BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FAQ V0.8 Resident Evil Outbreak FAQ qritten by Stefanos Sotiriadis(aka Nakian) for Word wrap Character: Courier New Size: 9 Japanese Game Facts NTSC/C -------------------------- Game Name: Biohazard Outbreak Release Date: 12/11/2003 Serial Number: SLPM-65428 Format: DVD Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Features: Single Player,Memory Card 494KB Blocks,Broadband and Modem, Acces to Multiplayer Online Game Mode,PS2 HDD Net: Us Game Facts NTSC/U/C ---------------------- Game Name: Resident Evil Outbreak Release Date: 04/01/2004 Serial Number: SLUS-20765 Format: DVD Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Features:Single Player,Memory Card 494KB Blocks,Broadband Acces to Multiplayer Online Game Mode,PS2 HDD European Game Facts PAL ----------------------- Game Name: Resident Evil Outbreak Release Date: September 2004 Serial Number: ?? Format: DVD Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Features: Single Player,Memory Card ???KB Blocks Net: ?? RESIDENT EVIL OUTBREAK - CONTENTS -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Story II.1. Characters II.2. Enemies III.1. Weapons III.2.1. Healing Items III.2.2. Key Items III.3. Game Files IV. Walkthrough - Scenario Mode 1. Outbreak 2. Below Freezing Point 3. The Hive 4. Hellfire 5. Decisions,Decisions V. Strategies - Online Mode VI. Maps VII.1. Secrets VII.2. Codes for Cheat Devices VIII. Q&A IX. Legal Updates: ------------ V0.1 - 12/07/2003 Well nothing...really.Just ordered my game and built up my FAQ structure which by the way will look a bit more simple then its predecessors.Since I live Europe I wont be able toplay the Online Mode (or so it seems).I divided the games' walthrough into 2 parts which should make it easier for offline/online users. V0.2 - 02/04/2004 Started off the FAQ and finished the Outbreak scenario. V0.3 - 02/14/2004 Started all the sections and finished the scenarios on EASY/NORMAL. V.0.4 - 02/22/2004 Finished all scenarios on HARD.Started playing VERY HARD now. V.0.5 - 03/17/2004 Finished the healing items.Preorder my US version in order to be able to complete the "KEY" and "FILES" sections.The FAQ is by now more then complete enough.Posting at you'll find it helpful. V.0.7 - 04/07/2004 DELAYS!DELAYS!My US version will reach me in a few days (SRY!).Finished the characters,enemies and weapons sections.Key Items,Secrets and and Files sections will follow until this FAQ is complete.Also bad news for PAL players ;( (me too). I'm also steadily updating the map section. V.0.8 - 04/10/2004 I finally got my US versio of the game.Currently sorting out the differences. I started the Files and Key Items sections.Finished the stiff for teh first scenario. the rest is soon to follow. IMPORTANT NOTE:Before you go on reading,one thing is required.You have to make sure THAT YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE CONTROLS!I know it sounds dumb but I wont tell anything about the controls in my walkthrough (Game Booklet anyone?).If you want to change/see the controls either consider the use of your game booklet (hehe) or use the game options.Other than that there's nothing left.Read on! I.Story -------------------------------------------------------------------- The story of Resident Evil Outbreak deals yet another time with...well an outbreak,the well-known outbreak in Raccoon City which supposedly is famous amongst all Resident Evil players around the globe.This time players are in charge of the control of 8 chracters,ordinary citizens surviving this terrible disaster.The outbreak has leaked out a virus with muta-genic characteristics which turns the population of the city into merely dumb,flesh eaiting zombies hunting for their former kind.It's up to you with help of 3 other characters to lead your character through this impersonated death trap and survive... II.Characters & Enemies -------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------- In contrast to other former Resident Evil games Resdient Evil Outbreak offers astoundingly 8 different characters!Thus making the game even more interesting by expanding its' replay value.Resident Evil Outbreak also features a new element,the "SPECIAL ACTION",which applies to every character.In addition to that action there's also the "SPECIAL ITEM" feature which has been already used in multiple other Resident Evil games.Charactres are listed with their special actions and items.Besides that the characters also got a specific characteristic which enables them to have a stronger attack etc. These are commonly derived from their physical appearance. Name: KEVIN RYMAN Kevin Ryman applied for his membership for the S.T.A.R.S. team failed to fulfill the needed requirements.Kevin is your standard brave RPD pollice officer. Special Ability: Kevin can kick enemies away (won't last for too long though) Charateristic: Can shoot enemies more precisely when holding a pistol.Hence causing a lot of damage (doesn't work with all kinds of handguns). Special Item: .45 Handgun Name: MARK WILKINS Mark is a vietnam veteran who came to Raccoon City to start a new life apart from his memories in war.He started to work as a Security guard in the sity. Mark is strong and also owns a gun from the start. Special Ability: Mark puts himself into defensive stance thus reducing the damage Characteristic: Mark can cause more damage to enemies when using melee weapons thus making them more vulnerable to break. Special Item: Handgun Name: GEORGE HAMILTON George used to work as a surgeon in Raccoon City Hospital.He recently got divorced from his wife and has a great knowledge concerning medicine. Special Ability: George can push zombies away Characteristic: His surgeon skills enable him to regain more vitality when using a healing item.He can also create useful pills with it. Special Item: Medical Set George's pills: See below "healing items". Name: CINDY LENNOX Cindy works as a waitress in J's Bar.She's a nice person but is thinking about finally getting a new job.Since she suddenly has to deal with zombie customers.... ;) Special Ability: Can avoid enemy attacks by ducking herself Characteristic: Cindy can heal nearby allies with her Herb Case without having to hand it over.She can also use their case to hold to store the herbs indivudually. Special Item: Herb Case Name: DAVID KING David is one of Raccoon City's plumbers.He's quiet person who is rumored to have had a criminal past.As a plumber he's able to combine items in order create new items. Special Ability: Can throw various tools at enemies from his toolbox Charateristic: Certain melee weapons allow David to perform multiple hits at a time.His tool box holds a duct tape and junk parts which enable you to repair weapons or form new ones. Special Item: Tool Box David's self-made weapons: Most of these weapons are formed by using the duct tape in david's tool box.The shotgun is an exception though. |--------------------|-------------------||------------------| | Item 1 | Item 2 || New item | |--------------------|-------------------||------------------| |--------------------|-------------------||------------------| | Iron Pipe | Battery || Teaser | |--------------------|-------------------||------------------| | Iron Pipe | Rock || Rock pipe | |--------------------|-------------------||------------------| | Pesticide Spray | Lighter || Flame thrower | |--------------------|-------------------||------------------| | Broken shotgun | Junk parts || Shotgun | |--------------------|-------------------||------------------| | Wooden pole | Knife || Spear | |--------------------|-------------------||------------------| Name: ALYSSA ASHCROFT Alyssa works for Raccoon Press and is yet another reporter looking for scoop (Ben anyone?).Since her job always contained danger, the danger caused by the outbreak isn't new to her anyway.She also has lockpicks to open simple locks. Special Ability: Alyssa makes a small jump backwards to avoid enemy attacks Characteristic: Somewhat similar to Kevin she has shooting skills.Unlike Kevin they don't suffer the maximum damage. Special Item: Lockpicking-Tools Doors vulnerable to Alyssa's abilities: See map section for further details Name: JIM CHAPMAN Jim works as a subway employee.He talks a lot and is a very cheerful one when it comes to discussions.He's good at solving puzzles but is always in a strange mood.His coin is used to raise probability for a shot with 45% being the maximum. Special Ability:Jim pretends to be dead resulting that enemies don't pay any attention.This uses up his virus gauge though so don't use it too much. Characteristic:If he visits a room for the first time and has already found the map,the map will indicate all items in the room when opened up. Special Item: Coin Name: YOKO SUZUKI Yoko is a university student or that's what she says about herself.Progressing further in the game reveals a lot more about her personality.Her knapsack enables here to hold additional 4 spaces for items. Special Ability:Yoko evades an enemy attack and falls down crawling away Special Item: Knapsack The following characters have an appearance in the game but can't be controlled by conventional means(NPC's). Name: WILL Will is the waiter in J's bar.Apart from his admiration towards Cindy he's a gentle person.Well how long will he able to stand against their new type of customers...? Name: BOB Just like his mate Mark,Bob is another security guard.He seems to be a bit tired lately.The sudden outbreak seems to have taken it's toll on him...somehow. Name: Policemen I wont list all the policemen in the scenario.But there are up 5-6 you'll see/encounter in the scenario.Some will help you out and a few others will be in a cutscene. Name: MONICA The only character from the second scenario seems to know about Yoko. She seems to have worked in the underground labs beofre the outbreak occured. Name: HURSH Hursh is the doctor in the hospital that enters the room at the start of the scenario.He unlocks the elevator for you. Name: Firemen The firemen,GILL & DANNY, were just about entering the Apple Inn in the boiler room when the explosion occured.The result was an instant death for both. Name: FRANK Frank is the sciencist in the last scenario.His work is the new Tyrant-T. He also seems to know more about Yoko then she reveals about herself. Name: NICOLAI GINOVEAF Nicolai makes a small retorn from Resident Evil 3.In his small appearances he investiages parts of the streets and gathers information about the new tyrant life form.As ever he's dangerous to come by. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ENEMIES -------------------------------------------------------------------- Name:ZOMBIES Occurence: Every scenario on every difficulty Zombies lurk around every corner in Resident Evil Outbreak.They have different cinds of attacking this time.They can slap you or you or like always bite you when they approximate.They can be found in every scenario and should be taken care of with melee weapons on EASY/NORMAL/HARD.They're a true pain on VERY HARD though. In this case just shoot them to free one of your partners,otherwise try to avoid them. Name: CROWS Occurence: Outbreak (NORMAL/HARD/VERY HARD) Hellfire (NORMAL/HARD/VERY HARD) The crows have become a bit more annoying this tiem around.Killing them rquires a bit of skill.Wait for them to attack you when they coem down to you avoid their attack turn aroudn quickly and shoot them.You can easily kill them by using the knife when they attack one of your partners. Name: CRAWLERS Occurence: Outbreak (HARD/VERY HARD) A very nice addition to the HARD/VERY HARD modes indeed.These crawlers replace the zombies in the streets in the Outbreak Scenario when you reach the streets in fron of J's Bar.Their attacks can poison you.You can easily defeat them by standing next to them and stomping them with your kicks down.Sounds easy...well it is...if there weren't the others around. Name: HUNTERS-ALPHA Occurence: Below Freezing Point,every difficulty Hunters are creatures more heavily exposed to the T-Virus compared to zombies.The can jump at you and their attacks can be deadly.You can easily defeat them on easier difficulties but on higher ones they become an unbearable opponent.Run,dodge,escape.That's the deal. Name: G-LARVAS Occurence: Below Freezing Point,every difficulty Occurence: When facing the G-Image you'll stumble across many G-Larvas which are discharged by the Imago.Stomp them or shoot them.I Name: LEECHES Occurence: The Hive,every difficulty The leeches from Resident Evil 0 make a return in Outbreak.They're still as annoying as the used to be but add a viral effect to their attack.You can stomp them or shoot them to kill them.On HARD/VERY HARD they seem to falling down from everywhere.Shoot them or stomp them. Name: LICKERS Occurence: Below Freezing Point (VERY HARD) Hellfire,every difficulty Another foe from Resident Evil 2.As usual the licker uses it's long tongue to attack from afar.When being on the ceiling it can stretch it's tongue around your neck.Killit with your Shotgun or ignore it. Name: HUNTERS-GAMMA Occurence: Decisions,Decisions,every difficulty The hunters from Resident Evil 3:Nemesis make an appearnce in the water tanks situated on the B4 level in the last scenario.Their attack sheme is pretty much the same with their alpha counterparts.Be careful when falling into water!They can stove you in no time! Name: SHARKS Occurence: Decisions,Decisions,every difficulty The sharks have pretty much the same tasks as in the original Resident Evil.They're here to disturb you. The bridge located in the Pier has a few important item you should take.Just ignore the sharks and run away.If the get you down from the bridge try to get back up as quick as possible.Their mouths are big enough for you to have a seat. Name: GIANT WASPS Occurence: Decisions,Decisions,every difficulty The giant wasps are a realpain this time around.Their stings can poison you when they flay down to attack you.From behind they'll even stab you down to ground.Shooting them requires a bit of skill since they move quickly and the areas with their occurence are either too big,too small or just too inconvenient.Ignoring them is just as good if not better. -------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS ENEMIES -------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: G-IMAGO Occurence: Below Freezing Point The G-Imago makes a return after its' appearance in Resident Evil 2.It's behaviour is just as bad though.It can vomit g-larvas which will insistently drain energy from your character.You can kill the G-Image quite easily by just using your available weapons like the Shotgun or even the Magnum if you're Yoko.On harder difficulties it is recommended to just kill it with turntable by pressing the button on the right side twice.The G-Imago can be kileld by just 2 attacks from the turntable. Name: LEECH MAN Occurence: The Hive The leech man gets annoying quickly.After you've picked your first handgun he'll chase you from room to room via the available ventilation holes.Do not attack him or waste ammo on him since you can't defeat him in a conventional way.In order to beat him you have to lure him into the B2 level and burn him down to pieces with the high temperature facility.Beating him is essential for your progress but your partners may also become the leech man/woman.They're just as bad and can't be beaten in any way. Name: GIANT LEECH Occurence: The Hive The next menace from "The Hive" level can as usual be beaten with ordinary weaponry. It's recommended though.There are two other possibilities.You can lure it under a valve handle in order to take it down by shooting at the handles at the ceiling.If this doesn't work for you or you just in case you run out of ammo you can lure it back to your start point.Get back up and start kicking it untilit falls.You may face a struggle with your viral outbreak though since this is quite time consuming. Name: FEMALE LICKER Occurence: Hellfire The female transformation of the lickers hangs down from the ceiling and attacks you with its huge tongue whenever you come close.Keep a certain distance and start firing at it untilit falls.Use the alarm to get the other lickers away from you.On higher difficulties this may get tedious since the other lickers steadiliy reappear.Shoot a few but concentrate on the female licker in that case. Name: TYRANT-R Occurence: Decisions,Decisions You'll face the Tyrant TWICE this time around.The first time you should gather all types of weaponry around and make us eof them to blast him around.You shoudl also be able to find the Rocket Launcher which is of great help in this fight.Be aware of his jumps and his giant arm attacks.You have enough space so make use of that too. In the second fight you should take the Injection Gun from the tank and load it up with your Daylight Item.Shooz him once and he'llf all.You could still blast him with oyur other weapons though (not recommended). III. - 1. - Weapons -------------------------------------------------------------------- FIREARMS -------------------------------------------------------------------- Knife ----- Found: The Knife can be found in every scenario. Ammo: - Suggested use are merely zombies.Nearly useless anyway.Better grab some Melee Weapons.They have a longer range.David also has a Knife in his inventory from the start which he can use to stab the enemy twice which is not bad. Handgun ------- Found: The Handgun can be found in every scenario. Ammo: 9mm Parabellum Rounds. There are actually 2 types of Handguns.The first one supposedly is a Beretta which 15 bullets in a single clip and the second type only holds 13 bullets.Either gun is pretty effective against nearly every creature.Mark also starts with a Handgun in his inventory. Handgun SG ---------- Found: The Hive,Night Reception 1F (EASY/NORMAL) The Hive,Roof,Policeman (HARD) Ammo: 9mm Parabellum Rounds. This gun can fire 3 bullets at once and is pretty strong.You can only find in scenario 3 by the fire in the night reception when playing on EASY or NORMAL. The weapon can hold up to 20 bullets. Shotgun ------- Found: The Shotgun can be found in every scenario. Ammo: Shotgun Bullets The next classic weapon.The Shotgun offers everything you might want to blast your enemies away.While it ammo is not necessary scarce it only becomes effective when use at close range.Keep that weapon away from AI partners.They'll waste the ammo quickly.David may also find a broken one which he can repair with his tools. Colt ----- Found: Outbreak,Street Alley before the mall by a window opposing the Blue Herb Outbreak,Street Alley in the police van (EASY) Ammo: Magnum Bullets The Colt is pretty useful when descending to the main street.It can be loaded only once on EASY MODE .45 Handgun ----------- Found: Kevins weapon from the start Ammo: .45 Bulltes The .45 Handgun is pretty good for every situation.Neither is it really bad neither totally good and mind blowing.I would suggest using this weapon only when there's nothing else left in Kevins inventory.Aim and wait for him to prepare a precise shot.That should always be enough to keep away one or two zombies.Using this on bigger enemies works well though. Magnum ------ Found: Below Freezing Point,B5F Passway of Area B,by the corpse (YOKO) Ammo: - Found only by Yoko this Magnum holds up to 5 Bullets and has no other bullets for you left in the game.This gun blows nearly everything away with a single shot.Save it up for your G-Imago fight. To get it, interact with the corpse in the laboratory on B5 with Yoko to get it. Sub Machine Gun --------------- Found: The Hive, Rooftop (EASY),Policeman Ammo: 9mm Parabellum Rounds Only found on easy difficulty this weapon does a pretty decent job in substituting your ordinary handguns.It can hold up to 30 bullets at a single time.Does a good job against every enemy in the 3rd scenario. Grenade Launcher ---------------- Found: Hellfire,Room 30# Ammo: Grenade Rounds Yet another classic weapon.The Grenade Launcher can be loaded with as much Rounds as you want since it gets reloaded after every single shot.You can only load it with plain simple rounds this time around though. Assault Rifle ------------- Found: The Hive,Roof, Decisions,Decisions, Old Subway Rail Decisions,Decisions, Old Subway Rail Car Decisions,Decisions, 1F Passage Elevator Locker (EASY) Ammo: Assault Rifle Clip The Assault Rifle makes up for a pretty decent experience.It can hold up to 30 bullets and can only be foudn twice in the game.Use a First Aid Spray onto the policeguy on the Roof in The Hive scenarion (aim down) or simply get it in the Train when searching for the V-Poison capsule.The Rifle does well against zombies and the like and decent against bigger enemies. Rocket Launcher --------------- Found: Decisions,Decisions, Unloading Pasage Ammo: - Just like in every other Resident Evil game the Rocket Launcher makes an appearance in the "Take this and kill the Tyrant" pattern.This time again you should take it and kill the tyrant off with it.It's pretty strong and does the highest ammount of damage. Injection Gun ------------- Found: Decisions,Decisions, Front Square on the tank Ammo: Daylight Found in the last room in the game,use this weapon and load it up with your Daylight.Shoot the Tyrant only ONCE with it to take him down. -------------------------------------------------------------------- MELEE WEAPONS -------------------------------------------------------------------- Scrub Brush ----------- Found: In nearly every scenario Weak "weapon".But you can shove away a few zombies anyway.The range is still better than any Knife found in the game.The Scrub Brush gets broken very quickly.It becomes a WOODEN POLE and a PILE OF WOOD afterwards. IRON PIPE -------------- Found: In every scenario IRON PIPEs do a decent ammount of damage when compared to other Melee weapons.David can combine pipes with batteries and stones to form even stronger weapons.Pipes do a good job until they crumble.They become BEND IRON PIPES when overused and in the end can be thrown at enemies. Crutch --------- Found: The Hive scenario Only found in scenario 3 this weapons makes up for stupid looking experience.It's pretty useless and gets broken quite easy.Still a good range when compared to the Knife.The crutch gets broken just as easy as other melee weapons and becomes a PILE OF WOOD. -------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER WEAPONS -------------------------------------------------------------------- Pesticde Spray -------------- Found: In nearly every scenraio We're doing progress ;).The spray has a good range whil still pretty close.It gets really effective when combined to a Fire Spray with a Lighter by David with the help of his tools.Anyway good enough to kill one or two enemies. Bottles with Acid ----------------- Found: Below Freezing Point Found only in the second scenario I woudl recommend using them against the zombies and the hunters.Both turn out to be at least decent.Be careful when enemies are close.You might throw it and it may not hit them. Bottles with Flame ------------------ Found: Below Freezing Point Or Molotov Cocktail.Your choice anyway.Just like the acid bottles they do a good ammount of damge and their use is just like these ones. Molotov Cocktails ----------------- Better then the other bottles in any sense since they cover a lot of ground.They come in handy especially on HARD/VERY HARD when playing the Outbreak scenario.To form them you'll need: ALCOHOL BOTTLES + RACCON TODAY = BOTTLE WITH RACCON TODAY Then use a LIGHTER to from 5 of these. III - 2.1. Healing Items -------------------------------------------------------------------- The healing items cover the famous herbs from past Resident Evil games and for the first time the pills which can be found everywhere and which can be made by George to decrease the speed of the viral outbreak in your body. Item 1/2/3= The herbs you use/combine M.Set= The Medical Set used by George Mixture= The item that is formed by combining the herbs/mixing set P= Pill Vitality= The portion of vitality the item delivers Poison= Whether the item cures poison Bleeding= Whether the item stops the bleeding Virus= Whether the item delays the viral outbreak for your character X= Intensity |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Item 1|Item 2|Item 3|M.Set|Mixture |Vitality|Poison|Bleeding|Virus| |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green | - | - | - | - | 25% | - | - | - | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| | Blue | - | - | - | - | - | X | - | - | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| | Red | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green |Green | - | - |M.Herb | 50% | - | - | - | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green | Blue | - | - |M.Herb | 25% | X | - | - | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green | Red | - | - |M.Herb | 100% | - | - | - | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| | Blue | Red | - | - |M.Herb | - | X | - | - | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green |Green |Green | - |M.Herb | 100% | - | - | - | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green |Green | Blue | - |M.Herb | 50% | X | - | - | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green | Blue | Red | - |M.Herb | 100% | X | - | - | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green | - | - | X |Antidote | - | X | - | X | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| | Blue | - | - | X | Blue P | 25% | - | - | X | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| | Red | - | - | X | Red P | - | - | X | X | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green | Blue | - | X |Antivirus| - | - | - | XX | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| | Blue | Red | - | X |Bl.R. P | 100% | - | - | X | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green |Green | Blue | X |White P | - | - | - | XX | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Green | Blue | Red | X |OrangeP | - | - | - | XXX | |------|------|------|-----|---------|--------|------|--------|-----| |First Aid Spray | 100% | - | - | - | |------------------------------------|--------|------|--------|-----| |Vaccine | - | - | - | CURE| |------------------------------------|--------|------|--------|-----| Generally speaking: Herb mixtures containing blue herbs are capable of curing poison. Pills always decrease the viral progress for your character. Only a red pill stops the bleeding. Pills delay the viral outbreak.The vaccine cures it. III - 2.2. Key Items -------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: STAFF ROOM KEY Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar,on the counter (EASY/NORMAL) J's Bar,Will,after the zombies have raided the bar (HARD/VERY HARD) Usage:Unlock the nearby door to the STAIRS BETWEEN 1F & 2F with it Name: NAIL GUN Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar 2F,Staff Room,on the desk Usage: You can use the nail gun as weapon.But it's rather used to board up the hallway in the Staff Romm. Name: KEY WITH BLUE TAG Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar 2F,Staff Room,on the table under the Raccoon Today item (EASY/NORMAL) J's Bar 2F,Owner's Room,outside on the chair (HARD/VERY HARD) Usage: Us ethis to unlock the stairs in the Staff Room Name ALCOHOL BOTTLE Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar 3F, Liquor Room,on crates Usage: Use these to form Molotov Cocktails or use them on the picture on 2F to unlock the drawer. Name: FORKLIFT KEY Scneraio: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar 3F,Wine Room,on the table (EASY/NORMAL) J's Bar 2F,Owner's Room,drawer (HARD/VERY HARD) Usage: Use this key to activate the forklift on 3F. Name: STORAGE ROOM KEY Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar Rooftop,3F to Rooftop stairway,desk (EASY/NROMAL/HARD) J's Bar 2F,Break Room,under the bed, (VERY HARD) Occurence:Used to unlock the storage room on the rooftop. Name: LIGHTER Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar 2F,Drawing Room,on the desk Town,Slope along the canal,from dead policemen Usage: Another part required to form the Molotov Cocktail.But rather important is that you need it to trigger an event later on after you've turned the valve handle.After the oil is on the streets use it to brun your enemies down. Name: DETONATOR HANDLE Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: Town,Main Street,right part of the street,corpse Usage: First part needed to form the DETONATOR. Name: DETONATOR MAIN UNIT Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: Town,Main Street,left part of the street Usage: Second part needed to form the DETONATOR. Name: DETONATOR Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: Formed by the handle and the main unit. Usage: Use it on the policmans' corpse in the main street to trigger the final event. rest to follow... III - 3. Game Files -------------------------------------------------------------------- PLAYING MANUAL 1 Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar *CAUTION* Status Screen Other enemies and PCs do not pause while this screen is accessed. Note:the screen will revert back to normal gameplay in the instance you are attacked. *Note:each button function will vary if you have altered the controller setting from their defaults. [MOVE] Move your character with the directional buttons or the left analog stick. The D-pad maintains your character's direction. [MOVE 2] When you use the left analog stick your character turns and changes his/her direction. [Aiming and attacking] Hold down the R1 button to aim.Press the X button while aiming to fire. Change firing directions by pressing any direction while aiming.Switch targets with the L1 button. [Reloading Part 1] You can reload your weapon either by combining your gun with the corresponding bullets in the status screen or by pushing the L1 button while your weapon is equipped. [Reloading Part 2] Reloading takes more time depending on the ammount of bullets reloaded. There is an item which enables you to fully reload your weapon with one press of the L1 button. [Special actions] In addition to standard actions such as walking and running, players can move other obstacles & clim ladders.Press the X-button near various obstacles/ladders to climb them. [Giving items] You can give an item to another player by choosing an item in the status screen and then coosing the "Present" command. [Requesting items] You can request an item from another player by choosing another player's item from the status screen and then choosing the "Request" comamnd. ["Schouldering" an injured teammate] Push the X-button near the injured PC to lend him/her your shoulder as a crutch.Push the O-button to stop shloudering them.You can help dying PCs by shouldering them up as well. [Ad-Lib Chat system] By pushing the []-button, the PC will speak a random line of dialogue based on the situation.Their casual dialogue may give you a clue about what to do to clear the scenario. [Fixed Chat commands] You can communicate with other PCs by using the right analog stick.use this feature to inform other PCs that you plan or if you need to call for their help. PLAYING MANUAL 2 Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: Stairs between 1F & 2F [Character status] Check damage statuts via the ECG FINE (Green)...Normal CAUTION (Yellow)...Slightly wounded CAUTION (Crimson)...Moderate wounds DANGER (Red)...Seriously wounded [Poison] If you get poisoned your vitality gradually decreases as thetime passes. The electrocardiogram (ECG) will display (POSIN) while you're poisoned. [Blood loss] If you get attacked and lose lots of blood, your movement speed slows and, and your vitality decreases as you move. The (ECG) displays the word (BLEED) while you are loosing blood. [Virus gauge] The virus gauge on the status screen shows the player's virus infection rate.If it reaches the 100% the player dies regardless of his/her remaining vitality. [Crawlin part 1] If you receive too much damage,your player will start crawling on the floor. While you're crawiling you can't enter certain rooms and perform certain attacks. Whiel you're crawling your virus gauge increases at a much quickier rate than normal.To avoid having to crawl you must use a recovery item or have other PCs "shoulder" you up. [Map part 1] View basic room information for any previously visited room by pressing the /\-button to acces the map.If you obtain a map, info on unentered rooms on that map are displayed. [Map part 2] Green Room - Rooms you've been to. Red Room - Currently occuoied room. Yellow Door - Unexplored doors. Blue Door - Opened doors. Red Door - Unopened doors. [Herbs part 1] recover status ailments with herbs. Green Herb - Recouvers your vitality. Blue Herb - Cures Poison. Red Herb - Amplifies the potency of a herb. [Herbs part 2] herbs can be mixed together. Ex: Green + Red = Mixed Herb There are many other ways to mix herbs so you can create herbs that have various effects. [Checking other PC's status] If you're in the same room with other PCs, you can check their virus gauge, items, etc. on the status screen. [Exchanging items with a dead PC] Even if another PC dies, you can still exchange items with him/her by opening the status screen in the room he/she died in. [Temporary Save] You can temporariliy save the game by accessing typewriters found withing ecah scenario.Note: previous game data disappears when you laod a temporary save game. DIARY OF BAR'S STAFF Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar 2F,Locker Romm I hate the kids living in the next apartment.They sneak into this building via an accessway on the roof almost ever day and cause so much trouble!The day before yesterday, they closed the shutter on the 3rd floor while I wasn't looking.becasue of that I couldn't go to the roof to get a package I needed.The I got a good scolding from Jack.How ridiculous!It's not even my fault!I can't remember how many times they broke the lock that holds the sign to the chain-link fence.However I have welded it so that they will never be able to enter.If they shoudl break it I will sue them for damaging my property.You better watch your butts kids! JACK'S MEMO Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar 2F,Owner's Room,drawer To Cindy: Please bring the package from Robert's store to my room.I'm having lots of dangerous customers lately so I asked him to fix-up my gun.I've had enough! Those muscle bound punks have shown up almost every night for one week. Tonight I'll threaten them with my gun and turn them away. P.S. there may be no space in my room for the package.If that's the case put it in the Drawing Room. PLAY SINGLE PLAYER MODE Scenario: Outbreak Occurence: J's Bar 3F,Wine Room The main feature of Single Player Mode is the "Partner AI".This is a character/several characters that assist the PC and are CPU controlled. Gameplay will change depending on PC interaction.Your AI partner performs actions just like the character you control.He/she can move,attack,use items,chat,help others etc.Of course when they run out of vitality the will die like any other character...You must decide how to interact with your AI partners.Will you help your AI partner battle against some enemies. Or will you let them take one for the team and cover you whileyou run away. AI partner actions and commands Each AI prtner has their own personality.Sometimes he/she follows you and sometimes they do not.Their actions change according to the progress of a scenario and their current conditions.You can make a request to your AI partners by using the "Appeal A" function (press the right analog stick).Note that they may not always answer your request because they have their own personalities.When your request is rejected by an AI partner wait for a moment and try again. Note: If you're too far from your AI partner,your request wont reach them. When making a request, the nearest AI partner will react.To make a direct request to a specific AI partner,use the "Appeal B" function (press L2 and right analogue stick together). AI partner items AI partners can have items just like you can.They can also take,exchange, combine items via their own accord. AI partners have their own personalities,the find items,use them and fight the enemy.Some partners use items,some others save them up.The way a character acts depends on his personality.You can exchange items with your partners.To offer an item use the "give" command.To ask for an item us ethe "request" command. Normally you'll give an item to the closest AI partner.However if designate a specific partner using the Appeal command you can give items to specific partners. Whiel your AI partners are seperated from you, he/she may acquire or use items. when you meet up with your AI partners again,check his/her status screen.They may have picked up some important items.Choosing the correct items is key for survival. Do you carry the good items and put your AI partner at risk pr do you try to keep your backup alive to support you against the enemies? RACCOON TDOAY Scenario: Outbreak Occurece: In front ogf apple inn,vending machine next to the taxi AN EERIE VOICE FROM THE UNDERGROUND Recently there is spooky talk around South Campbell street.It is said that groans can be heard from the drainage system at night.It is easy to dismiss it as ghost story that middle school students love to talk about on camping nights.But the ammount of missing people has increased rapidly at thsi locale for the past month.8 people have gonemissing.Strangely,the missing people have lot in common: They're all single white females aged 18 to 23 with beutiful blonde hair.The street was wrapped in a dense fog the day after they went missing.From the sewer drain which runs north-south along the street a woman's constrained voice could be heard for several hours.Of course the drainage sewers have been thorougly inverstigated.But neither the missing person nor any traces have been found.Teh Police Department has so far denied the relationship with teh bizzare incidents that have rapidly increased after the mansion incident.However the events must be related. rest to follow... IV. Walkthrough - Scenario Mode -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- This walkthorugh is divided into 2 parts.The first one deals with the offline mode.The second merely only gives you advice about dealing with your partners etc. The game often has some differences in terms of item locations and the development of the action.Both of these will be mentioned in just these cases.In a few scenarios you will also experience different cutscenes with depending on your character or your AI partners.Brackets will indicate differences to other difficulties: EASY/NORMAL(HARD/VERY HARD).No brackets means that there's no difference amongst all difficulties at all.The lockpicks for Alyssa are as followed: (EASY-,NORMAL-, HARD-,VERY HARD-) LOCKPICKS.The SP items also have this pattern EASY/NORMAL(HARD/ VERY HARD) Before we start the general advice: 1.USE AMMO WISELY since it's scarce and you'llneed it! 2.AVOID ENEMIES as good as you can.This will pay off in more ammo and health (ATTENTION:Performing it wrong may result in destruction too!) 3.TRADE ITEMS when you don't them or your partner has captured a key item.You can also obtain an item and leave behind another one. 4.WATH OUT FOR HINTS since many of them contain useful information like passwords and stuff. 5.WATCH YOUR ENEMIES' BEHAVIOUR Some are invulnerable and can only be avoided by strategies. This is (at least to me) the general RESIDENT EVIL ADVICE (you know it ,I know it ,we all know it but hey...).Anyway get your joypads ready put the DVD in.Start your PS2 (I assume that you know the controls,I may sometimes point to something anyway,anyway change the controls in the Options menu to fix your needs). The game is divided into scenarios.Each of them has it's own part in this walkthorugh: IV. - 1. Outbreak -------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT OUTBREAK: Characteristically the Outbreak scenario offers a LOT OF ZOMBIES!They will follow you wherever you are.Often even aided by some crows.Be prepared for these when playing.Especially on harder difficulties this can turn out to be quite tedious.The streets of Raccoon City will be flooded by crawlers instead of zombies which makes it even more difficult. You start off with a cutscene in J's Bar.After the cutscene you'll be raided by hordesof zombies,trying to bust in through the door.2 barrels are located in front of the Bar windows,you can shove them in front of the door but the zombies will raid the bar either way.Being in control of Yoko has you started in the womens bathroom. Your objective is to open the door at the backin order to get to the 2nd floor.The room also has BOB, a friend of MARK.You can take him with you if you want to (PRESS O).Get the HANDGUN(KNIFE) from the Bar go all the way around and get the KEY.On Hard/Very Hard the key can be found at the waiter's corpse after the zombies have crushed in. Go on up ahead collecting item (AI partners can get these as well of course so item trading is self-evident).You can get an INSECT SPRAY and a FIRST AID SPRAY inside the counter.The [PLAYING MANUAL 1] lies nearby the men's toilet.The men's bathroom includes a GREEN HERB and a HANDGUN.The women's one has a SCRUB BRUSH.The hallway back there also has a BLUE HERB. IMPORTANT NOTE: As Alyssa you can use your (I-,I-,P-,S-)Lockpick to unlock the door you areforced to open with the key.This can be advantegeous when playing on HARD/VERY HARD. In the next room THE STAIRS BETWEEN 1F and 2F you'll see another [PLAYING MANUAL 2] next to the door you just came in and a GREEN HERB at the stairs a bit further.Go ahead into the STAFF ROOM.The STAFF ROOM has an intersection.Ahead is the BREAK ROOM which contains nothing useful apart from a MAP,IRON PIPE and HANDGUN BULLETSx15.Entering the intersection will bring you 2 doors.The one to the right is your aim the left one is the LOCKER ROOM which contains lockers with a BLUE HERB (-),HANDGUN BULLETSx15,a WOODEN STICK,a FILE,a WHITE PILL and a locker that only can be accessed by Cindy which contains yet another 2 GREEN HERBS.Backin the STAFF ROOM get the RACCON TODAY and the KEY that's under it.On the desk on the opposite site you'll find a STAPLE GUN which is loaded and can be used to build up a barricade by the wooden planks at the intersection.Next to where the KEY was located is a RED HERB (-) and two doors.The first one leads to the OWNER'S ROOM which is importinat for the HARD/VERY HARD MODE later on.The room has 2 GREEN HERBS(-) and a BLUE HERB (-).If you're playing on HARD/VERY HARD you'll receive the KEY here instead of the herbs.The second room (the one not being in the corner) is the DRAWING ROOM which contains a FILE,a LIGHTER,RACCON TODAY,HANDGUNN BULLETS x15,45 BULLETSx14,a IRON PIPE by the corner and a HANDGUN in the cupboard if you are Alyssa and unlock this one with your (S-,S-,W-,W-) lockpics to receive a SHOTGUN/HANDGUN(HANDGUN/FIRST AID SPRAY). Being David enables you to combine the insect spray and the lighter to a fire spray,consider beforehand. You and up having that KEY in order to open the only locked door on this floor,the stairs which lead to the LIQOUR ROOM.Turn to the right and enter the WINE ROOM,you'll find a FILE,an OIL BOTTLE,a FIRST AID SPRAY (GREEN HERB) and the KEY in EASY/NORMAL mode which is required to operate the forklift in the LIQUOR ROOM.You can also save here and find an SP ITEM in the cupboards.Next to the typewriter are SHOTGUN BULLETSx7 (HANDGUN BULLETS).Go back out.It's probably the you will come across several zombies.The LIQOUR ROOM contains OIL BOTTLES ahead and a closed shutter.If you're playing in HARD/VERY HARD mode you have to take some of these bottles and go back down to the OWNERS ROOM.Use the bottles on the paintings to get the KEY you got in the WINE ROOM on EASY/NORMAL.Having obtained the KEY go the the forklift and use the KEY on it.Operate it afterwards.You'll also find a BLUE HERB and a GREEN HERB (-) in the corner.If you took Bob with you,you have to leave him in front of the stairs and the closed shutter. IMPORTANT NOTE: Playing on HARD/VERY HARD makes this a bit more complicated.Get one of the BOTTLES and go back to the OWNER'S ROOM.USe it on the pictures on the wall to unlock the the drawer by the nearby desk.Get the KEY and the FILE and go back up. Go up the ladder and head crawlingly into THE STAIRS BETWEEN 3F AND ROOFTOP.Go down and open the shutter to have Bob and others flowing in (zombies not excluded).Go up to find the STORAGE ROOM KEY and a FIRST AID SPRAY.Go out to the ROOFTOP and head on to witness a cutscene if you took Bob with you and Mark is still alive.Bob will commit suicide in EASY/NORMAL/HARD and become a zombie on VERY HARD.You can take his HANDGUN when he's dead.Go on watch out for the zombie and the crows and enter the STORAGE ROOM with help of the KEY.The room contains a HANDGUN CLIP above the crates at the right part of the roomand a FIRST AID SPRAY.Go back out and shove against the broken shutter untill it breakes and go up.Watch the cutscene.A countdown will start.Go ahead and jump across to the next building (time your jump with 0).Help your partners when needed (PRESS O) and head into the door.The TOP FLOOR OF THE APARTMENT has a RED HERBand an elevator (a female zombie will burst in on HARD).Use it and go down to 1F OF THE APARTMENT.Take the GREEN HERB (BLUE HERB) and head for the intersection.Take the left direction and go out!All other doors will be locked!Go down the stairs and watch the cutscene. IN FRONT OF J'S BAR take the MAP in front of the policecar and the GREEN HERB (-) from the right.Go shove both policecars as forward as possible.Another cutscene will occur.BEHIND THE APARTMENT get the FIRST AID SPRAY from the right and a IRON PIPE (-)and a LIGHTER (BLUE HERB) from the left.Get the lighter or else you have to collect it later which is more complicated (if your partners have it trade it!).Defend the policemen by shoving the zombies away as good as you can.Try to avoid them as much as possible.After a period of time the door will be open.In the SLOPE ALONG THE CANAL you'll have to go up and get the oil flowing from the tanker.Use the LIGHTER on the street (must be free from partners) to have it catch fire in order to burn down the whole street.If you don't have a lighter get it from the dead policemen.Also get the SHOTGUN from him.After the street is burning get down.The street will explode.Swim to the opening and get into the TUNNEL. IMPORTANT NOTE: You can unlock the next scenario by just entering the SLOPE ALONG THE CANAL.I tried this once with David and died in this street and the next scenario had been unlocked (you get a message).Please correct me if I'm wrong. In the TUNNEL go up (in the directon of you) to get a RED HERB and a BLUE HERB.Go down the TUNNEL and get the RED HERB (-) and the GREEN HERB.Watch for your partners they might be still injured from the canal.Go ahead and go up the ladder to the FRONT OF APPLE INN.The streets has nothing but survivors and a FILE behind the policemen.Speak with the policemen by pressing O when ready. After the cutscene you'll be BEHIND THE RESIDENTAL AREA.The car contains 2 FIRST AID SPRAYS,2 SHOTGUN BULLETSx7 (1),a SHOTGUN,45 BULLETSx14 (7) and a RED HERB outside (content my vary,i.e. HANDGUN BULLETS).Pass by the policemen into the nearby alley to find a BLUE HERB and a COLT PYTHON.Go up the stairs to the FOOTBRIDGE and watch the cutscene. IMPORTANT NOTE:If all your teammates are still alive you can go back BEHIND THE RESIDENTAL AREA and speak with the cop.You'll end the scenario there. Descend the stairs to the MAIN STREET.You'll face A FEW ZOMBIES!Besides the enormous ammount of zombies there's no need to panic.Head to the dead policemen on the right side of the street and get the HANDLE.The opposite side contains the CASE.Combine the CASE and the HANDLE to form a DETONATOR.Use it on the dead cop in the center of street (be aware of the zombies and be quick!) to end this scenario with a "BOOM!"...literaly. IV. - 2. Below Freezing Point -------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT BELOW FREEZING POINT: Below Freezing Point is an interesting scenarion regarding the fact that it has parts of the famous labs from Resident Evil 2/0.Mostly illustrated are the expanded areas inside the complex (well....a ladder can change a lot).Anyway depending on your characters you'll get different starting postions after you've passed the stairs in the Lift.The scenraio later also offers many different paths.In every case you'll have to complete the path of the your partners (that means either B6 and B7 or B7 and B6) in order to progress further. After the cutscene you're left with your 2 NPCs.If one of your parnters is Yoko you'll be 3 if not you'll be 4 (Yoko not being a valid part of the party).Take the GREEN HERB and the IRON PIPE further and watch the cutscene.Enter via the just opened passage to the PLATFORM.Watch the cutscene with Yoko and take the HANDGUN Monica has left behind.Head into the intersection and go ahead to reach the stairs.Go up the LIFT and enter the small hole. IMPORTANT NOTE:Depending on your character your tasks and routes will change here. Kevin:B6F South Passway Mark,Alyssa,Jim & Yoko: B7F South Passway George,Cindy & David:B6F East Passway B7F SOUTH PASSWAY ----------------- IMPORTANT NOTE:If you're in control of Mark & Alyssa you'll start near the B7F EXPERIMENT ROOM.Being Jim or Yoko has you started near the B7F CHEMICAL DISPOSAL ROOM.This difference is slight.Anyway just want to make sure that there is no confusion. Turn right and get into the B7F EXPERIMENT ROOM.The room contains several items them being FLAME BOTTLES x3,FIRST AID SPRAY (-), 45 BULLETS (behind the locker),HANDGUN BULLETS and a FILE in one locker and yet another one by the PC containing a password.Head out via the only other accessible door and get the GREEN HERB and the MAP by the PC while leaving.In the B7F EAST PASSWAY kill any zombies that may appear and get into the B7F CHEMICAL STORAGE.Beware of the zombies.If Yoko IS NOT a valid part of your group she'll be here as a zombie.Kill them all off and take ACID BOTTLES x3,HADNGUN BULLETS (HANDGUN).Go to the PC and type in the number given in the File you've obtained before (4509,0634....).Watch the exposure of the VP-017 and take it.If Yoko WAS a part of your group then she might have the VP-017 if you can't find it anywhere or if you were looking for the UMB NO.3..Anyway finsihed here.Go back to the B7F EXPERIMENT ROOM (watch out for reanimating zombies).And after that again back to the B7F SOUTH PASSWAY,your starting room for Mark and Alyssa which contains a GREEN HERB and a IRON PIPE (KNIFE).Anyway go ahead until you reach the intersection,enter the intersection to reach the B7F CHEMICAL DISPOSAL ROOM.It contains yet another smaller cell with a turned on alarm.Take the RED HERB (?/?) and enter the door.You'll see the entering room animation (which is stupid) which might lead you right in front of the zombie with inhabits this place.One of your partners might be her too and might have already taken the UMB NO.3 before you.Kill him either way and take the UMB NO.3 and mix it with the VP-017 to form the V-JOLT.The alarm will be off from now on.Go back out and at the intersection go left and enter the door to the DUCT.Simply use the V-JOLT on the big grown plant.Go up the ladder and enter B6.You can save before going on. IMPORTANT NOTE:If you first were to visit B6 then after having used the V-JOLT you haveto go up and then use the VALVE HANDLE. B6F SOUTH PASSWAY ----------------- IMPORTANT NOTE:Being in control of George,Cindy or David has you started in the east passway instead of the south passway.Scroll up in order repeat those steps. The intersection in front of the zombies has the FROZEN WRENCH.The corners behind the zombie have a HANDGUN ready for you (beware of the zombie).Head into the intersection and enter the B6F SECURITY CENTER which has a MAP,a GREEN HERB,a FIRST AID SPRAY.Notice the two sealed electricity panels? IMPORTANT NOTE: Your aim is to find the VALVE HANDLE.You can proceed with walkthrough but you can also fire at the panels until the open.I would recommend that when playing on EASY but otherwise it may turn out to be too complex in terms of ammo.Saves you time though. Anyway get into the B6F EAST PASSWAY. B6F EAST PASSWAY ---------------- Two zombies will be inside.Progressing carefully you'll find HANDGUN BULLETS and a KNIFE.Go ahead and enter the B6F BREAK ROOM.It contains a PILL,a FIRST AID SPRAY (-) and a IRON PIPE.Another PILL can be found in the middle locker.The right locker can be opened by Alyssas S-Pick to obtain a SHOTGUN (?/?) (Yoko might be her too).This room has a corner with warm water flowing.Use the FROZEN WRENCH to thaw it out.You'll receive the WRENCH.Now head back to the B6F EXPERIMENT ROOM and use the WRENCH onto the panels to receive the VALVE HANDLE.Leave the WRENCH since you wont need it anymore.You can now open up the shutter in the middle of the room to get 45 BULLETS (HANDGUN BULLETS) and the ability to get down to B7.Get down to B7. READ ABOVE B5F PASSWAY OF AREA C ---------------------- Choosing this path has you in this small passway with a GREEN HERB (RED HERB).Go ahead and take the FILE.Go back out to the DUCT and go back down to B6.Enter the B6F SOUTH PASSWAY AGAIN to get to B6F SECURITY ROOM.....AGAIN!Go to the computer and type in the codes mentiones in the FILE found on B5: For the japanese version: A375 B482 For the US version: J126 D580 Having unlocked a few doors with codes you can now go back up again to B5.Get into the B5F PASSWAY OF AREA C again and crwal through the hole into the B5F EMERGENCY PASSAGE.Go ahead kill the zombie and pick up the file at the corner in front of the closed shutter next to the next hole.In the B5F PASSWAY OF AREA B go ahead interact with panel to open the shutter.The body in the corner holds a MAGNUM for YOKO ONLY and also a BLUE HERB for all of the characters.Go ahead and enter the B5F COMPUTER ROOM but be aware of the larvas that will suddenly fall down from above.In the computer room get the HANDGUN BULLETS,the GREEN HERB and a BLUE HERB.Operate the computer and register your fingerprints. IMPORTANT NOTE: When wandering around in this area for too long you'll witness a cutscene where your character who leaves the party in order to get to B4 gets caught by the giant moth.In this case you'll have to free him in the B5F COMPUTER ROOM.The character will be in poison status so bring your herbs with you. After everything is done go up to B4 and get to the MAIN SHAFT.This time you have to take the BLUE ROUTE in order to get to the EAST AREA.Get in the intersection and use the device to register your fingerprints here. IMPORTANT: Playing on HARD/VERY HARD makes the hunter here active again instantly. Get in the B4F CULTURE ROOM.A zombie is playing the dead one.Kill him off and take the FIRE SPRAY.Leave your UMBRELLA KEY CARD now.The room also has BOTTLES OF ACID (-) and FLAME BOTTLES and a FIRST AID SPRAY.Go back out and take the other accessible door in the B4F PASSWAY OF EAST AREA.In the B4F LOW TEMEPERATURE EXPERIMENT ROOM go to the frozen corpse and melt it down with your FIRE SPRAY to operate the power for the facility.The room has a FIRST AID SPRAY (-) and a FILE.You can also save here and find an SP ITEM oppsoing the typewriter.Being done here go back out to the MAIN SHAFT.On your way out you might notice another FILE. B4F PASSWAY OF WEST AREA ------------------------ Choosing this path you first have to get up the ladder.Enter the intersection and get the HANDGUNN BULLETS.Get rid of the VALVE HANDLE.Exit via the door next to it.Enter the door to the B4F PASSWAY OF WESTAREA.In the MAIN SHAFT you'll notice the red colors sorrounding you which indicates that you're in the WEST AREA.Anyway go ahead to the middle part of the MAIN SHAFT and obtain the SHOTGUNN BULLETS.Beware of the giant moth that lurks around here.It can easily poisin you.You can kill it if you want by always standing in the middle and waiting for it to appear in a convenient spot.Anyway take the route with the white color to enter the TURNTABLE.The TURNTABLE has 2 zombies waiting for you.One that is lying and has HANDGUN BULLETS and a GREEN HERB nearby and yet another that will stalk you from the right part of the TURNTABLE.The right part also includes a BLUE HERB.The left one has the UMBRELLAKEY CARD for you which you should pick up, but leave the TURNTABLE KEY.Do NOT pick it up as you will only be able to use it later on.Now backtrack all the way to the DUCT and get down to B5.There's a GREEN HERB (RED HERB) and a FILE.Crawl through the hole in the B5F PASSWAY OF AREA C.In the B5F EMERGENCY PASSAGE go ahead kill the zombie,take the FILE and the SHOTGUN by the corner and crawl through another hole.B5F PASSWAY OF AREA B has a corpse you can speak with if you're Yoko to receive a MAGNUM.Go ahead and operate the panel to open the shutter,there should also be a BLUE HERB.Beware of the larvas while crossing the path to the key card reader.Use your UMBRELLA KEY CARD to open the door.Go in to find A GREEN HERB and a BLUE HERB and a computer you should operate.The room also contains HANDGUN BULLETS.Leave the B5F COMPUTER ROOM and go back up to the MAIN SHAFT.This time you have to take the BLUE ROUTE in order to get to the EAST AREA.Use your UMBRELLA KEY CARD by the shutter to open it.Get in the intersection and use the device to register your fingerprints here. IMPORTANT: Playing on HARD/VERY HARD makes the hunter here active again instantly. Get in the B4F CULTURE ROOM.A zombie is playing the dead one.Kill him off and take the FIRE SPRAY.Leave your UMBRELLA KEY CARD now.The room also has BOTTLES OF ACID (-),FLAME BOTTLES and a FIRST AID SPRAY.Go back out and take the other accessible door in the B4F PASSWAY OD EAST AREA.In the B4F LOW TEMEPERATURE EXPERIMENT ROOM go to the frozen corpse and melt it down with your FIRE SPRAY to operate the power for the facility.The room has a FIRST AID SPRAY (-) a BROKEN SHOTGUN for David and a FILE.You can find an SP ITEM opposing the typewriter.You can also save here.Being done here go back out the MAIN SHAFT.On your way you might notice another FILE. MAIN SHAFT ----------- IMPORTANT NOTE:Alle hunters in this area will be active from this point. You'll catch with your partners here at the latest.Takte the white route and enter the turntable.You will also witness a cutscene with the turntable. The room contains a GREEN HERB and a BLUE HERB and pretty much everything you've left here if you didn't go to B4.I hope ypu didn't mess with the TURNTABLE KEY so you can now pick it up and use it to start a 3:00 countdown.Enemies will appear be sure to dodge as much as possible to save your ammo.You can get up behind the turntable which is a safe place for a zombies.After a certain period of time (about a minute) Monica will appear and will drop down.Head to the back of the turntable and go up.Everything will be easy if you can make sure that everyone is up there.After the countdown is up a cutscene will occur and the turntabele will rise. You'll face the G-Imago.You can either kill him with your weapons or operate the turntable twice.I suggest keeping him busy and killing him with the turntbale,when operating the turntable the second time it will take longer so don't panic.If you want to use your weapons you can take the 2 FIRST AID SPRAYS (1 FIRST AID SPRAY,2 GREEN HERBS) at the back along with some SHOTGUN BULLETS and HANDGUN BULLETS.After the G-Imago is down the scenario ends. IV. - 3.The Hive -------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE HIVE:The Hive has as a scenario has a really strange feel.When you pick up the first Handgun you'll face a struggle imporsonated by a monster called the leech Man.Every one who has played Resident Evil Zero will know those little leeches that got on our nerves when playing!It's time to remeber!Anyway the leech man will follow you throughout the scenario until you burn him down later on.Be careful when playing on higher difficulties!EASY/NORMAL has your characters facing ONE leech man until he's beaten.From now on another character can become the leech man/woman when she/hes dies.HARD makes your dead partners INSTANTLY becoming the leech creatures thus meaning that you might face TWO leech CREATURES SIMULTANEUOSLY!Beware,this scenario can be tough indeed since you wont spend much time in nearly any room(exceptions are rooms without ventilation holes since those are the ones that provide acces to the leech man) before leech man comes after you.You can't kill him in a conventional way so always retreat from fights.You can use blood packs to keep him busy for a time which should come in handy. You start off on the third floor in ROOM 301.Try to get out to the 3F PASSWAY and a doctor of the hospital (Hursh) will come to you.After he has finished follow him out to the mentioned passway.Go up to the direction of the stairs.Turn left and take the GREEN HERB(-).Get into the ROOM 302.It contains several useless stuff like a BOOK,a PILE OF WOOD,a CRUTCH and mostly important a HANDGUN.After you've taken the handgun the leech man will appear.Hurry out and DON'T ATTACK HIM IN ANY CASE!Go back to the room you've left before and enter the door opposing the elevator.The NURSE CENTER holds a FILE and the MAP.Pick them up and trigger the cutscene with doctor.He'll unlock the elevator for B1F,1F,2F and 3F but he'll die afterwards (sorry ;).After he's dead clib over the crate to other side.Take the FIRST AID SPRAY (RED PILL) and get out.Zombies on higehr difficulties will reanimate.Go back out and use the elevator go down to 2F.The 2F PASSWAY has a FIRST AID SPRAY in one corner and a ventilation hole for the leech man by the way ;).Get into the room opposing the elevator.In the NURSE STATION grab the HANDGUN BULLETS from the chair and the BLOOD PACK from the cupboard.Use it on the opposing corner because the leech man will appear.The room als has another HANDGUN (WHITE PILL).Mostly important is that you search the other cupboard for a FILE and get attacked by a few leeches (bleeding status).This file is important.After getting the stuff go back out to the passway and get to the stairs.ROOM 202 holds HANDGUN BULLETS (bed and drawer),a KNIFE (GREEN HERB) and a CRUTCH.Use the stairs in the 2F PASSWAY o get down to 1F.1F PASSWAY has nothing but doors (one is locked).You can pick up a STEEL PIPE.Go into the door next to the closed shutter.The NIGHT RECEPTION has no ventilation hole which means that you can rest here without fear.Operate the computer to open up the shutters.The fire at the back has a HANDGUN SG (HANDGUN).Leave the NIGHT RECEPTION.Again the passway use the opposite door to the LOCKER ROOM.Besides the WOODEN POLE there are many lockers.One has an SP ITEM,another a RED HERB and yet another a zombie.Use the door to get into the EXAMINATION ROOM.Be careful a zombie will burst in near the window.You can take the B1F KEY CARD without killing the nurse if you want.Be careful since she'll stand up after a short period of time.The room also has a BLUE HERB and a FIRST AID SPRAY.Get into the door in the corner.The TREATMENT ROOM also has no ventilation and it safe for that matter.You can also save here.Besides this the room only has a RED PILL.The corpse is useless.Go back to the LOCKER ROOM.Go ahead to the 1F PASSWAY.Open up the shutter next to the NIGHT RECEPTION.The HALL has RED HERBS (-) and a GREEN HERB (KNIFE).You can open up yet another shutter here but don't go in.Use the opposite door instead to the OFFICE.The OFFICE has a WOODEN POLE, a FIRST AID SPRAY (-),a FILE (IMPORTANT!) and a BLUE PILL (RED PILL) in the cupboard.Head into the DOCTOR STATION via the other door.Be careful the DOCTOR STATION can be delicate place since it's very tight and has a zombie(s) in it.Besides this there's also a BLUE HERBa WHITE PILL and HANDGUN BULLETS in the opened locker.Use the elevator and go down to B1. IMPORTANT NOTE:You DON'T have to visit the doctors station on the first floor.It's much safer to return to the 1F PASSWAY from the OFFICE then go up the stairs to the 2F PASSWAY and board the elevator from there. In the B1F PASSWAY take the BLUE HERB and get into the REPOSING ROOM right in front of you.No ventilation hole which means again that it is safe here and that you can save of course ;).The locker has an SP ITEM and right next to the bed there's a FIRST AID SPRAY.Go back out to the passway.Go ahead and wait for the zombie to free himself.Kill it and use your B1F KEACARD on the reader to unlock the door but don't go in yet.Instead turn aroudn and get into the ELEVATOR CONTROL ROOM.The room has a BLUE HERB,a FIRST AID SPRAY (?/?) and a FILE by the panel.This is where it gets complicated now: Judging from your files you should have the code for the ROOF which is: 0930 (Now where the mess begins) Having collected all necessary and important files on 1F and 2F gives you following clues: C - 4041 E - 1160 T - 7221 K - 1210 I - 2005 In the other file you'll be given the following clues: +2345 (EASY) +7001 (NORMAL) +4105 (HARD) +???? (VERY HARD) It's fairly easy but can be tedious due to the fact that the leech man is always around.You just have to add the "+" value to the "C,E,T,K,I" values in order to unlock B2F.You should first type in "0930" to unlock the ROOF which is always the same.The rest can be different from time to time.If the added value is higher than 9999 then it's invalid thus making it easier to figure out.Anyway here are the possibilities: |-------------------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| |Difficulty (+Value)| C-4041 | E-1160 | T-7221 | K-1210 | I-2005 | |-------------------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| |-------------------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| | Easy (+2345) | 6386 | 3505 | 9566 | 3555 | 4350 | |-------------------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| | Normal (+7001) | - | 8161 | - | 8211 | 9006 | |-------------------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| | Hard (+4105) | 8146 | 5265 | - | 5315 | 6110 | |-------------------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| | Very Hard | One of the Above | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------| | Roof | 0930 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------| The values above are not not necessarily pending to a certain difficulty.For example you might still get the "NORMAL (+7001)" value on HARD or EASY. Depending on your diffculty one of these solutions should be the one that that is necessary to unlock the access to B2F.Being finished go out and use the elevator to go up to the ROOF.On the ROOF go the corner with policemen search him to get an ASSAULT RIFLE (HANDGUN SG).Be aware of the crows that are ready to get on your nerves up here.Using the GREEN HERB and RED HERB that lies further fixes your needs to heal yourself once more.When going back down take the HANDGUN BULLETS (-) from the barrel.Go down to B2F now.Get right into the EXPERIMENT ROOM.Expect your partners or to be here or else they're ill-fated and will probably become leech creatures...Anyway take the BLOOD PACK from the drawer.The room also has a BOOK.Head right into the FIXED TEMPERATURE EXPERIMENT ROOM.Take the RED PILL (-) from the table and get into the isolated room.Get to one corner and leave the BLOOD PACK there.Wait for the leech man to come.Go back out and use the machine to turn on the heat.If one of your AI partners is still in there it wont work (for me it was once that one was always being silly which caused trouble,but I'm pessimistic I guess).Use the machine with the left option.A cutscene will occur.Get in and take the B2F KEYCARD.If one of your partners is dead she/heIll become the new leech creature.If you're playing on higher difficulties it will be the next leech creature (with one being already active).Get back to the B2F PASSWAY.Head to the door and use your B2F KEYCARD to unlock it,don't go in yet.Get the FILE and the BLUE HERB and use the elevator to get back to B1F.Get into the B1F SOUTH PASSWAY through the door you've unlocked before with your B1F KEYCARD.Right there is a RED HERB with a zombie approaching next to it.Progressing further reveals yet another zombie and a IRON PIPE.Enter the door to the WASTE LIQUID DISPOSAL ROOM.Take the GREEN HERB and go down the ladder.Cross the sewer to the lying zombie.Kill him with your infamous kicks and take the KEY CHAIN.Get back to the elevator and go back down to B2F.Head into the STORAGE ROOM.Use the CHAIN KEY onto the chained boat to make it available.Take the HANDGUN BULLETS and the FIRST AID SPRAY and distribute your ammo evenly.Use the boat and watch the cutscene. When fighting the leech monster you just have to make sure that you hit one handle on the ceiling.Doing that properly will kill the leech monster instantly.If you don't succeed there are two other possibilities.The first is to just hunt it down with your weapons,the second is,if you don't have any, waiting for it to appear where you entered the boat.That means luring him all the way back and then start kicking it (WOW) until it falls.Ok it sounds stupid but it works when not having any weapons (especiall on HARD/VERY HARD).After the leech monster is down go ahead until you reach the fire.The scenario then ends. IV. - 4.Hellfire -------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT HELLFIRE:Hellfire offers something similar to Outbreak regarding the factthat you'll get chased by zombies every time you get into a corridor.On higher difficulties like HARD/VERY HARD some doors will have grey smoke coming up beneath them so DO NOT ENTER these doors or they are going to blow up! You start off at the APPLE INN SQUARE (not in front of Apple Inn like in the "Outbreak" scenario).Take the MAP in front of you and the GREEN HERB (-) by the corner near the zombie.Get into the BOILER ROOM.Take the IRON PIPE and the radio from the corpse to trigger a cutscene.The fireman corspe also has the FIREMAN ID TAG 1 and a SHOTGUN (HANDGUN). IMPORTANT NOTE: By taking these two fireman id tags you can get higher completion % AND two costumes in your collection so think about it when playing to have them in your inventory when finishing the scenario.If you take the route with the 1st floor it will take you longer to get the secon id tag so DON'T go back out if you want to take both of them. From here on there two possible ways of going on.One part of the group will go back out and search for the GOLD KEY and the other will head up the ladder and will search for the SILVER KEY.Both parties catch up in the SECURITY OFFICE later on. APPLE INN SQUARE ---------------- So you want to lock for the GOLD KEY first?Head back out to the APPLE INN SQUARE.The corner you picked up the herb before has now a reanimating zombie.Kill him and enter that door.In the CORRIDOR turn left and take the HANDGUN (GREEN HERB),turn around and head to the part with the burning wood.A STONE will be lying there.If you're in control of David you can combine your IRON PIPE with that one to form a stronger weapon.Cross the wood,be aware fo the fire that is burning.Get around the corner and kill the 2 zombies if you want.Get into ROOM 102 take the FILE from the table and push the button for FINNLAND.The bathroom is locked.Get out and get right into the next room.In ROOM 103 push again the button,this time for GERMANY.Get the HANDGUBN BULLETS (GREEN HERB) from the table and the GREEN HERB (HANDGUN BULLETS) from the bathroom.Get out right into yet another room.ROOM 104 is bigger and has a female zombie waiting for you.Kill it and take the GREEN HERB (IRON PIPE),a FILE from the table,HANDGUN BULLETS (-) near the drawer and push yet another button by the picture.This time for the UNITED KINGDOM.Get back out to the CORRIDOR and head to the stairs.Go up to 2F and take the .45 BULLETS while going up.On 2F turn right to cross the corner and look at the burning door.Cross the door and be careful not to get hurt.Get right into the door that is behind the fire (next to the picure).ROOM 202 has the last picture of SPAIN where you should push a button for the last time.If you did everything right the engraved word "SPAIN" will glow up in green.Besides a useless KNIFE on the bed there's nothing more but a locked bathroom.Head back out and head to the door on the other side (cross the burning door again).ROOM 204 has the GOLD KEY we're looking for,a FILE,a SHOTGUN (-)near the drawer and a RED HERB in the bathroom. IMPORTANT NOTE:If you did something wrong then the map of europe in this room will have some parts of the picture not being covered with an orange layer,in this case you have to visit the rooms again to push the corresponding buttons. Get out turn right and get to the door in the corner (next to Room 202) get in the LOUNGE STAIRS.Go up to 3F and enter the APPLE INN again.A zombie might come after you...get into the door right next to you.The LINEN ROOM has a FILE which is important.It also contains a BLUE HERB and another FILE.Go back out.Befor ewe get to the join the path with our partners we're going to get a strong weapon. So get out of the LINE ROOM and go straight forward and enter ROOM 30# (zombies might be here again!).Take the SHOTGUN BULLETS (-) from the table and the GREEN HERB near the cupboard.You'll notice that next to the cupboard a part of the wall has smoking coming out from it.Shoot it a few times (Shotgun is best) to cause a hole in the wall.Crawl through.A zombie will await you.Take the GRENADE LAUNCHER and unlock the door.Go out to the APPLE INN SQAURE.The room next to you will be important later on.A licker inhabits this corridor.Be sure to avoid him and go down to 2F.After you've come down the stairs turn right and get around the corner.Run past the burning door.Beware of the zombie and get around the next corner to the door with the key panel.Here you'll have to type in codes you found in that FILE in the LINEN ROOM earlier.Type it in (0721,5128,6354...) and get into the SECURITY OFFICE. The paths join from now on.Scroll below for the Security Office. BOILER ROOM ------------ I assume that you want to get the SILVER KEY first so go up the ladder.The corspe has the FIREMAN ID TAG 2 which is optional.Get into the door.In the APPLE INN SQUARE turn right and get around the corner to reach the fire with a HANDGUN (BENT IRON PIPE).Take and get back to get into the other accessible door.A zombie will be here too.You'll reach the NORTH WEST PASSAGE 3.The passage contains nothing but a BLUE HERB (-) and an open window.Get out to find another GREEN HERB.Crows will be outside an I suggest that you shoot at least one of them since they can become a real pain on higher difficulties.Get to the boarder and cross the wall.A zombie will be knocking on the window.If you got a bad day he'll burst out.Be careful across the corner since there's fire swarming out of the window.Having reached the other side use the ladder to go down.Enter the door to the NORTH WEST PASSAGE 2.Turn right and kill the zombie.Get into the first door.The STORE ROOM may be optional but has lots of interesting stuff ranging from a BATTERY ,you can use with David in combination with a IRON PIPE (HANDGUN BULLETS),a BLUER HERB (RED HERB) in the locker,a FILE and .45 BULLETS.Get back out and get into door in the corner.ROOM 201 is optional and contains merely a female zombie ,a GREEN HERB and a WHITE PILL. IMPORTANT NOTE: This room is NOT ACCESSIBLE ON HARD/VERY HARD!DO NOT ENTER!You can also use the door to go out to the CORRIDOR which contains a BLUE HERB and another wich leads to the BOILER MANAGEMENT OFFICE.The room has SHOTGUN BULLETS another door which leads to another part of the BOILER ROOM.This part of the room has a GREEN HERB (-) and a corpse with a SECURITY CARD.I still don't know it's purpose though.... Get back out and get into the door on the opposite side,the OWNER'S ROOM.The room has nothing but HANDGUN BULLETS (RED HERB) and a crate.Shove the crate straight forward to build a passage down to the 1F.Get down and collect the FILE which is important and a STONE.Exit the door to the NORTH WEST PASSAGE 1 take the SHOTGUN right in front of you and turn right and enter the door in the corner,avoid the licker(s) for now.In ROOM 101 first collect the FILE,the FIRST AID SPRAY (-) and the BLUE HERB (GREEN HERB) in the bathroom.On EASY/NORMAL there will be a corpse,on HARD/VERY HARD this corpse will be a zombie instead.Get to the corner to that save with letters.Some files gave you the following clue: JIA,BAE,FBH,IIB,DCH,CJF,GGF Type in all these possibilities until the safe opens.Take the SILVER KEY and get backout to the NORTH WEST PASSAGE 1.Now we have to make our way into the SECURITY OFFICE.Kill the licker in this corridor and open one of the doors with your SILVER KEY,this corrdior also has a FIRST AID SPRAY if you go further.Get into the CORRIDOR and turn left to cross the woods with fire.Take the STONE and throw it at the zombie on the opposite side.Go past the doors until you reach the stairs.Go up to 2F.Make a right and go ahead past the burning room.Enter the door in the corner.The LOUNGE STAIRS. IMPORTANT NOTE:You can stay at 1F and collect SHOTGUN BULLETS in one of the corners covered with fire.You have to crawl through a hole to get this.There are also some zombies lying,pretending to be dead.Behind the hole there's also a door which leads to another part of the NORTH WEST PASSAGE 1 which is isolated and contains another lying zombie and yet another SHOTGUN (-). Get up to 3F and get out.Head right into the next door,the LINEN ROOM.The room contains a FILE which has the code for the SECURITY OFFICE ready for you.Get that file and go back down to 2F via the LOUNGE STAIRS.Go straight forward (watch out for the zombie!) and operate the key panel to open the door.Known codes are 0721,5128,6354... Being in the SECURITY OFFICE has your paths joining now. SECURITY OFFICE --------------- You'll meet your partner here. IMPORTANT NOTE:No matter which path you chose you'll meet your partner here.If she/he is NOT HERE then SHE/HE IS DEAD.That means that in this case you'll have to do ALL the steps for BOTH paths which is of course annoying. Take the SILVER/GOLD KEY from your partner and take the FIRST AID SPRAY,a FILE and SHOTGUN BULLETS (KNIFE ON THE CUPBOARD) from the fridge(?).Shove the bookshelf until you hear a "click" sound.Get out via the other accessible door.In the NORTH WEST PASSAGE 2 get around the corners and get into the door that comes before the last one in the last corner.Get into the OWNER'S ROOM and go down the crates.Exit to the NORTH WEST PASSAGE 1.Get around the corner.There's a licker here.Use your GOLD KEY to unlock the only locked door in here.Enter the POWER SUPPLY ROOM.You'll have to solve the same puzzle from Resident Evil 3:Nemesis.Only that this time the format 4x4.It's imple.You push a button and it lights up if it is already lighten up then the light will be out.The same applies to the sorrounding buttons.Your aim is to get all the buttons lighten up.You should be able to figure it out by simply trying.After you're done with thate,take the SHOTGUN BULLETS and the GREEN HERB (BATTERY) and get out.Get right into the next door (which might be locked,use the SILVER KEY if that's the case).You'll be back in the corridor on 1F.Cross the wood wirth fire and get to the.Go up to 3F.Remember the room I told you about when we were looking for the gold key?This is it.Unlock it with your SILVER KEY.Enter ROOM 306.Take the RED JEWEL from that small tree,the SHOTGUN SHELLS from the table and a RED HERB (-) in the bathroom.Go back out and get into ROOM 30#,the room you/we hopefully unlocked earlier on.Crawl through the hole and get out to the APPLE IN SQAURE.Zombies!Kill them since they're close and get right into the next door.Go down the LOUNGE STAIRS to 2F and enter.Go straight forward and enter.You'll be back in the SECURITY OFFICE.Take the RED JEWEL and use it by the small statute to reveal a hidden passage.Get in.You'll be in the APPLE INN FRONT LOBBY.Your final destination.The corners and the intersection contain HANDGUN BULLETS,SHOTGUN BULLETS and a GREEN HERB by the ladder.Operate the ladder to release it.Distribute your items evenly now.Do not put on the alarm yet.There are another 2 GREEN HERBS (GREEN HERB) in one corner.Get into the intersection when you're done.Watch the cutscene. When the Big Licker appears get at wide range and shoot him.You should now put on the alarm to get the other lickers away from you.Shoot it until it falls.Watch the cutscene and head to the exit.You can pick up another FIRST AID SPRAY before you go out.When you reach the exit the scenario ends. IV. - 5.Decisions,Decisions -------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT DECISIONS,DECISIONS:The last scenario in this games offers a lot of the plot that involoves the series.Like your standard Resident Evil games it also features a countdown pending to to a tyrant fight.Other than that,there's nothing special about besides it's length and size. You'll see an introductory cutscene with George.The TEMPORARY SHELTER he's in is obviously the parking lot of the Raccoon Police Station from Resident Evil 2.After the cutscene you'll start off in the ENTRANCE HALL.Turn left and run to the corner to enter the only door on this side.You'll be in the 1F PASSAGE ELEVATOR.You can't use the computer yet so go past it and take the LIGHTER,a MAP,a IRON PIPE and a GREEN HERB (-) from the lockers.Another locked locker offers a HANDGUN when unlocked by Alyssa.If you turn around and search the corner in front of the computer you should find another RED HERB (?).Go back out and run straight forward to reach another door.In the WAITING ROOM take the GLASSES (on EASY/NORMAL) from that statue and the GREEN HERB from the table.Be aware of the zombie that is inside.Enter the next room.In the 1F PASSAGE A another zombie will await you.Shove various crates to get a FIRST AID SPRAY and HANDGUN BULLETS.You can get the GLASSES here if you're playing on HARD/VERY HARD and another RED HERB.Enter the door at the end to the 1F PASSAGE B.Get the FILE which is important for the code.If you go ahead you'll notice some cords hanging from the ceiling these and a few others will be important later on.If you zap your teammates with the button they'll get hurt.Get the BLUE HERB (-) and the GREEN HERB and get out to the ENTRANCE HALL.Go straight forward and get into the door in the middle part of the wall.In the STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICE get the WHITE PILL in front of you.Kill the female zombie and take the FILE from the table.Go further to get a HANDGUN from the drawer.The opposite side contains yet another FILE.Get into GENERAL MANAGER ROOM.Zombies may come after you.The table has a FILE which gives you clues about this clock puzzle.To solve it push ithe button by the picture near the door and operate the clock.The clues you're given offer the following solutions: 03:25 (EASY) 10:05 (NORMAL) 07:40 (HARD) 02:50 (VERY HARD) Adjust the time accordingly to receive the RED GEM,take the BLUE HERB and Get back to the ENTRANCE HALL.Head behind the reception and use the RED GEM on the deer head.Go up the stairs and take FIRST AID SPRAY (-),go up the left stairs to receive a RED HERB (BLUE HERB) and a GREEN HERB by the window.Get to the only door on this floor and enter the 2F PASSAGE.Shove the first crate to get a STEEL PIPE.Progressing further reveals a BLUE HERB and a statue in the last corner.Get to the corner and use your GLASSES.Don't get into the revealed door.Get back instead and head into the red door,the DRAWING ROOM.There's a GREEN HERB when you come in,a WHITE PILL on the table and yet another HANDGUN (-).Get into the PRESIDENT ROOM.Search the fireplace and pull one of the cords.It doesn't matter which but you might release a zombie if you got a bad day.Crawl under the table to find a HANDGUN CLIP.Get back to the 2F PASSAGE and get into the opposite door,be careful a zombie might stalk you too.In the ART SAFE ROOM go straight forward and take the BLUE GEM.The room also holds HANDGUN BULLETS.Go back out and get to the door in the passage you've revealed earlier.Being in the TESTING PASSAGE A,progress further and descend the ladder.You'll see a few other cords hanging from above which you should keep in mind for later on.Progress and collect the HANDGUN BULLETS.Unlock the door and you'll be back in the 1F PASSAGE B.Use the other door again to get back to the ENTRANCE HALL.Get behind the reception again and use the BLUE GEM this time to reveal an entrance.Get into the STUDY ROOM.Get a RED PILL and a BLUE-RED PILL (BLUE PILL) from the drawers on each side.Approximate the corpse to trigger a cutscene.Get the 3 FILES from the table.One gives you clues about the VPT-Machine,another about the elevator and yet another fixes your needs for the password for the elevator.Get into the 1F PASSAGE ELEVATOR and operate the computer.By having collected the required files you should be able to arrange the password.Type it in (4284,4927....).Board the elevator and go up to 3F.In the 3F PASSAGE ELEVATOR proceed as much as possible to get the HANDGUN BULLETS (FIRST AID SPRAY) and enter ther door to the EXPERIMENT PREPARATION ROOM afterwards.There's a RED PILL lying on the desk and a RED HERB on the ground.Yet another BLUE-RED PILL on the other desk.Get into the EXPERIMENT ROOM and get the SP ITEM from the locker.You can save here if you want.Get back out to the 3F PASSAGE ELEVATOR. IMPORTANT NOTE: From now on there are again two paths.You can either go down to B2 to look for the P-BASE or to B4 to search for the V-POISON.Either way you have return to other floor when finished to find your partner and receive the other item from him.If she/he DOES NOT APPEAR the she/he is supposedly dead.You have to do both paths in this case (you knew that would come didn't you?). B2F PASSAGE ELEVATOR -------------------- Board the elevator from 3F and get down to B2 to search for the P-BASE.An INSECT SPRAY can be found on the barrel and a FIRST AID SPRAY,you have to climb onto the crates in order to obtain it.George will be here (unless he's part of your party).Search him 4-5 times to get a BLUE-RED PILL and RED PILL.Go ahead and enter the door to the PIER.The barrel holds a HANDGUN CLIP (GREEN HERB).You'll see a bridge here...or rather a pass to cross the.Sharks will be inhabiting the waters sorrounding it so be careful when they jump out of the water.The bridge has a FIRST AID SPRAY just in case if you need it and the SECURITY CARD on HARD/VERY HARD.You might fall into the water if that's the case,either swim back to the pier or try to get back up to the bridge.Go up all the stairs afterwards to reach a door and a GREEN HERB and a RED HERB (-).Enter the door and watch the cutscene.After the cutscene in the BACK SQUARE you'll be in a big surface with a lot of space.Right in front of you are a GREEN HERB (-) and a RED HERB (BLUE HERB).Further are yet another 2 GREEN HERBS (GREEN HERB) and a RED HERB (-).One of the soldiers has a FILE,another has a SECURITY CARD you should take on EASY/NORMAL.Take this card and get to the doubledoors,use the card to unlock them but don't go in.Turn around and get into the sewer hole instead.In the WATER PURIFYING FACILITY get to the crates and use the pipes above to get to the other side.The other side has a few GRENADES (-).Go ahead and use the other pipes to get to other part of the side.The crate in front of you has .45 BULLETS.Turn right and cross the stairs to trigger another cutscene.The hunters will be freed.DO NOT CROSS THE PIPES WHEN THEY'RE ACTIVE!Since they reanimate every time you get back in here.Cross the stairs and grab the KEY.The corner with stairs has some HANDGUN BULLETS (GREEN HERB NEAR THE DOOR),the next door leads to the RESTROOM which is optional.You should go inside to find a GRENADE LUNCHER,a FIRST AID SPRAY (-) and a BLUE HERB.Go back out and enter the remaining door.The UNDERGROUND TUNNEL.Another hunter will be in here,go passt and take the IRON PIPE (-) before entering the next door.In the ACCES WAY B get into the intersection to find some HANDGUN BULLETS.Get into the ACCES WAY A from here.Kill the zombie and take the RED HERB.Go straight forward and enter the door.Enter the door by the corner afterwards.The SHED has another GRENADE LUNCHER and a FIRST AID SPRAY.Get back out go straight forward and enter the other door,be aware of the zombe that is lurking outside.he WATER WORKS ADMINISTRATION OFFICE has a HANDGUN,a GREEN HERB and a FILE.Moreover the room contains a door which you can unlock with your KEY.There's also a P-BASE TESTING CAPSULE.You can use it on the machine nearby but it wont work (yellow light).Enter the door you've just unlocked to enter the WATER TANK.A BLUE HERB (?) lies on the ground and you'll hear the sound of the hunters that are inside.Cross the path and try to avoid the hunters when possible.Get up and operate the panel to unlock the door nearby.Get all the way back to the WATER PURIFYING FACILITY.Again watch out for the reanimated hunters here and cross the two pipes to get to other part of the room on the crates.Get down from the crates and go straight into the other door whic leads to the QUALITY ASSURANCE TESTING ROOM.The desk has a RED PILL and a GREEN HERB (BLUE HERB) further.Get into the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL,this time the other side.Kill the hunter here and collect the RED HERB and the GREEN HERB.Progress into the next room via the door on the opposite side.You'll be on the upper part of the WATER TANK,long and nasty way isn't it?Go ahead and get up where the broken ladder is situated and enter the door to get the CAPSULE on the chair.This is the one that is working.Jump down into the water and try to get out as soon as possible.Use the door to the WATER WORKS ADMINISTRATION OFFICE.Here use the the CAPSULE on the machine again to finally obtain the P-BASE.Get it and go out to ACCES WAY B and head to the intersection.Use the door here to get into the EAST WATERWAY for the first time.You'll face a zombie,kill him and go to the ladder.Be careful since a zombie is waiting downstairs.Descend the ladder and enter the door to the WEST WATERWAY.Go ahead,if you go straight forward at the intersection you'll find a BEND IRON PIPE,in the intersection itself you'll find a KNIFE near the ladder (this is obviously intended for David).Go up the ladder to leave this place.You'll be back in the B2F PASSAGE ELEVATOR,near George.That said use the elevator and go down to B4.In the B4F PASSAGE ELEVATOR don't take care about the things that are lying here.Just use the door and get into the ACCES WATERWAY.Don't pay too much attention to the spiders and rush into the OLD SUBWAY RAIL SIDING.You should meet your partner here,If she/he is not here then you know what that means....Anyway take the V-POISON from your partner and get back to the B4F PASSAGE ELVATOR.Use the elevator and go up to 3F.If you followed the walkthrough then your paths should join here at the latest. B4F PASSAGE ELEVATOR -------------------- Use the elevator and get down to B4 to look for the V-POISON.In the B4F PASSAGE ELEVATOR you'll find a PESTICIDE SPRAY (-).Take it and combine it with your lighter to form a FLAME THROWER if you are David.You'll also find a GREEN PILL (-),2 BLUE HERBS (GREEN HERB) and the MAP.Get into the door to enter the ACCES WATERWAY.Ignore the spiders as much as possible.On your way you'll find a STEEL PIPE,a KNIFE and a few .45 BULLETS.Go ahead to enter the OLD SUBWAY RAIL SIDING,turn to the right and go up the stairs to find a BLUE HERB and a GREEN HERB at the back.Get into the car to find an ASSAULT RIFLE.Another RED HERB is near the car on the railings.Go ahead and enter the OLD SUBWAY TUNNEL.Watch out for the giant wasps and don't hesitate too much to get into the first car of the train.In the SOUTH CAR you'll find a FIRST AID SPRAY and an approaching zombie.Kill him and go ahead to find another ASSAULT RIFLE (PESTICIDE SPRAY).Get into the NORTH CAR kill another two zombies and take the HANDGUN BULLETS (RED HERB),the ASSAULT RIFLE BULLETS (ASSAULT RIFLE) and get out via the open door.Back in the OLD SUBWAY TUNNEL you can get 2 GREEN HERBS at the back but be aware of the wasps that still lurk inside here.Get into the T-SHAPED PASSWAY,you'll hear a soudn of a zombie that is knocking around.Take the FIRST AID SPRAY and step forward to hear them release themselves.Get into the next door,the UNDERGROUND MANAGEMENT OFFICE.You can save here and can take the HANDGUN BULLETS,the RED PILL and the MAP.Get back out and kill the zombies,go straight forward at the intersection and crawl through the hole to the AIR EXHAUST TOWER INSIDE WALL (long isn't it?).Take the GREEN HERB and go right to cross the narrow path to the other side.Some wasps may get on your nerves so either take care or wait for them to go away.On the other side take the BLUE HERB (RED HERB) and crawl through the other hole to reach the STORE ROOM.A zombie will attack,kill him and take the IRON PIPE (-) near the door,the BLUE HERB in the locker and unlock the door to the passway.Open the other door if you're playing on EASY.Playing on NORMAL has you pushing the cupboard next to it aside.Crawl through the revealed hole to reach the room in this way.In the SPARE POWER SUPPLY ROOM you'll face another puzzle that is similar to the one we have faced in the Hellfire scenario.This time around it works slightly different.When you push a button only the buttons diagonal to it will react which makes a bit more tricky.When you're finished unlock the door (if you're playing on NORMAL/HARD/VERY HARD) and get to the T-SHAPED PASSWAY.Get into the intersection and use the ladder to go up.You can get into the CONTROL ROOM by the door which is optional.Not a bad idea since it contains a GREEN HERB,a FILE,an ASSAULT RIFLE CLIP and some HANDGUN BULLETS in one of the drawers.Get back out and use the ladder to go up as already mentioned.The corners of the AIR EXHAUST TOWER ACCES WAY have an PESTICIDE SPRAY (-) and a HANDGUN each.Enter the AIR EXHAUST TOWER LOWER PART. IMPORTANT NOTE: Run as fast as possible and enter the elevator.The wasps can become a serious problem if you linger here for to long.If you do you can take the HANDGUN BULLETS (BEND IRON PIPE) on of the crates nearby. Get to the elevator while ignoring the wasps and operate it.In the AIR EXHAUST TOWER ELEVATOR wasps will start attacking your party.Avoid them or shoot them occasionally.After a certain period of time you'll reach the AIR EXHAUST TOWER B1 LEVEL.Search this level until you find the V-POISON (+GREEN HERB) in the wasps nest.Use the stairs and go up to find a BLUE HERB which might have become necessary until now.Use the door and leave this place to reach the AIR EXHAUST TOWER STATION.Take the GREEN PILL (-) and the RED PILL and use the door to get outside.Watch the cutscene in the BACK SQUARE.After the cutscenen go straight forward to find a BLUE HERB and a RED HERB (-).Near the soldiers corpses are 2 GREEN HERBS (GREEN HERB) and a FILE.One of the corners has the MAP while the soldier by the truck has a SECURITY CARD(GRENADES).Use the SECURITY CARD at the double doors to unlock it.Go in. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're playing on HARD/VERY HARD then you'll not find the SECURITY CARD HERE.Use the door nearby to the PIER and get down to the bridge and collect the SECURITY CARD there.Be aware of the sharks that are around and get back to the BACK SQUARE to open the doors. In the 1F PASSAGE B use the door to get to the ENTRACE HALL.The tyrant will appear ignore him for now and get to the 1F PASSAGE ELEVATOR.Board the elevator and go down to B2.In the B2F PASSAGE ELEVATOR search for your partner.Take the P-BASE from and use the elevator to go up to 3F.Your paths join here at the latest if you followed the walkthrough thoroughly. 3F PASSAGE ELEVATOR ------------------- Being in posession of the V-POISON and the P-BASE make your way to the EXPERIMENT ROOM.Use the V-POISON and the P-BASE on the vaccine machine. IMPORTANT NOTE: Many people have asked why this doesn't work wth them.The answer is simple: it works but there seems to be bug which prevents everybody from doing so when facing the machine properly.You have to stand as much as possible on the left side of the machine to use your capsules.That should work. After being finished here (save maybe?) get back to the elevator and go down to 1F.You'll face the tyrant when you enter the ENTRANCE HALL.Do not panic since we still need the T-BLOOD for the vaccine machine so get into the WAITING ROOM by just running straight forward.Be careful here,he might burst from the left through the wall.Ignore anything that comes into your way.That includes the dog in the 1F PASSAGE A.Hurry ahead and enter the 1F PASSAGE B which is our destination point.Remeber the cords from the ceiling?You have to use the button at the wall to zap the tyrant in the right moment to take him down for a short period of time.If you succeed quickly pick up the T-BLOOD from him and go all the way back to the 1F PASSAGE ELEVATOR. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're playing on HARD/VERY HARD then you'll notice that the cord is not working.Use the door nearby and enter the TESTING PASSAGE A.You have to use the cords here to take him down which is more complicated and hard by the way.Either lure him to the point and them zap him (luck and skills required) or have your partners shooting at him and then zap him (smart partners required).You may die here sicne this is a really delicate situation in this scenario. Go up to 3F and enter the EXPERIMENT ROOM.Use the T-BLOOD on the machine to fulfill the needs for the vaccine.After the machine has started working you'll see a cutscene where all your partners will get a call.After the cutscenes the door to the MACHINE STORAGE ROOM will be unlocked.A lot of stuff to get here...Right in front you are a few .45 BULLETS (-).Behind you'll find a GRENADE LAUNCHER (GRENADES),an ASSAULT RIFLE (ASSAULT RIFLE CLIP),2 FIRST AID SPRAYS (-) and a IRON PIPE in the opposite corner.Enter the SECOND HALL and watch the cutscene(s).After these you can collect a HANDGUN from Greg,the dead guy. Operate the two computers behind him to unlock the door nearby and to activate the vaccine machine. IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to choices now.You can head out to the passageway at once or go back and have the machine make the vaccine for you and your partners.The vaccine items will influence your endings.Further the vaccine can be used with the injection gun in the fight with tyrant to kill him with a single shot. EXPERIMENT ROOM --------------------------- I suggest going back.So go back to the EXPERIMENT ROOM.The vaccine machine is already working.It will provide you with a VACCINE CAPSULE every 30 seconds.The maximum ammount av capsules is 5.You need 4,two for your partners,one for you and yet anoterh one for the tyrant.After having collect them get back to the SECOND HALL. TESTING PASSAGE B ----------------------------- Use the unlocked secret passage for the TESTING PASSAGE B.Your second partner should be here if you took the vaccines and a GREEN HERB.Give her/him one VACCINE CAPSULE and go down the ladder.Unlock the door and enter the PRESIDENT ROOM.Rush to the door and enter the DRAWING ROOM.Hurry on to the 2F PASSAGE and use your earlier revealed door to the TESTIN PASSAGE A.Go down the ladder once again,the tyrant will emerge (he'll do earlier when playing on HARD/VERY HARD).Pass the cords and get into the 1F PASSAGE B once again whiel avoiding him.Make your way to the double doors you unlocked from outside earlier on in this room to get out to the BACK SQUARE.You're done for now.Wait for the countdown to end to experience another cutscene.Get into the previously locked door afterwards (the wasps are nasty!).The UNLOADING PASSAGE is your place for taking shelter,if you want it that way.Near the truck are a few GRENADES.Go up the ladder to find a IRON PIPE and a FIRST AID SPRAY.The truck next to this place has a few other GRENADES (IRON PIPE).If you get down to the other truck you find an ASSAULT RIFLE CLIP,a HANDGUN near the door and some HANDGUN BULLETS (?) further,the small hole has another ASSAULT RIFLE CLIP and another FIRST AID SPRAY,that should be enough.If you get close to the door you'll have to face the tyrant for another time.Only pure weaponry can stop him this time.Shoot him with whatever you got and watch for his long left arm. After he's down your character your partners will be in the CANAL.Credits will start flowing whichturns out to be a joke by capcom since you'll face the tyrant again in the FRONT SQUARE for a last time!You can either shoot him until he falls or use another much simpler method.If you want to shoot you can use the ,HANDGUN BULLETS,IRON PIPE,FIRST AID SPRAY and RED HERB nearby for your fighting needs.There's a simpler much easier method though.Get near the TANK and take the INJECTION GUN.Use the VACCINE CAPSULE with it to load it.Shoot the tyrant with it once to beat him.Game finished ladies and gentlemen!Watch your well deserved ending now. V. Strategies - Online Mode -------------------------------------------------------------------- to come... VI. Maps -------------------------------------------------------------------- Resident Evil Outbreak covers a large ammount of areas which can sometimes become a bit unclear.To aid the walkthrough I've included all the maps in this game including all save points (mentioned in brackets). */**=Doors ==Stairs #=Elevators >=Ladders MAP NUMBER |--|-----------------------------------------------|---|---|---|---| |NR| ROOM NAME | | | | | |--|-----------------------------------------------|---|---|---|---| /\ /\ /\ /\ | | | | LOCKPICKS BY ALLYSA---------------------------------|---|---|---| EASY/NORMAL/HARD/VERY HARD |------------------------------------------------------------------| |OUTBREAK | |------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| | J's Bar 1F | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | |---------------------|---------| |----|----|------------| | | | | | | | | | | | | | 2 =| | | | | | | | |-**-| =| | | | | | | | 1 |----| | | | | | | | | | | | |------------| | | | * 3 | | | 5 #| | | | * | | | | | | | |----| | | |------------| | | | * | | | | | | | | * 4 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |--------------------------|----| |----|-**-|------------| | | | |--|-----------------------------------------------|---|---|---|---| |1.| J's bar | I | I | P | S | |--|-----------------------------------------------|---|---|---|---| |2.| Staits between 1F and 2F | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |3.| Men's nathroom | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |4.| Women's bathroom | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |5.| 1F of the apartment | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| | J's Bar 2F | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | |-------|----------|------|-----| |----------------------| | | | | | | = | | | | | | 1 | 3 | 5 | = | | | | | | |-**-|-----|--**--| = | | | | | |--**---| | 2 =| | = | | | | | | |*----| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |--**----| | | | | | | 2 | | | | | | | | | 4 | | | | | | |---------|--------|------------| |----------------------| | | | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |1.| Owner's room | |--|-----------------------------------------------|---|---|---|---| |2.| Staff room (stairs)| P | P | P | S | |--|-----------------------------------------------|---|---|---|---| |3.| Drawing room (cupboard)| S | P | P | S | |--|-----------------------------------------------|---|---|---|---| |4.| Locker room | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |5.| Break room | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| | J's Bar 3F | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | |--------------------------------| |---------------------| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |-------------------| | | | | | | | = = = * | | | | | | | = = = * | | | | | | |-------------------| | | | | | | |---**---| | | | | | | | | | | | | 1 | 2 | | | | | | | | | | | | |-----------------------|--------| |---------------------| | | | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |1.| Liquor room | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |2.| Wine room (SAVE ROOM) | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| | J's Bar Rooftop | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | |----------|---------------------| |--------------|------| | | | | | | * | | | | 1 | | | * | | | | | |------------| | | | 4 | | | |----**----| |= = = | | | | #| | | | |**-----| 3 * | | |------| | | | | | * | | 2 | | | | 2 | | | | | | | | |---------------|-------|----|---| | | | | | | | | | | |--------------------------------| |---------------------| | | | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |1.| Storage room | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |2.| Rooftop | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |3.| Stairs between 3F and rooftop | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |4.| Top floor of the apartment | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Town | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | |-----------| | | | | | | | >|--------------------------------| | | | |< | | | | | 2 | | | |---------------| |---------------------|------| | | | | | | * | | | | 1 | | * | | | | | | | | | | |---------------------------| 3 | | | | | | | |---| | | | | | | | | | | | | |---------**----------|------| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 4 | | | | | | | | | | | |--------------------| | | | | | | | | |------|--------------------|----------**---------| | | | | | | | 5 | | | |-------------------------------------------------| | | | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |1.| In front of apple inn | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |2.| Tunnel | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |3.| Slope along the canal | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |4.| Behind the apartment | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |5.| In front of J's bar | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Town (II) | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | |---------------|-------------------------------------------| | | | | | | | | * 2 | | | | * | | | | |------|-------------------------------------| = = | | | | | | | = = | | | | 1 | | * = = | | | | | | * = = | | | | | | |-----| | | |--------| | 3 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |1.| Behind the residential area (SAVE ROOM) | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |2.| Footbridge | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |3.| Main streets | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| |BELOW FREEZING POINT | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Laboratory B8 | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | |----------| | | | | | | *= | | | | | | | |= | | | | | | | |= 1 | | | | | | | |=---------| | | | | | | |= | | | | | | | |-----| | | | | | | | | | | | |------------------------------| |-----| | | | | | | | |-------------| | | | 2 * | | | | * 3 | | | |-----------------------------------------|-------------| | | | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |1.| Lift | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |2.| Platform | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |3.| Underground tunnel | |--|---------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Laboratory B7 | |------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |BELOW FREEZING POINT | |------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Laboratory B8 | Laboratory B7 | |------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | | |-----| | |----| | *= | | / |--| | |= | | / * <| | |= 1 | | | |--|--|---------| | |= | | | 1 * | | |=----| | \ |------| | | |= | | \ / |2 | | | | | |--|**|--| | | | |--| | | | | |-|*-|-| | | | | |------------| | | | | | | | | | | 3 | | |-----------| |---| | | |-----------| |------| | | |--------| | | | | | 2 * | | | |---------|------| | | * 3 | | | 4 * | | |------------------|--------| | | |------|--| 5 | | | | * | | | | | | | | |------| | | |---| 6 | | | |> | | | |------| | | | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |1.| Lift | B7F experiment room | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |2.| Platform | B7F east passway | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |3.| Underground tunnel | B7F chemical storage | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |4.| - | B7F south passway | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |5.| - | B7F chemical disposal room | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |6.| - | Duct | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | |------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Laboratory B6 | Laboratory B5 | |------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | | |--------| | |---------|---------------| | / \ | | * | | / 1 \ | | | 2 | | | |--| |---| | | 1 |---------------| | | * <| * | | | | | | |-||-----|-| | | |-----|-*-| | \ | | | | | | | \ | | |--| | \ \ | ||**|| | | | \ \ |-------| | | | | 3 | | \ \ | | | |-----------| |---| |--| | | \ 3 \|---| | | | 2 | | | | | | * 5 | | | |-----|-----| | |*|--| | | | 4 |> | | | * | | | | | | | * |< | | | | 4 | |--| | 5 | | |---|---|-------| | |---| | |----| | | |-----| | | *locker | | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |1.| B6F security center | B5F passway of area B | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |2.| B6F south passway | B5F computer room | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |3.| B6F east passway | B5F emergency passage | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |4.| Duct (SAVE ROOM) | B5F passway of area C | |--|-----------------|---|---|---|---|-----------------------------------------| |5.| B6F break room* | S | S | I | S | Duct | |--|-----------------|---|---|---|---|-----------------------------------------| | |------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | Laboratory B4 | Turntable | |------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| | | |------| | | / \ | | / \ | | |-------| | | | | 1 | | | |----| / | | | / | |---------| | |-|------|**|-----|----| | / \ | / | | \ | / \ | | | | | | |---------------| | | | | | | | | 1 | | | / \ | | |---------------| | | \ / 2 \ / | \ / | \ / /\ \ / | \ / | \/**-/--\-**\/ |-----| | |---------| | | | | | | 5 | | | |-------| |---|--| |------|**| | | | | 3 * | * | | | | |-----------| 4| * 6 | | | | |> | |-----|-------|--| | | |--| 7 | | | |-------| | | (inaccurate) | | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |1.| B4F turntable | Marshaling yard | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |2.| Main shaft | - | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |3.| B4F passway of west area | - | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |4.| Duct | - | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |5.|B4F low (SAVE ROOM)| - | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |6.| B4F passway of east area | - | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |7.| B4F culture room | - | |--|---------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |THE HIVE | |------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| VII. - 1. Secrets -------------------------------------------------------------------- to come... VII. - 2. Codes for Cheat Devices -------------------------------------------------------------------- In order to use these codes you have to use a Gameshark/X-Ploder PS2 device. Biohazard:Outbreak Codes (NTSC/J) --------------------------------- Master Code (Must Be On) EC878210 1456E79B 1CB69D70 C7971B5B 1CB69D74 CF82F55E 1CB69D78 D0892B5C 1CB69D7C CB821462 1CB69D80 C484175C 1CB69D84 3226EFD7 1CB69D88 1497225E Maximum Points 1CA79E88 1DBC9E0C Collection complete 7CA7DE1C 1458E7A6 EF6A8023 1456E7A5 Infinite Ammo 1CCF9DE8 1456E7A5 Invisibility 1CF57270 1456E7A5 Virus Gauge always 0% 1CF6E730 B236DC39 VIII. Q&A -------------------------------------------------------------------- Q:Hi,I've seen various levels from resident Evil Outbreak which are not in the game.How can I unlock them? A:The cannot be unlocked.The game used to have or it was intended to have about 20+ levels in the game but only 5 survived the final cut. They may be available for download in the near future but don't hold your breath. Q:Does Online Play require any fees? A:The japanese version is connected to a certain KDDI network which includes fees and makes all online games for it available.The Us version doesn't require any fees.It's free. Q:What about the PAL version? A:The PAL version wont have the online mode implemented.Once again the games' main purpose will be overshadowed by a strange occurence... Q:Why doesn't it have the online mode? A:The reasons given are the fact that europe ,in contrast to Japan and the US,is a region full of multilingualness.Given the conditions the developers decided that it is far more impossible than they first though this could be. From my technical knowledge there 2 reasons that may back up this comment.First off there's the difference between the 2 TV standards. The US and Japan use the NTSC format which runs at 60Hz while the european standard PAL runs at 50Hz.The game would then require a seperate 60Hz mode to prevent these problems.The second point is the fact that the infra structure of SONY's "Central Station" may be not good enough for this game.Resulting in problems which contain for instance different ISP's with different bandwith limits.Seriously apart from all the fuzz you could still say that they're too lazy since other big gaming companies don't suffer from these problems. Q:Broad...broad....does the game support bth,narrowband and broadband? A:No.The game only supports braodband users.Otherwise the resulting lag would destroy too much the atmosphere of the game. IX. - Legal -------------------------------------------------------------------- Got questions or found errors?Feel free to email me at If your questions are useful i'm going to post them here. Special thanks goes to CjayC from (as always) and of course yet another one to Capcom for making the first network capable Resident Evil game ever.And of course for justifying this work. Another big one is been entitled to all the people from the boards that leaked info here and there. Official game site: Beggars Club Heilbronx The sites that are allowed to post this faq are: Want this one on your site?Just ask. ˜ CAPCOM CO. LTD. 2003. ˜ CAPCOM U.S.A. 2003 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. CAPCOM and the CAPCOM LOGO are registered trademarks of CAPCOM CO., LTD. RESIDENT EVIL is a registeredtrademark of CAPCOM CO., LTD. "PlayStation" and the "PS" Family logo are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Online plays requires internet connection and Network Adaptor for PlayStation 2 (sold separately). The Online icon is a trademarkof Sony ComputerEntertainment America Inc. The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. Central Station and SONY are trademarks of SONY Co.Ltd.</p>