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I decided to write a FAQ for all the beginners who want guidance in the right direction. Obviously, there might be spoilers contained within this document, so consider yourself warned. If you have something to add or see something that needs to be changed, you can E-mail me. Anybody who contributes something useful will be properly credited for their information. If you want to use any information from this FAQ, ask me first through E-mail. (2) Getting Started So, you want to build a team from scratch? Creating seven unique players to challenge the NFL's cream of the crop in different street challenges can be quite a daunting task. I am not going to get into the specific details of how to upgrade every single character for every single stat, because then all the uniqueness is taken out and you do not have your own team; you have my team with a different look. Just in case you are unsure of which attributes affect which skills, I will list all ten attributes along with short descriptions taken directly from the manual. Here are some basic guidelines for each position in NFL Street: --OFFENSE-- (I) - Quarterback (QB) -Optimal Height: 6'2 - 7'0 -Optimal Weight: 170 - 220 lbs Players To Fill Position = 1 Primary Attributes: Passing Secondary Attributes: Speed, Agility Optional Attributes: Blocking, Carrying Notes: The QB is essential to any football team. Since the passing game revolves around the QB, it pretty obvious why he NEEDS a high passing attribute, first and foremost. Speed and agility are also helpful for Option plays if you want to lead towards a scrambling quarterback, such as Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb. Carrying also comes in handy when the blitz comes hard, as a player with a high carrying attribute is less likely to cough up the football for a turnover. Blocking is useful if you like following the QB up the gut with your RB, because he can take out that extra LB, giving your RB the hole he needs for a bigger gain. (II) - Running Back (RB) -Optimal Height: 5'8 - 6'2 -Optimal Weight: 230 - 290 lbs Players To Fill Position = 1 Primary Attributes: Speed, Carrying Secondary Attributes: Run Power, Agility Optional Attributes: Catching, Blocking Notes: The RB is the backbone of the team in NFL Street. You will not get far in any ladder or challenge without a strong running game to rely on. Speed is obviously mandatory in RUNNING the ball, as is the carrying attribute, so you do not fumble the ball. It is up to you to decide whether to build up your agility, for a RB like Barry Sanders, or the run power attribute, for a Walter Payton wannabe. In either case, the other attribute should still be pretty high, in order to have a well rounded RB, giving you options on how you want to break down the defense. With both attributes, you can break the ankles of bigger players and plow through the smaller defenders all in the same play. Catching is very useful for pitching plays, or if you plan on using your RB for short dump-off passes or on deep plays as a slot receiver, which I highly recommend, due to his ability to gain yards after the catch (YAC) better than either of your main receivers. Blocking is useful only if you plan on staying in the pocket for a long time and using your RB to protect your QB until the WR gets open. (III) - Wide Receiver (WR) -Optimal Height: 6'4 - 7'0 -Optimal Weight: 160 - 210 lbs Players To Fill Position = 2 Primary Attributes: Speed, Catching Secondary Attributes: Agility, Blocking Optional Attributes: Carrying Notes: The WR is the other half of the passing threat. You cannot throw a ball downfield without someone at the other end to catch it. Each team has two WR's, for twice the fun. Receivers need to run their routes and get downfield as fast as possible, so speed is essential, as is catching, because it does not matter how badly the WR beats the DB if he cannot come down with the ball afterwards. Agility helps with jumping to get height over the DB to make those impossible catches and blocking is very useful for holding up the DB's on the outside runs up the sideline. If your WR is extremely efficient at blocking, he can quickly dispatch the DB and move downfield for another block, which is VERY helpful for gaining BIG yardage down the sideline. If your WR's are constantly fumbling the ball right after completing the catch, consider increasing their carrying attribute. (IV) - Offensive Lineman (OL) -Optimal Height: 6'0 - 6'10 -Optimal Weight: 280 - 380 lbs Players To Fill Position = 3 Primary Attributes: Blocking Secondary Attributes: Speed, Agility Optional Attributes: Catching Notes: There is not enough to be said about these three fun, beefy guys. Well, there is, but I am not going to get into details right now. The offensive line is responsible for giving the QB time to get the ball off to one of his receivers, and the line is also in charge of creating lanes for the RB by tying up the defensive linemen while the RB charges through. Obviously, their area of expertise is blocking. Speed and agility are helpful for OL when it comes to quickly getting to their respective blocks and moving downfield for support. Catching is only useful if you are pitch-happy and every player on your team usually gets their hands on the ball at one time or another. --DEFENSE-- (V) - Defensive Back (DB) -Optimal Height: 6'6 - 7'0 -Optimal Weight: 180 - 220 lbs Players To Fill Position = 2 Primary Attributes: Speed, Coverage, Tackle Secondary Attributes: Agility, Catching Optional Attributes: D-Moves Notes: DB's are responsible for shutting down the passing game, as well as moving to stop the run when it gets past the defensive line. There are two DB's per team, and Speed and coverage are required for both DB's to keep up with the opposing WR's and converge to the ball. Tackling is also necessary, in bringing down the player with the ball once they have been caught. Much like agility helps receivers to jump for the ball, agility also helps DB's make aerial miracles occur, snatching the ball in front of the WR before he even has a chance to make a play, as long as he also has catching. D-moves are great if your opponent favors the run, and more often than not, takes the run to the outside where the big, mean LB is not lurking. D-moves allow your DB to quickly get around the opposing WR to make the big play in the backfield for a loss of yards. (VI) - Safety (S)* -Optimal Height: 6'0 - 6'6 -Optimal Weight: 180 - 220 lbs Players To Fill Position = 1 Primary Attributes: See DB Secondary Attributes: See DB Optional Attributes: See DB Notes: The safety acts as the third DB in the backfield. He roams in the backfield and covers any holes the defense might have left. *There is no actual safety position in this game, so you cannot label any one player a "safety," but he is mentioned in the playbook and he does still play the part of the safety, being the last stand of any defense. You will want to build him like your DB's, except the safety can sacrifice agility for tackling. After all, they don't call the position "STRONG SAFETY" for nothing. (VII) - Linebacker (LB) -Optimal Height: 5'10 - 6'2 -Optimal Weight: 240 - 290 lbs Players To Fill Position = 1 Primary Attributes: Tackle, Tackle, Tackle Secondary Attributes: Speed, D-Moves Optional Attributes: Coverage, Agility Notes: The LB is your primary run stopper, and since running is at the heart of this game, he will be well appreciated. If only one broken tackle can lead to a wide open field and a subsequent touchdown for the other team, it is your responsibility to make sure your LB has a high enough tackle attribute so that he rarely, if ever, misses a tackle. Obviously, speed is needed to track down those monstrous running-backs and D-Moves helps to go through the blockers like water to stop the RB in his tracks. Coverage helps if you run pass defenses most of the time, and agility goes hand-in-hand with both coverage and D-Moves for obvious reasons. (VIII) - Defensive Lineman (DL) -Optimal Height: 6'0 - 6'10 -Optimal Weight: 280 - 380 lbs Players To Fill Position = 3 Primary Attributes: Tackle, D-Moves Secondary Attributes: Speed Optional Attributes: Agility Notes: The D-line is responsible for collapsing the core of the offense: the O-line. Whether these three hulks are rushing the passer before he gets the ball off or taking out the O-line so the RB has no place to go, the D-line has a substantial task ahead of them. D-Moves are essential in getting through the O-line and getting to the ball, with tackle necessary to finish the job. It is relatively easy to understand why speed would be helpful in getting to the backfield faster. Agility comes in handy in the application of D-Moves, but is not strictly required. Summary: So, there are fourteen positions to fill. If you do the math, then you'll realize that each player needs to fill two positions, one on each side of the ball. The ability to build all of your players for both offense AND defense is what will eventually set your team apart from every other team in the game, from the top tier All-Star teams to the all mighty Legends team. It is up to you how you set up your players to play both sides of the ball, but some of the transitions are obvious, mostly due to the height/weight recommendations. The D-line and O-line make good substitutes for each other, as do DB's with WR's. The QB and RB are not as easy to find a place for on the defense, but with some speed, agility, tackle, and coverage, either player makes an excellent safety, with the other one picking up tackle, speed, and D-Moves for the LB position. (3) Attributes NOTE: This information was taken straight out of the instruction manual. Pick your players' attributes wisely if you want them to grow into playground legends. These are the ten players attributes and a description of what they affect: Passing - The speed and accuracy of passes Speed - How fast a player runs Blocking - Run- and pass-blocking ability Agility - Jumping ability and the speed of jukes and spins Catching - Pass- and pitch-catching ability Run Power - Ability to break tackles Carrying - How often a player fumbles Tackling - Tackling ability and the accuracy of pursuit angles Coverage - Defensive coverage skills and reaction to the ball on passes, which leads to interceptions D-Moves - Ability to get through, around, and by blockers (4) FAQ If you have a question that has not been posted, E-mail me or post it on the NFL Street message boards under the Xbox console. Q: Is there an infinite turbo cheat? A: No. Q: Why isn't there an infinite turbo cheat? I want to run forever? A: Because I hate you. Q: Do you think they could add an infinite turbo cheat on an update disk? A: Seriously, all the questions relating to infinite turbo should result in permanent nerve damage in the extremities of all who ask of it. No infinite turbo, period. Get over it. Q: Why is this game so hard? A: Because you did not build your team correctly. See (2) Getting Started and (5) Helpful Hints. Q: How do I get development points? A: Development points are earned through completing different challenges in challenge mode. Each challenge costs a certain number of tokens to attempt, and the reward you receive, such as development points, additional outfits, new plays, impact gear, or even an NFL player, is listed for each challenge. Q: Woah, woah woah, what is impact gear? A: Impact gear is gear, such as shoes, pads, shoes, etc. that increases your attributes by either one, two, or three points. See (5) Helpful Hints and (6) Impact Gear for more information regarding impact gear. Q: Does impact gear affect your attributes past 20/20? A: No. Contributed By Shoeboot Q: How do I get NFL players to join my team? A: You can't. Well, I guess if you really want them, you can try the challenges at the end of any division for a whopping 760 tokens. When you beat the team of your choice, you can select the player of your choice from that team. Before adding anybody to your roster, check the (5) Helpful Hints section for more information regarding NFL pick-ups. Q: Can I get more than one player from the same team? A: Play the challenge twice and ask me later. Q: Wait, I don't have 760 tokens. How do I get more tokens? A: Every division has two parts: a challenge mode that costs tokens and a ladder mode that earns tokens. You guessed it, beat the entire ladder and you will be rewarded 800 tokens. Q: I beat all of the ladders. How do I get more tokens, now? A: You don't. Q: But I didn't get to beat all of the challenges and I wasted a lot of points picking up NFL players. Seriously, how do I get more tokens? A: You still can't. Once you beat all of the ladders and spend all of the tokens, your team is finished, so use your tokens wisely, as you have a limited supply. Q: Can I beef up NFL players once I get them? A: No, you cannot alter any players you did not originally create, hence the debate on whether to pick up players or not. Q: So, should I pick up NFL players for my team? Honestly, my team really sucks and I could really use the help. A: See (5) Helpful Hints. Q: Alright, I've got my team started. What stats should I raise first? A: Speed and tackle. For a more comprehensive guide for each player, see (2) Getting Started. Q: Why do I keep fumbling the ball? A: Your carrying attribute is too low for the person who dropped it. Consider raising the attribute. Q: How the HELL does the computer break for a touchdown EVERY TIME? They are always leaving me in the dust, and it is getting really annoying. Is there any way to stop them? A: Yes. Q: Very funny. How? A: Speed. They have it and you don't. Upgrade the speed of the players constantly getting burned until they are able to keep up with the player they are defending against. Q: How do I beat ? It is impossible! A: Until somebody comes out with a Challenges Guide, the best method for finding out how to beat a certain challenge is to post your question on the message boards. If I get enough E-mails about a certain challenge, I might post my method for beating it, here, but you can always quit out and try a different challenge. Also, some challenges just take a few tries to beat with some luck, so don't always give up so easily. Q: How do I do signature style moves? A: Check the Controller Configuration. Q: Okay, I got the buttons down, but I still can't get them to count for this damn challenge! What am I doing wrong? A: You need to be close enough to an opposing player to get credit for a style/signature style move, meaning if you are in the middle of nowhere, spinning just to get dizzy, the game will not register a "stylin' spin." Additionally, for some moves to count, you need to cross the line of scrimmage, first. Q: Who are these alleged NFL Legends I keep hearing about and how do I unlock this amazing team? A: You unlock them after beating any ladder. You should check them out after you unlock them, so you can anticipate what you will be up against later on. Yes, I know they are scary. Q: I unlocked the Legends. Why can't I use them in NFL Challenge? A: You cannot use any team that is not created in NFL Challenge, genius. Otherwise, there would be no challenge. Q: Barry Sanders or Walter Payton? A: In real life, Barry without a doubt, but in-game, Walter steals the show. Q: What about Lester Hayes Vs Ronnie Lott? A: I originally went with Lester Hayes on this one, because he is slightly better in the speed and agility categories, but after playing with both, Ronnie Lott turned out to be the better pick of the two. He is a maniac in the backfield. Q: What is All NFL Pick-Up Mode and how do I unlock it? A: Unlike the standard Pick-Up Mode, which is available from the start of the game, All NFL Pick-Up Mode is unlocked after you beat your final ladder and the Legends at the end. In All NFL Pick-Up Mode, you can choose from any of the players on all 32 NFL teams already in the game, plus the Legends are also available if you want to grab a few. Q: What's a goalline stand? A: Stick to "futbol." All seriousness aside, questions like these relate to the fundamentals of the game, so you should learn the basics before you ask similar questions or try to figure out what the challenge is asking by actually playing it. (5) Helpful Hints --WHO COMES FIRST? ** RB, first. Develop your RB for offense, and build your team around him. You will have a MUCH easier time beating challenges and moving the ball with a beefed up RB. Read the notes in the (II) - Running Back (RB) section of (2) Getting Started for information on how do build a RB. --THE BIG D ** Defense before offense. After you get a decent RB up and running, concentrate on defense before you start worrying about the rest of your offense. Build up speed, tackle, D-Moves, and coverage for the appropriate defenders so you can stay in the game and always have a chance to come out on top with a big defensive stop. --SPEED, TACKLE, CARRYING ** Speed, Tackle, and Carrying. Repeat those three attributes again and again, because all three are going to be either your best friends or your worst enemies. Everybody on your team needs these three attributes to some extent. Everybody needs to be able to move, everybody needs to be able to tackle, and everybody needs to be able to hold on to the ball if and when they recover a fumble at some point in the game. These three things are vital in the formula for a successful team. Remember them well. --IT IS YOUR TEAM ** The main advantage to creating your own team is the fact that you can make every player good on both sides of the ball. Towards the end of the game, this will separate your team from the rest of the teams in the game. Use this to your advantage and fill every player out to play two positions, and you will end up liking your team much more than even your favorite NFL team or the Legends. --TO PICK-UP, OR NOT TO PICK-UP ** NFL Players, for the most part, are a waste of tokens, mostly because you get an NFL Legend for free at the end of the game when you beat them and you can build your players better than most of the NFL players you want, anyway. 760 tokens translates into 5,000+ development points, which is almost the amount they give you to start an entire team. Those same 5,000+ development points you threw away on Randy Moss could easily translate one of your WR's into a taller, faster beast of a receiver who also has high coverage to play DB on defense. All of a sudden, your average "Joe WR" looks like a combination of Randy Moss and Champ Bailey, and he is still fully customizable, so you can still make him BETTER. The main problem with NFL players is that the cost to attain them does not match their value, mostly because you cannot alter them in any way. If you could build on NFL Players, everybody would get them, but since you cannot, your best bet would be to stick it out with your created players. --TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM ** If you feel comfortable enough to manage without one player for most of the game, you will be rewarded with a better team at the end. Basically what I am saying is you should beat your first ladder as quickly as possible to unlock the Legends Team. Since you already know in advance you get your pick from all of the players on that team, go into a Quick Game to scout them out and see which player you want the most. It pays to pick a player that would be good on both offense and defense, so choose wisely. After you finish window shopping, and you are sure about which Legend you want to take home, find one player on your team that plays in the same position and try to build him as little as possible until you get your Legend. The fewer points you pour into your water-boy will translate into the smallest amount of wasted points condemned to sit the bench. --DON'T SPEND IT ALL IN ONE PLACE ** Spending your tokens wisely is almost as important as distributing your development points properly. Since you do not get an unlimited supply of tokens, it pays to get the most out of them. The best strategy to get the most for your money is to beat all the legendary challenges and challenges with the +3 impact gear you want, first. Then, go down one difficulty and do all of those challenges. The challenges with higher payoffs always give you more for less, which is why these challenges are usually higher. --MAKING AN IMPACT ** Impact gear is actually very useful. The "Impact Gear +3's" can make the difference between a good team and a great team, the "+2's" are useful if used sparingly in the right places, and the "+1's" are generally a waste of tokens, unless they are being used to max out an attribute and you already have the better version of the same gear on a different player. Basically, before you acquire a piece of impact gear, pick out the player you want it for and make sure you intend to get that attribute up to at least 17/20 development points for that player, or the impact gear is wasted on what could have been more development points. The price of attributes does go up exponentially towards the high end purchases, so lesser impact gear is still useful if you plan on completely building up any attribute for more than one player. --JUST DO IT ** Save the NFC West conference for the last ladder. You can thank me later. --A QUICK LEAD ** When you beat your first ladder, which will be the AFC West conference, you get a choice of which conference you want to open up next. They give you that choice for a reason. Go ahead and open up the AFC North conference, first. The reason for this is the option to pick up some GOOD impact gear for your RB early in the game, which will dramatically increase your team's offensive performance early on and keep you going strong in the later ladders when the pressure is on. Make sure you pick up the +3 Speed shoes and the +3 Run Power Pads. Then, if you have not already gotten the +3 Carrying Gloves from the AFC West conference, go ahead and do that, now. Those three items, combined with the high attributes you should have started your RB off with, and you should have a monster of a RB after completing only one ladder. Later, if you want, you can swap out the +3 Speed Shoes for +3 Agility Shoes, which can be attained in the AFC East conference, for a RB that can juke out of control AND run people over if he has to. Just make sure your speed attribute is high enough on its own, so that you are still able to turn corners fast enough to get downfield. (6) Impact Gear This is a short list of only the "+3 impact gear" and which conference each piece can be located in. Picking up the pieces early will keep your building process flowing smoothly and your players will max out better in the end because of it. This should help you decide which conferences to unlock, first. I will fill in the holes when I find the time. -NFC West- +3 Catching Gloves N/A -AFC West- +3 Carrying Gloves ??? -NFC North- ??? ??? -AFC North- +3 Run Power Pads +3 Speed Shoes -NFC South- +3 Passing Wristbands ??? -AFC South- +3 Coverage Headband +3 Blocking ??? -NFC East- ??? ??? -AFC East- +3 Agility Shoes N/A (7) My Team This is it. This is my team. THE team. The maximum number of points for any given attribute is 20. If you see two names on one position, that is because I created two different teams, and I decided to list both player names. The attributes listed will be those of the second name for any given position, being my second team is better. If a second position is listed, that means that the first position listed is the players primary position, and the second position listed is alternate position I built the player to play. Keep in mind, I left one player worse than my sister with no attributes at all on both teams, because I hate being wasteful. Especially, with development points. I will name both of the Legends I picked, but I am not going to bother listing all of their attributes. Just know that they are freakishly good. Here they are, in no particular order: ---------------------------- | The Brothas/The **** | ---------------------------- Khan Hennessey/Don King Position: QB/S Height: 6'6 Weight: 202 lbs Passing - 20/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]| Speed - 19/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]--| Blocking - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Agility - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Catching - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Run Power - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Carrying - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Tackling - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Coverage - 17/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]------| D-Moves - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Dan Nightmare/Tryan Stop Me Position: RB/LB Height: 5'11 Weight: 242 lbs Passing - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Speed - 20/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]| Blocking - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Agility - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Catching - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Run Power - 20/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]| Carrying - 20/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]| Tackling - 18/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----| Coverage - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| D-Moves - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Joe Default/**** Head Position: Water-Boy/Benchwarmer Height: 5'5 Weight: 160 lbs Passing - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Speed - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Blocking - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Agility - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Catching - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Run Power - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Carrying - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Tackling - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Coverage - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| D-Moves - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Randy Sanders/Deion Moss Position: DB/WR Height: 6'8 Weight: 174 lbs Passing - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Speed - 19/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]--| Blocking - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Agility - 19/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]--| Catching - 17/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]------| Run Power - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Carrying - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Tackling - 19/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]--| Coverage - 19/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]--| D-Moves - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Method Man/Jack Knife Position: DL/OL Height: 6'2 Weight: 289 lbs Passing - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Speed - 18/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----| Blocking - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Agility - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Catching - 05/20 |[][][][][]------------------------------| Run Power - 05/20 |[][][][][]------------------------------| Carrying - 05/20 |[][][][][]------------------------------| Tackling - 18/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----| Coverage - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| D-Moves - 18/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----| Redman/Inmate X644291 Position: DL/OL Height: 6'4 Weight: 294 lbs Passing - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Speed - 18/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----| Blocking - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Agility - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Catching - 05/20 |[][][][][]------------------------------| Run Power - 05/20 |[][][][][]------------------------------| Carrying - 05/20 |[][][][][]------------------------------| Tackling - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Coverage - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| D-Moves - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Planet Hollywood/Karl Worthington Position: OL/DL Height: 5'5 Weight: 380 lbs Passing - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| Speed - 18/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----| Blocking - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Agility - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Catching - 05/20 |[][][][][]------------------------------| Run Power - 05/20 |[][][][][]------------------------------| Carrying - 05/20 |[][][][][]------------------------------| Tackling - 15/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]----------| Coverage - 00/20 |----------------------------------------| D-Moves - 11/20 |[][][][][][][][][][][]------------------| Acquired Legends: Lester Hayes Ronnie Lott (8) Acknowledgements I would like to thank EA Sports and Players, INC for making this game, the first of many. I would also like to acknowledge all of the GameFAQ's board members who made me decide to write this FAQ. I will not list them all, but you are a good group of guys, nonetheless. I would not like to thank stupid people. I hate stupid people.</p>