Spiderman 2: Enter Electro FAQ/Walkthrough Ver. 1.0 (10/21/01) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ By: Romy N. Junio Jr. e-mail: emil41@lycos.com This FAQ/Walkthrough is made to help anyone who has a problem with the game feel free to use this in any way it can help you, just dont make money from this or alter its contents OR i will hunt you down... hehehe... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents 1. Version History 2. A Couple of Blah...blahs... 3. The Game 4. New Features 5. Controls 6. a. Spidey's Moves b. Power-ups 7. Walkthrough 8. The Extras a. Comics b. Costumes c. Characters 9. Next Update 10. Credits ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Version History Ver. 1.0 (10/21/01): Just finished the game last Friday, started the walkthrough. But i'm still clearing some of the confusions in the game... 2. A Couple of Blah...blah's Okay... before we start... let me tell you that this is only the second walkthrough that I made... so don't go e-mail me just to tell me that I'm a bad FAQ writer... I made this walkthrough to help you guys out there(I'm a nice guy...hehehe) so don't go alter this or you'll .................. For Webmasters... I allow you to put this on your site... just don't alter it and remember to put my name on it ok?!... Enough about that... On to the game... 3. The Game Oh Yeah... Our friendly Neighborhood superhero is back! And he's in for a shock when he takes on Electro in Spiderman 2: Enter Electro. It is a sequel to the popular game Spiderman (and I know that most PSOne owners have seen and played the game)... This game is made by Activision... and Vicarious Visions... and Marvel The Story: (Taken straight from the back of the CD case) Spiderman's old nemesis, the powerful Electro, has returned. Someone needs to unplug this villain once and for all. As Spider-Man, it's up to you to give Electro the shock of his life! Gameplay: The game is basically, a 3-d platform game, but unlike others, you can explore most of the environment, the graphics may not be too sweet... but this is not the case... the game is packed with tons of secrets, that will surely keep you occupied... Difficulty: depending on which difficulty you play, the enemies differ in number and strength. also, there are some secrets that only appear on certain difficulty, and costume, so you have to play the game many times to make the most out of it... 4. New Features Every sequel has something new right? Here is a quick info: Training: Well, the training area is much more interesting 'coz you'll take on the X-men's DANGER ROOM... this is definitely for the beginners, as you master Spidey's abilities, you will be guided by Prof. X himself and the lovely Rogue. Challenge Mode: This one's much like a time trial mode... try it! It's fun! You can challenge your friends or yourself... I heard that the Prodigy costume can be unlocked here... I'm not sure where... Instant Action: Need to say more? Parker's Portfolio: This one is a gallery of Spidey's boss battles, depending on the difficulty, every defeted boss will unlock a picture. There are 3 for each boss. Bugle Headlines: This one is a gallery of all the Bugle Headlines in the game, you can view them. Some of the headlines can be unlocked by either finishing the level or by deliberately failing on some levels. Create-A-Spider: The title says it all! (Although you can make the most out of it if you have unlocked about 70% of the costumes) 5. The Controls The controls are pretty much the same as in the first (so for those who have played the first game there should be no problem, the only difference is the use of L2 button.), here's a quick recap: BTW: It's analog controller compatible! Button In-Game Menu Directional Buttons Movement Menu selection Start Pause Ok or Start(?!) Select Stealth(if you are wearing the dusk N/A costume) Triangle ( /\ ) Basic Web-shot Cancel X button Jump OK Kid Mode: Press twice to web swing Circle ( O ) Kick N/A Square ( [] ) Punch N/A L1 Web Target(First Zoom In(for Person View) Viewer) Green--ok, mostly on walls Red -- no effect Yellow -- target ok Blue -- target ok, mostly objects L2 Target Cycle Zoom Out (for Viewer) R1 Web Zip-line N/A R2 Web Swing N/A 6.a. Spidey's Moves Spidey's moves are the same as the first(see controls) but here are also some which requires button combinations: 1. Trap Webbing (hold /\)-- Spidey shoots his webbing to bind the target. This is good for minor enemies but not on bosses. If you have the freon cartridge, it can freeze the enemy. 2. Web-Yank: Spidey shoots a web on the enemy/object and pulls them towards the specified direction. a. Yank towards Spidey: /\ + down b. Yank left: /\+ down + left c. Yank right /\+ down + right 3. Impact webbing(/\ + up): Spidey shoots a ball of webbing toward the target. 4. Web-gloves (/\ + left): Spidey uses his webbing to wrap his fists for additional damage 5. Web-dome(/\ + right) : Spidey uses his web to make a dome which acts as a shield, press again for shockwave attack. Useful for clearing out enemies when you're outnumbered. 6. Special Yank(?!) -- can be performed by pressing punch or kick (O or []) then pressing triangle (/\) immediately. Looks cool and does more damage than regular web-yank. 7. Grab -- (/\ + [], can be done when near an enemy) -- this is my favorite move in the game. There are two kinds: a. The head thonk(?!) -- this one's funny! after grabbing your enemy press [] and Spidey will climb on the enemy's back, press [] repetedly for multiple thonks! hehehehe! b. The spine break(?!) -- press O instead of [], spidey will kick the enemy in the back. I think it was on the spine. 8. Jump attacks-- can be performed when near an enemy a. Jump Punch -- X then [] b. Jump Kick -- X then O 6.b. Power-ups Here are the power-ups in the game, only some of the special cartridge can only be seen on certain levels: Blue Spider Symbols: Web Cartridge, this have a max of ten. Only some suit limits you to only two. White and Red Spider Symbols: Health Power ups. Replenishes your health. Light Blue Spider Symbols: Freon Webbing. Freezes enemies just like ice! Yellow and Green Spider Symbols: Electrically Charged webbings. Perfect for short circuiting those nasty drones. Gold Spider Symbols: "Ah the old trusty Spider-Armor" -Spidey. Purple Spider Symbols: Serum cartridge, used to defeat the Lizard. The Magnesium Webbing isn't found in the game, I guess there's no need for it, 'coz there aren't any symbiotes here... but I want to burn those thugs... ;( 7. The Walkthrough After the basics, let's proceed to the walkthrough... I finished this game once, and it was on the normal difficulty. I have also found some of the comic books, and some appear only on a certain difficulty, don't worry, I have included it, and if i say NONE SO FAR: it means that i'm still looking for it... I'm playing now on hard, and i'm just halfway through the game... so far here's my progress... Stage 1: ENTER THE WEB-HEAD! Mission: Follow Beast and show him what you're made of Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: Near the end of the level, on a rooftop where there are 3 boxes, yank them and you will find a comic book under one.-Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (White Version) Hard: Same as Normal Mode This stage is relatively an introduction to some of Spidey's "can-do", for those who played the first game, almost all the things here are the same, except for Beast(in the first game it was Black Cat, right?)... for the beginners, don't fret if you die the first time, you'll get it surely on the second time. The important thing here is to follow the Spidey Compass. After this you have a choice of either going to the Danger Room for more training or proceeding with the game... if you feel you're ready... continue with the game. Stage 2: BURGLARY INTERRUPTED Mission: Defeat 10 thugs, stop the fire at the cafe, stop the car from burning, and follow the spidey compass. Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: Near the end of the level, when you are climbing the tall building, check the rooftop of the building left to it. the comic should be there. - Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2, # 13 Hard: none so far At the start you'll be attacked by two thugs, take care of them and head right, you should see a coffee shop, it will explode and two thugs will run out from it. Take care of them. now you need to put out the fire. Web-yank the cap off the fire hydrant and it should do the trick. After that go to the center of the stage and you'll be ambushed by four thugs. If you can't find it, make your way by the rooftops, it shouldn't be hard to find. Take care of the thugs here. Notice that there is a basketball hoop here, find the basketball on one of the roof tops, and you can play hoops by throwing it on the hoop. If you make it the first time, a health power up will appear. After that, go to the northwesternmost part of the stage, and you should see two more thugs, Beside a car, the car will catch fire, take care of the thugs then web the car to stop the fire. After that, follow your spidey compass to end the level. Note: if your low on health, look for power ups, they are scattered all over the level. Stage 3: ROOFTOPS BY NIGHT Mission: Follow the Spidey Compass Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: None so far Normal: none so far Hard: after clearing the whole stage of thugs, go back to the bridge, the comic should be there. - Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2, #29. At the start take care of the thug here, then swing to the next rooftop. 2 more thugs are waiting, take care of them and swing to the next rooftop. There's a ? on it. It will tell you that if you kill the thug, you can pass safely. So, web-swing to the building on the right, and from there swing to the thug with the Machine Gun safely, kill the thug and then destroy the Machine Gun. Grab the health icon between the vents, if you need to. Then swing towards the bridge, and take care of the thug. Cross the bridge, and eventually you'll reach an area where your spider sense will act up (Spidey will say: "Something's not right around here"). You need to take care of three M.G's here. They're sitting on the rooftops, just be careful not to get hit. If you need power-ups, there are some on the rooftops. After they are destroyed, it's just a matter of following your compass to warehouse 66. Stage 4: WAREHOUSE 66 Mission: Kill Thugs Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: None so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far This stage is fairly simple, just eliminate all the thugs (there are 15, i think)here and it will end. Don't worry about health and webbings, there are some lying around the whole stage, and some are under the crates, you need to lift them to find it. Stage 5: SPIDEY VS. SHOCKER! Mission: Stop Shocker, before the fire reaches the barrels and before he kills you... :) Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far This is the first Boss battle in the game. All you have to do is yank the three big boxes hanging on the ceiling on Shocker. Make sure that shocker is directly below them when you yank. Use your L2, to target them. If you miss, don't fret, you can also throw the little crates on him. Although it seems very simple, it won't be easy, it took me three tries before I beat him. (Or maybe, I'm a little bit rusty) Stage 6: SMOKESCREEN Mission: Stop the bomb Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far Once you start the stage, take care of the thugs and proceed. When you get past a sign, I think its Vicarious Visions, a scene will start, with four thugs activating a bomb, seconds later... Spidey arrives and you need to find all 4 keys to deactivate it. There is a time limit, and if you're short on time, once you find a key, return to the bomb to extend your time. I believe that the locations are random, but I played the stage over and over, and here is the most frequent location the keys will appear. NOTE: Every key is guarded/held by a thug, there are two thugs per key, and you need to kill them first before you can have the key. KEY 1: On a rooftop on the right of the bomb, in line with the red panel. If it isn't there, it's just below the building where the bomb is located. KEY 2: On the streets below the Activision sign. KEY 3: South of the Activision sign, somewhere among the rooftops. KEY 4: Also south of the sign, on the streets, sometimes it appears near the third key. After you have the 4 keys, and the bomb is deactivated, the stage will end. NOTE: Please confirm the locations... I'm not really sure, 'bout these... any help will do, so please e-mail me thanks! Stage 7: HANGAR 18 Mission: Destroy 6 MG's Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far This level is a bit challenging. But no fear, coz you will have your first taste of the Freon Cartridge. It's located near the upper left part of the hangar. In any case, follow Spidey's advise to use the lamp posts as cover. You'll be harder to spot there. Destroy(by impact webbing), Web (Trap webbing), Freeze(if you have the freon cartridge), the MG's you dont need to kill the thugs just stop the MG's. There are 6 of them, two are on the left, two on the right, and two in the center. If you can't reach the MG's jump to another lamp post and you can reach them. Use your L1 to target the lamp posts. After you have stopped all the MG's swing to the warehouse/hangar and its mission accomplished! Stage 8: CRASH FLIGHT! Mission: Save the Pilot Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: After you Web one of the Plane's engine it will spin, ignore it, go back to the first area, it should be under the net, beside the barrels, on the left side. -- Peter Parker: Spiderman #90. Hard: none so far The key here is SPEED and lot's of it. You need to web the plane's engine in order to stop it, but you can only do this on the last area. Clear a path for it by firing impact webbing on the barrels and opening the doors. The engine that's hanging in the second area, (after the door) area can be removed by yanking it. When you're in the last area, web one of the engines until it stop, the plane should start pinning around. Totally web the other engine and it's mission accomplished. NOTE: in normal mode the plane can take five hits from the barrels before it explodes, so don't worry about all of the barrels just make sure that you lead the plane to the last area.( But it can only take one hit from the door.) Stage 9: TO CATCH A THIEF Mission: Follow the Spidey Compass Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: It is on the side of the third building, from where you start, scale the ledge and you should see it. (The side where you can't see.)-- Amazing Spider-Man # 185. Hard: none so far This stage very straightforward, just follow the Compass, and you'll get to the end. Nothing much, except for the Spider-Armor. It's on one of the buildings, can't remember where. Just be careful of the thugs, some carry ROCKET LAUNCHERs. Stage 10: IN DARKEST NIGHT Mission: Enter the trainyard Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far This is the first puzzle in the game. It's much like the gate puzzle on the first game, where you need to follow venom. Here's a quick run-thru: There are four areas here, each area has 3 guards, take care of the guard on each area, until you reack area 4. There is a switch on the far-side of the wall, you need to power it up so you can open the gates. Here's how: 1. In area 4, press the reset button, its on the opposite side of where the Gate Switch is located. 2. Go to area 3 and press both switches here. 3. Go to area 2 and press the right hand switch. 4. Go back to area 4 and press the switch beside the reset button. If you did this right, all four squares in the main switch will be colored green. You can now flip the main switch and end the level. Stage 11: HEART OF DARKNESS Mission: follow your compass towards the train. Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far Be careful, the area is littered with guards, and they're willing to put an end to your progress. Once you start, take care of the guards here. There's a freon cartridge at far end of your starting point to help you out. You need to get to the control room, just follow your compass, while taking care of the guards along the way. Once there, flip the switch, theres a health power up on one of the crates here. Exit the room and enter gate 1, there is another control room here, flip the switch for gate 2, there are also 2 guards here so be careful. After that, follow the compass to gate 2. You'll then come to an area where the train will be leaving on gate 7, don't worry, you'll catch up with it soon. Take care of the guards, and grab some power-ups on the ledges, when needed. enter gate 5, take care of the guards and enter the next control room, it is behind the large crane. Take care of the guards here and flip the switch for gate 7. Unless you want to fight 3 more guards, don't bother to flip switch for gate 6. After that, go back to main area, and enter gate 7. Stage 12: CATCH THAT TRAIN! Mission: Get on the train. Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far There are two ways to finsih this level: The first one is to ignore Sandman completely, and throw all the barrels and crates on the wall. Speed and timing is neccessary for this one. But I think this one's much easier. The second one is to throw barrels and crates on Sandman, and while he is recharging, pick up the truck and throw it on the wall. On normal, one truck should do the trick. Though thus one's harder, it's much fun! Stage 13: GANGLAND Mission: Save the Hostages Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: Under the photocopying machine, where you save the first two hostages.-- Amazing Spider-Man #21. Hard: After saving the hostage on the elevator, go back to the first area, the comic should be there. Spectacular Spider-Man #220. Once you start the level, take care of the two gangsters here. Then, target the vent cover on the ceiling, yank or use impact web on it, and climb it. Follow the vent towards its exit. Reinforce the cables of the elevator and then flip the switch. This will free the hostage. After that,climb the wall left of the switch, and enter the opening on the wall, your now on the next floor. Kill the gangsters here, there are two, and the third one will attack you after you take care of the two. After that zip-line up the ceiling and proceed to the next area. You need this to save the hostages. In the next area, 2 hostages will be guarde by a gangster, use impact or trap webbing on him, and the two hostages can escape. Adfter that, still on the ceiling, go to the next area, web the two gansters here, (hostages 3 and 4 will be freed here), then immediately drop from the ceiling and take care of the last gangster, he si beside the bookshelf. The fifth hostage will escape. Now find the next vent, it is between the two bookshelves. Yank it and climb up to the next floor. A gangster will be waiting on the next exit so be careful. After that, jump into the cubicle and immediately take care of the gangster here. Two more hostages will escape. Then take care of the other three gangsters. On your way to the exit, two thugs will pop out from the room, defeat them. Then enter both room to free four more hostages. Use impact webbing on the door. After freeing all the hostages, proceed to the exit to complete the stage. Stage 14: SPIDEY VS. HAMMERHEAD! Mission: Defeat Hammerhead before he defeats you Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far Okay, this guy's tough but he's a total idiot without his gun, on the start, avoid his head bash and immediately yank his gun off his hand, he will try to head smash you, but if you're quick enough you can avoid it. Now, while he is picking up his gun, punch and kick him. After some hits, you should jump out of his way(he'll try to knock you it you're too near) And repeat the whole process. When his life reaches half, he will smash the window, go back in so you won't get shot by the helicopter, and repeat the same process until he is defeated. Use the web-gloves for additional damage. NOTE: You can also try to lure him into headbashing you, if you time it right, he will crash into the wall, while stunned you can attack him. You can also, throw the pots on him. But this one's harder. Stage 15: SPIDEY IN THE MACHINE Mission: 1. Stop the boilers from exploding. 2. Turn off the turbines to have access on the vent system. 3. Open locked door to end level Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: After stopping the 3 boilers, a comic should appear on the walkway in this same room. -- Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2,#30. Normal: none so far Hard: none so far 1. Stop the boilers Once this stage begins, a drone will damage the boiler, stop the boiler from exploding by pressing the green button on it. Then two more boilers will be damage. Stop them and then take care of the three drones, you can yank them down and they will crash, causing them to explode. After that, exit the room towards the next area, take care of the drones along the way. 2. Shut down the turbines Now you have two shut down the turbines in order to enter the vent system. There is an electrically charged cartridge beside the second turbine, take this and take down the drones. After that, access the control panel beside the lasers, you need to put the dots in a close pattern inside the green circle in order to turn off the lasers (press O, [], and /\). After turning the lasers off, enter the control room and flip the two switch here. This will shut down the turbines and you will be able to climb the vents. Follow it towards the next area. 3. Open Locked Door to end level After entering the vent, follow it to the central control system, Spidey will say that he needs to enter the door with a number 2 above it. Go to the security area, laser grids are guarding the walkway, climb on the ceiling and scale it, it is much easier to avoid the lasers this way. There are 2 drones guarding it, zap them and then flip the 2 switches here, one will open the door, and one will turn off the laser grid. After that, enter the door to the next level. Stage 16: MISSION SPIDEY! Mission: Shut down all defense systems Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: After shutting the defense systems down, return to the first walkway, the comic should be here. -- Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, Alternate. Hard:In a small area beneath the first walkway.--Spider-Man #25. Once you begin, jump up and press R1 to zip-line up a platform, directly above you, shoot the switch from there, this will shut down the first force field. Jump down and enter the door, run towards the next, and flip the switch to open the door again. Go to area 1. Here, you need to take down all three drone generators. After doing so, destroy any drones and then hit the button this will lower the second force field. There is also an electric cartridge in an alcove on the left side of the room. Exit the room and proceed to Area 2, don't forget to hit the switch in order to open the door. In this area, you need to destroy the four laser turrets, use impact webbing on them from afar, be careful 'coz they can take you down in a couple of hits. After destroying them, hit the button on top of the pillar to lower the lasers, then hit the button on the far end of the room to lower the third force field. After that exit and go to area three, this one's a little bit tricky, access the panel on the left side, press triangle repeatedly to raise the temperature then press circle to lower the shield. Press X to exit then, destroy the drones, one by one, they can be destroyed don't worry, just punch and kick repeatedly. After destroying one drone, go back to the panel and raise the temperature again. Repeat this until you have destroyed all the drones. This way, you can take time to hit the 3 buttons, without the threat of the drones. After hitting the three buttons, hit the last button on the far end of the room. Exit the room and go back to the center area, enter the elevator up to finish the level. Stage 17: DOWNWARD SPIRAL Mission: Climb to the top(Yes climb up! not down as the name implies!). Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far This level makes use of your zip-line and L1 targeting ability. Timing is the key here in order to avoid the defenses. Once you get past the closing floor(?!), Climb towards the ledge with two screens, one is red and one is green. Push the buttons, behind each of them, to turn off the moving laser grids, this will open the next floor, but also turn on more defenses. Just be careful and you can get past them, keep moving upwards, repeating the steps for four more times, and you'll be able to reach the top. Don't fret if you fail the first time, just try again and you'll get it. Stage 18: SPIDEY VS. LIZARD! Mission: Defeat Lizard Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: After the Lizard throws you to the next room, don't get the purple cartridge, instead run to the third area, the comic should be there -- Amazing Spider-Man #44. The Lizard isn't that hard to beat, but he is really fast. Once you start the level, access the computer fast, you need to combine the 3 chemicals, to make the serum. Just place the squares on the green areas, and your done. You need to do this three times. You'll know you did it right if the letters A,B, and C, on the lower right are all colored green. After that, select OVERRIDE CONTAINERS and press X, then exit it. The Lizard will throw Spidey on the next room, grab the purple cartridge and use it on The Lizard. If you hit him, he will be stunned, this is your cue to punch and kick repeatedly, after a few hits, jump away and go to the next room, the serum will be there, use it again, and repeat the process until the Lizard is defeated. Stage 19: ACES HIGH Mission: Destroy the Red detector thingies! Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: It is behind the tall tower, with a radar on top with four laser turrets. On the walkway, it should be there.-- Amazing Spider-Man #425. Hard: It is on the ledge of the building where you start. Just climb down. -- Spectacular Spider-Man #66. This one's very simple, but it's a little challenging though... You need to take out the towers that track you. There are 5 of them I think, they're sitting on the rooftops. And 1 large radar. You need to destroy or turn them off, just follow the red lights, but be careful of the laser turrets and the drones, they're the real threats. Don't worry there are power-ups to assist you, just be patient and you'll clear this stage in no time.This stage should be easy for you, after all, you've gotten this far! Stage 20: SPIDEY VS. SANDMAN AGAIN! Mission: Defeat Sandman Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: On top of the construction building, on the crane, stun Sandman before getting it, because he can knock the building down. -- Amazing Spider-Man #14. Hard: none so far This time you can finally take Sandman down! Hit the valve(the one with the sign) to turn the water pressure up. When it is full, hit one of the valves on the pipes and try to lure Sandman on the water. He will scream... that's your cue to attack him. Use web gloves for added damage. Repeat the process and you will defeat him. Stage 21: KONI-CHIWA SPIDER-SAN! Mission: Destroy the generator in the center room Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far Sounds easy huh?! Yeah it is! if not for the samurais, the guy's are made of steel so they're pretty tough, in any case once you defeat them, use their remains to destroy the generator in the center area, throw the pieces on the generator. Check every room for the samurais, once the generator in the center area is destroyed... you can continue on to the next stage. NOTE: There are some electric cartridge here, use them, they can take out the samurais in one shot. Stage 22: ROCK OF AGES Mission: Climb to the top Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: On the hood of the car sticking out of the wall. It's directly above the entrance. -- Amazing Spider-Man #422. Normal: none so far Hard: none so far You just need to climb to the top to clear the stage. Avoid the lightning rings, slowly make your way to the top, grab some power-ups if you need to. If your spider sense reacts, count 1, 2, 3, then zip-line(R1) to avoid the lightning cascade. I suggest you do the counting so you can time the lightining cascade, coz it can still hit you, if you are too early or too late. Once you reach the top... it's time to take on Electro himself! Stage 23: SPIDEY VS. ELECTRO! Mission: Defeat Electro Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: It is on the Earth Model. Hard to get though. -- Amazing Spider-Man #9. Hard: none so far I haven't found out the right way to beat him, (if there is...) Well, what I did is just to jump on Electro's platform and hit him over and over, if he pushes back, do it again. When he activates the laser, do the same trick, but be careful of the lasers. They can cause some serious damage. Just make sure to pick up some power-ups if your low on health. Eventually, Electro will fall down. Stage 24: TOP OF THE WORLD (Trade Center...) Mission: Defeat Electro-God! Comic: Kid: none so far Easy: none so far Normal: none so far Hard: none so far Electro is invulnerable in his lightning form...so this one can be pretty annoying, you have to destroy the generators first, there are four of them, destroy the capacitors beside it, there are two for each generator. After that swing towards the tower and climb it, destroy the four conductors here, so Electro won't be able to recharge his health. After that, lure Electro into the previous building, where the 4 generators are. Trick him into blasting the generator, once he hits it, he will become vulnerable for a short time, so start ramming him with your punches and kicks. Impact webbing can also help. Don't forget the web-gloves. If you're low on health, go to the next rooftop and grab some power-ups. Then continue with Electro. Be careful of his attacks and lightning mines, they do serious damage. After taking much damage, Electro will recharge, but since you destroyed the conductors, he can't... the tower will fall down. And Electro will be weakened. Continue to trick him into blasting the generators, do this repeatedly until he falls... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations! You just finished the game! Electro is beaten! Enjoy the ending! "This proves that good always win because evil is... DUMB!" -Spidey 8. The Extras a. Comics -- I have found most of the comics (see the walkthrough above). But I'm missing a lot more, so I'll be filling this space in my next update. If you have anything that can help, please e-mail me! It will be much appreciated... Could you guys look for the comic: Spectacular Spider-Man #258, it's about Prodigy, I can't remember where I got that. b. Costumes- so far here are the costumes I found in the game, the descriptions are taken straight from the game... next time I'll put Stan Lee's comments too! Too bad, they didn't make the Spidey-Armor one of the Specials... maybe in Spiderman 3! 1. Spiderman -- Regular Costume (The original red and blue, with webbings on the armpits... If I remember it clearly, this was the costume he wore on most comic book issues, and teh old Spiderman cartoon.) Game Powers: Super Strength, Super Agility, Stick to Walls, Spider Sense. Comments: No enhanced Game Powers! 2. ??????? 3. ??????? 4. ??????? 5. ??????? 6. ??????? 7. ??????? 8. Venom 2-Earth X -- Special Costume ( It's Venom 2's symbiote costume... It's my first time to see this so don't ask me! I haven't read Earth X... some info here guys!) Game Powers: Unlimited Webbing, Enhanced Strength Comments: This costume gives double damage and doesn't run out of webbing! How to: Finish the game once in Normal Mode 9. ??????? 10. ??????? 11. Spiderman 2099 -- Special Costume ( This is also included in the first Spideramn game,it's the suit of Miguel O'Harra... did I spelled it right?... as Spidey 2099.) Game Powers: Enhanced Strength Comments: Attacks will inflict double the damage on opponents! How to: Finish the game twice in Normal Mode 12. Captain Universe -- Special Costume (Also in the first game, this turns the every boss in the game a total wussy! Talk about Invulnerabilty, unlimited webbing and double damge!) Game Powers: Invulnerable, Enhanced Strength, Unlimited Webbing Comments: Inflicts Double Damage. will not run out of web or take any damage! How to: Finish the game twice in Normal Mode 13. Spidey Unlimited -- Special Costume ( When Spidey was trapped on counter-earth he wore this suit...) Game Powers: Stealth Mode (Cool!) Comments: Press the Select button while in game to toggle invisibility on and off! Will not work on bosses! How to: Finish the game twice in Normal Mode 14. Amazing Bag Man -- Special Costume ( If I remember it right, Spidey wore this under heavy circumstances... he was forced to wear this because his costume was destroyed or something... could you guys check?) Game Powers: No Spidey Belt (Sheez!) Comments: Can only hold two web cartridges! (Now that's a challenge! Try to use him on hard!) How to: Finish the game twice in Normal Mode 15. Scarlet Spidey -- Special Costume ( I have read this comic, Ben Reilly wore this suit, because he thought he was Spidey. He was a clone of Parker's... more info on this on the next update) Game Powers: None Comments: This costume was first worn by Ben Riley - who believed himself to be the real Spider-Man! How to: Finish the game twice in Normal Mode 16. Ben Reilly - Special Costume ( Another costume worn by Ben Reilly) Game Powers: None Comments: This costume was worn by Ben Reilly who took the place of Parker once he believed he was a clone. How to: Finish the game twice in Normal Mode 17. Quick Change Spidey -- Special Costume ( Parker wore a Jacket over a white shirt, and I think it's the symbiote costume!) Game Powers: No Spidey Belt ( you call that power?!) Comments: Can only hold a maximum of two web cartridges How to: Finish the game twice in Normal Mode 18. Peter Parker -- Special Costume ( Well, it's the AMAZING PETER PARKER!) Game Powers: No Spidey Belt (but I think he have his camera!) Comments: Can only hold a maximum of two web cartridges How to: Finish the game twice in Normal Mode 19. Battle Damaged -- Special Costume (Ouch!) Game Powers: None Comments: After battling Electro our Hero is in a world of hurt! How to: After defeating Electro for the first time, it will be worn by Spidey. c. Characters. Coming soon! 9. Next Update I'm scanning the whole game now, so probably on the next update, I'll be able to complete the comics and characters sections. And some codes too! 10. Credits Finally... Thanks to me for writing the FAQ... hehe Thanks to GameFAQs for posting this... Thanks to Gameline for selling me the game! Thanks to anyone who is reading this! for comments, suggestions, infos. please don't hesitate to e-mail me! OK! That's all! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spiderman 2: Enter Electro Walkthrough Copyright 2001 Romy N. Junio Jr. emil41@lycos.com</p>