takes practice. (Though I did it the first time....) Follow the lava river for a ways. Cross the bridge and activate the teleporter. (This leads back to the entrance if you get sick of this place.) Follow the torches until you get to a split off. The left path is for later. Take the right one. (Save first if you want). At the end of this path is a doorway with a drill inside. Turn the *valve #3* on. Now turn it off. Go out on the path to claim the ((lvl-2 A)). Continue up to the save point. Jump across the easy to jump gap. Go the only way to go, until you reach the bridge. This bridge leads to the battle zone. Donít go there yet. Go past it, up the hill, to the left, to the huge torch and triple jump (jump, then air power, then air power) across. Follow the path all the way down to the valve that overlooks the hole you jumped in earlier. Jump on the platform that raises now. To your left is a tunnel. Go in and jump to the switch. Activate it. Jump back to the tunnel and then down into the hole. You will end up, literally, on top of the world. Grab the amethyst and enjoy the ride. You are now in the [Battle Arena] Jump to the ladder and climb up for a reward. Mr. Multi- colored globe. Jump across the platforms to the oracle. Save here too, it helps. Go down the path to the lava and jump right (not left) onto the platforms. Get onto this new area and follow the square path blocks. Climb down the ladder at the last square. Ride the geyser out. Follow the squares to another ladder. Go down it. Go up this new geyser now. Youíll end up by a building and a save point. Go in the building. Lots of weird noises. Go all the way down the corridor to the platform and ride it down. Go down the path to the end. (Weird stuff, huh?). Do your best to get across to the middle area. Activate the switch in the middle. Return to the surface by going back the way you came. (Good luck... ;) Now when youíre out, drop into the hole where water used to be. (There is still a little left so you know where to jump.) Go in the hole there. Youíre in a HUGE maze now. Stick to the right wall for a few minutes and youíll eventually get to a colored rock. Past it is a geyser. Ride it up. Head towards the trees in the distance. Jump once the rocks and onto the vines. Go in the hole. This place is whacked! At the end, jump to use the zip line. Hit the switch over there. Now step on the platforms. They will appear in front of you. Cool! Run as fast as you want, they appear with you. Ride the platform up at the end. Go to the right past all the pillars. Behind the trees at the other end (past the pillars and the gap) is a hole. Dive!! In the new area, go into the middle and ride the platform up to the battle tower base. Go over towards it. It will rise. Kill the enemies. Jump to get the ((F-Disk-1)). Jump back onto the platform. It should take you back down. Find the two weird looking poles at drop down between them. Follow the square all the way back to the oracle. Jump 2 pillars across and then jump off to the land to the right. Go in the cave and you will emerge at the bridge in the fire realm you passed earlier. Go left. Cross the gap and go to the save point. Make a right from here and head straight for the teleporter. After you warp, turn around and go past the oracle into the cave. Your now back in left tunnel of the desert area. (Phew, all of that for a power and a fragment...take a breather.). Go to the oracle at the top and go out the opening. Go to where the cranes pick you up, but jump across the gap instead. Go into the cave, Get back on the ledge the same way you did before. Jump on the lower half of the ìHî thing and jump off that up higher. This time, cross the overpass. Put on the electric shield lvl 2. Use (Fire + Air). This will take you up a path. Jump across to claim the ((lvl-2 E)) Now very carefully, get down to the very lower area to the teleporter pad. It will take you up to the paths in the air. Turn around and go to the save point. Then go to the earth seal and stand on it. Enter the door. [EARTH GAURDIAN] This sucker is ready to kill. Just use acid (Water + Earth) on all the 4 rocks and he will die. After he dies, grab the ((E-Disk-4)). Now a spaceship will land, but you cant do anything with it yet, so donít waste your time. Now these next two disk fragments are easy to get. First one, go back to the desert. (You have to go in by using the gear. Its down one of the paths off the spiral one.) It will take you into the place where you found one of the crystals. Get up onto the path at the other side and go to the firewall, and up the stairs. Jump off the overpass to the left and grab a crane as it comes by. As before, jump off on the long strip, ride to the top, jump on the other one, and jump off at the acid block. Melt the sucker to claim the ((F-Disk-2)) Drop down and exit via the pulley. Return to Central Water Realm. Go to the Iceberg area. Now go to the island that has the Ice platforms that float to you. Right before you jump on them, you should notice the ice block. Melt the sucker. For some reason, this makes the Ice paths wider. Go across the platforms, up the spiral island, across the paths, all the way to the top to claim the ((F-Disk-3)) (easier said than done, I know). Jump into the water and head back to town. Go to the fire realm now. (Right of the lava-fall). Jump across the gap but donít get hit by lava. As you enter the fire realm, stay to your right. Walk down the path and into the tunnel. You are now in [The Fire Guardians Stronghold] Go in the front way if you want (through the acid blocks), but I prefer the stealth approach. Stay to the far left. Melt the steam block, go up the ladder, and jump down the rocks. Go up the ramp and stand on the seal. Its broken now! Yahoo! Go in the mouth. Go past the enemies to the switch. Activate it. Now go back outside and stay to the right. You will find a ladder. Climb it dummy!! Follow the stairs all the way down...hehe. Go into the room with 3 big pots in it. Go to the other door inside this room. Its a platform! Going up! Walk right outside and claim the ((lvl-3 F)). Hop on the crane and go for a ride. Jump of onto the ladder when it stops. Cross the path and go up the stairs. To your right (after you get off the stairs.) is a save point. [FIRE GAURDIAN] Climb up the ladder. You know the old saying. Fight fire with fire. Well, use (Fire + Earth) to fight this boss. Just keep whackingí him till he dies. When he does, grab the ((F-Disk-4)). Now, lets do one more thing before moving on. Time to get an air fragment. Go to The spiral path in the earth realm. Jump in the gear closest to the bottom of the path. This will take you back to the great tree. Go past the huge crystal and to the lift that you havenít taken yet. Get in and enjoy the long ride up. You are now IN [The Great Tree] Go out and activate the teleporter. Go find the oracle and stand on the fan next to him to ride up. Now, look down and jump in the water. Again. Air jump all the way up the platforms. Yikes. Use the fan to go up. Climb the ladder. Ride one of the spinning things over to the small cave. Go through the cave, up a ladder, and activate the switch. It opens a flower. Go back into the cavern and up the ladder inside. Wait for a platform moving to pick you up. Jump on it. Take it to the flower, and jump on the ((1st Key)). Use the key and youíll get sucked up. Go down the platforms, then up the fan. Wait for a lift, and then jump on it. Wait for the platform with a switch to appear, jump on it when you go by it. After that, wait for the moving platforms to come by and pick you up. Ride it over top the flower. Jump on the ((2nd Key)) Use it now and get sucked up. Wait for a platform to come near you before jumping. Let the rotating platform take you to a gold teleporter. Go into the purple key air sucker that you went in the first time. This time go UP the platforms. Hits the switch at the top. Turn around; jump on the 2 platforms to your left. The third platform has 2 yellow orb demons to help you out. Go across the whole way to get the ((3rd Key)) inside the flower. Use the third key to get sucked. ON your way youíll grab the ((A-Disk-1)). Jump down to that zip line, then take the fan up. Jump on a moving platform and ride it over the flower. Jump in the flower and ride the lift back down to earth. Head back to the gear and go to the central water realm. Hop in the airship and lets go for a ride...---movie--- Battle Time. Balthazar.... Well itís simple. Hit him for about 15 minutes and He will die. If you want to speed things up, use the strength against his weakness. If his armor turns red, use Ice (water+air+earth) or Water (water) on him. If his armor turns green, use Fire (Fire+earth) against him. If his armor turns yellow, use acid (earth+water) against him, if his armor turns blue, use wind (earth+air) against him. This will speed up his death. When he is dead, you will land. Exit the ship. Walk across the path, and around the circle path, there is a switch. Push it. (This is zip line lvl 1). Jump up and ride the zip line down. Jump in the water. You will eventually end up in the reservoir. Solve the puzzle to open all vents. (Or just push the Red, Yellow, and Green Buttons to do it quickly...) Now jump on one of the fans to shoot up. Go inside the circle building and ride the platform up. Find the next switch on the circle path outside here. Ride the zip line down and at the very end of the slide you can claim the ((lvl-3 W)). Use the fan and go back up. Ride the platform up again. Get off then back on now to go up yet another level. You guessed it, find the switch and ride the zibeline down. You now got the ((L-Disk-2)). Go back to the airship and ride it up to the air purifier. (Go to the middle of this ship, ride the platform up, and hit the switch.) Go across the platforms and take the gold teleporter. Jump into any of the holes and take the fan up. Jump on the middle sections and melt the steam block. Take the platform down and get ready to shoot. Find the weird looking thing and (x-button) it. Kill all 9 Ice blocks. He will tell you when you are done. Now drop down a little and you can go any of the three directions. Each one will lead you to the rotating platforms. Jump on any one of them and ride it to the closest platform you come to. Climb up the ladder. Climb down the other ladder in the middle of the area and wait at the bottom for a hydro tube to whisk you away. Ride the fan up, melt the ice, get on the fan, and return to the center area. Repeat the long process with the other 2 paths. After you melt all the ice blocks, the fan in the middle upper part starts working. Now, instead of dropping back to the bottom area, climb up the ladder in the tube the fan put you in. Fly around to claim the ((lvl-3 A)). Now it is so easy to fly. Drop down the middle hole below the power, drop the place where you jumped on the rotating things, but this time, go back in the fire wall and an the teleporter. Face away from the airship and look out there. Yum yum. Do the quincoople jump? Whatever its called. Grab the ((A-disk-2)). Return to earth via the airship. Now go to the earth realm. Donít take the teleporter to the main area. Instead, go in the building, up the vines, across the canyon, past the fire wall. And to the gear. As soon as you see the gear, turn left sharp and to up that hill. Use (Air + Fire) to get past the shield. Claim the ((A-Disk-3)). Return the spiral path down to the lower gear and ride it to the great tree. Go past the huge crystal and up to the top of the great tree. Ok now go stand on the teleporter outside. Go to the circle on the ground, stand on the lift, and enter the [Air Guardianís stronghold] this area is very easy. First off, there are 3 paths that go up to key holders. Go to the end of the earth path (green one) and jump on to the platform beyond the end to claim the ((lvl-3 E)) Each path, near the start, has platforms off to the side that lead down to a key. It may take several tries, but get all the keys first. (Start walking up each path and look to the right for platforms actually one is by the save point.) With your new fly power, its not that hard anymore, is it? At the bottom of the paths are 1) A firewall 2) Electric trees 3) Acid Blocks. All easy to get past. Now that you have 3 keys, go up the water path. (Blue one) Plug the key and aim the laser at the globe on the left. Go to the fire path now. Plug in the key and aim the laser at the globe on the left. Go up the Earth path, plug the key in, and aim the laser to the globe on the left. After all globes are lit, return to a ladder in the middle and climb it. Hope in the light and get ready to fight! [AIR GAURDIAN] Whack her with acid as many times as you can. Kill her minions to get element refills. Kill her fake self if she duplicates. (God mode is useful here). Just keep whacking her till she dies. Easy battle. Grab the ((A-Disk-4)) when she is dead. Now go to the earth realm. Go to the top of the spiral path and down the first pulley into the desert area. Take the left stairs down, into the drilled hole, back into the volcano. (Donít worry, this is easy. Take the teleporter from when you first arrive in the volcano. You look up to see a disk fragment. Follow the path ahead of you. Stay to the right and you will come to an acid block. Melt the sucker and grab the ((L-Disk-3)). Back to the teleporter and out of the volcano for good. Ride the pulley back out and head to the temple of the elements. Stand on the circle in the middle of the floor and open the ìLife Sealî. Now begins the hardest puzzle in the game. Go up either path to the first ledge. When you get to a ledge, activate the switch. Go back down and then up the other path. Activate the switch at this ledge, then continue up. Now you are at a key holder. Face the gigantic humongous big crystal. Jump to either platform to your left or right toward the crystal. Now stand by the ring that has a platform with a key on top of it. Use the save code and restart the game. The platform will appear down below and start moving up. Jump on it. Get back on the ground. Run around the circular path to the other side and do the same thing. Now go to one of the keyholes. Put it in and go up to the switch. Activate it, then go back down to the keyhole. Jump across the platforms to the other keyhole. (or you can go the long way). Put it in, and go up to the switch and activate it. Now go up to the top. Get next to the life fragment and ( x- button) on the panel. There. NOW we are to the hard part. This is up to you. Guide the ball through all 20 green balls. Avoid the yellow streamers. They kill it. If you are about to hit one, like once inch away, hit x to return to Azurik, then x again to return to the energy ball. This avoids being killed. Use it as many times as you need. Other than that, good luck. This part took me 3 hours the first time. Be patient. When done, everything will align. Grab the ((L-Disk-4)). Ride down the steam. Now back down to lower town. Find a bridge that goes across and you can see another bridge completely broken hanging off the cliff. Go to that broken bridge. Jump across to the sewer entrance. Make your way to the middle area. Here are directions. At every intersection. Straight. Right (two rocks block left and straight). Left. Left. Right. Jump on the disk and prepare for hell. Stand on the seal and walk across the pathway. ---movie--- Crap. Backtracked a little. Time to work our way back up. You land on a belt that moves. Jump off at the oracle. Save if you want. Back on the belt. Let the belt pull you into the first teleport rock. The belt will take you into another rock! Keep going. You have been water dumped. . no really, anyway, find a lifter and ride it up. They all go to the same place, so donít worry. Let the belt take you into a rock. You will now pass over 2 multi-colored globes. Donít bother with them. Just go into the next rock. (donít jump on that rock, it takes you back to the top.) You emerge to be taken into a building. Donít get stomped. Go down the stairs inside and up a platform . grab ((key #1)), then back on the belt. Donít get chopped. Let the belt take you into the next rock. The next area of the belt has a building to the left and a rock to the right. Jump on the rock and then to the ((key #2)), then back to the rock, then into the building. woo hoo. You fell. ((key #3)) is at the base of one of those pools. Ride the platform back up and get on the belt again. Let it take you into that rock. Into the next building. You will dropped in goop. Get on the ledge and grab ((key #4)). Down the ladder, up the platform, and out the belt. Into the rock. Now, a rock will come level to your right at the end of this part of the belt . Donít go in the rock, go on the rock platform. It goes down. Jump on the next rock, then the next, then into the building entrance. Turn left and go in the right door. Grab ((key #5)). Go up the stairs on either end. One room has nothing, the other has bunny rabbits and a key all encased. Easy. Hit a switch to open the cage. Its always the one in front of it. (Kill the bloody bunnies for life). Grab ((key #6)). Down the stairs and out. Go hop into the water and up a lift. Follow the belt to the rock, but do not go in. Look for another belt right underneath the one you are on. (only an inch below you). Jump on it and go into the rock that that one takes you to. Into the next rock which drops you on a building. Jump on the rock onto the belt. Go in the rock. now go past the rock to your right and into the rock. You should emerge with multi-colored globes below you. Jump onto the rock to your right. Now jump on the belt and go AGAINST the belts direction. Jump on the rock that comes down. Head onto that belt and go to the oracle and save. Back on the belt, make a left and go against the belt again to the other ice platform. You can make the jump, I know it... Past the ice onto a rock, onto another ice platform, onto 3 platforms, on the third, jump again to send it back down. Jump to the rock on the right now, then onto more ice. Onto the last rock and onto the 6 key holder area. Put them in!! You are now in the [Elevator Maze] Hit the green button and wait for the elevator to stop. This place has weird electric tuff. Use the platforms to get to the top and flip the switch. Go back in the elevator and hit the purple switch now. Cross the path and hit the switch. (Note- there is another path here that leads to the exit of the death realm, but you donít need to leave.) Go back in the elevator and hit the red button. Go up any of the platforms and look for the acid block. Melt it, grab the key, and return to the elevator. There is a switch over there before you push any buttons. Activate the switch. ( put key first, then flip switch.) Now, hit the green button. There is a key on the ground floor in the ìelectricityî. Grab it. There is a switch on the second level here. Flip it. In the elevator, hit the red button. Now follow the path and flip the switch twice. Back in the elevator hit the red switch. Flip the switch at the top here. Then go back and hit the green button. Go to the third level and hit the switch. Back to the elevator, hit the purple switch. Cross the path, use the key, then flip the switch. Back in the elevator hit the green switch. Right when you enter this room, the switch is right by the entrance. Flip it and take the green button. Cross the path, flip the switch, and hit the red button in the elevator. Melt the ice block to get a key. Hit the switch on the other side of the room. Back in the elevator, hit the green switch. Plug in the key, then hit the switch. Save point here. Hit the purple Switch. Time for the Final Battle of the game. Defeat Balthazar the Same way you did before. Water hurts Fire, Fire hurts Earth, Earth hurts Wind, and Wind hurts Water. Beat the crap out of him and enjoy the ending. Donít forget to watch the credits!! They are so hilarious!! Hope this all worked for you. ENJOY!!! Cheats===to make the game easier, I give you the codes. Use them if you want. (Note, you have to do them fast or they wont work, but not too fast. You will hear a weird sound verifying that it worked. All codes should be done while playing in the game. Do not pause game) Afro Hair=Down D-pad, Right D-pad, black and white together, right joystick in, left joystick in, push stick toward each other, B, Y Big Head Mode= Right Joystick, Right Trigger, Down D-pad, Up D-pad, A Big Head Mode= Quickly click Right Analog-stick, press R, Down, Up, A. A sound will confirm correct code entry. God Mode= X, Black Button, White Button, Pull Both Triggers Together, Push in both Joysticks Together. Light Code=A, Right Joystick In, B, Right joystick in, Left Joystick in. (this code helps a lot) Save game anywhere= White Button, Up D-pad, Down D-pad, A, B, Right Joystick In. (Note, this can screw your game if you use it in a wrong spot. be careful. Donít use it on moving things especially.) Camera Mode= Right Trigger, Down D-pad, Up D-pad, Down D-pad, Up D-pad, Right joystick in, Left Joystick in. (It means push in until you hear a click.) This code helps so much by allowing you to see everything. Use the Joysticks and the triggers to have a look.) Rifill Heath and Power=Hold Left and rotate the Right Analog-stick from the Right side, counter-clockwise to the left side. Release Left, then press A, X. Change Location, Elemental Power Level, and Watch any movie any time. = Thumbsticks toward each other, Thumbsticks away from each other, press A, press B, click Right thumbstick, click Left thumbstick. --To navigate the menu use the D-pad and start to select items.--</p>