Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Version 1.51 June 12, 2003 by Robert Parry-Cruwys ( Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Version History III. Controls IV. Combat Strategies V. Enemies VI. Walkthrough VII. Artifact Locations VIII. Secrets IX. Requests X. Acknowledgements =============================================================================== I. Introduction After a few years on hiatus, Indiana Jones is back in a new adventure on the Xbox and PC. Much like The Collective's previous game, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb boasts an amazing combat system, great story, and perfectly captures the feel of our favorite whip-cracking hero. Though The Emperor's Tomb might not be the best Xbox game on the market, it is one of the most entertaining in recent memory. My full enjoyment of the game made me decide that it should be honored with its own thorough walkthrough. As this is my first attempt at writing an FAQ, I'm sure there will be many additions to this walkthrough over time; hopefully it'll help more than a few of you through some of Indy's stickier situations. Checking the version history will let you know how far along with the walkthrough I am. Though I have beaten the game, I'm trying to record the most detailed way through the game in order to keep from creating something vague and useless for people who get stuck. Please feel free to email me at if you have any further questions or tips you would like to add to the walkthrough. As always, this FAQ is only to be posted on those sites who have been given written consent by the author (me). I've put a great deal of time on this and, though I really want to help people playing this game, have no interest in getting my work ripped off without being asked first. Anyway, enough about my intro: get reading and enjoy! =============================================================================== II. Version History 1.51 - added one new Von Beck tip; added quotation marks to identify artifact names in walkthrough for ease of browsing; added reminder of new email address; added shortcut in Peng Lai Mts. - The Infiltration level; added two more combat strategies 1.5 - added more email suggestions: beating Von Beck, combat strategies; updated my email address; further edited walkthrough; renamed enemies according to gallery 1.3 - added more combat strategies; edited walkthrough 1.2 - added few tips native to PC version; added location of large canteen; added patch information; added personal website address 1.1 - added combat strategies; added cheats; added walkthrough to Ceylon - The Idol of Kouru Watu and Prague - The Great Hall; added controls; fixed minor typos 1.00 - completed walkthrough for game; clarified the solution to the second area in Prague; added last 6 artifact locations; added URL for site with Indy PC-version trainers; added two combat strategies; added PC controls 0.83 - added walkthrough for level 7 and 8; made some minor changes to walkthrough with the help of emails; added more acknowledgements; added next six artifact locations; added requests section; added controls section 0.6 - added the rest of the walkthrough for level 6; added another artifact location 0.55 - added the first half of walkthrough for level 6; added another 2 artifact locations; further clarified copyright issues of FAQ; edited enemies list; added another acknowledgement 0.5 - wrote walkthrough for level 3, 4, and 5; put next 9 artifact locations; finished enemy descriptions; added permission to use my FAQ rules to intro; fixed formatting and spelling errors 0.1 - Began walkthrough; wrote brief enemy descriptions; added intro, walkthrough for Levels 1 and 2, and the first six artifact locations =============================================================================== III. Controls Many people have emailed me asking for controls to this game. Though they are mostly listed under the "Options" menu under "Controls", I figured it would be helpful to list them here as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xbox controls Left Thumbstick - move Indy in any direction; pull up when hanging from a ledge; swing when hanging from a rope/chain; aim gun in first-person mode Right Thumbstick - rotate camera left/right and up/down; climb up or down or twist left or right when hanging on a rope/chain Left Trigger - roll when running (items rolled over will be picked up); jump out from cover to the left Hold left trigger - enter first-person mode Right Trigger - hold down to block; jump out from cover to the right Hold right trigger - focus on which enemy to attack (let go and then hold again to alternate between targets); with the Pa Cheng, unleashes short-lived force field A button - right punch; fire/use weapon/item; throw Pa Cheng X button - left punch; fire/use weapon/item B button - jump Y button - use; pull out needed item (only when icon appears in upper left of screen); pick up weapon/item White button - reload weapon Black button - pull out last weapon/item A+X - grab enemy A+X+left thumbstick (in any direction) - shove enemy away B+forward - forward jump (for more height than regular jump) ; hold forward while in the air to grab onto ledges just out of Indy's reach B then A - jump and then whip (for more height than a standard whip, but only at locations where a regular standing whip will not work) Y+forward - wall sneak (when pressing forward against a wall) hold Right trigger + forward - safety drop off of a ledge Direction pad up - pull out item from inventory Direction pad left/right - scroll through inventory Direction pad down - drop item; put item away; close inventory bar Start - pause ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PC controls (thanks to Cliff Chen) Note: download the newest patch (v. 1.2) in order to allow Indy to turn and climb before swinging again; otherwise, the game will be impossible to complete W - Move Indy Forward A - Move Indy Left S - Move Indy Backward D - Move Indy Right C - Enter First Person Mode Q - Roll when Running E - Action/Pull out indicated item in Icon T - Take out current item R - Reload weapon Z - Peek Left when against the wall X - Peek Right when against the wall Left Shift - Hold to enter fighting crouch Left Alt - Hold to walk/Guard Mode Space - Jump E + W - Walk Sneak (Press E to exit) W + Space - Forward Jump Left Mouse - Attack 1 Right Mouse - Attack 2 Left + Right Mouse - Grab enemy Mouse movement - move camera Arrow Up - Bring up Inventory/Select Item in Inventory/Climb Rope Arrow Right - Next Item to Right in Inventory/Rotate on Rope Right Arrow Left - Next Item to Left in Inventory/Rotate on Rope Left Arrow Down - Put away Inventory =============================================================================== IV. Combat Strategies Anyone with a good strategy not posted here to send them to me. Whether general fighting or shooting tips or good plans for specific enemies, email them! Also, these strategies contain SPOILERS so read 'em at your own risk. --strategy submitted by Jesse Donnelly "When your close enough to enemies, grab 'em. Hit X once to slap em twice and then push the control stick toward the nearest wall. This will shove the guy into the wall, making him dazed. While he's dazed you could easily keep hitting him by repeatedly pressing the A button. Keep hitting him until he's dead. Also, when your approaching an enemy and you're by a cliff or ledge, grab the guy and simply push the control stick in the direction of the ledge to throw him off, killing him. They usually leave their weapons behind as an added bonus." --strategy submitted by Cliff Chen (paraphrased from an email) "When using a blade, start your attack with the secondary attack button since the primary attack will often get blocked" --strategy from "If you are facing an armed enemy, and aren't armed yourself, try to get as close to them as possible (swerve left and right a little to avoid their bullets as you run at them). That way they won't be able to shoot. Then knock them down (I prefer using a weapon that is out of ammo because it knocks down the enemy in one hit using the x button). They will drop their weapon, now you can pick it up and use it on them" --strategy submitted by Rob Parry-Cruwys "Another way to get close to enemies with guns is to roll at them. They usually won't be able to shoot you before you get to close. The only problem is that it's very easy to overshoot with a roll. Still, it can work in a clutch." --strategy submitted by SpaceApe "When you want to shoot an enemy around a corner, do a wall hug. If you get close enough to the edge and hold L (XBOX) Indy will pop out and you can shoot the bad guy. Release L and you go back to the wall hug. Also, When fighting the ninjas in Kong Tien, it is common knowledge that they will charge you. Hold down L and jump out of the way pressing B and left thumbstick. This will bring you just out of reach, and while they're accomplishing their powerful punch, you can just punch them from the side." --another strategy submitted by SpaceApe "A tip when facing blue ghosts and Mei Ying (it might help with yellow ghosts, but I'm not sure. When a blue ghost or Mei Ying throws a ball of electricity at you, you can deflect it back at them by pressing L (XBOX) with the Pa Cheng in your hand. This helps a lot since you don't have to dodge. I'm not sure if it keeps yellow ghosts away." --strategy submitted by the ENIAC "There's a safe way for trapping the Albino Crocodile at the last Ceylon level: close the gate with the lever, even if the albino croc is still outside. Then Indy can safely jump into the water and wait 'til the croc swims towards the gates. Pull them up again, and it will swim inside. After that you can trap it easily by closing the gate once again." --strategy submitted by Deda "At the begining of the Black Dragon Fortress - The Black Dragon Fortress level, you can use a shortcut. At the begining of the level, instead of dropping on the bridge, equip the whip and jump from the scaffolding in the direction of the walkway you can see down and far away in front. In mid air whip swing on the overhanging torch, and save yourself from falling." --strategy submitted by Vincent White "To avoid damage from falling, enter Combat Mode just before you hit the deck, and you won't incur any harm." --strategy submitted by "Groin Kicker" Kathleen "One of the best parts of the game is what you can do when your opponent catches your fist and the both of you strain against each other. In that event, press X to kick him where it hurts the most and the sun don't shine. Now he's stunned and completely open for another attack. As satisfying as it is funny." --strategy submitted by Blue Saber "If there is an enemy near you with a weapon, use the whip. When used at a certain distance, it will wrap around his neck and yank him towards you allowing you to puch him once. He will fall over as soon as you punch him (you can then kick him if you want) and in the process drop his weapon. Grab his weapon and use it on him. This works especially well on Nazi Firebugs when you have no ammo. Just remember to time it right or you're toast." --strategy submitted by Paula Neal "While holding the PaCheng, when you first engage guard mode, a blue bubble of protection surrounds Indy. This bubble deflects the charges of electricity sent out by the blue ghost and, if you are close enough to the blue ghost, it deflects back into him resulting in his death. I set the throttle lever on my Wingman to be "guard mode on" when the throttle is up and "guard mode off" with the throttle down. This way you can leave Indy in guard mode as long as you like without having to hold a key." --strategy submitted by Paula Neal "When fighting the terra cotta soldiers, put Indy in guard mode when he can engage in very close PaCheng combat. He makes quick mince meat of the soldier. Throw the PaCheng at the yellow ghost, then quickly switch out of guard mode to reposition for the next terra cotta soldier. Return to guard mode and make mince meat of him with the PaCheng, etc. It also appears that when Indy is in guard mode, any blows he receives does not result in a great loss of health, comparatively speaking." =============================================================================== V. Enemies (caution, some SPOILERS here) Ivory Hunter - Both bald and with hair, these guys often fight with nothing but their bare hands, though sometimes carry shotguns, revolvers, or machetes Gestapo Agent - I assume these guys are secret police or something but they only wear nice suits! These fellows often carry Lugers or machine guns and tend to fight in small groups. Turkish Grunt - Tough fighters who often wield swords or machine guns. Make sure you have a sword or else you will not be able to block their weapons. Nazi Soldiers - Don't count on these guys using anything but Lugers or Mausers, though knock their weapons away and they'll become faster versions of the hunters. Occasionally will attack with machine guns SS Officer - For some reasons, these guys seem to be better fighters, throwing multiple fast punches at Indy, though they mostly prefer to pepper him with machine gun fire. Ninjas - Well, not REALLY ninjas, but kung-fu fighters nevertheless. Like the Turks, these bad boys like to use swords, though their ability to toss acrobatics in with their punches and kicks can really make short work of Indy. Watch out for their charging punch which is unblockable. Waiters - Despite the fact that these guys are waiters, they'll fight Indy just as well as the Ninjas! If they're not going hand-to-hand, these bad boys carry Mausers or shotguns. Nazi Diver - Keep swimming until these chowderheads have fired their spear guns (they'll miss as long as you don't stand still), then retaliate: two direct hits sink these guys. Nazi Flame Thrower - These soldiers only appear on Peng Lai Island and only if an alarm is pulled. Though easy to kill with a firearm, it's suicide to try to fight these flamethrower armed Nazis with your fists. Best strategy: don't let anyone pull an alarm! Crocodiles - Only seen in Ceylon, these annoying critters of the deep will take a bite out of Indy if he's not careful when swimming. Luckily, they'll often give up chase if Indy swims from side to side or gets them to run into something. Also, if Indy hacks at these critters with his machete, they will often stop and take the damage until they die. Nifty! Sharks - Just like crocs, sharks are nasty enemies. Found in Peng Lai Lagoon. Just as killable as the crocs. Palace Guard - Much like the ninjas, though often carrying either deadly crossbows or spears, these guys will really test your fighting skills. Watch out for their spinning spear move which is unblockable and really throws off Indy's timing (and it hurts too!). Happily, they are stupid and, when attacking in groups, will hit each other as often as they hit you. Zombie Ninjas - the first time you meet these guys, you'll be dodging their glowing charges a lot and getting flipped by their jumping grabs almost constantly. Luckily, they're not too hard to beat, especially when you get the Pa Cheng. Yellow Ghosts - Once you receive the Pa Cheng, these guys will go down easily with two quick hits. Watch out though, they're fast and can fly right through you, as well as possess corpses and terra cotta statues. Terra Cotta Statues - Possessed by the yellow ghosts, these soldiers require a good five to six hits to destroy and to free the yellow ghost. Though it's easy to get a few hits in, once they only have their legs left, their constant kicking make finishing them off a bit tricky. Evil Spirit (blue ghosts) - Easy to kill with the Pa Cheng. Only difficult part is their tendency to toss out yellow ghosts. They appear on one level in the Netherworld. Albino Crocodile - As Indy comments, "Somebody's been feeding the fish". This albino croc is immense and will swallow Indy whole. Dodge like crazy or, better yet, avoid altogether. The Monster - The boss of Prague, this Terminator-esque creature can do some real damage with his projectile weapons or his massive fists. A dose of acid plus some serious beating with a stick can easily finish this lunkhead off. Kraken - A mythical beast of the deep, the Kraken can not be defeated by Indy, only subdued. Spears to his many eyes might help. Indy best be aware of his jellyfish subjects who will drag our brave adventurer straight to the Kraken's gaping maw. Airplanes - Only encountered on the gondola ride up to the Black Dragoon Fortress, these strafing Nazi pilots can be shot down with great ease, provided Indy's safely behind a turret. Feng Twins - Marshall Kai's faithful, and sexy, servants, these two girls can gang up on Indy much like the former ninja enemies. Sadly, these two don't die quite as easily. Watch out for their unblockable cyclone kick which, sadly, gives very little warning. Indy's best bet is to dodge and stab with a sword. Mei Ying - The possessed body of Mei Ying will send energy balls, yellow ghosts, and a beam of lighting so powerful it can crush stone at our man in the brown fedora. Luckily, using the Pa Cheng when she lets her guard down can quickly smash the three dragon orbs allowing the demon to control poor Mei Ying's body. Marshall Kai - Indy's benefactor...or is he? No, he's not. He's actually a power-mad sorcerer and Indy's final challenge. Using the power of the elements, the Pa Cheng can penetrate his energy shield giving Indy a chance to steal back the Heart of the Dragon. That is, if Indy can dodge his ground pound energy attack and the invincible dragon at Kai's command. =============================================================================== VI. Walkthrough (NOTE: This walkthrough covers the Xbox version of the game on "Normal" mode; the only differences between modes is the increased or decreased damage enemies can cause Indy.) Ceylon - Gates of the Lost City You start your quest in India. Head forward up the small ledges, following the "tips" to jump to the top of the hill. At the summit you should see a waterfall to your right. Climb down into the running stream and turn right to walk under the waterfall into a secret cave. Here is you will find your first artifact: the "Idol of Ramba Vihara". Go back through the waterfall and turn right to pass under a large arch. Jump the big pit with a running jump and continue forward into a large clearing. Turn left to find a water fountain. ALWAYS FILL UP ON WATER!! It's the best way to replenish your energy and they come few and far between in the later levels, so hydrate yourself now. After filling your canteen, turn right and climb the two ledges. Turn right and climb a few more ledges before taking a running jump across a huge break in the path. Enter the small chamber and pick up the machete next to the skeleton. Turn right and leave the chamber. A tip should appear on your screen telling you how to lower yourself to the ground by holding the R trigger while walking off a ledge. Safe drop off the ledge in front of you and land on a toppled pillar. Walk slowly down it and turn right, moving towards the overgrown door of the temple. Cut through the vines with the machete and turn left. Swing across the chasm with your whip then turn left and cut open the doorway to end the level. Ceylon - The Hunter's Camp Cut through the doorway in front of you and watch a short cut scene where Indy notices some rival adventurers. Turn right and enter a large room with an unobservant hunter. Beat him senseless. Get out your machete and cut the rope holding up the large block. Jump down into the hole the block makes, getting ready to fight another hunter. Walk along the corridor kicking the middle box for some revolver ammo. Continue along to a large courtyard. To your left, a shovel sits on a table in a small alcove. Grab it if you want a weapon and continue towards the two hunters chatting around the campfire. Knock these two clowns out. When you're done, head up the nearby stairs. There's an overgrown door up a ledge to your left with a spring in it; make sure you're at full health before continuing on the pathway. Swing across the gap and then wall hug around the large pillar (press Y + control stick against the wall). Swing across the next pit and stop in front of the stack of crates. If you smash the large box with your fist, the beam will fall, smashing a hanging crate and revealing another artifact: the "Mahavatu Mask". Head back to the stack of crates. Continue through the large arches slowly until you come to a hanging alligator head above a cracked floor. Whip across the floor before it crumbles then continue on, swinging over another pit to kick over a large stone archway. Climb down and jump into the pool in front of you. Swim forward to a low ledge to climb out. There's another water fountain in an alcove to your right if you need it. From the fountain, head forward to the edge of the ledge; jump slightly left to a ledge across the pool. Jump and climb up some blocks. After the short cinema jump and swing across the ledge with the vine, then cut your way inside the door. Watch out for a thug with a shotgun! Pilfer the firearm when you're done with him and head out to the small balcony. Jump slightly to the left to land on a lower platform before jumping and whipping to another alligator head. Continue down the hallway until the floor collapses, leaving you stuck in a large pool. Swim forward and then turn left to reach a low ledge where you can climb out. Climb up a few more blocks and turn left, jumping and climbing up two more blocks. Head backwards and to the right to a switch. Pulling it opens a door letting in two heavily armed hunters. Have a nice little shootout with them, remembering to take their ammo. Go through the door they just entered to end the level. Ceylon - The Paths of the Ancients Whip across the hole and head down the passage way, turning right to take out a goon. Turn left up some stairs and left again into a small room where you can pick up a shovel. Jump down into the grassy area to deal with another hunter. When you're done beating up on him, there's a fountain up some stairs to the right. Continue back to the grassy area and walk forward and then right. After a few arches head through a small door to your right. Climb the ladder in here and brain the unawares hunter. Take his shotgun and pull the switch on the front wall. Head back down the ladder and back towards the fountain. Continue back to the room with the shovel and go forward and left to the doorway you just opened. Inside are two large crates with some shotgun ammo and a medkit. Leave this room and take a running jump across the pit. Keep going forward, whipping across another pit, until you come to a dead end. Jump up and shimmy to the left. Walk towards the cluster of temples where you'll meet another rival adventurer. Watch out for his machete! When he's finished walk up the stairs where Indy will tell you he needs explosives. Two guys will exit one of the small shrines you just passed, one packing heat. Deal with these clowns and enter the shrine to find your explosives. After picking them up, another thug will exit out of a shrine behind you, also with a gun. When he's finished, take the shotgun ammo in one of the crates and return to the damaged wall. Set the explosives and run away like heck! Finish the level by walking through the blown entrance. Ceylon - The Palace of Forgotten Kings Pull the switch to the right of the door to gain entrance to another large courtyard. Two hunters wander around, one with a shotgun. After you beat them down, a third thug with a gun will emerge and come down to kill you. Try to return the favor. To the left of where you entered is a small building with a water fountain. Fill up your canteen before turning around and heading across and to the left of the courtyard. Climb a small ledge and turn right. Continue climbing up to the top of the columns. Jump across the two pillars and turn right, jumping to a rooftop. Whip across another ledge and enter the door where the last goon exited. Walk left through the broken wall and teach another hunter a lesson. Following along the pathway, you'll come to another break in the wall. Jump down and hack through some more vines to your left (you can also head right and pull a switch to enter the first courtyard in case you need some water). Turn left immediately after entering the doorway and climb up a small stone. Jump up and across to a small room where you will find your third artifact: the "Port Negombo Relic". Jump back down and fact the large wall. These vines are made for climbing so head right on up. Turn right. If you head into the small room on your right, you'll find another water fountain. Tough guys stay hydrated! Head left down another corridor, watching for a dark shade of flooring which will fall out from under you. Jump across these and continue onwards. Roll under the darts (left trigger) and then roll under another set farther down the corridor, remembering to jump over another set of loose bricks. You'll come to a large pit where you must consecutively whip across two alligator heads. Do it and hack through another doorway to end the level. Ceylon - River of Fangs Walk forward and you'll enter "adventure mode", a stupid excuse for an "adventure". Just roll forward when the spikes recede and under the darts to pass this section. Don't worry if you get hit a few times, it's pretty hard to dodge spikes when even the steam they show before popping out can hurt you! Head up the stairs to a large room where three goons, one with a pistol, will try to stop you. Take 'em out, stopping for water on the left wall between two columns if you need it. Pull the switch on the far wall to open a large set of doors to your left. Head out the doors to the hunter campground. Deal with the thug on the right first (the other probably won't notice you), stopping in his tent to find revolver ammo. Now take out the goon on the left (watch out, he's armed!) Grab the canteen extension in the rightmost of the tents. Head to the bridge and make three small jumps across the boards. After the cinema quickly swim to the left and climb out. Grab a skull from small grassy area and toss it into the water to get the crocodile's attention so you can swim forward to the next ledge. Repeat this process three times, aware that at the second ledge another croc will appear (as long as the croc isn't waiting right next to you, you should be able to outswim them both). At the fifth ledge you can jump up to a higher rock column. Two more jumps will get you to a stone doorway. Make sure to line up these jumps perfectly as Indy won't always grab on when at an angle. Through the doorway is another set of hunters chatting about how "Von Beck" wants your head. Who is that guy? You won't find out just yet because these losers will be too unconscious to tell you. The leftmost tent holds a medkit in one of its crates. Pull the switches on the right and left walls and jump into the pool to finish the level. Ceylon - Temple of the River Goddess Swim along the tunnel until you can jump out on a small ledge. Same as in the last level, toss a skull to confuse the crocs and swim forward towards the giant head. Kick the crate for some revolver ammo then turn around and flip the switch to lower the cages. Climb the stairs, ready to go toe to toe with a baddie. There's a medkit in one of the crates to the left of the giant head; get it now or save it for later. Head back down the stairs and to the left to jump on the lowered cages. Hop across it to get to an opening in the wall. Grab some water if Indy is thirsty. Follow the corridor to get to another "adventure mode" screen. Dodge the spikes and darts to get to a lever which opens the exit. Either take a running jump towards the face to grab a vine or toss another skull in the water and dive to safety. Either way, make your way back to the large head to end the level. Ceylon - Into the Sacred Caverns Walk around the waterfall and continue into up and into the caverns. When you reach small room, go through the door on your left. Doesn't this place look a bit like the temple in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Similar rules apply: there's a deadly trap here! Walk slowly up the stairs until Indy remarks "I think someone just stepped on my grave." Notice the skeleton on the strange floor textures? Roll past the strange floor to trigger a spiked trap to drop from the ceiling (alternatively, step onto the floor and then quickly step backwards). After it misses you climb onto it and let it take you up. Turn around and hop down the hole to get past the gate. A cinema will ensue in which Indy falls down a sloped pit. Jump over the small break and then jump again at the edge to reach a ledge. Whip across the gap and veer left; you'll see a ladder which you should climb up. If you fall into the water instead, watch out for the two crocs down here as you head to a ladder where Indy can climb out. Alternatively, you can kill the crocs and swim down to the bottom of the murky water to find a large canteen before climbing up to the top of the scaffolding. Two hunters, one packing a shotgun, wait up here (you should be able to kill one without his noticing you). Walk into the vertical shaft and climb up a stone to reach a vine wall. Turn around at the top and climb up a single vine. Swing to the nearby ledge and run forward to another water fountain. Turn around until you come to a deep pit. To your left is a lever which lowers a cage; after the cage stops at your level, pull the lever again and book it to the cage. It will ascend with you on top. Three minions wait at the top, thankfully unarmed. Show 'em a little one-two action before pulling the lever on one side of the circular hall. Exit the level through the large door. Ceylon - The Silent Guardians Run forward into the large red cave. Note the bat statues on the ceiling. These are the Silent Guardians who will shoot a volley of darts towards any noise. Walk along the grassy floor to evade the first one. In the next cavern, you'll need to shimmy along a small outcropping of wall to keep from making any noise. Pick up a skull and toss it towards the statue; run under it when it takes the bait. Repeat to exit this room. Now you'll see another room with a large waterfall. Go up the stairs, prepared to deal with a hunter packing a shotgun. Why don't you take that away from him. Farther on another goon will test you. Finish him off, stopping to refill your canteen on the right wall's fountain. Continue to another large room filled with Silent Guardians. The trick here is to make sure that the skull lands close enough to all of the Guardians in your pathway so that it triggers them all. Lightly toss the first skull right down the center to trick the two statues. At the next grassy patch, lightly toss another one slightly to your right. Next, toss a skull between the two statues in front of you. Now toss one backwards so that you can safely head up the stairs. Once you're directly behind the Guardian at the top of the stairs, throw another skull directly down the middle; if your aim is good, all three should fire and you can jump across the pit and reach the next patch without incident. Finally, throw a skull as close as possible to set off the statues one last time so that you can exit this annoying trap and end the level. Ceylon - The Idol of Kouru Watu This part gave me quite a bit of trouble my first time through, though, once you know where to go, it's not that bad. First off, run towards the artifact. Of course it wasn't going to be easy. Unlike the other crocs, this albino beast can kill you in one bite so don't give it a chance to chomp. Head to the left side of the ledge to find a skull. Try to get it in the water as far to the right as you can; once you see the croc on the right side of the pool, dive in and swim towards the large opening in the left. Once you've swum under the archway, turn left and hop out of the water. Go through the archway to the right and follow along, hopping across the break in the bridge, to a lever. Eventually the albino croc will swim towards the gate. When this happens, hop into the water to act as live bait; once he's fallen for it, run back to the lever and pull it to close the gate and seal him up. Whew! (Alternatively, grab a skull from the pathway near the lever in the alcove where you want to trap the croc. Tossing it into the water will draw its attention over without the hassle of using Indy as critter bait. Now trap him and return to the regular walkthrough. Thanks to David White for the great strategy!) Here's another strategy you can use, courtesy of Vincent White: "The secret is to wait a few seconds and let the croc swim behind the island then jump in and swim underwater to the ISLAND. Walk around the island till your opposite the Gate way. Jump in and swim underwater to the ledge inside the gate. Never been caught by the Croc yet!" Cross back to the other side of this room and head up some stairs. Pulling a switch here lowers some cages and opens a gate in the room. From here, jump into the water. Swim down next to the central pillar with your machete drawn and cut through some thick vines now if you wish to save yourself time later. Now, swim up and climb onto the lowest cage. Jump up and climb onto the roof of the cage. Jump across onto the nearby cage (you should land on the side) and then climb onto the cage roof. Run forward and jump onto a chain. Turn left and swing onto the next chain. Hit jump while still swinging on Indy's initial momentum to drop into the alcove. Pull the second switch, turn around, and jump onto the nearest chain. Turn left and swing towards the next cage. Pull up onto the roof and then jump to another cage (you should just barely make it). Pull up onto the roof and then run and jump towards the rightmost chain. This is a hard jump. You must jump at the last moment and even then you'll just grab the chain tip. Turn left and swing to the next chain before swinging into the alcove and pulling the switch. Run and jump to the chain you just abandoned. Climb up about two-thirds of the way before twisting left and swinging onto the cage roof. Run and jump to another nearby cage (you'll land on the roof) then to another (you'll just barely grab the ledge). Turn left and run and jump to the final chain. Swing into the alcove to reach the final switch. Key on this level (and on any level with hard jumps) is to keep holding forward while Indy is in the air. He'll often grab onto ledges, just barely surviving if you hold forward. If not, he'll fall. Also, make sure to line up your jumps precisely or Indy may "slip". Finally, after pulling the fourth switch, the large seal covering the artifact will release. This switch will also open another alcove to the right of where you entered this level; there's a fountain in here but you don't really need it at this point. Just jump into the water and swim towards the island in the middle to claim your prize. Pull out your machete before grabbing the idol. Be ready to either swim up to a small air patch in the ceiling or to swim down to either one of the two openings in the island (you'll have to cut through two layers of vines so be quick or you'll drown!). Swim back towards the exit (either to the right or left depending on whether you exit the underwater area through the left or right openings, respectively). Move quickly since the albino croc will escape. Once you've almost surfaced near the exit, a cut scene will start showing you the man who is behind some of your troubles. Luckily, he gets his just desserts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prague - The Castle Gates Run forward and take out the Nazi suit with a Luger. Note the fountain. Keep going forward to find another Nazi. After you've dealt with him climb up on the planter and jump across to the low column. Pull up on to the balcony and fend off another goon. Continue along the pathway, heading up some stairs to reach a balcony where a Nazi is practicing his 'Show me your papers!' spiel. Huck him off the edge and climb down the chain to your left. Grab the dead Nazi's ammo and run towards the parked truck. Break the box inside for a medkit. Beat up the Nazi near the gate for more ammo then head to the other side of the castle (to the right of the castle) for more. Run back to the chain you just climbed down. Turn left and head down some stairs. At the bottom turn around and head towards the bridge. Jump to the horizontal pipe and shimmy along it until you reach ground. Whip across the next ledge. Head along the cliff to your left to pick up a Luger and some ammo then continue forward and through the small door to end the level. Prague - The Dungeon Run forward until the whip icon appears. Swing across the ledge and climb down the ladder. Run down the large stairway, stopping to snipe two conversing Nazis (alternatively, continue down the stairs and beat them senseless). There's a switch which opens one of the jail cells, but I don't know what it does. Head down the narrow passage, timing your run to avoid the swinging blades. Further along you can either run past or roll under another blade trap. Only the penitent man will pass! Another series of traps requires you to jump over then roll under a pair of blades. Roll under the last set to reach another trap, a rolling spiked bar which is simple to hop over or roll under. Finally, time your steps through a narrow passage of whirling saw blades before reaching a switch which stops the traps. Go right, up some stairs, to find a fountain which you may need to use. Head back out into the main room and swing across as you did before. Now that the gate is open, you can pull the switch, releasing two more Nazis from a large door down the stairs. Show 'em how we Americans fight and pass through the doorway they just exited. Here's a tricky area. You must jump and then whip to swing across the chasm, then creep along the left wall to reach a lever. Pulling it lowers a cage which, after a few moments, falls, leaving you a chain to running jump to. Climb up and at the top swing off towards the ledge below the open window. Once inside, three more Nazis show up, all packing Lugers. There's a switch you can pull on the two openings down on the right. Turn around and enter the first cell on your left to find a medkit. Head back down the hallway and turn right down some stairs. You'll come to a large rat infested dungeon which for some reason has a water fountain...hmmm. Jump up to the small ledge in the middle of the room and pull the right lever. Turn around and jump up to the swinging chain. Swing to the next chain and then climb up it to find another lever. Pull it and then return to the middle platform to pull the left lever. This lowers another chain and gives you swinging access to the large door with the portcullis. Pull the switch on the right wall and exit the level. Prague - The Courtyard A big posse of Nazis is waiting for you in this courtyard. Try to sneak to the left side of the courtyard to the truck shown in the opening cinema. Grab the MP-40 from the crate and the demo charge from the flatbed of the truck. Now fight off the Nazis by any means necessary. There are three wandering around at first, but more pour out of the waiting trucks as you finish others off. When you've killed them all, about 12 Nazis total. Climb on top of the well sitting between the trucks the Nazis came out of and set your demo charge. Run for cover and jump inside the well when the lid's blown. Swim along the passageway until you can surface underneath some waterfalls. Climb out and pull a lever to open a nearby gate. Pull a switch to exit the level via a swiveling wall. Prague - The Great Hall You enter into a nicely decorated room where a friendly Nazi tour guide tries to show you the decor. Well, not really. When he's toast, exit through the doorway and head down some stairs to a large door flanked by two suits of armor. Hide behind a pillar and wait for the sentry to pass by before giving him the old one-two. Climb up the stairs from whence he came and continue upwards and along the passageway until you come to a whip icon. If you need health, fight the Nazi down the stairs and visit the water fountain. If not, whip up to the overhanging ledge and then jump and whip to swing from the chandelier. A cutscene ensues where a Nazi summit meets below. Indy will notice a lever connected to a chandelier hanging above them. Slink along the wall to the right and walk slowly along the parapet to the lever. Pull it and watch the Germans get theirs. Whip across from the hook in the ceiling and grab onto the chain. Climb down to pick up a lot of ammo and a throwing knife. When you've looted the corpses, turn around and climb up the ladder to where the lever controlling the chandelier is. Swing onto the chain. Without moving up or down, turn right and began to swing. Since a lot of people have some trouble here, I'll be very specific. Get Indy to swing so that he goes back three times then jump off while holding forward so that you can grab the ledge. Grab a liquor bottle by the fire. You'll need it. Open the door to your left and prepare to take on four Nazi goons. None of them are armed, but they'll gang up on you pretty nicely. There's another liquor bottle in here and some chairs if you want to quickly even the odds (or just shoot them!) One of the bookcases next to the pool table holds a throwing knife and some Luger ammo. When you've beaten the baddies, grab the library key off of the blue table near the window and leave the way you came from. Cross the room to the other large door and follow the carpet to a door halfway down the stairs. Exit the level through here. Prague - The Library Save yourself the trouble it will cause later by dealing with sentry goons now. On the level you enter, one patrols near the red curtained alcove. Down the stairs and behind a door to the left is a water fountain guarded by a Nazi who waits farther down the passageway. Before heading back up the stairs, take out the last sentry in the bottom floor area that rests below the floor where you entered. Climb back up the stairs and spin around, walking around the railing to reach a large organ-type block. Jump up and climb over it until you see a whip icon. Whip Indy over to the 3rd floor. Take out the Nazi up here. Climb the ladder in front of you to reach the 4th floor. To your left is another Nazi and an alcove with a lever. Pull it to lower the chandelier. Jump and whip across to the other side of the library. Head left towards the central bookshelf and wall sneak around it to reach another ladder. Climb it and pull the switch at the summit of the library. Climb back down to the 2nd floor and fend off the two Nazis who just arrived to crash the party. Go towards the room you just revealed to find a book on a small table. Climb up the organ and swing onto the 3rd floor again. Run into an alcove on the left and pull a lever to lower the chandelier. Jump and whip across the gap to see a small room with a bookshelf. There's a gap in the stacks and I wonder what goes there? Put the book in the shelf (press Y) and Indy enters a secret room. Grab the map on the table near the window and head out the way you came in. A pair of pistol packing goons appears on the bottom floor from a secret passageway. Head on down and deal with them, exiting the level from whence the Nazis came. Before you leave, though, make sure to stop on the 3rd floor. Wall sneak around the central bookshelf with the red curtains to find a secret room has opened containing another artifact, the "Book of Libuse". Prague - The Astrologer's Clock, part 1 Grab the crown from the pedestal and immediately run forward and roll under the closing door. Continue forward until you see two death statues. Pull the lever to find another statue. Give it the crown (press Y in front of it) and another series of levers will emerge. To solve this puzzle, select the bull as your zodiac sign and then place the moon hand at IV and the sun hand at II. Go back and to the right to enter the next level. Prague - The Armory Run forward and kick open the rightmost crate to get a medkit. Climb the two ladders to reach the roof where a cutscene will ensue. Who's that ninja? Oh, well, no time to guess (though it's pretty obvious!). Head forward and slink along the wall. Hop up on the railing and turn left to climb a lattice up the castle tower. Turn right and jump to a chain hanging from a gargoyle. Climb down until Indy is only holding on with his hands and then swing and jump through the stain-glassed window. Immediately get ready to fit a Nazi with a Luger. Open the door to your right and climb the ladder in front of you. Hop up through the window to find another pistol-packing Nazi. Note the zip line for later use. Climb out the window across from where you entered the tower and drop down. There will be a skylight in front of you. Run around the ceiling to find some ammo. Smash the skylight with your pistol and drop down on an unsuspecting guard. Smash the display case and take the sword. Immediately turn around and run up the stairs and out the door to your right. A cutscene ensues where some machine gun-toting baddies appear. Ignore them (unless you want a fight) and just turn around and jump up the ladder. At the top, climb through the window and use the zipline to get back to the roof from where you started the level. Climb down the two ladders, wary of another machine gunner who enters, and exit the level the way you entered. Prague - The Astrologer's Clock, part 2 Pull the lever next to the two Death statues and hand the sword to the demon statue. Again a set of levers emerges. Roll the astrology symbol to the scorpion (not the crab; the scorpion has a long tail), the sun hand to XII and the moon hand to III. Run back and to the left to exit the level. Prague - The Observatory Run out the double doors, turn left, and run to an open archway with stairs. Immediately turn around and run and climb up on a small ledge on the building in front of you (the building you entered the level from). Wall sneak around the building until you see a small room across a gap on a tower. It looks too far but Indy can easily jump it if you line him up right. On a table is your next artifact, the "Stochov Fragment". Make your way back to the wall and sneak around it to reach the small archway. Climb the stairs and continue past the first double door. A Nazi exits from the second one so take care of him. Turn right to go through the square doors to find another Nazi taking a cigarette break. Toss his rear off a cliff and then turn right and jump and climb up a chain. Swing to a small ledge on your right and then make your way around the castle roof. A cutscene where two Nazis on guard duty talk about booby traps ensues. Ignore them and climb the ladder in front of you. Turn right onto the tower roof for an MP-40 SMG. Drop down to the grassy area to the right of the tower and run along it to find a medkit. Drop down again and continue forward, you should see a set of stairs with one of the sentries guarding it. To the left of the stairs is a small ledge. Walk along it until the whip icon appears. Swing across the gap to reach the observatory. The entrance is to your right. Inside, a cinema will show you that a lever is missing a handle. Run up the stairs to find it lying in plain sight on a table. Grab it and place it where it belongs (press Y) then pull the lever. The large telescope shifts, opening to the sky, and a secret panel is revealed. Run upstairs and press the large angel panel (press Y) to reveal Vega's Manifesto. Nazis will now attempt to break down the door and unless you want to deal with three, all packing machine guns, climb up the ladder and run along the telescope to exit to the roof. Head down the zipline, ready to deal with a Nazi thug. When he's toasted exit through the door from which he entered and run down the stairs to find a nice water fountain and another Nazi. Continue down the stairs and through the door to the left, ignoring the sentry. Walk down the ramp to find the building from which you entered the level. Leave the same way. Prague - The Astrologer's Clock, part 3 Same deal here: pull the lever, give the demon statue the scroll, and manipulate the clock. You've got to use the Gemini symbol (the twin people) and place the sun at VI and the moon at XI. Exit through the door in front of Indy to the left. Prague - Vega's Tower Grab the medkit from the table to your right and exit the room. Turn right and jump to the chain; swing across ready for combat. Climb the spiral staircase slowly so as to sneakily hurl a Nazi from a ledge. Jump across the gap and pull yourself up on the ledge. Aim slightly left as Indy will sometimes miss if you get too close to the large pillar. Continue along the ledge with a wall sneak to find some Nazis waxing philosophically about strudels. It's easiest to shoot them as fighting them will drop the frame rate to unplayable levels. When they're done turn right and deal with another Nazi. They always choose the hard way! Run up the stairs and jump across another gap to a circular ledge. Run around it and whip across to another circular ledge. Around the corner are two chains which you must climb to reach yet another corner. Swing and jump carefully so as not to miss and plummet to your death! Another chain rests in front of you. Climb it and jump through an archway to reach the clock tower. There is an elevator to your right and a fallen bell to your left. Note the hole in the floor. Climb down it to find a small room with your next artifact, the "Cistergian Mask". Turn around and climb up and out the window. Jump and climb up another chain to return to the clock tower. Use the elevator (press Y) to reach the top floor. Pull the lever behind Indy to open the clock face to reveal a Leonardo DaVinci flying machine. Hey, this isn't Italy! Climb the ladder and pull the lever to send Indy on a wacky surfing ride. That Indy. What a crazy guy. The flying machine drops you onto a ledge. Pull up and enter the room. Grab the Soul Crystal and immediately turn around and climb the bookshelf behind the toppled bookshelf. Jump to the balcony on your left and whip across to break through a window and escape the trap. You probably won't even notice the gas if you do this quickly. Climb down the chain and continue left to another ledge and another chain. Repeat this until you see an opening to your left. Swing into it and head down the spiral staircase to end the level. Prague - The Ancient's Clock, part 4 Lather, rinse, repeat, though this time with the Soul Crystal. Solve the puzzle by using the astrological sign of the balance (the scales of justice looking thing) and both the moon and the sun on the X. Run through the door to your right to finish with Prague. Prague - The Laboratory (boss fight) For some reason the Nazis have created a Terminator/Frankenstein creature and it's up to you to bring it down. The first stage of this fight is pretty easy: as long as you keep moving around the monster will miss you with its glowing projectiles. On either side of the back wall is a machine which pours chemicals into small beakers. Grab one and wait for the beast to toss a projectile then through the chemical at the monster. Don't stand too close or the smoke from the beaker will hurt Indy. Repeat this five times until the monster's skin melts off and he goes berserk, breaking a machine on the last wall. Grab the metal pipe which breaks free from the wall and wait for the monster to glow red and charge at you. He's easy to dodge. Hit him three times with the pipe and then back off and wait for him to charge again. Resist the urge to combo him as he'll just smash you down, knocking the pipe out of your hands. Repeat this four to five times to finish him off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Istanbul - Istanbul Breakout After watching the introductory cinema, Indy escapes, but you better be prepared for the two guards who rush into his cell. Unlike the Nazis in the last level, these Arab guards can really fight; they're a bit faster block more frequently. Try to get them up against a wall to unleash a nonstop combo of punches. After escaping the cell, another guard appears carrying a Turkish knife. Get it out of his hands as quickly as possible. The knife is only good for deflecting other guards' blows; Indy's fists are a bit more effective as a main weapon. Head left and down the stairs to find a patrolling guard walking underneath an archway. When he's been dealt with pass under the first arch and tilt left to find some grenades. Toss one forward to deal with the next guard and then head back to grab another one. Pass through the archway and turn left to face the next guard. Wait for the throw bar to cycle twice and then toss the grenade; it should kill the guard without leaving him enough time to toss it back at you. Grab the MP-40 from the cot past the archways and jump up to the ledge. Grab the MP-40 ammo from on top of the crate and head down the stairs, preferably with grenade in hand. Wait until the patrolling guard has his back turned to take him out. Next to the stairway is another box of grenades. Grab one and head down the hallway, tossing the grenade after walking slightly past the red-striped archway. If you are successful, you should kill another guard. If not, be ready for a firefight with two more guards, both packing machine guns. When they've both died continue down the hallway to find your satchel, a medkit, and MP-40 ammo. Leave the hallway they way you came in. Out on the ledge whip across the gap; don't forget to grab the ammo that the dead guard dropped earlier. Leap down to the ground to face two knife-wielding guards. Head forward, veering slightly left. Another guard will man a turret in front of you. You can attempt to throw a grenade at him but may be more successful rolling to cover and then to the wall before he gets a chance to get a bead on you. When he's dead, two more guards run at you from the left. Give them a taste of their own medecine with the turret. Head down the stairs, aware of a guard in a small window ready to blow you away with a well placed grenade. Run past him and down the stairs to the left. Three guards will converge on Indy but Mei Ying will appear to help you out. Though she can't hurt you, she will hit you if you get in her way. Kill the knife-wielding guards, ready for a fourth one to appear once the initial three are dealt with. Run through the small doorway and climb the scaffolding to a chain; from there swing to the upper balcony. Outside, wall sneak left to the opposite corner of the building and jump to the scaffolding across the gap. Make your way around this area carefully, reaching a landing with a platform with two boxes. Push the larger one off (press Y) to rise up to a zipline. Climb down the scaffolding to the ground. Two more guards will begin pursuit; you can ignore them or take them out. Jump to another scaffolding and climb up to the higher building. One final guard appears on the next level. Finish him off and stop to grab a medkit in a small crate. Up one more flight is the end of the level. Before exiting, fall off the ledge to the left of the exit onto a small outcropping. Follow it around to reach another building which contains a water fountain and the "Piri Reib manuscript", an artifact. With treasure in tow, return they way you came and exit the level. Istanbul - The Secret of the Mosque, part 1 Run left to the room with the brown tile. Whip across a gap and turn right to jump and whip across another. Slide down a ramp, ready to jump and swing to safety. Turn right and run along to wall to find a medkit near a skeleton. Walk back to the end of the ramp and go back into the large chamber. Two soldiers await Indy and are easily pushed to their deaths. Wall sneak around to find another Arab guard with a knife; watch your back as two soldiers, both packing Mausers, will sneak up on you. Kill them and continue past the columns, grabbing an MP-40 and some ammo on a cot against the right wall. Down another ramp, two more Turks will jump out from behind some rubble. Shoot them and run down another ramp. In the large room with broken floor pieces, swing across a gap, triggering two more Turks. Whip across another gap. If you are running low on health, walk along the right side of the nearest column and make your way around the room to the water fountain opposite Indy. Be careful of falling though; a hungry croc waits below. From the fountain, jump off the ledge into the water to your left to reach a spot where Indy can climb out and return to the start of this room. When you get back to the crossroads, climb down onto lowered portion of the floor and jump-whip across the water. Immediately, two soldiers with Mausers will take potshots at Indy from the corridor to his right. Continuing down the hallway will reveal three more soldiers, one with a machine gun. Use the crates to roll for cover and gun them down. On the left side of the room is another cot with MP-40 ammo; on the right side is a large crate with a grenade inside (which you can now put in your satchel for later use) and another cot with a medkit and a demo charge. Return to the fork in the hallway and turn right to set the demo charge and to end the level. Istanbul - The Secret of the Mosque, part 2 Directly in front of Indy is a small crack in the wall. Remember this. A Nazi soldier with a machine gun and an Arab guard with a Turkish knife wait to kill your intrepid adventurer. Head into the large room on the left to deal with them before they get the chance. Now head back to the crack in the wall and roll under it to find the next artifact, the "Ottoman seal". Return to the large room and climb up the scaffolding on Indy's left. Make your way around the room until Indy reaches a small door. Climb up the short ledge to your left and shimmy along the outcropping to another door. Jump the gap and climb up another ledge to reach a window. Jump and whip swing to a small passageway before safety dropping into another large room. Two patrolling soldiers, each with a machine gun prowl the grounds. Deal with them any way you can and then run forward to the steaming fountain. Another soldiers with a machine gun waits to your left; when he's dead two more soldiers attack from the elevator. Gun them down before they react. Though it appears ornamental, the steaming fountain can be used to heal Indy; when he's at full strength pull the lever inside the elevator to ascend. Run forward to the crane; head up the stairs to use the controls. Grab the sculpture head with the crane and pull it back towards the right to position it over the hole. When it is reached, two soldiers will begin climbing a ladder behind Indy. If you're fast, you can beat up one of them while he's still climbing down! Both pack Mausers so be careful. When finished, climb the ladder and turn around to make your way along the arm of the crane. Jump and whip to have Indy land on the statue head. It's a long way down... Istanbul - The Sunken Palace Indy lands safely in a pool of water. Turn around and swim towards the low ledge. Climb out to find an O2 tank and a medkit. Continue forward towards the sloping ceiling and dive down to pass through an archway. A shark will appear, though if you keep swimming to the left and shifting up and down, he won't get a bite. Continue on until Indy can climb up onto land. Make your way towards the small shack, wary of the pistol-packing soldier. Go into the shack to find a map of the sunken city, some MP-40 ammo, a speargun, and some spears. Go out the back door and break some crates to reveal a crack in the wall; roll under it to find a water fountain. Leave the shack and jump into the pool to your left. Swim straight down to find a skeleton with a machete. Aim towards the two divers with your L trigger to kill them with two well-placed spears. Swim to their bodies to loot their ammo and to find two demo charges. Swim into the small circular temple to find a few more spears. Surface and head back left, past the shark (another one will pop out as you swim along), and back into the large chamber you first entered. To Indy's left is a cracked pillar. Jump onto it and place the demo charge, creating an impromptu bridge. Climb the toppled pillar but, instead of jumping to the metal platform, turn left and jump to the nearby pillars. Make your way along, double whipping across a large gap; continue on from here to another hook. Though the whip icon doesn't appear, you can jump and whip on it to reach a suspended box. Cut the rope with your machete to reveal the "Delian Proclamation tablet". Continue on into the crane cabin. Pick up the submerged sculpted head and swing it to your right to smash open a damaged wall. Make your way around the crane and run along the platform to reach the newly formed opening. Drop down and run forward and up a flight of stairs. At the top continue right to the edge of the platform and turn right to jump-whip across the gap. Make a large jump (wait until you reach the very edge to press the B button) to find the exit. Istanbul - The Gates of Neptune This is one of the longer levels in the game so try not to die to avoid severe backtracking. Start by diving into the body of water, swimming under two arches before surfacing. Continue forward to a ledge low enough for Indy to climb out. Turn around and climb a pillar to let Indy whip across the water. Wall sneak around a pillar and drop down on the other side (you should just manage to keep from falling back into the water). Jump forward, aiming Indy slightly left to nail the landing. Wall sneak to the right and jump the gap to another ledge. Climb up to reach a staircase; leap across another gap to find a patrolling Arab guard. Continue down the pathway to find yet another knife- wielding baddie. Finish him off and pick up your prize, some spears and the Wine Coin. Head back to the large opening and jump into the water to Indy's right. Swim forward, wary of shark attack, past a few columns. When you hit a wall, turn right and swim up a set of stairs. At the summit walk out onto a platform and continue forward, jumping and whipping as necessary. Reaching a drop into another body of water, turn right and climb up a protruding ledge to find some grenades. Get as many as you need before diving back into the pool. Swim forward until you reach the far back wall; swim around to the rear of the column, noting the large crack in it. Climb out and make your way around towards the small campfire in the distance. Two more Arab guards appear to halt your progress; when they're done with, grab two demo charges from the right side of the doorway and climb back up the column. Turn right, climbing up a small bump in the pathway and making your way towards the large raised wall with huge crack in it. Run down the toppled pillar and set a charge to find the Trident Coin. Jump off into the water and head right towards the pillar from which you climbed out (the one with the crack). Set a demo charge there to find the Seahorse Coin. Climb back to the campfire, grabbing the last charge before passing through the door. Past the excavation lamp, turn left and leap over a small gap to reach another section of cracked wall. Blow it up to find a (by now, probably much needed) water fountain. Leave the fountain area and turn right to find a rope. Climb it and run towards the arched walkway. Three grenades rest here if you feel like throwing them at the two patrolling guards: one waits near the box, the other around the corner (watch out for the second as he'll often through his own boomstick at you!). Jump across the gap to reach another columned walkway. Get plenty of room for a very large jump to the cave opening in front of Indy...wait to jump until the last minute or risk climbing back up here all over again. Through the cave rests another set of broken pillars. Dive into the water and swim straight down to find the Kraken Coin; quickly swim back up to avoid the shark. Pull out on a low ledge near where you first dived in. Jump across the gap and head towards the closed gate. Here, you must place each coin in the proper column to seal them. Though the pictures of the proper coin required rest on the columns, I'll give you the order here: The first column on the left requires the Wine Coin, the second, the Trident Coin; on the right side, place the Seahorse Coin in the first column and the Kraken coin in the second. Turn the wheels between each set of columns to unbar the door and to end the level. Istanbul - The Fall of the Sea King Indy notes a crack in the floor which he could only open if the statue of Neptune would collapse. Looks like more demo charges are needed. Dive into the water and swim straight down to find a small archway which leads to a torchlit stairwell. Climb the stairs to find a reservoir; turning a wheel next to a large set of gears stops up the waterspouts blocking a whip point. As you attempt to leave the room, two guards appear. Kill them or run back to the main chamber. Swim towards the statue of Neptune, speargun drawn. Two undersea soldiers will emerge from a demolished wall and begin to fire at Indy. Again, aim at them using the L trigger and puncture their suits with two well placed spears. Swim into the small cave they created to find the two demo charges you will need. Spin around and set the first on Neptune's right foot. Climb up the narrow columns to return to the start point of the level. Run along the ledge to your left, whipping across the gargoyle head previously covered with a waterfall. Jump over the cracked flooring to avoid a nasty tumble and then jump-whip on Neptune's trident to reach the other side of the walkway. Continue along until Indy is directly behind the statue; drop to the small gray platform and place the second charge. Climb onto the damaged pillar shown in the brief cutscene and jump to Indy's right to reach a higher ledge. Climb the vines to your right and continue on to the back of the statue. Jump and whip from the lamp to kick it over and to allow Indy passage to the Kraken's lair. Istanbul - The Kraken's Lair A lot of people seem to have trouble fighting the Kraken, but a quick look at Indy's surroundings should make the trick to beating him clear. First things first: surface and climb out of the water to Indy's left. Here you will find four demo charges (grab two), spears, an O2 tank (if you need it) and a super speargun! Should you want more items, there are 2 more bunches of spears in the water on the second floor of the right side of the crumbled circular structure, if Indy is facing the Kraken, as well as a bunch on both the first and second floor of the left side of the crumbled circular structure. If you need extra health, somewhere in the lower level of this same structure rests a skeleton and a medkit. Jump back into the water and enter targeting mode (L trigger) aim for the Kraken's many eyes and fire away; shoot any jellyfish that approach as well. After a few shots to the eye, the Kraken will pull back into its cave. Take this opportunity to place two demo charges on each column. If you're fast, you should be able to use both charges before the Kraken returns. Return to the dry ledge to grab another pair of charges. Repeat the procedure, this time setting the explosives on the next pair of columns. Setting these last two charges may require another dose of spear to the Kraken. Should any of the Kraken's jellyfish latch on to Indy, immediately begin swimming in a circular pattern away from the Kraken's mouth; the jellyfish will attempt to pull Indy into its maw! As long as you keep moving, the jellyfish can't latch on and any that do will explode, leaving Indy unharmed. If Indy runs out of spears, three sets of them rest on the second level of the circular structure that lies behind Indy on the ledges nearest the Kraken. After the columns topple, the Kraken returns to its underwater resting place and the water level subsides, leaving only Indy to retrieve his prize. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hong Kong - The Golden Lotus, part 1 Sadly, Indy's quiet dinner with Mei Ying is interrupted by Marshall Kai and his gang of ninjas. While Mei Ying does battle behind the backdrop, Indy is left to fend for himself. The ninja's are quite hard to hit; they are usually tossing a flurry of punches your way or dodging (and watch out for their unblockable charge punch). The easiest way to deal with them now is to grab a chair or table leg and bust it over their heads! Three ninjas attack Indy to start the level; when they're finished, another two join the fray, followed by a final two. When the Indiana Jones theme starts playing, you know they're finished. Grab a table leg or bottle just to be safe in later combat. Face the stage and head through the door to the right of it; remember this lever for later. Run around the corner and down the stairs quickly as two waiters are raring to attack and are very difficult to beat up on the uneven stairs. The waiters appear just as hard as the ninjas so watch out. When they're finished, continue forward and up the ladder. Kick the boxes at the top of the ledge to find a medkit. Climb up another ladder and turn around and enter a door to come face to face with a ninja. Kick the middle box for an iron skin potion (a boost to Indy's defense). Further on, two more ninjas will strike, each with a sword. After giving them a taste of their own medicine pull the lever in the next room. Through the grey door and down a set of stairs is the second floor of the club. Enter the second set of balcony seats to find a sword- wielding ninja and the "Tai-Tsu Mask". The next set of seats hosts another ninja that needs to see some REAL swordsmanship. Further down the corridor, another ninja guards a doorway. Kill him to cause two more ninjas to rush after their fallen comrade; do the same to them as you did to their friend. Go through the door and down a flight of stairs to reach a beautiful health-giving fountain. Just watch out for the ninja trying to surprise Indy from the door on his right. Exit left to return to the main floor. Pull the lever to the right of the stage to move the backdrop. Sadly, Mei Ying is nowhere to be found, but a pistol-packing waiter is more than happy to entertain you. Dodge his bullets as best you can and get him off the stage. Two breakable crates rest on the right side of the stage with Mauser ammo and a medkit inside; resting next to a bottle on the left side of the stage is more Mauser ammo. Climb the ladder to reach the balcony and swing across two hanging ropes to exit the level. Hong Kong - The Golden Lotus, part 2 At the start of the level a shotgun-toting waiter hides behind the second set of crates; beat him up before he gets a chance to fire the powerful gun at you. Now, before you enter the next room, make sure your health is at full and drink the iron skin potion to boost your defense. Now get your Mauser out of the holster. Ready? Let's go! Run through the door on the right prepared to face two waiters with Mausers hiding one behind each crate. Jump out and surprise them with a flurry of bullets. Continue down the stairs where two more waiters, one with a shotgun, attempt to find cover. Another waiter with a Mauser enters from a side passage when the first waiter gets dropped. After dealing with the second one way in the back of the hall, a fourth one enters from a rear door. Get the drop on him. Run back towards the small hallway with the open door (the dressing room). Inside waits the "Longshian Idol" and a medkit. Grab them both before heading back down the hallway and down the left corridor to the exit. Hong Kong - The Streets of Hong Kong, part 1 Here's a nice little shooting level featuring a minor character from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. You're on your own for most of this. Here are some tips: reload when the screen clears; spray the gun left and right to stun each gunman; shoot the motorcycle driver as fast as possible to cause the bike to crash; always be wary of cars or motorcycles coming from corners and getting in a few shots before you realize that they're there. For those of you who need your hand held, here's an exact breakdown of your attackers as well as the direction they drive into the screen from. I'm not sure whether this list will change depending on how fast you can destroy your enemies but I'm pretty sure that this is the basic pattern Kai's men follow: The level starts with a motorcycle directly behind you; a car swerves in from your left soon after. At the next corner, a motorcycle appears from the left followed by another motorcycle at the next turn. A car attacks from the left two turns later with another motorcycle appearing as the carriage straightens out. A car then pulls up from the left almost parallel to Indy with another motorcycle following close behind. Three more motorcycle appear sequentially during the next three turns, the first from the left, the second from the right, and the third from the left at Indy's next turn. Now, here's where the artifact is located: after the last motorcycle appears, a breakable box will appear on a raised ledge on Indy's left. Shoot at it to receive your "next artifact". The next part of the level begins with a car on your tail; a motorcycle quickly converges on Indy from the left with another car appearing on your right at the next turn. A motorcycle appears on the left during the successive straightaway. Both a car and a motorcycle appear during the next turn, but don't worry too much about them as the level is almost over. follows this last car seconds before the level ends. the next turn Hong Kong - The Streets of Hong Kong, part 2 Another shooting level. Sheesh! A car quickly follows after Indy with both a motorcycle and a car appearing just around the next turn. Another motorcycle appears at the next turn with another hot on its tail in the successive straightaway. A car appears from the right at the next turn with an accompanying motorcycle one turn later. Still another car appears from the right when Indy turns next with a motorcycle giving chase in the straightaway and a car merging from the right at the next turn. A motorcycle and a car open fire during a straightaway after the next turn with another motorcycle to follow the destruction of the first. Indy will drive through a small square with a large fountain signaling the pursuit of a motorcycle from the left side of the screen and your friend the gangsters in cars at the next turn. Another motorcycle appears during the next turn with a car and another motorcycle joining in soon after. Finally, when it seems the worst is over, Indy turns to face both a car and a motorcycle swooping in from behind him as he turns left. Luckily, those are the last two enemies. Whew! How does Wu Han run so fast? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peng Lai Lagoon - The Secret of Peng Lai Lagoon, part 1 Indy starts this level underwater. Immediately surface and turn right to find a ladder leading up to the docks. Kick open the three crates to find an O2 tank, a speargun and some spears. Dive into the water and head for the sunken U-boat wreckage, avoiding the Nazi diver and the two prowling sharks. Swim into the hull from the left and grab the demo charge lying in the middle of the ship's skeleton. Continue forward and, once you've cleared the wreckage, start upwards, turning left to take aim and fire at the diver situated near the cracked wall. Once he's dead, set the charges and surface. Take a deep breath and head on through the whole you just made. In the underwater cave dodge the first shark while heading down and to the left; head upwards through the opening and veer left towards dry land, aware that another shark swims here as well (four sharks in one lagoon!). Kick open the box here for a medkit. Turn around and climb up the vine, making sure to climb pretty high before swinging on the ledge; for some reason Indy won't grab this ledge. Turn right and make a long jump to the next ledge before chain whipping across the gap towards the two pistol-packing soldiers. Wait for them to climb down to fight Indy as they will be able to pick you off easily if you try to climb up to them. Once they're done for, jump up the ledge and enter the doorway to end the level. Peng Lai Lagoon - The Secret of Peng Lai Lagoon, part 2 Start the level by running straight forward into the small alcove; turn right and notice a small demo charge lying in the corner. Leaving the alcove, turn right and set the explosives on a crack in the wall. Inside is a Panzershreck (a bazooka), some ammo, and the next artifact, the "Sancai Plate". Continue down the hallway to a gun turret; time to shoot some Nazis! Immediately shoot the one on the ground before he has a chance to huck a grenade your way; turn to the upper left corner to find another soldier taking potshots at you. Anytime you hear a Nazi scream something, turn to this corner to deal with this guy. There are a total of ten soldiers here (Note: this number may change depending on the speed with which you kill them) so keep alert until the Indy triumph music begins. When the men are dead, head down the hallway (sorry, no ammo from the corpses) until a cutscene begins. Run to your right and down some ledges to the beach. A soldier patrols the scaffolding with a Mauser so be careful. When he's done with check the cabin for MP-40 ammo. Return to the scaffolding to find an elevator. Either take out or ignore the Nazi at the top. From the elevator, turn left and run around the structure to a ladder; climb it to find a zipline. From the roof you land on, drop down to take care of another soldier; watch out for a second exiting from the shack you originally landed on. When they're done for, run away from the crane towards a large garage door to find a crate with a medkit. Now, enter the crane and use the arm to lift the floating platform into the air (remember, once you've grabbed it, to push up to lift it as high as it will go). Swing the platform over to the right to rest next to the cliff fortress. Climb up the crane's internal ladder and run out onto the arm; jump-whip swing to the hanging platform. Line up your jump so that you hit the edge of the cliff fortress perfectly straight, otherwise, you will fall. Should you fall, a small elevator next to the crane will lift you back up to the docks, though you'll have to climb up the crane again. Once in the cliff fortress, pull the switch to call the elevator. Peng Lai Lagoon - Iron Cross The key to the next three levels is not to allow the Nazis to see you; if that fails, make sure to kill them before they can pull one of the many alarms situated throughout the level. Should they get out a cry for help, get ready to shoot at Nazi Firebugs before they can get their flamethrower trained on you or you're toast...literally (apologies abound for the pun!). And remember to pull an alarm that's ringing to silence it ASAP to prevent more Nazis from appearing. Start by heading down the corridor to trigger a cutscene showing you the layout of the base. Jump into the water to your left and climb up a small ladder to your right to find a box with MP-40 ammo. Return to your starting point and run up the stairs, ducking into an office if you need to. Grab your pistol or a table leg for protection and venture out, wary of two guards which may have spotted you already. When the first two are done with, walk up some more stairs to a stack of three boxes. Climb these and jump to a ledge behind Indy with a crate containing a medkit. Drop back down and run forward; turn right at an alarm. Head slowly up a flight of stairs to find a Nazi standing patiently next to an alarm. DON'T TOSS HIM OUT THE WINDOW. This will undoubtedly tip off one of the guards still patrolling below and you'll have flamethrowers on you very quickly. Silently kill him, remembering to grab the "Sima Qian Shiji scroll". Get back to the alarm you passed and continue forward down some stairs to another office, complete with a machine gun resting on a filing cabinet. Fill this under M... for MURDER! Leave the office and head down the opposite set of stairs, ready to deal with with last surviving patrolman. Turn left to open a set of double doors. Quickly climb the stairs in front and shoot the guard at the top of the landing; try to shoot the soldier that comes to his aid quickly as well. At a certain point, another guard enters and pulls the alarm. Kill whoever is left on the landing and then turn around to turn off the alarm. Finish off the last survivor and head down the stairs. Jump into the water to find Mauser ammo under the docked speedboat. Exit the level through the double doors next to the alarm. Peng Lai Lagoon - The U-Boat Base, part 1 After the cinema in which Kai and Von Beck prove to be in cahoots, Indy must prepare for another stealthy level in his quest to reach the mountains. Turn right and open the door, slowly climbing up a set of stairs to avoid tipping off a soldier of your presence. Kill him quietly. Head into the left corner of the building to find a doorway behind which wait two unawares guards; plug 'em full of holes and remember to snatch the MP-40 and ammo off the table. Exit the room and continue through the large double doors. Another set of stairs with a machine-gun packing fool at the top. Finish him before he gets a shot off and enter the door on your right. Prepare for another gunnery stage. Sadly, an officer pulls an alarm; shoot him with the turret to the right of your entrance point then quickly pull the alarm to shut it off. Now run back to the turret and wait. Most guards will now attempt to pull the alarm again, leaving themselves wide open for Indy. Soldiers will enter the screen from the doorway to the right and from the roof to your left. Shoot them before they shoot you. After about ten men are killed, an eleventh will enter from some gates in front of Indy. Kill him before abandoning the turret. Enter the bunker (the door on the right) to find a grenade in a crate in the back right corner. Return to the main area and run through the gate that the last solider exited. Head around the truck to the left hand corner to find another crate with ammo then climb into the truck to find a crate with a medkit. Head towards the ladder on the wall and jump onto the truck and then through the skylight into the small control room. Pull the switch to open the ventilation system. Leave the control room ready to deal with a pistol-toting Nazi hiding behind the truck. When he's finished climb the ladder to enter the air vent and to end the level. Peng Lai Lagoon - The U-Boat Base, part 2 Run down the vent, past the ladder and turn right to find a medkit, ammo, and a liquor bottle. Backtrack to the ladder and climb up it to start a cutscene depicting the entire dock. Jump down from the vent and follow the guard to the right into the control room. Kill him before he can set off the alarm then pass through the room and along the catwalk to reach a lever. Pull it to reposition the overhanging girder. Run to the other side of the catwalk, stopping to deal with an officer peeking his head through a door to your left. When you've reached the new position of the girder, safe drop down from the part of the catwalk which juts slightly out. You'll land safely near an open garage. Break open the two crates to your left to reveal two clips of ammo. Now, run into the garage to find two more crates behind the metal ones: these contain a medkit and the "Tablet of Longjian", your new artifact. Leave the garage and jump into the water, swimming left to find a ladder which leads to a platform below the catwalk. Break the two crates in front of Indy to reveal another medkit. Climb the stairs, taking the branch to the right, to reach the overhang. Chain whip across to the other side of the pen. From here go into the door on your left prepared to shoot a soldier appearing from the stairs to Indy's left. Head right from the entrance to find a security pass lying on the floor. Go back down the stairs to enter a locker room where Indy will be able to change into a Nazi soldier disguise. Continue down the hallway; a cutscene begins showing you the exit. Either kill all three guards or, better yet, use your disguise to walk calmly by them. The only way they'll catch on to your ruse is if you attack them; don't do that unless you can take them out fast. Leave the sub pens and Peng Lai Lagoon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peng Lai Mountains - The High Road to Peng Lai Indy arrives at the base of Peng Lai Mountain still wearing his officer disguise. Sadly, his sneakiness won't last much longer. Wait for the soldier in front of you to get close to the truck, then smash his head into the door and pummel him quickly, remembering to take his grenade. If you're fast you'll get rid of him before the other two Nazis leave their office. Shoot them both to save some health and then head into the office to pull a switch, opening the middle garage door. Before entering, grab the medkit in the crate in the rear of the truck. For some reason, in the PC version of the game, the Nazi Soldiers won't recognize or attack Indy, though later on, when you must whip it, they may notice you and take action. Now, climb up the crates in the middle garage bay then turn right to enter a crack in the wall. Climb up another row of crates to reach the top floor of the facility. Run to the right towards the upper office. Before heading in, drop down into an opening to enter the last garage bay (the one on the far left from the vantage point of the level's beginning). Break open a crate to find an artifact, the "Zhao Mo Rhyton". Also in this bay in the corner, rests some Mauser ammo. Grab it and climb back up to the roof and enter the office. Open the first door on Indy's right to find a switch which turns off the fan in the air vent. Be careful of a Nazi officer entering from the opposite door; he packs a mean jab making a counterattack very difficult. Exit from the front to find a lever; pull it to move the overhead hanging. Now climb up a short stack of crates and chain swing across to the ventilation system. Roll under the stopped fan and continue along the vent. Roll under the slowly moving fans, ready to slide down a ramp after the second: jump at the last minute to grab onto a ledge and to save Indy from certain death. Pull up and turn left then roll right the pit. You'll find a skeleton with a medkit and MP-40 ammo. How he died in the ventilations system of a Nazi base is beyond me. Get back to the large pit and jump across. Farther down the passage you'll notice a strong air current blowing from your left (Indy will remark that he has a bad feeling about it). Run straight forward and continue pushing forward against the wall; the air flow will knock Indy into the proper passage. Safety drop down at the next pit. Continue left until Indy can safety drop out of the ventilation system. Grab a medkit in a crate in the room's corner then exit through the farthest set of double doors to end the level. Peng Lai Mountains - The Infiltration I absolutely hate this level but, once you've figured it out, it's not quite as bad as I remembered. Hopefully it won't bother you much with this guide as Head through the double doors in front of Indy ready to do battle with both a soldier and an officer. Shoot them to avoid chancing one of them reaching an alarm. Yep, the alarms calling Nazi Firebugs are back! When the first two goons are finished, climb down the ladder to Indy's left. Watch out for a patrolling soldier down below as well as any other Firebugs or machine gunners summoned by the alarm. Underneath the first room of the level is a small bay filled with crates: the small light brownish one holds a medkit. Continue past the crate room and around the side of the building to find another breakable crate in a corner. Resting inside, the "Gui Jian scroll". Run to the other side of the cavern, through the gondola, and into the building. Another breakable crate with a medkit lies to your left. Head up the stairs, through the upper level door, and turn left to pull a lever. Climb up another flight of stairs to a catwalk. At the end of the line, climb up a crate and jump to a swinging chain to reach a hanging platform. Turn right and whip across to another ventilation duct. Pass through here to reach another catwalk; whip across to reach it. Run down the catwalk, wary of a machine gunner patrolling. You should be able to throw him off without his getting off a shot. At the end of the catwalk, chain whip to the other side of the room. Run along this next catwalk and down a ramp to reach the generator floor. A patrolling machine gunner should be walking with his back to you...easy pickin's. Walk through the door and continue on to enter the control room. Pull the lever here to turn on the plant's electricity. Turn around and run forward to find a stairway leading back to the generator floor, ready to deal with a Nazi officer while still running down. In the next room break a crate on the right wall for a medkit. Now, get your best gun ready and make sure your health is at full before exiting this room. This next part can be tricky so I've listed my own strategy as well as an alternative strategy after it. Pick the one you like best! Once back on the generator floor, make sure to stay clear of the beams of electricity which can make short work of our hero. Continue down the middle of the rows of transformers to remain clear of a shocking death. Two soldiers will be taking pot shots at Indy a few transformers down. Unfortunately, the large objects do not protect Indy from gunfire so don't bother trying to peek out from behind them to keep Indy safe: just shoot them before they shoot you. When the first two soldiers are dead, another pair appear farther down the line. Repeat the above method and run forward down the middle until you reach a lever. It's easy to miss so keep looking at Indy's left to find it; pulling it opens a pathway through the electricity. Run backwards and the opening will be on Indy's right. Pass through here and make your way along the other side of the transformers. Once clear, the door back to the main chamber will be to the right. Keep going to return to the first control room. Indy will now be able to pull the lever in here to release the gondola's break. As you leave the room, prepare to fight another soldier. When he's dead a final enemy appears from the ladder. Whew! Everything's taken care of here so get on the gondola to end this level. Now, thanks to Ryan Surface, we have a great shortcut alternative starting right after Indy turns on the generator power: "Here is the short cut. "Turn around and run forward to find a stairway leading back to the generator floor, ready to deal with a Nazi officer while still running down. In the next room break a crate on the right wall for a medkit. When you go through the double doors take an immediate left and do a running jump onto the ledge under the catwalk and then climb onto the catwalk you used to get to the control room. From here just make your way back up to the upper catwalk and the ventilation shaft with no worries about guards or getting fried by electricity. "After you're back into the Gondola chamber be careful when you chain swing from the hanging platform to the catwalk with the crate. If you swing too low you will bounce off the crate and fall to your death but if you swing it right you will land on the platform briefly before tumbling to the floor. This will do damage but not kill Indy (took me a few tries to get this right) and with all the medkits laying around it's easy to get your health back. From there it's release the lever kill some goons and hop on the Gondola." Peng Lai Mountains - Terror at 2000 Feet Finally, Indy changes back to his tried and true duds; too bad it's just in time to be shot at. Stay on the gondola roof until it converges with the gondola to your right. Jump onto the second gondola, prepared to deal with two Nazis who will be trying to pop you in midair. Don't get shot off! After killing them, man the turret on the rear of the gondola and get ready for a firefight! Planes will swoop in to strafe you so try to shoot them down before they can. A few well-placed shots should deter them from firing but they will oftentimes turn back to try again. Kill them ASAP. The gondola ride is pretty long and it is often hard to hear or see where the planes are strafing from. Just keep an eye on the large brown mountain (your destination) and the green mountain chain (your starting point). The gondola will probably take a lot of damage, but, if you keep checking for enemies, you'll make it with some energy to spare. Peng Lai Mountains - The Airbase Ugh! I totally hate this level as well, though it's more due to some annoying bugs than anything else. Just two more levels and Indy will finally reach the Black Dragon Fortress. Keep in mind that pausing the game when the music begins stuttering (it's probably already been happening by now) can reset it. Also, some of the more intense firefights will cause some MASSIVE slowdown complete with frame drops. I'll point them out so you can decide whether you'd rather shoot the enemies to save time and your eyes from the sloppy programming. Start the level by exiting the gondola to the right; head into the small arched alcove and kick open some boxes to pick up an MP-40 and ammo. As you leave here, keep in mind that one soldier waits on each side of the room. If you can, shoot them quickly with your Mauser to keep them from pulling an alarm and making a bad situation worse. When they're dead, climb up the large red block on the right side of the room to find a platform with a medkit and some ammo. Heal up and head towards the large door. Two more Nazis, both carrying machine guns, will emerge and require your attention. Go into the left arched alcove for cover. Walking around the corner reveals a breakable crate with a grenade, useful for evening up the odds should the machine gunners hide behind any of the crate blockades in the room. Two more Nazis wait behind the large doors, hiding behind a long line of crates. Take cover and deal with them one at a time (or huck a grenade in their hidey-holes). A green switch at the other end of the room will light up; before pulling it, open a small door in the middle of the hallway to the left to pick up another medkit. Now, pull the switch to enter the next chamber. You'll pass next to a large stairway with Nazis barging down to plug a few holes into you. Here's where the frame rate really begins to stutter. They've only got Mausers and shouldn't be too much trouble. From where you entered, breakable crates with a medkit and MP-40 ammo rest on the left and right sides of the room, respectively. Grab them and charge up the stairs with your machine gun ready: a Nazi gunner plays hide-and-seek among the columns on the landing. Some MP-40 ammo in a crate makes an appearance forward and to the left of the top of the stairs. Another machine gunner will appear to take his buddy's place. Give him the same medicine and continue forward. A small stairway of crates leads to the roof of a storage room. Another guard will enter now, but ignore him and drop through the skylight. Pull out a grenade and open the door. Continue down the hallway to a room filled with three angry Nazis (one may start in the hallway but will join his friends in the next room). Leave them an explosive present to quickly clear the office. Open the door on the left side of the next room to emerge on a catwalk. Turn left immediately to find your next artifact, the "Changan Stone". A lone guard sits between you and the exit at the other end of the catwalk. Peng Lai Mountains - Ascent to Adventure Open the door and turn left onto a catwalk. Immediately pull out the SMG and take care of the two Nazis. Through the archway turn left for a crate with revolver ammo. Head through the next door to witness the launching of the Peng Lai airforce. Time for some payback! Run quickly to the turret at the end of the landing to shoot down the planes before they can take off. It's a lot like shooting fish in a barrel, though be quick or the first one will get away and can easily throw off your timing. There will be four planes; now head back the way you came, ready to battle with two new gun-wielding Nazis. Before heading back inside, turn left and climb to a small ledge. Jump and chain whip to the other side of the base and turn left to run to another turret. A soldier and a Firebug will enter from the door behind Indy so turn the turret around and mow them down. Enter the base, paying mind to grab the MP-40 ammo in a crate in the corner, and continue to an elevator. Descend and immediately exit to face a Firebug and two soldier, one with a Mauser and the other with a machine gun. If you don't leave the safety of the elevator, a Nazi will toss a grenade in with you to coax you out! Kick the crates on the right side of the room (if Indy is facing the open air) to find a medkit. On the left side of the room, another crate holds a grenade. Run to the edge of the platform in the center of the room and pull the lever to call the gondola. As soon as the cutscene ends, three Nazis will surprise Indy from behind. Toss the grenade to deal with them quickly and then wait a moment while the gondola parks before embarking on the rest of your journey. Another cutscene finds Indy on top of the gondola; man the turret and prepare for four more airplanes making strafing runs. It's a bit easier here to discern their position from the propeller noises so you should be able to take them out without their firing a shot.'ve reached the summit of Peng Lai Mountain! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Black Dragon Fortress - The Black Dragon Fortress Looks like Indy will have to "sneak" into Marshall Kai's fortress. And by "sneak", I mean kill every guard you come upon. This ain't no Metal Gear! Start by heading forward, climbing onto the roof. When you reach the red pagoda-looking area, climb down a scaffolding to your right (you can just jump down, but it'll hurt a bit). Be ready to deal with a staff-wielding guard. Try to back away from guards in case they use their deadly twirl attack, hitting you four or five times! Wait to knock them down; grabbing and pummeling them with their own spears works wonders, especially later when you must fight two or three guards at a time. Continue along the bridge to the far double doors. Inside, climb the bamboo ladder and turn around to push the heavy crate (Y button). Climb back down the ladder and safety drop into the hole you just made. Safety drop again to face the underside of the Fortress bridge. Whip swing three times in a row to reach the other side. Be quick with your whips or you'll fall. Head through the opening to the right to whip swing on the overhanging torch. Note the ivy slightly out of Indy's grasp; you'll be back. Continue along the pathway, coming to dead end. Climb the vines to a higher level of walkway. Farther along, you'll notice a wall that looks breakable; whip swing to kick it away and to enter the fortress. Be ready to fight two guards, remembering the wide arc of the spear. After killing the guards, turn to face outside through the hole you just created. Notice the ivy to your left? Angle Indy so he's jumping diagonally into the wall; twist his body to the left in midair and you should grab on to the side of the fortress. Climb up and follow the pathway to reach a bright room; run to the opposite side of the display case to find the "Mask of Cambaluc", an artifact. Sadly, you'll have to backtrack outside, dropping down from the ivy and then making your way back to the room where the two guards were. To your left is a low scaffolding ledge. Climb it and make your way up and around to reach another door. Though it's locked, turning Indy around reveals another lantern to swing from to exit back outside. To Indy's left is more ivy. Climb it to reach the Fortresses' top floor. Get rid of the guard with a spear as quickly as possible as another guard with a crossbow will soon join the fray. Beat them both and head towards the large torch-lit alcove. Enter the door on the left to find a wonderful water fountain! Kick the crates in this room open to find a canteen (which increases your life), a throwing knife, a tiger strength potion (boosts your attack power), and crossbow ammo. Opening the next door allows two more spear- wielding guards access to Indy. You should be well trained in killing these guys by now. Remember to fill up on water if they do you any damage. Going through the door in the next room leads Indy back outside to the top floor. Head forward and to the left to descend a ramp; continue down to find another pair of guards. When they've met their match, keep following the ramp to the next landing where Indy can open the double doors to enter a small room with another guard. On the right wall of this room is a lever which opens the exit to this level as well as opening a locked room at the bottom of the ramp pathway. Go to the room you just unlocked; ignore the guards below and kick the crates to reveal two quivers of crossbow ammo, two throwing knifes, and a tiger skin potion (boosts your defense). Run down the wooden stairs to fight the bad guys or else lure them up to your level; just try not to fight on the stairs. When they're no longer a problem, pull the lone lever in the room to stop the flowing water. Don't forget a crate under the balcony with crossbow bolts. Head back to the fountain if you're running low on energy. When you're ready to leave this level, head to the left from the last room, past the ramp, and swing across a gap on a lantern to reach the sewer entrance, a perfect means into the main courtyard. Black Dragon Fortress - Call to Battle Trudge your way through the water heading either left or right (they both go to the same place). Once you've climbed out of the water, a short cutscene ensues. When it's over pull out your crossbow and kill the patrolling guard. Keep an eye out for another guard walking around the large stairs; shoot him with the crossbow as well. The trick to this level is dealing with these two goons ASAP before they have a chance to bang the gong to summon reinforcements. Should the guards sound the alarm, enemies will continue to appear intermittently as long as you remain in the main courtyard, making life a bit more difficult (and infinitely more annoying). Whether or not you keep the guards from calling an alarm, run to the gong. Now, turn around and walk down the stairs; directly in front of you will be an easily missed pedestal. Smash the glass to snatch up your next artifact, the "Qi Marble Stela". From here, run up the stairs to the right to find a small room with a guard and a demo charge. Grab the explosives, as well as a health potion, four quivers of crossbow ammo, and a throwing knife. Run to the other set of stairs across the courtyard. In the small room to your left is a probably much needed water fountain. Exit the room with the fountain and face left to find a scaffolding Indy can climb to reach the Fortress roof. Running along the roof, be wary of a crossbow sniper; jump onto his perch quickly, keeping in mind that knocking him down to the courtyard may alert the guards, if they're not already aware of your presence. Whip chain twice across the gap to another scaffolding. Climb down to face another crossbow guard. Climb onto the small ledge and jump up to another piece of scaffolding. Line up the jump well and wait to jump until the last moment to reach this very high ledge. From here, corner the Fortress and set the charges. Run VERY far away, possibly around the corner, as the resulting explosion has killed me a few times from what I assumed was a safe distance away. Enter the new hole to end the level. Black Dragon Fortress - The Tower of Storms Kick the crates to grab another tiger strength potion and quiver of arrow. Now head outside where you'll need to double chain whip across a gap. For some reason, the whip icon won't appear unless Indy stands facing the beams while standing near the wall. Wall sneak around the corner to reach another double chain whip gap swinging Indy to a dangling rope. Climb the rope and swing onto the landing, reading to pull out your crossbow. Jump to a higher ledge and snipe the two guards patrolling around the corner. Prepare to deal with a third as your approach their bodies. If he doesn't appear, just continue along the walkway to find him. Around the corner is a small scaffolding ledge. Jump up to it and push of the stones (Y button). The weight decrease allows the ledge to lift up. Turn around and you'll notice a small indentation in the shaft up. Push forward to fall off the lift onto another ledge. Kick the crates to reveal the "Yuan Xiang" artifact and a canteen (if you picked up the other canteen power-up in first level of the Black Dragon Fortress, this new one won't do anything). Jump across the shaft to reach a narrow outcropping. Climb up to the next outcropping and up again to reach the next floor of the Fortress. Be wary of the three guards, one packing a crossbow, who will try to climb down to fight you. Often they'll just plummet down the shaft to their deaths; be ready to get rough if they don't. One direction is blocked so head around the corner in the other direction to reach a large gap. Jump to the small platform and wait for it to descend. Since it is on a pulley, the platform in front of Indy will rise; jump to it when the two are level. Whip swing to reach safety. Around the next corner wait two guards diligently standing...well, guard. Relieve them of duty, remembering to fill your canteen at the fountain on the right wall, before entering the double doors to end the level. Black Dragon Fortress - The Rescue Indy's rescue turns sour as the deadly Feng twins wait in ambush. Though my first time through, this pair gave me quite a rumble, the second time I realized how easy they were to defeat. The trick: used both the tiger strength and iron skin potions that you've been saving up. Now their attacks will do little damage to you while yours will knock them flat. The potions take a second to kick in (keep the A button held down until you see the gauge appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen) so run around the room, staying clear of the twins' deadly fans, until they do. Between the columns of this small room are four weapons racks where Indy can grab a sword; though the swords have a large windup which leaves Indy open to attacks for longer, I found a sharp object made me feel more confident, so you might as well go and grab one. With the iron skin potion coursing through your veins, the intense combos of the Feng twins will barely faze you. This is a good thing as both can throw long chains of kicks which are very hard to block as well as attack with a spinning uppercut which knocks Indy flat. After waiting for an opening, swing away, focusing on one twin at a time. I killed Mei Mei (in the red dress) in seven hits with the sword so two quick sword combos and one final stab should leave this boss fight mano-e-mano. Your sword will probably have broken by now and your tiger strength potion run out so grab and drink another if you like. Alone, the final Feng twin is more susceptible to your fists. Just keep pounding away at her--luckily your iron skin potion should still be working, making her attacks ineffectual--and she'll die in no time. Just when you think you'll finally save Mei Ying...well, just watch the cutscene. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Temple of Kong Tien - Descent into Darkness Yay! It's a super-fun happy slide...of death! This entire level consists of Indy sliding down a ramp dodging between dark brown-ringed tiles to avoid nasty dart traps. Though you can survive quite a few hits, you'll need to dodge more than half of these if you want to survive the trip down. I won't go into detail of which ways to push Indy as there are often multiple solutions, including jumping over them. The tiles are easy to spot as rigged so just watch out for them as you head down. However, there are a few tricky spots in this level that I'll point out here. First off, get your whip out and jump whip to safety before the end of the first ramp. In an alcove to your left is a water fountain if you need it. Continue forward, jumping over the breaks in the floor and whipping across the final gap. Pull your whip out then head down another part of the slide. Try to fall from one slide portion to the other so that Indy lands at the highest portion of the new slide, otherwise, you'll take some extra fall damage. Just slide off the ramp at either the far right or left, depending on which way the next slide goes, and you'll be fine. After transferring twice (so you'll be on the third slide down, not counting the first slide at the beginning of the level), get ready to jump and whip on a lamp at the bottom of the slide to crash into a hidden room. Surprise! One of the crates has a "Yuyao Pan"! Safety drop back down to the slides prepared to jump whip on another lantern after the next slide transfer. You'll be in another alcove with a water fountain; get your health back up before safety dropping to the slide again. You'll have to avoid some new fire stream traps by pushing Indy to the far right or left side of the slide (or just plow through them as they don't hurt much) as well as dodging the arrow traps. Just hang on for a few more slide sections before the level ends. Temple of Kong Tien - The Catacombs Run forward through the large break in the wall, ignoring the yellow ghost who you can't fight yet. Inside the wall crack is a spear; pick it up and get back into the open area quickly. By now, the ghost will have possessed the corpse of Kai's ninja warriors creating a very freaky zombie ninja. Though these things crawl on the ceilings, use strange red aura attacks, and can flip Indy with their feet, they get killed REALLY easily. Must be the decomposed flesh or something. Beat the first one with your spear from a distance; give the next one the same treatment. Jump and climb out of the large pit to face another zombie ninja. By now your spear will have broken. If you want a sword, one lies in each broken sarcophagus. I find the swords too slow against these zombies so often ignore them in favor of Indy's fists. Send another zombie ninja back to his grave before continuing down the hallway. Stop in the second broken grave on your left to find a tiger strength potion. At the end of the hallway, replenish your health before pulling the switch to your left and entering the next room. Don't let the zombie on the ceiling scare you; he's easy to kill, as are the three other ninjas who rise from their grave as you pass through the hallway. Grab more swords in each of the broken graves if you need them. Pull the switch at the end of the hallway and enter the door to face three more zombies to your right. After the gruesome battle, head to your left to find a water fountain, a statue with a spear you can take, and an unlit lantern. Weird! Heading down the stairs into the main chamber, you should notice a gong to your right and the exit to your left. Farther along, down the opposite hallway is an unresponsive door, another unlit lantern, and two more statues with spears. Go to the gong and pick up the mallet resting on the ground to the right of it. Use the mallet to ring the gong (A button); a trap will open up under Indy so be ready to jump to safety at the last minute. After leaping the fiery pit, grab the blue torch hanging on the left wall and light the torch on the right wall (Y button). Enter the now open door. In this chamber rests the I Ching puzzle. Despite many complaints, it's really not too hard to solve, especially if you're reading this. Basically, to get the puzzle underway, Indy must light eight torches to illuminate eight Chinese symbols which reveal the key to receiving the Pa Cheng. Got it? Let's start by pulling the switch to the door in front of Indy as shown in the cutscene and entering the hallway. Pull the next switch to reach another ninja burial area. Two zombies burst out to party, not reckoning on dealing with such a major-league asskicker as yourself. When they're dust, climb into the rightmost broken grave to find an artifact, the "Liaoning Mianjin", and into the leftmost broken grave to find a health potion. Heading up the ramp leads Indy to a water fountain. Farther up is the second floor of the burial chamber. Light the two lanterns at either side of the room to open the large stone doors. Head through the opening, keeping the torch handy. Using the magical light of the blue torch, avoid the red, glowing tiles or face a nasty electrical trap that quickly saps Indy's health (you can barely make out these tiles without the torch as they are a darker shade of brown but use the torch for ease of traversal). Pull the switch to enter the large hallway with the gong again. Fight off the new zombie menace before lighting the two lanterns at each end of the hall. After lighting both lanterns, another zombie pair will appear to slow your progress. Refill your canteen if you're getting low on health. Return to the door you just exited from and make your way back down the booby-trapped ramp. Jumping over the tiles seems easier than walking around them on the way down. Once in the square grave area, another quartet of zombies will emerge, two on the second floor and two on the bottom. Since the only language these things understand is pain, give them a "lecture" they won't soon forget. Fill up on water again if you're hurt before continuing down the ramp to the exit. I know this is just the door that leads back to the I Ching puzzle so don't worry. You're supposed to backtrack. Temple of Kong Tien - The Dragon's Claw Back in the I Ching room, a door to Indy's left slides open. Follow it to reach a narrow bridge. Cross the bridge and pull out your torch to light two more lanterns. Once this is done, the bridge will revolve to reveal its underside. Using the torch to light your way, each square of the bridge will glow either a safe blue or a deadly red. Cross the bridge, only stepping on blue circles and jumping over red ones. In detail, Indy must walk over the first square, jump over the second, jump over the fourth, and jump over the sixth. After a quick cutscene, Indy's way forward will be blocked. Only one way to go now: backwards. Walk back towards the lanterns, leaping over any red circles you find, until you reach another blue circle. Step on it to produce another short cutscene. Now, continue away from the lanterns, leaping over a red circle, and stepping on a blue one about halfway along the bridge. Another cutscene ensues in which the red circle you just jumped over flips. Walk back to this flipped square to find another blue circle. Step on it an continue forward, leaping over a red circle to reach a final blue circle near the exit. Now, for a trick! Backtrack towards the lanterns, jumping over a red circle, to find another blue circle. Step on it to smash open a grave near the end of the levell. You'll be glad you did later. That done, cross the bridge and exit back to the I Ching room. Sorry if the description of solving the bridge puzzle is a bit confusing. Just keep walking back and forth on the bridge, stepping on any blue circles you come across until you can both cross the bridge safely and you break open the grave. Simple, right? Well, if you need it written out a bit more simply, thank my pal "Groin Kicker" Kathleen for this step-by-step list of the moves Indy must make. 1. Walk onto the 1st tile. 2. Jump from the 1st tile to land the 3rd tile. 3. Jump from the 3rd tile to land on the 5th tile. 4. Jump from the 5th tile to land on the 7th tile. 5. Jump from the 7th tile to land on the 5th tile. 6. Jump from the 5th tile to land on the 3rd tile. 7. Walk onto the 2nd tile. 8. Jump from the 3rd tile to the 5th tile. 9. Walk onto the 6th tile. 10. Walk onto the 4th tile. 11. Jump from the 7th tile to the 9th tile. 12. Walk onto the 8th tile. 13. Walk to the lever, pull the lever, and leave. There, happy now? Another door to Indy's left now magically slides open. Might as well enter it. Ripping off a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you must use your blue torch to light the winding pathway across the seemingly uncrossable pit. Walk slowly so that you keep the glowing red walkway illuminated; the path twists a few times as well so keep your wits about you. After crossing, have Indy light the last two lanterns. Sadly, as you try to make your way back, you'll notice that the platforms have started to move up and down. Walk back just as you entered, though be wary of timing as you hop from bridge section to bridge section. Some of the sections can move pretty quickly, but if Indy runs forward as soon as they touch, you'll usually cross safely (I'd take my time if I were you though). Now, with the characters glowing, it's time to solve the puzzle. Press the Y button near the I Ching to get it started. The key here is to use the X button to switch views; using this bird's eye view, you should see the grey outlines on the floor next to the altar. Indy must rotate the three rings of the altar to match these patterns. To save you some trouble, I'll list the proper order here, though don't blame me if the order changes from game to game (which I doubt it does). "Broken" here refers to blocks with a line in the middle of them; solid is solid. Outer ring, starting from the left (9 o'clock) - solid, broken, solid, solid, broken, solid, broken, broken. Middle ring, starting from the left (9 o'clock) - broken, solid, solid, solid, solid, broken, broken, broken. Inner ring, starting from the left (9 o'clock) - solid, solid, solid, broken, broken, broken, broken, solid. Voila! Puzzle solved, exit open and the Pa Cheng is yours! Turn to Indy's right and exit the chamber, running down the hallway back to the square grave where two zombies wait for you. Now, when you kill the corpses, the yellow ghosts possessing them will appear. If you kill them quickly enough, they won't be able to possess more bodies. Sadly here, you must fight at four zombies and the two ghosts before the large stone doors from above will open. Keep in mind that Indy can hurl the Pa Cheng with the A button, useful for nailing those hard to reach ghosts. Continue up the ramp (get some water if you want it), through the stone doors, up the booby-trapped ramp (blue torch, anyone?), and through the door back into the main hallway. Two more zombie ninjas are all that stands between you and the boss so hurry it up! Before heading through the large doors between the Chinese dog statues, look to your left at the now open grave (remember the extra running around the bridge? I told you it was worth it). Pick up the "Henan Bei" and head into another large cavern lined with graves. A huge battle now commences with five zombie ninjas and the ghosts that possess them flying out of the woodwork. You should have no problem with your handy, dandy Pa Cheng though. Kill 'em all and exit through the last open grave on your right. Temple of Kong Tien - The Shadow of Kong Tien The good news: you've finally saved Mei Ying and retrieved the Mirror. The bad news: Mei Ying is possessed by a demon set on killing you in a very very painful manner. The key to exorcising Kong Tien is to destroy the three glowing orbs held aloft by the dragon statues. To do this, you must first defeat the four yellow ghosts Mei Ying sends at you while dodging the electric balls right on your ass. When they're dealt with, a cutscene begins where Mei Ying shoots a beam of electricity at you, destroying a pillar. After using so much energy, she is susceptible to a strike from the Pa Cheng. Toss it at her with the A button to confuse her; now, toss the Pa Cheng again to smash one of the three orbs. Repeat this process twice more, remembering that after dealing with the ghosts and electric balls, you must move Indy behind the shelter of a pillar (each pillar takes two hits to be completely destroyed so you can screw up a few times before you're completely toast). Rest behind a pillar to take a health potion or to drink some water if necessary. Once the orbs are smashed, Kong Tien is banished back to the Netherworld and Indy and Mei Ying can FINALLY escape Peng Lai Island. "See, that wasn't so bad!" says our hero. Yeah, whatever, Indy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Emperor's Tomb - Tomb of the First Emperor Finally, the tomb in the title! Run straight forward down a long hallway to reach a large scrollwork cylinder. Spin it to open one of the tomb's circular doors. Sadly, this also drops you into a pit with spikes jutting out from the walls. A small spike block comes out from the lower left corner so be ready to dodge it and then immediately climb onto it. Wait here until a large spike block appears in the center of the wall; quickly jump and pull up when it has passed. After the adjacent spikes shoot out, run either to the left or right wall and wait. Another spike row will come out in the middle at the level of Indy's head. Jump and grab onto this row fast before Indy gets impaled. From here, jump and pull out of the pit. Quick note submitted by "Groin Kicker" Kathleen: if at any time you get tired of dodging all of these deadly traps, go up and press the "use" button on Mei Ying for some sassy talk. That Indy! What a ladies man! Run back down the hallway towards the entrance, stopping to enter the door to your left that you just went to all that trouble to open. It appears that Indy must make his way through this room past spurting fire jets. Great. Wait until the first pair of jets turns off and then immediately jump and whip across the chasm; you should vault over the flame jet on the other side. Immediately turn left and jump and double chain-whip across another pit. You'll swing through a vertical flame spurt, but it won't hurt too much. Turn left and wait for the next jet to cease before jumping and swinging across the last gap. Pull the switch to your right and stop to drink some water to your left. Watch out for the double vertical flame jets as you exit the room. Run back towards the entrance again, this time going right through the circular door. Remember how much you hated those Silent Guardians way back in Ceylon? Well, this part is a tad worse. You must use skulls or the thrown Pa Cheng to distract the glowing orbs electrical attack; if they hit you, you'll be dead before you can react. Start by tossing a skull down the hallway; right after the orbs stop discharging, run forward to the pit. There's a health potion on the ground that you can grab without getting shocked. Pick up and toss another skull over the pit. Once the orbs stop jump diagonally to your left across the pit and around the corner (make sure to leave yourself enough room by starting the jump near the left end of the screen or else you'll hit the orb and fall into the pit). Almost there now! Safety drop into the pit in front of Indy to find a small room lodged inside the drop. Pick up the next artifact, the "Shang Statuette", and jump across the pit to a narrow ledge. Climb out from here. Across another pit and around another corner lies the hardest test in the level. Indy must climb into a small alcove to the left of the pit to pull a switch which opens the exit. Start by tossing a skull over the pit towards the ledge to your left (try to get it to land there). Jump diagonally left to follow the skull. If you move slowly here, the orbs won't kill you. Climb up into the alcove to reach the switch. Now, the hard part. Toss another skull before dropping back down out of the alcove. Slowly work your way to the skull you tossed here. Facing the pit, wall sneak towards the right side of the ledge. Staying flush against the wall through the skull. Immediately after the orbs stop, jump diagonally left to reach safety (this is a tricky jump that takes a little time to set up; don't worry if the orbs start up again while you're in mid air as they probably won't kill you). Alternatively, you could toss the skull and then jump straight across the pit to reach another alcove, this one with a water fountain. To get out of here, simply reverse the above directions. Toss another skull over another pit, follow it, and head through the exit to your left. The Emperor's Tomb - The Path of the Unseen Peril Get either the Pa Cheng or your fists ready for a brawl. Run forward and around the wall in front of you to find three Black Dragon ninjas. Mei Ying will probably deal with one of them leaving you with the other two. A good strategy here is to try to knock them into the pits on either side of the platform. Otherwise, just beat them up as you would any other enemy, though beware the strength of these guys. After you've mopped them up, two yellow ghosts appear to possess their bodies. Hit the ghosts with the Pa Cheng before they animate the corpses if you can. If not, just take out the zombies and their hosts as you normally would. There's a water fountain between the Chinese dog statues if you need it. When you're ready to continue, pull out the Mirror of Dreams (as if Indy's flashback to Kai's speech didn't tip you off). Much like the blue torch, the Mirror will reveal secret areas. The first such "secret" are the huge sliding blocks trying to crush you. Push against them when they're closed and Indy should safely rush past when they open. Stop quickly though for a bed of spikes. These won't kill you but why take the damage? Watch the spikes until you have their timing then step onto the first row when they descend. When you think you're ready (about 3 seconds) jump forward to the now clear third row. Jump again (another 3 seconds) to clear the trap. Now, you'll be faced with two smooshing slab traps. Push against the first set when they're closed and you'll rush through to the second; push against it and you'll pass through unscathed when it released. Oh no! A giant pit, or is it? Using the Mirror, notice the platform on the left edge of the pit. Climb onto it and then jump across to another platform on the other side. From here, make your way down (remember to safety drop) and wall sneak along the sides of the pit to reach another safe platform. Indy notices an invisible beam sticking out of the wall. Pull out the whip--it's a bit nerve wracking to see Indy floating in mid air; if I didn't know any better I'd say it was another Xbox bug--and swing across. Climb down to a slightly lower platform before jumping across a small gap to reach a staircase. Ascend very slowly as there are no guardrails here. At the top, pull up between two columns to find a switch that deactivates the traps and seals up the pit. Once Mei Ying joins you, head through the circular door ready to deal with two sword carrying Black Dragons. When they're toast, a short cutscene ensues in which reinforcements arrive. Two come in from the right while one drops down from the left with a sword. Once they're dead, three yellow ghosts join in to possess the bodies. Remember to kill the ghosts once the host dies or else they'll just possess another corpse. Leave once zombie remaining if you want to find the artifact in this level. Facing the exit door (as featured in the last cutscene), head to the right wall in the large chamber. You should see two arches on each side of the room from where the second wave of enemies emerged. Stand under the closest one to the exit door. Pull up to reach a small ledge. Jump up again to pull into a secret area where you'll find a tiger strength potion and the "Qin Lawbook". Kill the last ghost and the level ends. You can actually get the artifact at any time, but it's better to leave less enemies for Mei Ying to have to fight alone. The Emperor's Tomb - The Bells of the Dead Even after all that fighting you've still got to start the level faced with two zombie ninjas! Once they're dead, the exit door opens. Pass through it and head down a steep ramp to reach another door. In the next room Indy must cross a large bridge; sadly, on the other side are two Terra Cotta Soldiers, one of whom will become animated when possessed by a ghost. The best way to kill these guys is to hit them quickly three times with the Pa Cheng to dismember them. Their sword is unblockable so once they lose their arms, you'll only have to worry about their feet. Remember to kill the ghost which escapes from the wreckage as quickly as possible or it'll possess another statue. Pull out the Mirror of Dreams and run through the large wooden doors IMMEDIATELY turning left. Against the column next to the door will be an invisible ladder made visible by the Mirror. Climb up to find the "Jade Liubo Board". Climb back down and go through the circular door to reach the Puzzle of the Bells. Once in the room, the bells atop the centerpiece will ring in a precise order. It's up to you to copy this tune using the sets of bells in each corner of the room. Run forward, Mirror still in Indy's hand, under the primary bells until you see a pathway to your right. Follow it slowly to reach the first set of bells. You can always pull the switch next to the bells if you wish to repeat the melody you must copy. Press the Y button in front of the bells to play them. The first tune is: small bell, middle bell, large bell. Walk back along the path and head back under the primary bells to find another path to the right (diagonal from the last set of bells). The second tune is: second smallest bell, second largest bell, largest bell, smallest bell. Cross the invisible path and keep going over the solid walkway to the third set of bells. The third tune is: second smallest bell, second largest bell, middle bell, largest bell, smallest bell. Now make your way to the set of bells diagonally from you (left of the exit) for the final tune. Fourth tune: middle bell, second smallest bell, smallest bell, largest bell, second largest bell. For simplicity's sake, here's a nice cheat sheet to help with this puzzle submitted by wunder-woman "Groin Kicker" Kathleen. Counting from 1 to 5 from left to right, the bells needed for the first tune are 1,2,3; for the second are 2,3,4,1; for the third are 2,4,3,5,1; and for the fourth are 3,2,1,5,4. Go through the circular door to end the level. The Emperor's Tomb - Von Beck's Revenge Get your whip ready and prepare to keep Von Beck from getting his revenge (to be fair, he was the one who tried to kill you first). Jump and whip across the pit to trigger a cutscene where Von Beck appears with a giant drill tank. Now, before beginning, let me warn you that this level is very very hard. Even knowing what to expect, I still die on it occasionally. Even though this walkthrough will map out where to jump and give you some tips on timing, even the slightest misstep will spell doom for our hero. Keep at it, memorize the order of what occurs in this level, and I'm sure you can get through. If utter frustration sets in, take Gregory Edwards advice and set the difficulty to "easy" which makes things a tad simpler; also, if playing with the PC version, lower the game's resolution and bit level to avoid any possible frame skips that can seriously ruin your timing...which needs to be perfect! First thing's first: start running forward. Jump over two small gaps and then whip-jump across a large pit. Now, another gap then another whip-jump. Two more gaps then whip-jump. Finally another gap and another whip-jump. After landing here, the pathway begins to curve. Run hugging the left wall to dodge a few small holes that are just as deadly as the other pits. Once the pathway straightens again, immediately jump a gap and jump-whip a pit. Another gap followed by two pits which require jump-whipping. Here's where the tricky part begins. Right after two small gaps and before what appears to be another jump-whip, the floor collapses. The floor becomes pretty unstable from here on out. Remember to keep an eye out for collapsing floors; sometimes they'll fall far away but your reaction will be to jump immediately, sending Indy right into the pit. Other times, it'll fall so fast you won't think it possible to jump in time. Keep your cool and follow these instructions. Now, after the small gap, the first tiles collapse. Run to the edge and jump- whip the pit; you must let go of the whip slightly early and then immediately jump and whip again. If you let Indy get the maximum distance from his jump, he'll land on tiles that will have already started falling and you won't have time to jump again. The path will curve again; hug the right wall to stay out of harm's way. After another small gap, the tiles in front of Indy crumble but are so far away you have a moment more to run before jump-whipping the pit. Let go of the whip early again so you're ready to jump-whip again right as you land. Another two small gaps (one suddenly appears but you can just jump it) and one jump-whip. After the next small gap, the tiles in front of Indy collapse; keep running as you have another moment before you reach the edge. Cut this next jump-whip short to prepare for another immediate jump-whip. You're done with the hard part. Now just run forward until Indy begins sliding down a ramp. Jump and swing to safety before he slides right off into a large pit. You'll barely make it; pull up and turn around to see that the same can't be said for Von Beck. Go through the circular door and make your way left through another room. Move carefully as there are a lot of breaks in the floor which can sneak up on Indy. Nothing's more annoying than dying after all that fancy footwork! If you're running low on health, 2. there's a water fountain in the middle of the right wall. Walk Indy through the swirling portal to enter the Netherworld. To make this walkthrough even longer, but hopefully to be more helpful as well, here's another strategy for getting through this level sent in by Michael Tzoanos: "Since the level is frantic and depends on Indy constantly moving forward, I came to the realization that I was pushing the left thumbstick forward all the time while playing that level and that it was impossible - at least for me - to finish it while doing so. So here's the strategy that I used. When Indy has to jump-whip over the 3 tricky double-gaps where the tiles are collapsing, I released the left thumbstick from the forward position in mid- air over the first gap. This allows Indy to land right in front of the collapsing tiles of the second gap. I immediately started moving forward and whip-jumped to clear the second gap. Admittedly, there is a chance that Von Beck may catch up with you after you land but the odds aren't that bad. I tried the walkthrough's strategy of letting go of the whip early but I just couldn't get the timing right. I believe that the strategy of letting go of the left thumbstick may help other players who get stuck on this level. Well, I was sure glad to see Von Beck fall to his doom at the end of the level. I finished the level a second time just to see it again." And for anyone who beats Von Beck, take Mike's advice and try it again, just to watch that annoying Nazi bite the big one! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Netherworld - The Pillars of the Underworld I really really hate this level. It consists of two things: annoying battles against ghosts and difficult jumping. Follow the walkthrough for tips on the annoying jumping and check the combat strategies section for some help with the annoying battles. Start off with your Pa Cheng out and make sure to get Indy as close to full health as you can. Follow along the pathway until a blue ghost appears. Blue ghosts make your life difficult by sending out yellow ghosts, who proceed to possess the terra cotta soldiers, and by shooting balls of electricity at you. Try to toss the Pa Cheng to hit it quickly and to possibly kill one of the yellow ghosts. Whatever the case, you must smash the terra cotta soldiers if they are possessed and must kill the blue ghost by throwing the Pa Cheng at it twice. If you're running low on life and already detest beating back the terra cotta soldiers, try Tim Hofer's useful suggestions of using their lack of brain to your advantage: dive and roll back and forth away from the soldiers in order to line them up so that, when they charge at Indy, they'll run off the ledge. Though it may take more time than straight combat, Tim managed to keep his health nice and high. Once all paranormal activity ceases, you can turn to the three pillars at the edge of the walkway. The trick throughout this level is that when Indy sets each column spinning, a ledge rises up to create a bridge. Once the column stops spinning (the red sparkles making a ring around it reach the bottom of it), the ground falls away to leave you screwed. Indy must spin the columns in the correct order so that the chunk of walkway farthest away has the longest amount of time left before it collapses. I'll tell you the right order to spin the columns in, but getting across them quickly enough is up to you. Final tip: always get your whip out before spinning the columns because there's nothing worse than having to fish it out of your pouch while the path falls out from under you. For the first columns, spin them in order from right to left. You've got to make a whip-jump between the second and third chunks, then jump left to reach the walkway. A blue ghost immediately materializes and, unless you kill them fast, another pair of terra cotta statues will join in the attack. Keep in mind that even if only one ghost remains, he will continue to animate the statues until there are no more left. You can smash inanimate statues to keep them from coming alive, though it's just as easy to kill the ghosts before they can act. At the next set of columns, spin them in this order: second pillar from the left, the pillar on the far right, the pillar on the far left, and the second pillar from the right. Remember to whip swing between the first and second then third and fourth platforms. For this and the rest of the pillars, a handy cheat sheet rests at the end of the walkthrough for this section. Once you reach the walkway again, another blue ghost appears. Dodging his projectiles, kill him quickly with two hits from the Pa Cheng. Chances are he'll get at least a ghost out and you'll have to deal with the terra cotta soldiers. There are four standing guard so you might have to kill all of them. At the next set of pillars, spin the right, then the left ones. Jump and pull up at each platform; you might worry that you won't have time to get past, but you should. Another blue ghost will appear surrounded by three terra cotta soldiers. Again, try to keep as few of them as possible from coming to life. Now, instead of heading towards the next set of pillars, face away from them. You'll notice another lone platform off in the distance. Indy must jump and then triple whip-swing across a chasm to reach it. Remember to press the A button to whip again right after letting it go; Indy looks like he doesn't have enough time to make the motion but he does. Once on the solitary island pillar, prepare to deal with a blue ghost and possibly two terra cotta soldiers. The path here is very narrow so make sure you don't get knocked off. Pick up the "Gao Burial Mask" from the skeleton lying here and then (carefully) make your way back across the chasm. Once Indy lands, walk slowly toward the edge of the walkway on your left. Climb over the the railing and safety drop to land on a hidden ledge where you'll find the "Halberd Plate". Now, walk to the pillars and spin them in the following order: middle pillar, far right pillar, second from right pillar, far left pillar, and the second pillar from the left. You have to jump-whip between almost every platform (except for between the third and fourth) before reaching the Black Pagoda. And now, the aforementioned cheat sheet from my friend, and yours, "Groin Kicker" Kathleen. Counting from left to right, the correct order to spin the pillars is, for the first set 3,2,1; for the second 2,4,1,3; for the third 2,1; and for the fourth 3,5,4,1,2. Now there's no excuse for botching it! The Netherworld - The Heart of the Dragon Run forward until you come to a narrow bridge flanked by dragon statues. Once you jump on the first ornately decorated block, the trap begins. Indy must watch for the block that is a different color than the rest and jump to that one quickly. If he reaches the block, when the floor fades away, he'll be left standing; if not, he falls. Don't worry too much about the dragons shooting electricity. If you keep moving forward as quickly as the blocks allow, you'll be fine. This puzzle is really easy and I'm sure you can all get through it by now. Only the last set really tries to fool you by forcing Indy to backtrack a few times before a solid block appears that he can cross the chasm with. Once you've reached the end, walk up the stairs past the red columns. If you head right, you'll find the game's final artifact, the "Shi Huangdi Cong", resting on a small end table. If you head left, you'll find a water fountain. Make sure you've filled your canteen and health meters for the boss fight coming up. Now, just walk towards the throne and a cutscene ensues in which Indy finally gets his prize. Sadly, he doesn't keep it for long. When the scene ends, get ready to tangle with four terra cotta soldiers. Mei Ying will help you, but don't count on much. When all four are rubble, the level will end. The Netherworld - Rise of the Black Emperor Ah, finally. You get to beat up Marshall Kai for all the trouble he's given you. Sadly, he's got a friendly dragon to help him out. Luckily, this fight is very very easy. You'll only need to hit Kai six times to win! Kai's major attacks are a flamethrower burst, which you can roll under, and a ground quake, which you can jump over. The dragon is a bit tougher to dodge, with his fireballs and charging attacks, but if you work fast, you won't have to worry about him. The trick to beating Kai lies in the four corners of the level. From the central hub are five branching paths. At the end of each one is a glowing symbol (I think it's supposed to represent the elements or something). When you reach it, you'll be transported back to the center with you Pa Cheng charged with magical energy. Throw it at Kai to hurt him. Repeat, dodging either one of his attacks (usually the ground quake). After three hits, Mei Ying will be free and get attacked by Kai. At this point, you've only got one more element to reach. Get to it and hit Kai. Now, Kai lands and allows you to hit him once more with the Pa Cheng forcing him to drop the Heart of the Dragon. You can pick it up if you're quick enough, but I don't think it does anything. An easy tip to beating Kai is to start at either the leftmost or rightmost paths and then to work your way across. This way, you won't forget where you need to go. Also, keep in mind that you will need to whip jump across a few of the paths. Just be wary of Kai or the dragon sneaking up and hitting you as you make your way to the elements. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Enjoy the ending! =============================================================================== VI. Artifact Locations If you followed my walkthrough, you should have found all 30 artifacts, 3 for each level. If you only need a quick reference as to where a select few are located, just check down here! By viewing Indy's artifact shelves, you can discover which items you are missing. The order listed here is the order the artifacts are displayed on the shelf from left to right (Level 1's artifacts are in the top left corner while level 2's are in the top right corner, and so on). Each page in the level select screen will cue you in onto what type of artifact is found there whether a mask, an idol, or a plate (though if there is a key item to be found in the level such as the Astrologer's Clock items, they also will be pictured here). 1) Idol of Ramba Vihara - this is located on the very first level of Ceylon. At the level's start you'll come upon a waterfall. Simply walk under it to find a cave with your first artifact. 2) Mahavatu Mask - after you defeat the two hunters chatting by the campfire near the beginning of the second level, you should notice a hanging box above you. Make your way to the high ledge where the level continues and you'll see a stack of boxes. Punch the largest one and the hanging crate will fall, revealing your treasure. 3) Port Negombo Relic - this is found on Ceylon, the Palace of Forgotten Kings. Once you've cleared the courtyard and reached the wall with vines you must climb, stop. Turn around and notice a rock you can climb. Jump up to another and you'll find a doorway leading to a new addition to your artifact collection. 4) Book of Libuse - this is found in Prague, the Great Library. After you've found the map and dealt with the Nazis who open the level's exit, return to the 3rd floor and wall sneak along the central bookshelf (the one with red curtains). A secret room will have opened with your prize in plain sight. 5) Stochov Fragment - this is found in Prague, the Observatory. At the start of the level, run out the double doors and turn left. Walk around the building until you see a small ledge. Climb up and wall sneak along it until you can see a glowing door on a tower opposite the level's entrance. Jump across to find your new artifact. 6) Cistergian Mask - this is found in Prague, Vega's Tower. When you reach the clock tower with the elevator, note the crashed bell on your left. There is a small crack in the floor which Indy can climb down. In this small room is yet another shiny trinket. 7) Piri Reib manuscript - before exiting the first level of Istanbul, drop off the platform to a narrow ledge to the left of the open door. Run around it to reach another building containing the artifact. 8) Ottoman seal - at the start of Istanbul, the Secret of the Mosque, part 2, run and roll forward under a crack in the wall to find this artifact (Note: the select level screen incorrectly lists the Ottoman seal as located on the previous level). 9) Delian Proclamation - in Istanbul, the Sunken Palace, turn left at the top of the toppled pillar and make your way around the room by jumping and whipping across the columns. At the end of the road there will be a hook, though no whip icon appears. Swing across it to reach a box; if you picked up the machete underwater near the circular temple where the demo charges were located, you can cut the rope to reveal your prize. 10) Tai-Tsu Mask - during the first level of Hong Kong, Indy will reach the balcony level of the nightclub. Enter the second booth on his right to find a sword-wielding ninja and the mask resting on a pedestal. 11) Longshian Idol - after killing the four waiters in the second part of the Lotus Club level, run into the dressing room to your left (before the corridor ending the level) to find a medkit and the artifact. 12) Name Unknown - during the first Streets of Hong Kong level, after the three motorcycles sequentially attack Indy, a crate will appear on a small ledge to Indy's left. Shoot at it to get the next item (a "tip" will appear telling you that you've found an artifact). The artifact appears right before the screen fades to black; if you miss it the first time through, just try again later, aware of where it will be. 13) Sancai Plate - at the beginning of the Secret of Peng Lai Lagoon, part 2, run forward into a small alcove to find a demo charge to your right, tucked away in the corner. Use the charge on the cracked wall to the right of this alcove as you leave it to uncover a Panzershreck and the artifact. 14) Sima Qian Shiji scroll - in the Iron Cross level of Peng Lai Lagoon, enter a door to the right of the alarm in the first area you enter. Climb a flight of stairs to reach a room with a relaxing Nazi. The scroll lies on the table in this room. 15) Tablet of Longjian - in the final level of Peng Lai Lagoon, the U-boat pen, from the catwalk where you can chain-swing across the pen to the opposite ledge, safety drop down and head into the small garage. Behind a trio of metal crates are two breakable crates with a medkit and an artifact. 16) Zhao Mo Rhyton - in the first level of Peng Lai Mountain, after Indy has reached the roof opposite the ventilation shaft, climb through the skylight near the upstairs office. In this garage bay, (the only one Indy hasn't yet entered) you'll find your prize. 17) Gui Jian scroll - during the Peng Lai Mountains Infiltration level, run past the large doorway underneath the control room at the start of the stage and around the walkway to a crate in the corner. Break it for another artifact. 18) Changan Stone - at the start of the last room in the Airbase level in Peng Lai Mountains (the large catwalk with the patrolling guard), turn left to find a breakable crate. Why are so many ancient artifacts just lying around this Nazi base? 19) Mask of Cambaluc - during the first level of the Black Dragon Fortress, after Indy swings through the stone wall to enter a room with two guards with spears, face outwards through the hole. You should see some ivy to his left. Jump diagonally towards the ivy, twisting left in mid air to catch on. Follow the ivy to reach a chamber with your prize. 20) Qi Marble Stela - at the start of the second Black Dragon Fortress level, walk so that Indy is standing directly in front of the gong in the center of the courtyard. Turn around to see a small glass display case; smash it to find another artifact. 21) Yuan Xiang statue - in the third level of the Black Dragon Fortress, when Indy pushes the stones off of the ladder to allow his makeshift elevator to ascend, immediately turn around to find a small alcove. Walk off the lifting platform to reach the crate with your treasure. Alternatively, when you reach the second floor of the level, climb down into the shaft and then jump across to reach the secret. 22) Yuyao Pan - while sliding down Kai's trap, be ready to jump and whip swing from a lantern on the third ramp down (ignoring the first ramp of the level) to smash into a secret room holding...a secret. Surprising. 23) Liaoning Mianjin - in the second level of the Temple of Kong Tien, after Indy receives the blue torch and passes through the I Ching room, he'll enter a square catacomb. Kill the zombies here and enter the rightmost open grave to find this large jade plate. 24) Henan Bei - after crossing the stone bridge to light two lanterns in the I, Ching puzzle, Indy must make his way back across with the blue lantern out to illuminate the safe stones to walk on (the blue ones). Continue walking back and forth on the bridge, stepping on blue circles and jumping over red ones until you set off a cutscene where one of the graves near the Chinese dog statues across from the gong breaks open. When you return to this area, enter the grave for another artifact. 25) Shang Statuette - after jumping diagonally across the small pit flanked by the electric orbs, safety drop into the pit in front of Indy (away from the orbs) to land next to the artifact. 26) Qin Lawbook - in the Paths of the Unseen level, after completing the Trial of the Unseen, you'll enter a large chamber with a chariot in the center and with two Black Dragon ninjas patrolling. Go forward toward the circular exit door and left to rest against the wall. Note the two large arches higher up. Facing the arch closest to the door on the lefthand side of the room, pull up onto a small ledge and then jump up to enter a secret area with an artifact. 27) Jade Liubo Board - after defeating the terra cotta soldiers in the Bells of the Dead level, pull out the Mirror of Dreams and pass through the large wooden doors, immediately turning left to face the column nearest the door. The Mirror will reveal a hidden ladder you can climb to find another artifact. 28) Gao Burial Mask - from the last set of pillars you must spin to reach the Black Pagoda, turn around and run back towards the edge. Jump and triple chain-whip across a chasm to reach an island column. After dealing with the enemies here, pick the artifact up from the skeleton resting here. 29) Halberd Plate - from the last set of pillars you must spin before reaching the Black Pagoda, run back, towards the location of the last blue ghost. When you reach the edge where three lanterns hang, leading to the 28th, artifact, turn right and climb onto and over the railing to land on a hidden ledge. 30) Shi Huangdi Cong - after passing the chasm trap in the Black Pagoda, turn right and run forward to find an end table upon which the final artifact rests. =============================================================================== VII. Secrets and Codes Currently, the only known secret is that a picture gallery appears once you've collected all 30 artifacts. Whoopee! For those stuck on certain parts of the game, two Indy trainers are available for the PC version of the game. Download both at --trick submitted by Dan W. "I do have a "cheat" for the pc version. It involves modifying the default.cfg file located under \(indy)\gamedata\indy. Open the file up using notepad, and add the word Cheats: 1. Make sure to save a backup copy of your original so you can replace it after making through the harder levels. A complete look at the modified file is given below pack:0 title:0 freescenedata:1 vsyncinterval:2 milessound:1 nocontrol:1 cheats:1 resmgrload:res.dat fullscreen:1 This gives you GOD mode, and unlimited weapons. There are still places where you can fall, and have Indy crumple into a heap. The only way to end these levels is to quit and load the game again." --trick submitted by Austin Chapman by way of sth128 on the GameFAQs message board: "Tired of running from the tank over and over again? Fed-up with Indy's screaming? Here's how you can skip the tank level: Under the game's dir, go to \GameData\Indy\Levels\ backup the file "M09_Tomb_04.SLS" (change the filename) Now copy any one of the other files (except m00shell and the two bonus levels) and rename it to "M09_Tomb_04.SLS". Start the game and play; now the tank level is replaced by whichever level you chose. "Second way of skipping the level: Go to the game's dir, under \GameData\Indy\GameInfo\ Open the file "MissionList.txt". Find the line (near bottom) EXEC 0 1 "Von Beck's Revenge" ...... Put a "#" sign in front (without the quotation marks) and save. Now the game skips the level when you play it. (Not fully tested yet so use at your own risk)" =============================================================================== VIII. Requests Though walkthroughs are never fully complete, I'd like for this FAQ to serve as the ultimate guide to this game. Therefore, I'll use this space to list information that I need and that any helpful readers may submit for full credit. Currently, my walkthrough needs the following: Combat Strategies Codes for any version of the game Any typos or grammatical errors / any confusing text =============================================================================== IX. Acknowledgements Thanks to: GameFAQs ( for hosting this walkthrough Any of the other walkthrough sites who've asked to host this work The Collective and Lucasarts for creating such a great game for a great character 'hardheart' on the GameFAQs message boards for letting me know how to find the second artifact in Prague 'mbg98' on the GameFAQs message boards for letting me know how to find the artifact in the Bells of the Dead level 'the tross' on the GameFAQs message boards for letting me know how to find the first artifact in Istanbul Bret Lenmark for pointing out a typo in Prague Matt Fardig and Kathleen Tatham for telling me that the crocs and sharks were killable OrÁun Kara for pointing out the correct name for the "Arabs" as Turks David White for donating another strategy for caging the large croc in Ceylon Austin Chapman for pointing out the Indy PC trainers currently available Cliff Chen for sending me the controls for the PC version of the game "Groin Kicker" Kathleen for her level specific tips, puzzle "cheat sheets", and proper enemy names Jesse, SpaceApe, Blue Saber, Tim Hofer, Paula Neal, and Cliff Chen for their combat strategies Austin Chapman and sth128 at the GameFAQs message boards for their PC Von Beck level skip cheat for his nice bullet dodging combat strategy the ENIAC, Deda, and Ryan Surface for their level specific tips Dan W. for his "God mode" hack for the PC version Vincent White and Margaret for their helpful comments on unclear portions of the walkthrough Alexandra Skorik for pointing out the large canteen in the Ceylon - Into the Sacred Caverns Tracy for telling me about extra items to be found during the Kraken battle Dietmar Suoch for pointing out a bug in the first level of Peng Lai Mountains Michael Tzoanos and Gregory Edwards for their personal tips for getting past Von Beck Don for his EXTENSIVE editing (there's no one else I'd trust to edit any future works of mine!) and finally to: America's soldiers for defending worldwide freedom in Iraq; we're glad you're home and my mother for picking this game up for me for my b-day. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display without said written permission is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Copyright 2003 Robert Parry-Cruwys</p>