Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Walkthrough Faq/ Walkthrough By: lmwalking567 Email: Feel free to email me if there are any issues with the walkthrough STORY SPOILER FREE WALKTHROUGH! This is a complete walkthrough of Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward. This guide will allow you to play the game as you see fit. I have incorporated a step by step walkthrough of each puzzle that will get you all the archives and files, but I have also included a password section that will let you breeze through puzzles and get to the story of Virtue’s Last Reward. To trigger one of the endings in the game though it is necessary to have all the archives and complete the puzzles on hard. I was missing just 1 file when I finished and the ending simply didn’t show up so this walkthrough covers all of that. I have also included a flowchart with every possible ending for the game and a list of locks you will have to open to get certain endings. If you need a particular lock password you can scroll on down to the lock section and all the codes will be listed. I hope you enjoy this guide, it is my second walkthrough (my first was 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors) but I am very passionate about the Zero Escape Series and I hope this guide will be of use to you. If you have not played 999, check it out either before or after you play through VLR, each story is self-contained but it definitely enhances the story if you play through both volumes. Tips for play: -Notebook, Notebook, Notebook. I took a ton of notes during this game, not to mention you need to write down the bomb passwords because the game will not remember them. -Have a calculator nearby. I know it sounds weird but this game has a ton of math problems. -Think outside the box. If you are having trouble with a puzzle, think about the question and how you might be able to re format it. There were a few puzzles where I had the right answer but I needed to reformat the number for it to take. WARNING: THE 3DS VERSION OF THE GAME HAS A GAME CORRUPTING BUG IN IT. DO NOT SAVE GAME IN THE PUZZLE ROOMS. THE BUG OCCURS IN THE PEC ROOM AND POSSIBLY THE CREW QUARTERS. --------------------------------Guide Order----------------------------- Flowchart-----------------------------------------------------Section 1 Walkthrough---------------------------------------------------Section 2 Complete Password Guide for the Rooms-------------------------Section 3 Lock Guide and Flowchart Passwords-----------------------------Section 4 (Note: Lock Guide has all passwords of how to unlock certain endings and doors.) Legal Stuff---------------------------------------------------Section 5 Bomb Decoding/Theories--------------------------------------------Section 6 This guide goes with the puzzles from left to right, up to down. There is a flowchart section below. I did the whole flowchart from left to right on the main 3 branches as follows. I suggest trying to complete the flow chart from left to right because the true path is on the right and it has a ton of locks. It plays better if you can immediately get rid of those locks and keep going with the story. All locks are mentioned and all keys are mentioned. In addition, several endings will be unattainable until you have played through others. It works best to keep moving to the right and then trigger the endings that were unattainable until you got more progress. I triggered Luna right before the True Ending, and I suggest that you save the true one for last because if you do not, there is a chance that you will get stuck on one of the locks and will get kicked out of the true ending. This walkthrough won’t contain story spoilers, but I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It will keep you guessing until the very end. Magenta Door Path --------------------- l l Lounge l l ------------------------AB GAME 1------------------- l l --------- Ally--------------- ----Betray---- l l l l l l Green Door Blue Door l l l Red Door l l l GAULEM BAY REC ROOM l l l PANTRY l l l --AB Round 2-- --AB Round 2-- l Ally Betray Ally Betray ----AB Round 2---- l l l l Ally Betray l l l l l l SECURITY (Luna Game l l l l l Over 1) (K Game Save K (Dio Game l l Over) and Phi OVER) l l (Lock 1) BOMB ZERO l l DEACTIVATION Director’s Office l CODE (Password Needed Receive 2nd Key to l Key to gate 1-2) Director’s Office -Dio END- l l l l AB ROUND 3 --K END-- --------------- l l l l -Luna End- (Luna Game over 2) ---------------Yellow Door Path----------------- l l Infirmary l ---------------------------- AB GAME 1------------------------------------ l l l l Ally Betray ------------------------ l l l Green Door l l l Blue Door Red Door Treatment Center l l l l LABORATORY l PEC ROOM l AB ROUND 2 (If you have 3ds l l l Version SAVE GAME --AB Round 2-- l l BEFORE you enter the l l Ally Betray Room. This room corrupts Ally Betray l l Game data!!!!) l l l (Clover l Lock No. 3 l l Game ----AB Round 2----- l l l Over) l l Key to Q room l -Clover End- Ally Betray l l l l -Quark End- l l l (Quark Game Over) Crew Quarters (Tenmyouji Game (Lock No. 2) Over 1) l l DIRECTOR’s OFFICE l Bomb Deactivation Code 1 l ---AB Round 3--- l l l l Ally Betray l l l l -Tenmyouji End- (Tenmyouji Game over 2) --------------------------- Cyan Door Path---------------------- l Crew Quarters l --------------------------AB GAME 1----------------------------------- l l Ally Betray l l l l l --------------------------------------- Blue Door l l l Green Door Red Door l l l l l l B. GARDEN ARCHIVES CONTROL ROOM l l l l Lock No. 6 l l l --AB Round 2-- Lock No. 4 --AB Round 2-- l l l l l Ally Betray l Ally Betray l l -------AB ROUND 2------ l l l (Phi l l Lock No. 7 (Sigma l Game Ally Betray l Game Over) l Over) l l l l l l -Bomb 2 Deactivation Lock No. 8 l l Code and Key to Gate l (Alice l 1 in Director’s Office- l Game l l Lock No. 9 Over) l l l l -Sigma End- Deactivate Bomb 3! l l l Deactivate Bomb 2! Lock No. 5 l l Deactivate Bomb 1! Bomb 3 Deactivation Code! l l Lock No. 10 -Alice End- l Deactivate Bomb 0! l Q Room l Need Key for Q Room l -Phi End- l l --Branches into True End/Beginning New Story Paths will open-- -There are 24 endings in all. The last of which will not show unless you have collected ALL OF THE ARCHIVES and COMPLETED ALL THE PUZZLES ON HARD. The game will not tell you this, but it will appear on Phi’s timeline. This walkthrough is organized by puzzles left to right, from each round and the choices you make in the AB games.I have listed the order below for those of you who need/want to skip around. The password section at the end is ordered in the same way. 1. Elevator-------------------------------------------Default Puzzle 2. Lounge--------------------------------------Magenta Door (1st Round Choice) 3. Infirmary-----------------------------------Yellow Door (1st Round Choice) 4. Crew Quarters-------------------------------Cyan Door (1st Round Choice) 5. GAULEM Bay(Magenta Path)--------------------AB Ally, Green Door (2nd Round) 6. REC Room (Magenta Path)---------------------AB Ally, Blue Door (2nd Round) 7. Pantry(Magenta Path)------------------------AB Betray, Red Door (2nd Round) 8. PEC room(Yellow Path)-----------------------AB Ally, Blue Door (2nd Round) 9. Laboratory (Yellow Path)--------------------AB Ally, Red Door (2nd Round) 10. Treatment Center (Yellow Path)-------------AB Betray, Green Door (2nd Round) 11. B. Garden (Cyan Path)----------------------AB Ally, Blue Door (2nd Round) 12. Archives (Cyan Path)-----------------------AB Betray, Green Door (2nd Round) 13. Control Room (Cyan Path)-------------------AB Betray, Red Door (2nd Round) 14. Security (Magenta Path)--------------------AB Ally, Ally (3rd Round) 15. Director’s Office (Yellow Path)------------AB Ally, Ally (3rd Round) 16. Q Room (Cyan Path)-------------------------AB Betray, Ally (3rd Round) Elevator --------------------------------------------------------------------- This is your first puzzle for this game. It is here so you can get your bearings on the new controls. The controls aren’t too different from 999, but there are a few changes you should be aware of, the main being that every room has two passwords to escape. I will provide the passwords and the symbols, but I have heard that some copies of the game have different symbol passwords for the safe. I don’t know if that is true, but I do know all the number sequences that are given are universal so it shouldn’t be an issue. Now on to puzzle solution: -You start facing a strange device, leave it alone for now and look to your left and find a fire extinguisher. Take the pin from the extinguisher (very top of it, you will not take the pin unless you directly touch it). - Next look up and you will see a poster on the wall. Take it, and it will be added to the archive. If you look at it, it features several old people, a few kids, and babies. You will need to count the number of old people and babies on it. - If look left you will see some buttons with an old person on it. This is related to the poster you just acquired, there are 7 old people on the poster so tap the 7 and zoom out. - Take the green and yellow handles that are sticking out of the pipe. - Spin around until you are facing the other set of buttons on the wall, they are to the right of the fire extinguisher box. - Take the red and blue handles from the pipe. - Look at the buttons and you will see a baby. This is also related to the poster you picked up earlier. If you count the babies there are 4, so punch the 4 button. - Zoom out and look at the fire extinguisher box. You need to have the pin in your hand (the circle on the upper left of the corner. If it is not equipped, click on the circle and slide the wheel around until you have it directly in front of you. Then hit return) - Take the contents of the box. They are sockets, so you need to combine them with the handles that you found earlier. (Click on the upper left circle again and hit the combine button. You have to leaf through the different handles and try each one.) - Now face the elevator doors. To the right of the door are some buttons. There should be a bunny icon above the buttons. Click the number 3 button and you should receive a lovely red memory card. -Next press the 0 icon. This is will give you a blue memory card. You will need this card to get the 2nd safe pass code. - Zoom out and look at the vent below the buttons. Equip one of the socket wrenches and use it to open the corresponding color bolt. The girl (Phi) will make sarcastic comments as you do this task. - Open the vent and you will get a puzzle. You have to get the green block into the hole on the bottom right of the puzzle. I preferred to use the control pad as I was doing this puzzle. You can also tilt the DS (I am not sure about the vita), but I found it to be inconsistent in its responses. - The solution for the puzzle is as follows: U=up, D=Down, L=Left, R=Right RURDLURURDLDRUR - Take the green memory card and turn to face the strange device. - Put two memory cards into the device (I used red and green) to get the blue pass for the safe To unlock my safe I had a moon in the upper left corner, a sun in the middle row right and a sun in the middle row left. See the diagram below. B= blank Moon/ B/B Sun /B/ Sun B /B /B - If you add in the next memory card you will receive the green pass code It is Sun in the upper right corner, moon on the middle row left, and moon in the lower right corner: B/B/Sun Moon/B/B B/B/Moon - Type in those combinations, I always did blue first, and take the contents. - Use the key on the lock by the doors. It is above the bunny icon. Congratulations! You have made it through the first puzzle. Enjoy the novel section If you go through the Magenta door: Go to Lounge puzzle If you go through the Yellow door: See infirmary puzzle If you go through the Cyan door: See crew quarters puzzle -------------------------------Lounge------------------------------------ -Go through the Magenta door and you will find yourself in the lounge with Phi and Luna -Take a look at your surroundings, there is a bar, table, sofa, and a cabinet in the corner -Check out the cabinet first, you will find the safe on the top of it and there should be some sliding doors on the bottom. On the left side you will find the bartender’s notes, and on the right side you will find a piece of the globe. -Check out the table next. Grab the piece of the globe and the disk. -Look to your left and go towards the bar. -Take all the glasses on the bar and the 2 needles. - Next, zoom out, then zoom back in on the shelves behind the bar. - Take all the drinks from the left side of the shelves. There are two rows, one with a bunch of colored drinks and the other has a bunch of purple drinks. - Look at the upper right shelf for another piece of the globe. -Zoom out and look to your left. Take the last piece of the globe and check under the left pillow on the sofa. - Combine all the pieces of the globe. Start by putting together the northern and southern hemispheres, then attach one of them to the disk, lastly combine the remaining hemisphere with the rest. - Go back to the table and put the finished globe on it. -Go to the bar, at the end of the table there is a cocktail machine. You will need to make cocktails to get the password. As I said before, I have heard that the actual shape passwords are random, but I know the solutions are universal. - You will use the bartender’s journal to get the blue password. For fun let’s read the note: Ok basically it says that one of the people is lying, it has to be the son because you have to combine one of the purple bottles with one of the colored ones in the machine. If you use the son’s answer you will end up with something like a planet moon and such. You have to have a color and an area to make a proper cocktail. So if you use the mom and dads combinations you will have: MOTHER: Red Planet FATHER: White Island SON: Blue Ocean -Make the drinks in the cocktail machine. Start with the mom, find the red drink (colored bottle) and the planet drink (one of the purple bottles). Combine and serve. Repeat for the Father and the son. If you make a mistake on the mixing, there is a drain below the machine so just have the item equipped and you can dump the contents. You will need to do this later when you are working on the green password. - Go back to the bar and the coasters. Put the glasses down from left to right: Blue Ocean, White Island, and finally Red Planet. (If you are wondering why it is in that order, keep in mind that the notes were taken from a bartender’s prospective and he would have been on the opposite side of the counter.) -Look at the screen, it should be blue now. My password was: B=blank B /B/Star B /Star/B B/B/Star -Take the drinks again. You will need them to get the green password. -Ok, now you have the blue password, to get the green one you need to make some new cocktails. Go to the side of the room with the sofa and the strange clock on the wall. Put the 2 needles on the clock and they will need to be tuned to the time on the astronomy notes. Solution: In the notes is says that the eclipse will be at 4:50 pm. If you turn the clock to that time, it will read GREEN SUN. (The hour hand will be on green, and the minute hand will be on sun) -There will be a light emitted from the clock. Look at the globe next. There should be a reflection on the wall with a bunch of letters: RLEDIMOONON - Some of these letters are in red and the others are in black. Only read the black letters and you get: RED MOON -The globe says BLUE PLANET - The Green Password is: GREEN SUN, RED MOON, and BLUE PLANET - Make those cocktails (After emptying the glasses in the drain below the cocktail machine) and put the glasses down on the coasters from left to right: GREEN SUN, RED MOON, BLUE PLANET -You will get your next password, mine was B=Blank Star/B/Sun Sun/B/B B/B/B -Go to the safe and input the passwords, I always try to do blue first because a couple of rooms kick you out as soon as you put in the green one in. Anyhow if you do end up being kicked out you can regenerate the puzzle after you get out of the room, you will still have your passwords so you don’t need to do the puzzle again, you can just input the codes! -If you Ally and choose green door-------See GAULEM BAY -If you Ally and choose blue door--------See Rec Room -If you Betray--------------------------------See Pantry ---------------------------------------Infirmary-------------------------------- -In my opinion this is one of the hardest rooms to navigate. It isn’t because of size, it is because you cannot do a complete 360 of the room, so if you get confused by why the screen stops panning left/right (like I did), it is because they are trying to get you to go behind the room divider with a bunch of beds. -Get your bearings on the room, sliding left/right until you have an idea of where everything is. -Check out the monitor and desk that was right in front of you at the beginning of the puzzle. You will receive a part of a key and a speech about the monitor. - Look left and check out the ADAM screen and turn it on, it is directly to the left of the desk and the monitor. If you look left again you will see an AED defibrillator, you don’t have to do anything with it, it is just important to know that it is there. - Go to the right of the monitor and desk and there is a cart. Check out the wash bin, and take the scalpel that is to the right of it. -Look at the lower level of the cart, take the key and check out the injection gun. - Check out the cabinet to the right of the cart. Look at the sliding doors on the bottom of the cabinet. If you slide the right one back, you will receive a memory card. -Notice that the left cabinet door has the safe in it. - Look at the shelves above the sliding doors. There are 3 shelves on the left and 3 on the right. Check out the 2nd shelf on the right. You will find Tubocurarine, Soporil Beta, and a jar containing white powder. You will take the white powder. -Zoom out and pan to the right until you are facing 3 beds and the sink. Use the scalpel to remove the square sheet on the second bed. Next, take the key from the 3rd bed. It is near the foot of the bed. - Go back to your left until you reach the strange 5x5 grid. Combine the two key parts (metal stake, metal coin-like thing) and place the two keys into the grid. The pretty key goes in the right hole, and the worn-out key goes in the left. -Pull the grid out and you will have to participate in another puzzle. You can toggle with it for a bit, but the code is this: U=Up, D=Down, L=Left, R=Right -URULDRDLULDR - Once you complete the puzzle, everything will be filled in. There are: 5 blue pills, 6 yellow triangles, and 2 red bottles. -This is the code for the cabinet next to the grid. The one you just check out a minute ago. Type in the corresponding numbers: 5,6,2. You will receive a colorful note and a drawing. - Next you need to wash the garment you acquired from the bed, but first plug the memory card you found into the monitor. - Now take the jar containing the white powder and pour it into the wash bin. You are left with an empty jar so fill it up with water from the sink. -Combine the water with the white powder and then wash the garment in the bin. - Ok, now onto finding the blue password. I found this to be one of the most difficult blue passwords to find, (I needed a hint to push me in the right direction). Go back to the grid while holding the newly-washed sheet. You will see a pattern on the sheet. Basically you need to pretend that you are holding the sheet over the grid. The sheet has 5 points on it, find those five points on the grid and see what symbols are there. Once you match everything up you will find that there are 2 blue pills, 1 red liquid, and 2 yellow triangles. Go back to the cabinet and put in the code. 2,2,1 - You will receive another sheet. Go to the bed to the left of the room, the one with the ADAM scanner. -Put down the sheet you just found and then look at the ADAM scanner. Push the red power button if you haven’t already and then click on the scanner. You will now be in a password mini game. -Scan the sheet in the number order 1-5. -The password is FOUND I had this for my blue password: B=Blank Sun/B/Moon B /B/B B/Moon/B -Put the next sheet down on the bed. Use the scanner to find the green password. Press the buttons in this order: Blue Pills, Red liquid, Yellow triangles, 4, then 5 The green password is: CURED I had: Moon/B/B Moon/B/B B/B/Star - Type the two passwords in the safe and you are good to go. -If you ally and choose blue door------------------------See PEC room -If you ally and choose red door-------------------------See Laboratory -If you betray----------------- -------------------------See Treatment Center ------------------------------------Crew Quarters------------------------------ - You start in a hallway with Alice and Phi. You will all split up and check the different rooms. Let’s go in numerical order so go to door 1. - All the rooms in the hall have a bed, table, locker, and phone. In door 1 the phone has a mirror above it. You can check out the phone, but upon inspection you will notice that you need a password that you don’t have so leave it alone and check out the bed in the corner. - Notice that when you pull it down the left knee is shot out. - Look to your left and see the table with the book on it. It is Scrödinger’s Cat. You cannot do anything with the book during the puzzle, but you need it for the story. You will also see a bunch of unfinished symbols above the table. - Leave door 1 and head over to room 2. Alice is in this room. Repeat the process and look at the bed and the table. The left forearm is shot out of this bed, and there is a small piece of metal on the table. Take the metal and head over to room 4 - Phi will be in room 4. The main difference in room 4 is that there is a poster hanging on the wall of a woman. You can look at the poster, but Sigma insists that you need a metal coin to interact with it. - Look at the bed and the table. The bed is missing the right ankle, and there is a piece of metal on the table. - Combine the 2 metal pieces in your inventory and head over to door 3. - Use the key to unlock the handcuffs on door 3 and walk inside. - Look at the phone in room 3, the cassette case is open. Look at the bed next. The right arm is shot out. Lastly, check the table and you will find a box cutter. Take the box cutter and go to the locker. - The locker is open and it contains a roll of foil. Combine the foil with the box cutter 4 times to receive 4 different foil patterns. - Go back to the table in room 3. You will need to put foil down in every table to get the locker combinations. Slide the drawer out and Sigma should put the foil in the desk. If you pick the correct piece of foil it will read: LOCKER. - Go to the table in room 2 next. Place foil pattern 1 down on the table. The reflection reads: 4985. This is the locker password for this room. - 4985 is the locker password for room 2 - Turn around and face the locker. You need to input the code, but to do that you have to add the number on the right to the number on top. For example, this grid has a: 6 3 0 2 + + + 3 + + + 1 + + + - To get the value for the top left number on the grid you would add 2 (the number from the left of the puzzle grid) and 6 (the number from the top of the grid) and it will produce the number for the top left corner, 8. This is how you will work all the safes in this puzzle. - The order you push the buttons for this safe is: ------------------------ ----------- |3 | 4 | | ----------- |2 | | | ----------- | |1 | | ----------- - Take the cassette tape and head over to room 4. - Once you are in room 4, repeat the process with the foil using pattern 2. The password is 3472. - Type in the buttons like this: ------------ | | | 1 | ------------ | | | 4 | ------------ |2 |3 | | ------------ -Look at the wallet and you will find a coin. Use the coin to scratch the poster on the wall. Remember those beds with the different body parts shot out? Well you need to scratch the poster in those areas, so make sure that you scratch the blue bangle on her right arm, purple bracelet on her left forearm, flying heart above her left knee, and the bangle thing on her right ankle. You can choose to remover the silver part, but it isn’t necessary. -The pattern will reveal different numbers with different shapes. 6= Star 1= Circle 8= Diamond 9= Triangle - Write those down and head over to room 3. - Put the cassette tape in the phone and then return to door 1. - Go to the table in door 1 and put down the last foil pattern. You will receive another pattern, but this time it is shapes. - The pattern is: CIRCLE, STAR, DIAMOND, TRIANGLE - You now need to go to the phone in this room. You can pick this phone up and dial on it. You need to dial the internal lines for door 2 and 4. (They are the buttons at the top of the phone, they are labeled 1-4). - Once you do that, Alice will give you the combination 25**, and Phi will give you **92. - When you combine their answers you will get 2592. This is the number you will need to dial. - Dial 2592 on the phone. You will get a pre-recorded audio tape from Zero 3. Zero will tell you to look at the left portion of the mirror above the phone. The number that is on the left panel is 2652. - Dial your new password in the phone (2652) and you will receive the pin needed to access the locker in this room. - Go to the locker and put the pin in. You will now have the opportunity to put in the Blue and Green Pass Codes. The code number is related to those shapes you found earlier. Remember the table said that the combination is: CIRCLE, STAR, DIAMOND, TRIANGLE. We also know that: 1=Circle 6= Star 8= Diamond 9=Triangle - The blue password is the combination backwards: 9861 - You put it in like this: ------------ |4 | | | ------------ | | | 2 | ------------ | | 3 | 1 | ------------ - The green password is trickier. You would think that it would be the number that they gave you, (1689), but you will find that this doesn’t work. The game creators decided that the best solution to this puzzle is to flip the numbers upside down and you will get 1986. I am not sure why they decided to do this, I didn’t find any hints that would point you towards flipping the numbers over, but it is what it is. So you type the numbers in like this: - 1986= ------------ | 1 | | | ------------ | | | 3| ------------ | | 4 | 2| ------------ My Safe Passes were: Blue: B/Moon/Star B/B/B B/B/Sun Green: Sun/B/B Star/B/B Star/B/B -If you Ally------------------------------------------------See B. Garden -If you Betray and pick green door--------------------------See Archives -If you Betray and pick red door----------------------------See Control Room ------------------------GAULEM BAY----------------------------------- -You are now in GAULEM BAY with Alice and Luna. You are facing a robot on a table. -Look at the table with the robot and take the radio by its shoulder and chevron block by the oil stain. Zoom out and look at the safe that is below the table. There should be a button above the safe, turn it on then zoom out. -Turn towards the back of the room until you face a tool bench and a tool box. Take the key from the toolbox and take the blue battery that is to the left of the tool box. Both are on the top level of the shelves. - Look left to the other portion of the tool bench. There should be a chevron block on the top shelf next to a couple of files. Take the Chevron block and zoom out. -Above the workbench there is a poster with an Eye on it and a bunch of letters, you will need this, but pocket it for now. -Go left until you see the lockers. Open the locker on the right and take the binder that is on the right of the clock. Open the left and middle lockers and examine the coats. You should have acquired a Chevron block, ID tag, and a frequency list. - Combine the chevron blocks until you make a star shape, then head over to the robot. -Examine the robot, it has red eyes now, look at the puddle of oil by its left shoulder. Equip the rusty key you acquired from the toolbox and dip the key into the oil. -Go back to the toolbox and use the newly-oiled key to open it. You will find a screwdriver, bottle of detergent, and a silver key in the toolbox. - Now you need to look at the main computer. On the right there is a small computer with a screen. Go and look at the computer, should be a cord sitting to the left of it. Plug the radio in and look at your inventory. You should still have the ID card there. -Upon further inspection of the ID card you will see that the ID is: 11010 -Next look at the frequency chart. The frequency that matches the ID is 400 Hz. Now you need to tune the radio to 400 Hz. To do this you need to push the middle play button 4 times. (The one with 2 dashes). Look at the computer screen and you will get a rough sketch of the room. -Zoom out and look at the cabinets that are directly below the small computer and radio. Open the bottom drawer and you will find a tablet, take it. -Now equip the silver key and use it on the top drawer. When the drawer opens there will be a star-shaped hole. Use the star you combined earlier from the chevron blocks and put it in the hole. -The middle drawer is now open, so take the handle that it contains. Go back to the robot by the doors. There is a star hole to the left side of the door. Use your newly-acquired handle and Sigma will turn it. 12 new robots will now enter the room. -Look at the robots on the left side. The one second from the left is wearing boxers. Take them. -Combine the boxers with the detergent and head back to the robot lying on the table. Use the boxers to remove the oil stain from table. -When you clean the oil stain it will reveal: 120 V. This is how many volts you need to power up all the robots lining the wall. -Go to the left until you find a yellow screen. You need to power up the robots now. You need to find a path that will add up to 120V. -The correct path on the voltage puzzle starting from left to right is: 35, 10, 30, 40, and 5. It should add up nicely, so just jam on the check button. -Ok so now you need to go back to the big computer, not the small one where you did the radio activity, you need to go a little to the left. There should be a big Red button there. Press it and the eyes of all the robots will start to glow. - Look at the robots to the right of the table, the third one from the right is holding something in its hand. Take the red battery pack and go to your items menu and combine the screwdriver with the tablet. Then combine both the blue and red battery packs with the tablet. The tablet will now have power. -Remember the poster of the eye earlier? The one with 24 letters? I need you to take a look at that as well. When you examine it you will see: RB EM EA IC ON NI OS CF EN HC OE PE -The poster uses all the red eyes of the robots. You should write down the letters on a piece of paper if you want to make this easier. Look at the left row of robots and use each red eye with the corresponding letter from the poster. For example, the first robot on the left side of the room has one eye on, and it is his left eye. Since it is the second eye from the left you would circle B. Continue to do that to all the robots on the left side of the room. The right side is a bit trickier because you can’t just flip the poster over and start from left to right again. This time you need to go from right to left and record your findings left to right. I know it sounds confusing but here is an example: The robot on the far right of the room on the right side has one eye on, it is his left eye. Since it is the furthest from the right, you would record the first letter on the second row. -In the end you will have circled these letters: BEACONOFHOPE -The letters that you did not circle are: REMINISCENCE These are your blue and green passwords. -Next look at your tablet that you just turned on. You can type in passwords here. -The blue code is REMINISCENCE -BEACONOFHOPE is the green code. For my blue safe pass code I got: Star/Star/B Sun/B/B B/B/B For my green safe pass code I got: B/B/B B/B/Sun B/Moon/Moon Take the contents of the safe and you are ready to leave. -If you ally---------------------------------------See Security Room -If you betray-------------------------------------Done with puzzles this round --------------------------------REC Room---------------------------------- -You are with Alice and K this time around. You find yourself in a small room with several activities. -Take the billiard poster off of the wall. It is by the safe and the door. - Grab the luminal and scrap of felt from the gold case next to the door. Also be sure to take the billiard balls on top of the case. -Turn towards the knight scene. Switch the knights’ weapons (one has a spear and the other has an ax. Make sure the one standing has the ax.) and then hit the play button. The glass on the knight’s shield should break and you can take the Allen wrench. -Take the pool cue from the knight that is next to the two in the battle stance. -Combine the pool cue with the Allen wrench. -Go to pool table. Put the piece of felt down on the table and spray the top with the luminal. Turn off the lights. The table will have six letters: -------- |C A| | | |F D| | | |B E| -------- -Now put the billiard balls into the table. This should trigger a mini puzzle. You have to use the poster you found on the wall to match the balls to their pockets. In the upper right corner you will see the letters A-F. You also know the locations of these pockets, they are listed above. The color of each letter represents the color of the ball on the poster. In addition, each dash through each letter (only C and F in this case) will show the ball is not a solid color. When you sort each ball you should get: A-4, B-1, C-13, D-2, E-6, F-9. You need to put them into the table by ABC order. The key is this: Just remember to start putting the balls in pocket A first. Pocket C: 13 Pocket A: 4 Pocket F: 9 Pocket D: 2 Pocket B: 1 Pocket E: 6 -Take the dart tips and turn towards the Zero 3 bunny ride. Take extension cord from floor and use socket wrench to open up the coin slots. Take the coins and insert them into the ride. K will ride the ride and then give you a photo after it. -Look at the back of the photo. It has Z9, D1 written on it. -Head over to the jukebox in the back of the room. Use the extension cord to plug it in and then insert some of the tokens into the machine. Plug in Z9 and D1 to get 2 gold CDs. Look to your right and there will be 2 CD cases on the wall. Put both CDs in and you will unlock the middle case that contains the dart shafts. -Combine the dart tips with the shafts and head over to the dart puzzle on the other side of the room. If you look at the box the dart shafts came in you will see that it has a red, green, and blue circle and a 91 in the bottom right corner. This means you will have to make 91 points in this round of darts. -The points are calculated like this: The outer number around the edge (for example 8) and then it is multiplied by 1,2, or 3 depending on which circle you pick. The number is multiplied by one on the outer circle, 2 in the middle circle, and 3 for the innermost circle. We are not counting the 100 point circle in this. So the values for the rings in section 8 would be 8,16, and 24. The dart board is divided into 8 section with varying values so I will point out which section and which ring the solution is in. -The blue password is: Portion 17 (upper left), 2nd row in. It is a red number and the value is 34. Portion 8 (on the bottom), 3rd row in. It is a green number and the value is 24. Portion 11 (bottom right), 3rd row in. The number is blue and the value is 33. -The green password is: Portion 6 (bottom), 3rd row in. It is a red number and the value is 18. Portion 20 (top), 2nd row in. It is a green number and the value is 40. Portion 11 (bottom right), 3rd row in. It is a blue number and the value is 33. The safe passwords I got were as follows: Green: B/B/B Star/B/Star B/B/Sun Blue: B/Sun/B B/B/Star Sun/B/B You are now done with the REC room. Feel free to proceed. ---------------------------------Pantry----------------------------------------- -You are partnered with Alice and Clover for this room. Expect some funny plays on words. -Start by looking at the sliding shelf unit that is in between the two spaces of storage shelving. It is on the back of the wall. Open the door and take the binder. Zoom out and then look down. You should see 2 red buttons at the bottom of the sliding unit. Unlock both buttons and zoom out. -Now you need to unlock the other two red buttons to make the unit slide, so look to the right of the storage shelves and press the other buttons. (This screen is located between the far right storage shelf and the door you came through) -Take the PH detection chemical and the binder with the PH scale. -Turn towards the Dolly on the left side of the room. Take the 4 containers from the bottom of the dolly (2 basic, 1 acidic, and 1 neutral). You will need to fill these. -Take a look at the dates on the Dolly: In black you have: 1/13, 3/27 In red you have: 5/7, 7/30 In blue you have: 11/11 -Zoom out and take the silver drawer from the dolly. There will be a metal piece in it. If you look to the right of the dolly you will see the safe. Upon further inspection you will see two objects next to the safe. One is a beaker and the other is a metal piece. Take both of them. -Combine the metal pieces and it will make a button. Put the button in the ice machine that is to the right of the safe. Next push the button down and you can unlock the machine. -When you inspect the machine you will trigger a mini puzzle. The solution is: U=Up, D= Dow, L=Left, R=Right RDLDRDLRDLD -Now reach into the machine and get the ice cube with the ID card in it. -Put the ice cube in the warm drawer and put the drawer back into the dolly. -Take the ID card out and plug it into the dolly. -Turn to your left and you will see a sink-like water dispenser. At this point you can use your beaker and PH detection chemical to figure out what each of the button’s PH is. The breakdown goes like this: +3 PH=9 +2 PH=8 +1 PH=7 0 PH=6 -1 PH= 5 -2 PH= 4 -3 PH= 3 You will use +3 to fill up the 2 basic water containers because 9 is a basic PH. You will use +1 to fill up the neutral water container because 7 is a neutral PH. You will use -2 to fill up the acidic water container because 4 is the most acidic PH. -Ok now turn towards the back wall with all of the numbers and letters. Take the calendar off the wall and take a peek at it. Remember the dates that you found on the dolly? You will need those dates to open up 5 boxes of food in this room. To find each date and its corresponding box on the wall you need to note that the calendar is divided into quarters, then 7 days of the week, and then by 14 weeks. -The wall is set up in the same manner as the calendars. You have the 4 sections, 7 letters, and 14 rows. Now you need to match them up. The first one would go like this: 1/13 It is in the first quarter so it would be in section: 123 It is 5th from the right so it would be letter: E It is the 3rd row down so it would be: 3 -There is an input device to the right of the shelves so put in 123 E 3 and a box should pop out. -The other date/box combinations are: 123 E 3 123 B 14 456 A 7 789 A 6 101112 G 6 -That should account for all the boxes. You also picked up the blue password hint when you collected the calendar. The hint was “The day the man was abducted”. This refers to the date that you were kidnapped for this game. The date would be December 25. If you match that up with the shelves you get: -Blue Password: 101112 B 13 For my blue safe password I got: B/B/Star B/B/B B/Sun/Moon -Collect all the boxes of food along the wall and return to the dolly. Put in all the boxes of food and all of the containers of water. If you haven’t plugged in the ID card make sure you do that as well. -You should have a staff nutritional balance chart and a nutritional balance sheet. In this puzzle you have to give each staff member the appropriate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for the week. The solution is as follows: (When I wasn’t sure about the picture on the meal I included the color of the tile, it was easier to see. The orange on my screen also had a tint of red to it.) A B C D E Orange Meal Green Salad Orange Meal Orange Meal Purple Meal Blue fish Green Salad Yellow Rice Blue Fish Yellow Rice Green Salad Blue Fish Orange Meal Green Salad Orange Meal Purple meal Yellow Rice Green Salad Purple Meal Purple Meal Yellow rice Yellow Rice Purple meal Blue Fish Blue Fish My green password was: B/B/B B/B/Moon B/Moon/Sun You are good to go! -----------------------------Pressure Exchange Chamber------------------------- -First off DO NOT SAVE IN THIS ROOM EVER! The 3ds version of this game has a GAME CORRUPTING BUG IN THIS ROOM. The game may crash in this room, but you can reboot it if you don’t save in the room. I saved in this room before I knew about it and I lost over 14 HOURS of progress. So learn from my mistake and save BEFORE you go in this room. - Another thing that I found in this room, is that if you do the room in a certain sequence of events (for me at least) you can avoid triggering the game stopping bug. Every time I tried to do the puzzle in the correct order, it would crash towards the end of the puzzle. It got frustrating. The game may crash in this room, but if you saved before you go in here you can just reboot the game and start over. Luckily this isn’t one of the more difficult puzzles if you take notes. I will now give you the order I had to do the puzzle to not crash the game. -You start on the level with the pressure exchange chamber. If you look to your right you will see a barometer and a set of 3 lockers. You can’t take anything from in here now so look to your left and take the elevator upstairs. - In the elevator this is a locked box compartment with a bunch of shapes. The box has 25113 written on it. Take note of this and hit the button to go to the other level. -Open one of the sets of lockers on this level and click on the suits. You will put them on. Next pan around until you see the safe and a bench. Inspect the bench and you will see a pattern on it. Take the binder on the chair. The pattern is: Trapezoid Diamond Up arrow Star Cylinder Hourglass -Don’t worry about the other sets of lockers, they all have the same things in them. To the left of the bench there is a stool and a USB cable. You will need to come here later when you find other items. - Ok now you are supposed to go downstairs and use your binder password to open up the pressure chamber and it will trigger a scene and stuff, however whenever I did this sequence of events my game crashed every time. What I found out is that you need to unlock the box on the elevator BEFORE you go into the pressure chamber. You don’t know the numbers that go with the shapes though, so you have the choice to replay the puzzle and run the risk of it crashing (the key is on the bench in the pressure chamber) or you can just type in this sequence. -The code for the elevator box (25113) is: Cylinder, Hourglass, Star, Star, Diamond -Take the key and use it to unlock one of the lockers in the downstairs area (the level with the pressure chamber and the barometers). The key will unlock the middle locker and you will get a mini protective suit. -Turn around and click on the door to the pressure chamber. You should have collected the binder from the bench upstairs; it has the code to unlock this door. You need to connect the 3 sets of colors together without crossing over any path twice. The 3 sets of colors are: Magenta-Orange Yellow-Green White-Black -Enter the room and look at the bench in the corner. This is the bench that got you into the safe in the elevator. You don’t need the numbers on it anymore, but you do need the tablet. -Next pan right and inspect the welded-shut door. Clover will pitch a fit and leave the room. An alarm will sound and you need to find a way out of the room. -The pressure has changed in the room and the zero 3 bunny has now expanded. Click on it 2 times to make it pop. Now grab the mini bunny from the wreckage. If you look at the gray panels on the wall, they are loose now. Open the panels and take the 4 knobs you find. (2 purple, 2 yellow) - The solution is: Pan to the left section of the pipe, the portion that is right by the red pipe. Connect the yellow knob to the red pipe, connect the purple knob to the pipe that is directly across from the yellow one. The C shaped section on the right of the screen should now be red. Next put the purple knob at the top of the C section and put the last yellow know on 2nd pipe from the top on the left side of the screen. This should cause most of the pipes to become red and Sigma will start talking. You have found a way out of the room. - Pan right until you see the pressure machine in the corner. Look at it and take the key below the red button. Next press the button. The pressure should stabilize. -To get the color passwords out of the room, click on the glass by the door out. Clover should be there and she will look around until she finds a scrap of paper, it is under the barometers. She will shove it at the window and the colors will be added to your archive. The colors to get out of the room are: White-Purple Yellow-Magenta Blue-Green -Once you get out of the room head to the lockers by the barometer. Use the key that you found to unlock the locker on the right. It is a journal with colors on it. Head back upstairs to the stool and USB cable. Combine the Zero bunny doll with the mini protective suit and put them on the stool. Next plug the tablet into the USB cable. -Look at the colorful piece of paper you have. It has a turquoise color first. If you press the different buttons on the 8 shape, each one has a color. If you use the sequence in the paper it will trace out a number 6 on the 8. If you do it a second and third time you will also get numbers. -This is the green password: 623 -The hidden blue password is 117. These go with the colors on the side of shelf like thing by the USB cord and the stool. The colors are green and purple 2 times and blue green purple once. It traces out a 1, 1 and 7 on the 8 figure. -My blue password was: Star/B/B Star/Sun/B B/B/B -My green password was: B/B/Sun B/Star/Star B/B/B To be honest, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time in this room due to the fact that it crashed a good many times I tried it, so I know everything is kind of cut and dry. -If you pick Ally--------------------------------See Director’s Office -If you pick Betray------------------------------Done with puzzles this round -------------------------LABORATORY--------------------------------------------- -Clover and Dio are your companions in this room. You are in a lab and there are 2 windows with objects to your left, a shelf ahead of you, and 2 windows to your right. -First look at the left side of the table. There is a jar of seeds, 2 empty capsules, and 2 binders. Take them. -Next look at the big shelf that is behind the table. It is huge and in the center of the room. Look at the bottom shelf on the left and right. You should pick up a jar of seeds on the left and some roots on the right. -Look at the top shelf in the middle. You should pick up a saline solution. Click again and there is a frog right behind the solution. -Zoom out and pan left until you get to the far left window of the room. It is directly to the right of the door you need to open. Look at the window and you will see a tray with a lion eating the sun. Seems like there are a lot of those…. Take the scalpel from the tray and go to the neighboring window on the right. -There should be a jar of seeds in this window, and a drain. Take the seeds and drain the ethanol from the frog. Take the ethanol drainage with you. It collects in the tank below the drain. -Dissect the frog (with the scalpel) and you will get another capsule. This one is blue. -Zoom out and pan right until you reach the right side of the table. Take the seeds that are by the microscope. -Go to the window that is behind the table. It is the left of the two windows. Take the last set of seeds from the left side, and take the binder that is by the machine on the right side. -Now you are going to use the machine. Use your DNA extraction notes to do it in the correct order. You should have 5 sets of seeds. If you don’t, you need to collect all of them before you can go on. -The order for DNA extraction is: (you have these notes in your archive) 1. Put seeds in blender thing 2. Pour in Saline Solution 3. Pour in Ethanol 4. Put concoction in empty capsule -Do this process with the seeds and the roots. Now zoom out of the window. - Pan to the right a bit and you will see a window with a bunch of pipes. You have to divide the flow of liquids so that the correct amount goes into each glass. The solution is to have every single handle facing down. Now the seeds have to germinate. You have 5 types of seeds. In your archive you have notes on how to deduce which seeds go in what color liquid, but here is the solution: RED YELLOW GREEN LT. BLUE BLUE Round seed Long striped Round plain seed Long plain Round That is half seed seed striped Yellow/black seed -Take the capsule that falls. -Plug all 4 capsules into the microscope on the right side of the table. You will get your blue pass code when you put 3 in. My blue pass was: B/B/Sun Moon/B/B Sun/B/B My green pass was: B/Moon/Sun B/B/B B/Sun/B You are now free to leave the room! --------------------------------Treatment Center-------------------------------- -Quark and Clover are your companions in this room, however Quark will be no help. -Start by taking the potted plant from the left side of the room in the corner. Next pan left again and click on the black screen. It should light up and give you a funny game board diagram. You will need this later but keep turning left for now. -Pan left past the jellyfish and take the other potted plant. Continue to pan left until you find the white sofa with the safe. Take the tablet and binder that sit by the safe. Also examine the clock that hangs above the sofa. It will trigger a lengthy talk from Clover. -Ok now on to opening the pod door. Unfortunately, it is a randomized password every time you open it. The only help I can give you is this: You can only guess any given number 1 time in a sequence (there will be no passwords like 7789 or 4894 because numbers repeat) and when you do a sequence the computer will tell you HIT or BLOW. Hit means that a number is correct and in the right place. Blow will tell you that you have the correct number but it is in the wrong place. Your goal is to get 4 hits. The best hint I can give you for the puzzle overall is to write down every number combination that you try and the result you get. So if you put in: 1234 and get 2 Blows, write it down and try to corner those two numbers that are correct but in the wrong place. So the help I can give is, switch things around, try different numbers and write down the patterns and results. Also keep in mind you only have 10 tries to guess the password. Good Luck! Sometimes it can take a few tries so don’t give up. -Once you are in, click on Pod number 2. Open it, take the silver key, and inspect the clock on the pod. It says: 6:20. -Check out Pod number 1 next. Look at the clock on the outside (says 7:15), and take the white key from the inside. -Leave the treatment room and use the white key to unlock the clock that hangs outside of the room. Take the chip from inside the clock. -Now use the silver key to unlock the jellyfish tank. You will need to chase the purple jellyfish out of the tank with another one of those tilting/control pad mini puzzles. The combination of moves to get the purple jellyfish out is: U=Up, D=Down, L=Left, R=Right -DRDRULLLURRU -Ok now you have the artificial jellyfish, go to your items menu and examine it. You should get a red tile out of it. Put the red tile into the lion’s mouth (seriously another lion?), the picture is hanging right by the tank. -Head back into the treatment room. Examine pod number 3 now. There should be a digital clock on the inside of the pod. It says: 00:15. -Now go to pod number 1. Put the chip into the monitor next to the machine. Click on the screen a couple of times and it will activate and ask you to perform a couple of tests. First put the healthy plant into the machine, it will freeze. Touch the plant and it will shatter. You will get a green memory card. Next put in the withered plant. It will perform another test and the plant will be healthy. You will get a red memory card this time. -Leave the room and put the green and red memory cards into the clock outside of the room. The clock (noted No. 4) says: 4:05 -Ok now take out your tablet and pull up the funky game board from your archive. You need to put in the 4 clock times that you have, going from 1 to 4. The hint on the tablet is: “Four Pieces for the first password. One piece for the second password.” Remember the 4 times you have are: No.1: 7:15 No.2: 6:20 No.3:00:15 No.4:4:05 -Look at the “Illustration of a dice game”(the funky game board) and you have to count around the board with the times. You start on the Start space and for the time 7:15 you would count 15 to the right and then 7 to the left (notice the middle of the game board with the H and M). When you do that 4 times, each time starting at the start space and using every time given your password will be: Past - PAST is your green password. -Now for the blue password, your hint is using 1 piece for the second password. This means that you are still going around the board with the same times, this time however, do not restart at the start space every time. Instead, you will record the letter and continue moving around the board from the point you last stopped. So after you move 15 right and 7 left you land on P, next you move 20 right and 6 left and you will land on 0. The password you end with is: Pour. -Type in POUR for blue password. I got: Sun/Sun/Moon B/B/B B/B/B -Type in PAST for the green password. I got: B/B/B Sun/Moon/B B/B/Moon ------------------------------------B. Garden----------------------------------- -You start this puzzle by the safe and a tree. You are with Luna and Alice. -Go to shack down the path in front of you, take bronze key and shovel. - Look at sign that is by the shack. It shows the shovel and 3 objects, a spotted mushroom, a dirt mound, and some flowers. -Turn around to face the tree in the distance. Zoom in and there should be an upside down U shape stream and a grass mound. This is the grass you need to dig in. You will find the box with the bronze lid here. -Go back towards the tree to where you were at the beginning of the puzzle. Dig up the spotted mushroom at the base of the tree. -Turn around and take the path to the bench by the waterfall. Take the metal rod from the bench. -Continue along the path until you are looking at the mini garden and the pot. Inspect the pot and take the silver key from under it. Next look at the pepper next to the garden, you should receive a yellow coin. -Go down the left path once more, you will be facing the end of the stream and a bunch of flowers. Dig up the flowers (called Skunk Cabbage apparently) with the shovel. -Behind the stream end there is a gravestone. Look at it more closely and you will see that there is a metal detector resting on it. Take the detector and read the Latin phrase on the gravestone. -Zoom out and turn left towards the scales. Look at the scales more closely and take the gold key, knife, and open the drawer. You will find another metal piece in there. -Go to your items menu. Combine the gold key with the gold box, silver key with silver, and so on. Also combine the metal rod pieces. -When you open the boxes, you will get 3 strips of paper, combine them. -Before you head over to the buttons by the shack, use the metal detector on the mini garden by the stream. Use the detector on the onion patch, the cucumber patch, and the tomato patch. Basically use it on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rows, you should receive a veggie from each of the rows. Combine the vegetables with the knife and you will receive 3 more coins. -Go back to the scales and comparatively weigh the coins. You will find that the order of coins Light to Heavy is: Red White Yellow Green -Now go back to the shack and waterfall. The paper you pieced together earlier has the button combination for the red buttons by the shack. The order in which you press the buttons is: R=Right, M=Middle, L=Left -LRRLMMR -The waterfall should stop, now go behind it and you will see a bunch of < signs and circle slots. You need to put the coins in by weight, the < signs are greater than signs so put the coins in from left to right: Red, White, Yellow, Green -This will open up the password input device. You have a choice of a bunch of stars. You don’t have this information yet so zoom out and head back to where you started the puzzle. -Look at the wall with the door, there should be a butterfly shaped hole in the wall. Put your lever into the hole and turn the lever. The lights in the room will go out. -Go towards the shack and then click on the stream, it will start a scene where you see all the stars in the room. The order they appear is: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red This is the green password. -To get the blue password you need to look at the size of each star. Then you need to list the stars in order of big to small. This order is: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green. -Turn the lights back on and go back to the waterfall. -Put in the blue password first: Red-Blue-Yellow-Purple-Green My safe was: B/B/B Moon/Star/Star B/B/B -Next put in the green password: Purple-Blue-Yellow-Green-Red My safe was: Moon/B/B B/B/Star Moon/B/B You are free to leave now. Did you notice the lion eating the sun at the base of the stream? ----------------------------------------Archives-------------------------------- -You are now in a room with a ton of books, Clover, and Luna. You first need to find 4 books off the wall. If you look at the monitor in front of you, you will find that the books are divided into 4 sections and then by rows. Luna will tell you how the sections relate to the room. -Start with the leftmost section (the one below the lion), and you will find a blue book about halfway down. The book is called “The Stairway”, upon further examination you will see “Go Up” A-05-02 on the back. -Look at the next section from the left. There is a red book a little over halfway down, and it is towards the right of the book section. The book is called “Go Up” and upon further examination you find that the back has “The Stairway” B-06-30 -Because these two books are referring to each other, simply put “The Stairway” in the 2nd section where you found “Go up”, and put “Go Up” where you found “The Stairway” in the first section. You are just switching their locations. -Now go to the 3rd and 4th book sections. In section 3 look at the 5th row of books, there is an orange book there titled “And Lion”, with “To the Sun” C-05-18 written on the back. -Look at the 4th section of books. The shelf 2nd from the bottom has a green book called “To the Sun”, with “And Lion D-07-03 written on the back. -Switch “To the Sun”, and “And Lion” with each other like you did with the other books. -This should trigger some trick steps, but if it doesn’t, check your order. The books in order by sections (A-D, left to right) are: “Go Up”, “The Stairway”, “To the Sun”, and “And Lion”. Color wise from left to right it is: Red-Blue-Orange-Green -Go up the stairs and take the lion (just like the book says). Examine the lion and take the blue chip from its back. Guess what? The lion is eating the sun… -Now you are downstairs again, turn around and look at the table. Take the ink, paper, blue die, and music box. -Turn to the right, towards the locked box. Take the green die. -Turn left toward the scales. Take the red die, the weight, and open the drawer to find a screwdriver. -Combine the screwdriver with the music box. Next combine the cylinder with the ink. Then combine the cylinder covered in ink with the paper. You will get a REPORT from this. -Now weigh each die. You will need the help of the weight to do this. When you manipulate things you will find that the die weights are as follows: Red-50g Green-100g Blue-150g -Go back to the locked box to the right of the desk. The box has all 3 dice, some added and some multiplied. You need to use the weights for each die and you need to do the problem with the order of operations so it would be like this: (green x red) +blue= (100 x 50) +150= 5150 -When you put this answer into the lock combination you need to put it in like this: 05150 because there are 5 slots and only 4 numbers. - You will get a bookmark out of the box. It has 6 spaces in a pattern with 2 of each color the breakdown is like this: G=Green B=Blue R=Red B R R G B G -Look at the report you made earlier. It has numbers on it instead of colors, but it is in the same format: 6 5 2 4 1 3 -Now go back to the monitor in the center of the room. Put the blue chip into the device and you will see a white grid with dice on it. There are also 6 boxes outlined in a darker shade, this is the same pattern we found on the bookmark and report. This grid is how you get the passwords for this puzzle. -To get the blue password you have to match up the dice to their corresponding colors from the bookmark. The puzzle grid is oriented slightly differently than the bookmark so just remember that. All you need to do is remember that the bottom of the bookmark is the left-ish side of the screen. It isn’t a full 90 degree turn. When you put in the pattern it would be: R G B G B R -The green password has to be the right color die and the die has to be turned to the right number. Unfortunately this requires a ton of turns and I was unable to come up with a full-fledged solution for this because I also do not know if the dice are turned to the same number every time. My tips for this part of the puzzle is to just keep playing with it and do the puzzle from left to right. If you need more help you can contact me or you can look at a person solving this puzzle with a video walkthrough. I believe the variables change every time and then it wouldn’t help you even if I did calculate it…. So the numbers in the rotated pattern is: 2 3 1 4 6 5 My passwords were: Blue- Moon/B/B B/B/B Moon/B/Sun Green- Moon/B/B B/B/B B/Sun/Star ----------------------------------------------Control Room---------------------- - Luna and Phi are your companions this time around. Start this puzzle by looking through the big pane of glass at the purple bomb. Luna and Phi will start to talk about it. -Ok now pan along the control panel, you can touch the buttons and switches but you will find that the only thing useful along the control panel is the laptop on the right side. -Touch the laptop, you will see a green T on the screen. Now take the USB card from the side. The screen will change. -Take the clipboard that is next to the laptop. It has TEST written on it. Go to your items menu and combine the USB scanner and the clipboard. The USB will change color. Plug the USB back into the laptop. This will give you the blue password for the puzzle. -Blue password for me: B/B/Moon B/B/Sun Star/B/B -Ok now you have the blue password, onto finding the green. Pan right and you will pass a bunch of levers, they are right by the laptop. You will need these in a bit so note the location. Keep panning around the room until you get to the red clock. Examine it. -The red clock has a time on it, it is 11400 sec. Take a note on this and zoom out. There are a couple of boxes on the floor to right of the clock, click on the left one and take the hidden clipboard. There are tons of colorful numbers on this clipboard; this will come in handy later. -Pan right again and look at the desk. There is a compass and protractor on the table, take them and then go to your items menu. Combine the compass and protractor, this will give you the expanded compass. -Continue right and look at the blue clock. It says 510 minutes. Take note and keep going. -Past the lockers there is a small white sheet on the wall. There is also a power board. Now use the compass on the sheet. It will make a circle and it will land on 6 words. If you read them starting from the red line you will get this: ON-OFF-ON-OFF-OFF-OFF -Remember the levers by the laptop? Well you need to go over there now. Click on the levers and you will be able to interact with them. Slide one down and it will trigger a short scene with Luna. Now turn the 1st and 3rd lever on, to fulfill the requirements from the white sheet of paper. One of the levers will fall off. Pick it up and head back to the power board by the lockers. -Go to the power board and put the lever handle on it. This will give you a puzzle where you have to match up certain power amounts in each slot at the bottom. If you look at the levers you will see that they make a set of 2 lines. The lines aren’t quite even, but you should be able to distinguish 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. The way you need to orient the levers is this: D=Down L=Left L L D D D D L D -The power is on now, but we still need to put the items into the machine. Go to the lockers. Let’s open the one on the left first. You have to open this locker with the 2 times you found on the clocks, but first you have to convert the time into hours and minutes. -The blue clock (510 minutes) converts to 8 hours and 30 minutes -The red clock(11400 seconds) converts into 3 hours and 10 minutes -Put in the blue clock value first and the red clock value second. This is another strange input pad because you have to add the numbers on the left with the ones on top. The order in which you put the 4 numbers is this: ----------------- | 3 | | 1 | ----------------- | | 2 | | ----------------- | | | 4 | ----------------- -Open the locker and you will find a rainbow root. Now open the right locker. Notice that the keypad is green, this is a clue that tells you to use only the green numbers on the clipboard you found earlier. -The green numbers in order (according to the arrow on the bottom) are 7213 This input keypad uses all the basic math functions, this is the order you need to push the buttons. ---------------- | | | 1 | ---------------- | | | 2 | ---------------- | | 4 | 3 | ---------------- -You will get a disc-shaped part from this locker. Now go to the machine next to the power grid. Put the root and the disc-shaped part in the machine. Click on the white screen next to the machine. -Now you will get a puzzle that deals with the roots. The puzzle has 3 levels. Use the black slider to look at each lever. You need to solve the 3rd level of the puzzle. First look at the top level of the puzzle (1st level) it says 100 and it has all the colors. The second level has 4 colors and some fractions, they are: Yellow: 4/16 Red: 3/15 Green: 6/20 Blue: ?/? The 3rd level of the puzzle has 8 sections, 2 each of the colors listed above. The key you need to know to solve this puzzle is that it deals with converting fractions into numbers. You know from the first level that it takes 100 to make the whole root, the second level shows you what proportions each color has, and the 3rd level is the actual breakdown of the numbers. So take a look at level 2 again: Yellow: 4/16= 1/4 1/4 of 100 is 25 so Yellow=25 Red: 3/15=1/5 1/5 of 100= 20 therefore Red=20 Green: 6/20=3/10 3/10 of 100=30 Green= 30 Blue is unknown, but we have the other values that add up to 100, so you get it by subtracting the sum of those numbers. Blue=25 Now look at the 3rd level of the root. Yellow already has 19, so add 6 to make 25 Red has 12, so add 8 Green has 21 so add 9 Blue has 15 so add 10 The solution for the 3rd level is: Yellow: 6 Red: 8 Green: 9 Blue: 10 My green password was: B/B/Moon B/Star/B B/B/Moon -Now just unlock the safe and you are free to go -If you Ally---------------------------------------See Q Room -If you Betray-------------------------------------You are done this round ---------------------------------Security--------------------------------------- -You are in the security office with Phi and you have got some snooping to do. Notice that there are 3 chairs, each of them is a different color. Take note of the colors because you will need to know it for a password in a minute. -It is a pretty small room, but head to the back to one of the shelves. Look at the one on the left and you will notice 2 small hourglasses. Take both of them and head over to the sofa. -You will need to turn the lights off for the next part. Go to the lion to the right of the sofa, he is eating the sun (seems like a trend doesn’t it). Press the sun and look at the cabinets again. They have lit up and each of them has a different pattern. The shelves to the left of the room have hexagons and triangles. The triangles are green and the hexagons are pink. To the right of the room the shelf has green hexagons and pink triangles. -Now go back down the stairs to the front of the room, turn back around and you will notice a string of letters on each step. Each step has a color that goes to it, so you will need to record the passwords that go with the chairs in your room. For me I had a red chair, green chair, and a yellow chair. The passwords that I used are as follows: Green chair: ADGB Yellow chair: SGDQNY Red chair: TMJYUVGJ The passwords I didn’t use are: (I don’t know if every game has different color chairs in them so I recorded these as well: Magenta chair: ZYKGLPE Cyan chair: TISG Blue chair: ESDMAS That should cover all of them. -Go turn the lights back on and head back to the computers. Each of the computers has a different password to get in. I start with the green chair to the left of the big monitor. Put in the password listed above (ADGB) and you will get a mini puzzle. -You have to make the hexagons and the triangles the correct color in 4 moves. In this case you need to make the hexagons green and the triangles pink because the cabinet on that side of the room matches this pattern. -The moves to complete this puzzle are: 1. Press the hexagon on the bottom in the middle 2. Press the hexagon on the top row in the middle. 3. There should be two pink hexagons in the middle row now. Press the one on the left. 4. Press the right hexagon in the middle row. -You will now have a message on the screen, press it and then look at the monitor above the computer. It says: “I WAS YOU” -Go to the computer on the right of the room. My chair is red, so put in the corresponding password (TMJYUVGJ). You will get another hexagon/triangle mini puzzle. This time though, you need to make the triangles green and the hexagons pink. The steps to solving this puzzle are: 1. Press the left green hexagon on the middle row. 2. Press the right green hexagon on the middle row. 3. Press the topmost pink triangle in the middle row. 4. Press the remaining pink triangle in the middle of the puzzle. -Press the icon that shows up on the computer monitor and it will be transferred to the monitor above the computer. It reads: “WILL BE ME.” -Ok before you put in the yellow password, inspect your hourglasses. You will notice that one is red and the other is yellow. The red one holds 4 seconds of sand, the yellow holds 11 seconds of sand. Now pan to the left of the room to the power panel. Flip all the red switches on and then look at the big monitor in the middle of the room. Phi will make some comments about it. -Now you can put in the yellow password (SGDQNY) below the monitor. You will get another mini puzzle, this time it deals with the hourglasses. What you are supposed to do is turn a couple of hourglasses over and compare time. For example, you would turn the red hourglass over (you know it is 4 seconds) and you would turn the blue one over as well then hit the play button. There is more sand in the blue hourglass so turn the red one over again and hit play. Notice that there is 1 second left in the red glass. Now with some subtraction you know that the blue hourglass is 7 seconds. Continue doing this and you can figure out the puzzle. -The numbers for the hourglass puzzle are: 0407091115 -Press the icon on the computer screen and the monitor will change. It now has 9 panels you can rearrange. ----------------------------- |Me. | Be | I | ----------------------------- | Was | Will | Everything| ---------------------------- | You | Knows | She | ----------------------------- -To get the blue password and green password you will need to turn off certain switches. For the blue password you need to turn all the screens off aside from the words: SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING. Go to the power panel and turn off these switches: ---------------------------- | X | X | X | ---------------------------- | X | X | | ---------------------------- | X | | | ---------------------------- - Put the remaining words in order (She knows everything) at the bottom row of the screen, otherwise the blue password will not show up. The blue password for me was: Star/ B/B Sun/ B/ B B/ B/ Moon - Ok onto the green password. This time around you need to turn on the screens that will spell out the sentence that were on the other monitors in the room. “I WAS YOU WILL BE ME.” At this point all the screens are turned off so you need to turn on these switches: ---------------------- | X | X | X | ---------------------- | X | X | | ---------------------- | X | | | ---------------------- Notice that these are the screens you didn’t use for the blue password. You need to put them in order (I was you will be me) on the top row or it will not register. My green password was: Star/ Moon/ B B / B / Sun B/ B / B - Put the passwords into the safe and you are free to go. ----------------------------------Directors Office----------------------------- -Quark and Tenmyoji are your companions this time around. I enjoyed the main puzzle in here, but the blue password was super hard to get because the solution was incorrect. Anyway, on to that later… - Start off by taking the objects in the knight’s hands. You will have a short spear and a slingshot. Pan left and examine the cabinet. Take the books, tablet, and the cheap brandy. -Head over to the cabinet on the other side of the room with the safe and globe on it. Take the globe and slide back the right door. You will see a bottle of expensive brandy with a red mark here. Take the expensive brandy. Now slide the left door open. Put the cheap brandy on the green coaster. The laser will go into the bottle and make a parallelogram. -Go into your items menu and examine the globe. You will get a world map added to your archives. The map contains more colors connected to each other. The sets of colors are: Blue-White Purple-Yellow Green-Magenta -Now go to the safe in the corner of the room. It is by the cabinet where you found the books. You will have another color puzzle like you found in the PEC room, except this one is a bit trickier. The trick to this one is to make a big S shape through the middle of the puzzle when you connect the yellow and purple dots. -Once you open the safe, take the deer head and the binder with the business card notes. Hang the deer head up on the wall by the red line. It is located to the right of the cabinet where you found the books. -Now go to the desk with the computer. Open the binder by the computer and you will see a bunch of business cards. Now go to your archives and look at the business card notes (1 and 2). One will give you a list of cards and where they go, the other will give clues to where the remaining cards go. The clues you get are: 1. Carole likes being on the left. 2. Ann prefers to be near Bob. 3. Ellen would like to be above Ann. 4. Sophie likes to be on the very right. 5. Kate likes to be next to Michael. The business card puzzle solution is: Bob Ellen Sophie Ann Chris John Tony Lola Ian Carole Michael Katie -Now Quark will make a comment about the back of the business cards, so look at them again and turn them over. On the back of the cards there is a note. It reads: Book 334 This is referring to the books you found in the cabinet earlier. If you look at your items you will notice that there are two stacks of 3 books and one stack of 4 books. Put them in the cabinet in that order (3 books, 3 books, 4 books). -Go back to the desk with the computer and try to open the top drawer of the desk. You can’t open it, but Quark comments that there is a diamond shape in the keyhole. Remember that small spear you got from the knight? It has a diamond shape, so equip it and use it to open the drawer. You will receive a small key. -There is a machine next to the desk, use the small key to start it up. Click on it again and you will find that you cannot make it work. After many face trials, Tenmyoji will put a picture in front of the face scanner. The machine now works and a secret wall turns. -Look at the chair that has now appeared. Take the knights helmet off the chair and put it on the knight. Now sit in the chair. Use your slingshot on the balloon, you will use the small key to pop it. When the balloon is gone, you will see 3 letters in the room HEL. -You will now get out of the chair automatically. Click on the handle by the chair and you will sit back down and pull the lever. The chair will turn and you will be in a very tiny space behind the wall. The letter P is written in paint and there is a battery pack on the table. Take the battery pack and turn back around. -Combine the battery pack with the tablet and the tablet will turn on. Now you need to put the password in. The password is the word that you make when you combine all the letters you found on the wall. You guessed it, the password is HELP. -Green Password: Help - Once you have entered the green password you can access the screen that is on the cabinet with the safe. You have a shape puzzle here. You have to make a parallelogram out of the shapes given. The solution to this puzzle that registers doesn’t make a complete parallelogram though. The solution is as follows: BT=Big Triangle ST=Small Triangle MT=Middle Size Triangle P=Parallelogram S=Square ________ __ _____ /|\ MT / | BT / / | \ / P /| / / | LT \ / / | / / |-----| / | / /__BT__ |_S___|/ LT | / -When you complete this puzzle you will get the blue password to put into the tablet. I also want to note that even when you orient the shapes in this manner the game may not recognize it as the correct password. You may have to tweak the shapes closer/farther away from each other to get the green light and the password. Here is the password. -The blue password is: IILD Plug it into the tablet and you will get the safe combination. My combinations were: Blue: Moon/Star/B B /B /Star B / B / B Green: B /Moon/ B B / Moon/ B Moon/ B / B ------------------------------------Q Room-------------------------------------- -Ok test time! This is the ultimate puzzle room that will test your knowledge on all the puzzles you have completed. You are in here with Tenmyouji and Phi, so lets get started. -You are in a white room and now you have the task of searching the tiles by doing a Minesweeper Esq. puzzle. Here are the tiles you need to hit. Let us assume that the wall you are initially facing is the North Wall, the one to your right is East, the one behind you South, and the one to your left is West. All the grids are 7x7 on the cube, but notice that each wall only has a 5x7 grid. Therefore you can automatically forget the top 2 rows because they won’t be part of the solution. The panels you need to press are listed below. - North Wall ----------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ----------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | | ----------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | | ----------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | | ----------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | | ---------------------------------------- -East Wall ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | X | X | X | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | X | X | | X | X | X | | ------------------------------------------- | X | X | | X | X | X | | ------------------------------------------- - South Wall D is the location of the door on the south wall. ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | X | ------------------------------------------- | | | X | D | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | X | X | D | | | | ------------------------------------------- -West Wall ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | X | ------------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | X | ------------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | X | ------------------------------------------- -Everything is out now. You will notice 3 familiar puzzles around the room. We have another dart puzzle like we found in the rec room, a hexagon/triangle puzzle reminiscent of the one we found in security, and a dice puzzle like the one in the archives. -Go to the hexagon/triangle puzzle first. The solution is hanging to the right of the puzzle. You have to make the entire thing red. 1. Press upside-down triangle on bottom left. 2. Press upside-down triangle on bottom right. 3. Press green hexagon on left end of the middle row. 4. Press the green hexagon on the right end of the middle row. 5. Press the green hexagon in the middle on the top row. -Pan right and take the binder and the red memory stick. -Now onto the dart puzzle. Start off by taking the darts. This time around you have to make 100 points on the board using red green and blue. The points are done the same way, the outer circle is multiplied by 1, 2nd circle by 2, and 3rd circle by 3. The solution is this: Green number: It is located in section 13 toward top part of the circle, 3rd row in. The number is 39 and it is green Blue number: It is located in section 14 toward the top part of the circle, 2nd row in. The number is 28 and it’s blue. Red number: It is located in section 11 on the top part of the circle, 3rd row in. It is red 33. -Notice that this time around you have to put in the green number 1st, blue 2nd, and red 3rd. If you don’t follow that order it will not register. -Take the green memory card from the case. Now pan left slightly past the dice board. You will see a shelf with a purple stack of books, they read DICE. This gives you the dice puzzle solution. You have to piece them together on your own. It will look like this (I put it on a grid to make it easier, but the actual puzzle is turned about 45 degree from this, if you hold you handheld slightly left it will line up with this grid): G=Green R= Red B=Blue ------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | |G2 | | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | |R4 | | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | |B5 |G6 | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | | |R3 | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | | |B1 | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------------- -G2 is oriented so that the left dot is lower than right dot -R4 orienting doesn’t matter with this number -B5 orienting doesn’t matter with this number -G6 is oriented so that the dots make horizontal rows, 3 on top and 3 on bottom -R3 is oriented so that the 3 is on a downward slope -B1 orienting doesn’t matter. -Ok onto the dice puzzle. You have to match the dice by color and face value. You also have to match the orientation of the dice. This means that if the 3 is sloping downward in the puzzle you have to match that. This is a trial and error puzzle, it is nearly impossible to record all of the moves. The best hint I can give you is to try to go from one side of the solution to the other. If you need to move a die out of the way and it is already in the correct spot, just roll it one direction to the end of the row, that way you can re-roll it back into place easily. Also, in my puzzle it was sometimes impossible to orient one of the same colored dice like the picture. So if you are having trouble orienting the dice in the correct way, try the other die that is of the same color because you have 2 of each color. -Take the blue memory card and head to the card reader to the left of the dice puzzle. -Insert all three memory cards into the reader and you will get a mini AB game. You picked up a binder with information on this earlier. It is in a file marked AB Game, Q Edition. It reads: -Three people will definitely choose “Ally” -Three people will definitely choose “Betray” - One is a mysterious mirror man. He will always do whatever his opponent does. --First Answer— “Strive for 9 with six cooperators” --Second Answer— “We must be the only ones to surpass 9” -So now we have to figure out which individuals always choose ally, betray, and mirror. Then we need to come up with an answer where 6 people have more than 9 points, and another answer where we are the only ones to surpass 9 points. This is how the people answer: -A always betrays -B always allies -C is the mirror man -D always allies -E always betrays -To get the first solution (green) where 6 of us surpass 9: First, second, and third round: Pairs--- 1. US and D 2. A and E 3. B and C Always Choose Ally -To get the second solution (blue) where we must be the only ones to pass 9: First Round Pairs: 1. US and D 2. A and E 3. B and C Choose Betray Second Round Pairs: 1. US and D 2. A and C 3. B and E Choose Betray Third Round Pairs: 1. US and D 2. A and E 3. B and C Choose Betray My blue password was: B/Star/B B/ B / B B/ Star/ Star My green password was: B/ B /Moon B/ B /B Star/Star/B -Go input the combinations. After this you will be prompted to put in an ID code and password for a computer in the room. You have a lot of passwords to put in soon, if you ever get stuck or forgot to write one down along the way, check out the lock portion of the walkthrough. The password is: ID: KURASHIKI PASS: JUMPYDOLL -----------------------------PASSWORDS---------------------------------- This is the section where I just give you the passwords for the rooms. I have included all the major solutions that you will need to complete the puzzle. It may not cover getting all the items to complete the puzzle, but if you already have them it shouldn’t be an issue. If you just look at the password section there is a good chance that you will not get all the archives, but this portion will come in handy if you are stuck in one part of the puzzle and you want a way out without the explanation. Enjoy! -------------------------Elevator Passwords------------------------------01 - Mini-sliding puzzle combination: Up=U D=Down L=Left R=Right RURDLURURDLDRUR - Press 7 on the old person side of elevator -Press 4 on the baby side of elevator -Press 3 on the main button section (buttons by door to elevator) -To get blue password press zero on the main button section (buttons by door to elevator) -------------------------Lounge Passwords---------------------------------02 -First round of drinks (blue password) from left to right is: Blue Ocean, White Island, Red Planet -Pieces of the globe can be found: On table, behind cocktail drinks, behind sliding doors under safe, by the sofa. -Clock hands are in cocktail glasses. -Clock in the room needs to be turned to 4:50 which equals: Green Sun -Second round of drinks (Green password) from left to right is: Green Sun, Red Moon, Blue Planet -Check under the left throw pillow on the couch for an important archive -Another Archive can be found behind the sliding doors on the cabinet. -------------------------Infirmary Passwords------------------------------03 - Key pieces are: by monitor, under cart, on 3rd bed. -Scalpel(needed to take out the bedding) is by washbin. - Take bedding off of 2nd bed with scalpel -Code to get into cabinet: 5 pills, 2 liquids, 6 triangles -Other code for cabinet(to get blue pass): 2 pills, 2 triangles, 1 liquid -Once you put key into grid mini sliding puzzle key is: U=Up D=Down L=Left R=Right URULDRDLULDR -Put white powder into wash bin, refill with water and pour into wash bin to clean the bedding. -Green password: Cured -Blue password: Found Letters on the 5x5 Adam Scanner grid (if you don’t want to record deal with the sheets. You can just find the letters with this and press them in order and skip the entire puzzle) --------------------- | Q | D | L | I | F | -------------------- | G | C | T | U| K | --------------------- | Y | M | A| P | W | --------------------- | O | S | H | E| X | --------------------- | J | R | N | V | B| ---------------------- ----------------------------Crew Quarters Passwords----------------------- 04 -Locker password for room 2: 4985 -Locker password for room 4: 3472 -Phone number for room 3: 2592 -Phone number to get pin to unlock the locker in room 1: 2652 -Blue password: 9861 -Green password: 1986 -Remember to pick up book on the table in room 1. ----------------------------------GAULEM BAY-------------------------------05 -First battery pack is by tool box -Chevron block locations: By the robot, workbench, in one of the lockers in a lab coat -Radio is by robot -To open toolbox: Take key and dip it into oil by the robot - Use silver key to open 2nd drawer by computer, put in the star shape (made by combining the chevron blocks). Use new handle on the star shape by the door and the robot. - Tablet is in bottom drawer by computer -Plug radio in by computer -Radio Frequency is: 400 Hz you get it by pressing middle button 4 times -To find needed voltage: Take boxers off of one of the 12 robots (left side) and combine it with detergent. You will find the voltage under the oil spill by the robot on the table. Voltage is 120 V. -Path you take to get 120 V: 35, 10, 30, 40, 5 -2nd battery pack is in the hands of one of the 12 robots (on right) -Green Password: BEACONOFHOPE -Blue Password: REMINISCENCE ---------------------------------Rec Room--------------------------------06 -Luminol on the pool table will reveal the 6 pocket letters. Billiard ball password: -------------------- |C=13 A=4 | | | |F=9 D= 2 | | | |B=1 E=6 | | | --------------------- You need to input it in ABC order or it won’t work: A=4, B=1, C=13, D=2, E=6, F=9 -Allen wrench is in shield by knights, you need to switch their weapons to get it. -Combine pool cue and Allen wrench to open coin slot on bunny ride. -Take extension cord from bunny ride and ride it, you will get picture. Picture back says: Z9, D1 -Jukebox codes: Z9, D1-put CDS in case by jukebox -Combine the dart shafts and tips to make darts. -Dart codes: The portions are the parts around the actual dartboard, they all have a value. Take dart poster by dart board to understand how to get a dart score. -The blue password is: Portion 17 (upper left), 2nd row in. It is a red number and the value is 34. Portion 8 (on the bottom), 3rd row in. It is a green number and the value is 24. Portion 11 (bottom right), 3rd row in. The number is blue and the value is 33. -The green password is: Portion 6 (bottom), 3rd row in. It is a red number and the value is 18. Portion 20 (top), 2nd row in. It is a green number and the value is 40. Portion 11 (bottom right), 3rd row in. It is a blue number and the value is 33. ---------------------------------Pantry-----------------------------------07 -Button parts are by safe and in Dolly drawer -Combine pieces and put in ice machine: Ice mini sliding puzzle combination U=Up D=Down L=Left R=Right RDLDRDLRDLD -Put ice cube in drawer and drawer in dolly, then take ID card and put it in dolly. -Take containers in dolly and fill them with water: Fill the Basic containers with water from the +3 button Fill the Acidic container with water from the -2 button Fill the Neutral container with water from the +1 button -The codes for the shelves on the wall are: 123 E 3 123 B 14 456 A 7 789 A 6 101112 G 6 -Bonus Code for blue password: 101112 B 13 -Green Password: Put everything into the dolly, the meal breakdown is: Note: Orange meal may be red for you so just substitute A B C D E Orange Meal Green Salad Orange Meal Orange Meal Purple Meal Blue fish Green Salad Yellow Rice Blue Fish Yellow Rice Green Salad Blue Fish Orange Meal Green Salad Orange Meal Purple meal Yellow Rice Green Salad Purple Meal Purple Meal Yellow rice Yellow Rice Purple meal Blue Fish Blue Fish ----------------------------PEC Room--------------------------------08 -Go upstairs and put on pressure suit, they are located in lockers. -Look at bench upstairs to see: Trapezoid Diamond Up arrow Star Cylinder Hourglass - Bench in the pressure chamber reads: -------------------- | 6 3 | -------------------- | 4 1 | -------------------- | 2 5 | -------------------- -Put the information the benches give you together to decode the elevator password. To open the box on the elevator (25113): You need to put in the password of: Cylinder, Hourglass, Star, Star, Diamond -Take key from box and use it on lockers on lower floor -Colors to get into the pressure chamber: Pink-Orange Yellow-Green White-Black -Take tablet from pressure chamber -Take bunny from pressure chamber and combine it with mini pressure suit. -Solve pipe puzzle and take key from pressure machine. -2nd set of color codes (you can get them from Clover by pressing glass) White-Purple Yellow-Pink Blue-Green -Open locker on bottom floor and go back upstairs -Put bunny (in the suit) on the stool. Plug in tablet. -Blue Password: 117 -Green Password: 623 -------------------------Laboratory--------------------------------09 -Take seeds and binders from left side of table -Take scalpel from leftmost window -Take seeds, roots, saline solution, and frog from back cabinet -Go to 2nd window from left and dissect the frog. Take capsule and take drain bin. -Right side of table has more seeds, take them. -Go to 2nd window from right. Take seeds and then blend them according to instructions. -Solution for right window pipe puzzle is all levers facing down. -Order to put seeds in the solutions from left to right: Half/Half round seed, Long striped seed, Round seed, Long seed, Round striped seed. Take capsule that falls out. -Put all capsules in the microscope and you will get both blue and green passwords. -----------------------------Treatment Center---------------------------10 -Take both potted plants from corners of room. -Look at monitor for game board -Take tablet by safe on the sofa -Once you open pod room inspect pods 1&2 for objects you need to complete puzzle -Open jellyfish tank with key. Mini game solution: DRDRULLLURRU -Use other key to open clock and take access card to pod 1. Use potted plants for experiment. -The four times are: 1. 7:15 2. 6:20 3. 00:15 4. 4:05 -Blue Password: POUR -Green Password: PAST --------------------------------B. Garden---------------------------------11 - Button combination for red buttons: LRRLMMR -Take metal detector from gravestone. Use it on 1-3 rows of mini garden. Also inspect yellow pepper to left of garden. -Keys are found: In shack, under pot by garden, on scales -Take knife from scales and open drawer. Combine knife with veggies -Weight of coins light to heavy: RED-WHITE-YELLOW-GREEN -Handle pieces located: In drawer of scales, on bench by waterfall -Locked boxes located: Under spotted mushroom, under grass patch by stream, under flowers by mini garden. -Put coins into the space by waterfall in this order: RED-WHITE-YELLOW-GREEN -Find stars by using completed handle on butterfly slot in wall. Blue Password star order: RED-BLUE-YELLOW-PURPLE-GREEN (ordered big to small) Green Password star order: PURPLE-BLUE-YELLOW-GREEN-RED ------------------------------Archives---------------------------------12 -Take all different books off of shelves and put in this order from left to right: GO UP-THE STAIRWAY-TO THE SUN-AND LION -Take all contents from table, scales, and locked box. -Dice weigh: Red =50 g Green=100 g Blue= 150 g -Password for locked box: 05150 -Create REPORT archive by combining screwdriver with music box, cylinder with ink, and cylinder with ink with paper. -Go to monitor in center of room and put in memory chip from lion. Blue password is dice in same color spot as bookmark says. Green password: Dice have to match both the color listed on bookmark and the number on the report. BOOKMARK: B R R G B G REPORT: 6 5 2 4 1 3 -------------------------Control Room----------------------------------------13 -Blue Password: Take USB from laptop and combine it with clipboard next to the laptop. -To find lever password: Combine protractor and compass and use on white sheet of paper -Lever Password (Used to get lever for power grid): ON_OFF_ON_OFF_OFF_OFF Use password on 6 levers by laptop To unlock left locker: -Blue clock time (510 minutes) converted: 8 hours 30 minutes -Red clock time (11400 seconds) converted: 3 hours 10 minutes Press in this order ----------------------------- | 3 | | 1 | ----------------------------- | | 2 | | ----------------------------- | | | 4 | ----------------------------- Code to unlock right locker (clipboard found behind boxes): 7213 Press in this order: -------------------------- | | | 1 | -------------------------- | | | 2 | -------------------------- | | 4 | 3 | -------------------------- -To start power grid- Use handle and turn levers in this way: L L D D D D L D - Solution for tree root puzzle Yellow: 6 Green: 9 Red: 8 Blue: 10 ----------------------------Security--------------------------14 -Collect 2 hourglasses -Computer Passwords: Green chair: ADGB Yellow chair: SGDQNY Red chair: TMJYUVGJ -The moves to complete the hexagon/triangle puzzle to the left side of the monitor: 1. Press the hexagon on the bottom in the middle 2. Press the hexagon on the top row in the middle. 3. There should be two pink hexagons in the middle row now. Press the one on the left. 4. Press the right hexagon in the middle row. -Message given from puzzle “I was you” -Moves for hexagon/triangle puzzle to the right of the monitor: 1. Press the left green hexagon on the middle row. 2. Press the right green hexagon on the middle row. 3. Press the topmost pink triangle in the middle row. 4. Press the remaining pink triangle in the middle of the puzzle. -Message given from puzzle “Will be me” -Solution to hourglass puzzle: 0407091115 -The blue password is: She knows everything To get this password, turn off all the power switches that aren’t those words. Also set the words to the bottom of the monitor or that won’t work. -The green password is: I was you will be me Turn off all the power switches that don’t relate to that sentence. Arrange the words at the top of the monitor. -----------------------------------Director’s Office--------------------------15 -Take the knights objects -Take cheap brandy and expensive brandy, switch their locations -Colors to open safe: Blue-White Green-Magenta Purple-Yellow -Business card solution: Bob Ellen Sophie Ann Chris John Tony Lola Ian Carole Michael Katie -Says book 334 on back. In cabinet with books put stacks of 3, stack of 3, then stack of 4 -Start up machine in corner with silver key from drawer by computer(open with short spear). Turn chair around and take battery. -Green Password: HELP -Solution for parallelogram puzzle: BT=Big Triangle ST=Small Triangle MT=Middle Size Triangle P=Parallelogram S=Square __________________ /| \ MT / | BT / / | \ / | / / |LT \/ P/ | / / |----| / | / /__BT_ |_S__|/_LT| / -Blue Password: IILD ---------------------------------Q ROOM-----------------------------------16 -Tiles to press on white walls. Assuming the wall you are facing is north, one to right is east, one to left is west, one behind you is south - North Wall ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- -East Wall ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | X | X | X | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | X | X | | X | X | X | | ------------------------------------------- | X | X | | X | X | X | | ------------------------------------------- - South Wall D is the location of the door on the south wall. ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | X | ------------------------------------------- | | | X | D | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | X | X | D | | | | ------------------------------------------- -West Wall ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | X | ------------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | X | ------------------------------------------- | X | | | | | | X | ------------------------------------------- -Hexagon/triangle puzzle solution: 1. Press upside-down triangle on bottom left. 2. Press upside-down triangle on bottom right. 3. Press green hexagon on left end of the middle row. 4. Press the green hexagon on the right end of the middle row. 5. Press the green hexagon in the middle on the top row. -Now onto the dart puzzle. Start off by taking the darts. This time around you have to make 100 points on the board using red green and blue. The points are done the same way, the outer circle is multiplied by 1, 2nd circle by 2, and 3rd circle by 3. The solution is this: Green number: It is located in section 13 toward top part of the circle, 3rd row in. The number is 39 and it is green Blue number: It is located in section 14 toward the top part of the circle, 2nd row in. The number is 28 and it’s blue. Red number: It is located in section 11 on the top part of the circle, 3rd row in. It is red 33. -Notice that this time around you have to put in the green number 1st, blue 2nd, and red 3rd. If you don’t follow that order it will not register. -DICE PUZZLE G=Green R= Red B=Blue ------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | | -------------------------------------------------- | | | |G2 | | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | |R4 | | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | |B5 |G6 | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | | |R3 | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | | |B1 | | | | ------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------------- -G2 is oriented so that the left dot is lower than right dot -R4 orienting doesn’t matter with this number -B5 orienting doesn’t matter with this number -G6 is oriented so that the dots make horizontal rows, 3 on top and 3 on bottom -R3 is oriented so that the 3 is on a downward slope -B1 orienting doesn’t matter. -AB GAME -First Solution (Green): Round 1,2, and 3: 1. US and D 2. A and E 3. B and C Choose Ally -To get the second solution (blue) where we must be the only ones to pass 9: First Round Pairs: 1. US and D 2. A and E 3. B and C Choose Betray Second Round Pairs: 1. US and D 2. A and C 3. B and E Choose Betray Third Round Pairs: 1. US and D 2. A and E 2. B and C Choose Betray -Enjoy the events to come! ----------------------------------LOCKS AND ANSWERS--------------------------- -Solve the mystery of the two-headed lion: (far left path). You will have a cutscene that says Memento Mori, Remember Death over and over. You obtain the passwords by triggering K’s end and Sigma’s end ID: GTFDML016 PASS: MILKEVOLI -Lock No. 1 “How can Phi and K be saved?” This lock you have to open a particular story path where you find the antidote in the treatment room. I believe you have to trigger Clover’s ending to fully unlock this. There is no password. You have to get through this lock to trigger K’s True Ending. -Lock No. 2 “Proof it isn’t murder”. To open this lock you need to have found the book on Radical 6 in the Lab. To get Tenmyouji’s End you have to unlock this path. This is a story locked path, there is no password. -Lock No. 3 “5 Minute’s of Life” This is another story locked path. You need to have unlocked Sigma’s ending to get past this lock. Quark’s ending can be obtained once you pass through this lock. -Lock No. 4. “There isn’t enough anti-viral medication” This is a story locked path. You have to go through the lab to get past this lock. It also might be necessary to unlock Clover’s ending to get through this lock. Once you pass this lock and 1 other you can obtain Alice’s ending -Lock No. 5. “What is the long string of numbers” This path has a story with it, but the password is COMPLETED once you count through all the numbers. -Lock No. 6 “Where did Alice go?” I believe that to unlock this lock you just need to play through this sequence 2 times or have done a scenario where Alice ended up dead in the Crew Quarters. Basically if you look for her in the Crew Quarters the lock will break and you can go on with the story. -Lock No. 7 “Who planted the Bomb” This is a story lock. You need to know that Dio was the one who planted all the bombs, so you need to have unlocked Dio’s ending. -Lock No. 8 “How do we stop Phi?” I believe to unlock this path you need to have played through the scenario where you betrayed Phi instead of allying with her. I also think that it is necessary for you to have unlocked most of the other locks because you stop Phi by using a Latin phrase that she used at some point during the game. I never had to stop at this lock because I played through the flowchart from left to right so I am not completely sure about the prerequisites to pass through this one. - Lock No. 9 “Who planted the Bomb” This is another story lock where you have to know that Dio planted the bombs. It also might be necessary for you to have gone through lock no. 7 as well because you try different tactics to stop him. - Lock No. 10 “Where is the Zero Bomb” You have to have all the bomb information on this one. It is also necessary for you to know where Dio hid his knife when he stabbed the old lady, because that is where the zero bomb is. Basically you have to go through everything if you want this lock to open. -Deactivate Bomb 3: LXQLHCNMR (Password found before Alice end after lock No. 5) -Deactivate Bomb 2: EQDDYRNTK (Password found before Sigma end after lock No. 7) -Deactivate Bomb 1: BQZRGJDXR (Password found before Tenmyouji’s end after Director’s Office and Lock No. 2) -Deactivate Bomb 0: LXAQNSGDQ (Password found by completing Dio’s ending) -Q Room ID and Pass: (Found by completing Quark’s ending) ID: Kurashiki PASS: JUMPYDOLL ----------------------------------Legal Stuff----------------------------------- This walkthrough is intended for personal and private use only. It is protected by copyright laws, and may not be reproduced on any website not listed below, or in any printed publication that has not received permission from me, the author. Breaking these rules can get you into legal trouble. You are free to print the document out on paper, download it to your computer and tell your friends about it. You also may post the link to the document on your forum; you do not have the right to repost it directly to the forum though. Anything is fine, as long as you don't alter anything, or claim it as your own work. Selling this document for money, or hosting it on your own website is unacceptable. Only a small handful of sites are allowed to host this document. All of the sites are listed below. New permissions will most likely not be handed out. The ONLY sites that are allowed to host this document are: - - - - --------------------------Theories and Next Release------------------------ Bomb Deactivation Code unscrambled: When you look at the archives at the end, the final one says that the bomb passwords aren’t random and they give you +1 as a hint. When you hop to the next letter of the alphabet in each combination you get a disjointed note that looks like this: MY BROTHER CRASH KEYS FREE Z SOUL MYRMIDONS My personal theory is that this note is from Akane’s prospective. I think it might mean that her brother (santa from 999) could be the leader of Free the Soul. It could also mean that they have to save him from the facility and that he has some sort of key for saving humanity with him. I am also hoping for an alternate history where Junpei and Akane can be together, it seems like they could manipulate the timeline to allow that. We know from this game that she still thinks of him (using the Password Jumpydoll and Q room), even if he doesn’t believe that. Anyhow we can theorize all day, but in the end it is at the mercy of the game developers. I know there is going to be a 3rd game with a cliff hanger like this. They have already announced the title and it is currently in development. I guess I will see you for a 3rd walkthrough when it is released. Thanks for reading!</p>